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File: 1440753593278.png (885.12 KB, 1025x779, 25:19, jack_feels.png) ImgOps iqdb

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Drinking is a hobby right.

Please enlighten me alcoholic anons: how the fuck can you guys do that shit so often?

Whenever I get drunk all I do is feel tired and I'm either too drunk or too sober to enjoy it so how the hell do you get the balance right?

Also, what do you guys do when you're drunk and how long does it last?
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Right now drinking a martini with the same gin, same ratio as yesterday but with an olive instead. The manufacturer recommends an anchovy filet as garnish as well, but I was hesitant to drop such a potent, oily ingredient in there so early on. I'm surprised to say though that the pleasantly saline quality and marine finish of the gin seems much more subdued now, perhaps precisely because the brined olive introduced a similar flavour and they interfere with each other, while the citrus oils added a subdued zest riding atop the flavour profile allowing the fundamental quality of the spirit to shine through stronger. The cigarette I had earlier is likely affecting my taste tonight as well, though.


File: 1564007230399.jpg (30.61 KB, 577x1000, 577:1000, roku-gin.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Today it is a martini (same ratio as before) with Suntory's Roku gin. The local megamart type abortion has been shilling it for a while now and at 25€/700ml bottle it's still acceptably priced. I suppose it might be worth noting that I have been using Martini & Rossi Extra Dry for the vermouth portion instead of Noilly Prat. There isn't really a reason for that except the M&R was 7€ for 700ml and I had already made acquaintances with other offerings of their line-up and the Noilly Prat was 15 for a litre which seemed too much at the time so now I'm stuck with this bottle of M&R until I have drunk a hundred martinis and a dozen platters of pasta ai frutti di mare with it apparently. For weeaboo reasonings I have dropped an umeboshi in there as garnish this time which gives a pleasant, foggy, pale purple-ish veil to it that is almost like a diluted aviation. This way it has almost a savory taste. The mouthfeel is very oily also. The juniper is subtle and a hint of sharpness seems to be there, and what I want to think are the slighty fishy notes you get from sencha that has been brewed with water that was too hot. Kind of a strange thing, the juniper seems to clash with everything else is in here pretty strongly though. I'll blame some of it on the garnish until new data is available.


File: 1564093187221.jpg (18.79 KB, 297x231, 9:7, 1434654341761.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Please enlighten me alcoholic anons: how the fuck can you guys do that shit so often?
Years and years of practice. I've been trying to cut back now that the jaundice is starting to show. Probably too late though


File: 1564204186502.jpg (69.1 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 500_F_181713027_oQVnYddEtR….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I've been trying to cut back
Good for you anon! Keep at it! Best of luck!


I don't know, I don't like the effect of alcohol, I guess…
One or two 33cl beers, or one 50cl beer is where I like it. Also sometimes that's even too much and I pour the rest in the sink.

I don't like doing drugs for escapism. I don't know why, but I feel like it's fake and I end up more depressed. I'd rather watch a movie, or listen to music, and do drugs (alcohol included) when I feel the urge to, not to cope

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File: 1540959141961.jpg (97.95 KB, 1600x1017, 1600:1017, typewriter-closeup.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Remember, anything from novels to lyrics are allowed to be posted and discussed.

Last Thread:

As usual, discussion starters:
>What are you currently writing?

>Is there anything important about writing that you wish you knew earlier?

>How do you feel about your characters? What are they like?

>What are you fond of writing and why?

>How do you get ideas when you can't think of any?

>What common writing advice do you disagree with?
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File: 1563567585284.png (367.63 KB, 750x1096, 375:548, 59.png) ImgOps iqdb

My behavior is beyond control. I shouldn't even call it mine, it's a bad habit. The body wakes up, lingers around, chew on a piece of stale bread, take a shower, sit on a chair and I can see through its eyes. Now it reads a book, now it looks at pictures… It won't move beyond the house, it doesn't seem to care we're getting dragged to abject poverty. I try to think "I should be doing this", "I should be solving this and that and that". It's useless. The body stretches over the carpet and stares at the ceiling for hours on end. I wait. I wait, there's nothing else to do. I sense the hand that senses the carpet, it's all. Its intelligence is not mine, nor its movements my own. I'm inside an aquarium and the whole day I have my face pressed against the glass, staring the outside. Some times the glass is in one position, another times is in another place entirely different. I never know how big or small space is going to be. A constant guess, a game. I don't mind.

People might say "Yes of course, you're a person, a human being. Human Being." They make the same mistake I would make at first. I might have started as a person and the exterior can fool even the most observant but at this point I know better. I am the period at the end of this sentence. Not the sentence, not the words, not the voice reading it or the mind feeling it, but the very signal of an ending. I am an impulse that uses a pair of eyes to look beyond the glass and the thoughts aligning inside the mind are also obviously not mine. I have never invented a single word, nor a language, not even an emotion, nor gesture. I don't know who invented all this things but I'm sure many people will be ready to claim all of it for themselves. They never get exhausted, it's intriguing.

No no, it wasn't me at all, I barely just arrived you see? I just use whatever comes floating by. The language, the feelings and everything else. I'm so close to being nothing I can almost taste it. It tastes like it's no big deal at all. This strange configuration of life, almost tempted to say it's a dream. I'm dreaming I'm a man though even that dream is not mine. It just happened that I was standing exactly where the dream flew by and my sleeve got caught in some part of its surface. That's all it is, really, it can happen to anyone. It's a little odd however, that I don't remember why I was standing like that, so unaware to the point of getting caught in such an accident. I try to remember it, but I justPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


That's so Kafkaesque


Do any depressed wizards here journal their psychological experiences? How do you feel while/after doing it?
I tried writing down my thoughts, thought patterns, memories and whatnot, but it was so difficult because of the sheer shame and disgust I felt writing about this particular topic. I felt like a hack and a fraud, a touchy underage succubus writing about her self-diagnosis in her online blog, despite the fact that I'm a complete opposite of all that; nevertheless, reading through it only further reinforced these feelings, and I ended up erasing everything and never touching a word processor to write about this ever again.
Still, the urge of self-expression and articulating these otherwise intuitive ideas and sentiments in spite of my own prejudice which turned against me is rather strong.


hey guys where is the cool threads?


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I liked the first math thread, but that hit the bump limit so I'm making another one.

Here is a neat tool posted in the previous thread that shows you how to do geometry the way the greeks did.


Here are a series of MIT OCW courses that will help you learn calculus:



Full MIT OCW Mathematics catalog:


Attached is the a Numberphile video about the seven bridges of Königsberg because I dunno what else to attach to this OP.
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if you understand math at a high level its just kinda comfy to see what is happening. thats how it works for me anyway


Any other wizzies working through Spivak's calculus at the moment? Would be nice to discuss things every now and then to bolster motivation if I ever get lazy.
Not that I intend on relying on others, just figured it would add to the fun. Trying to do all the problems unless it is explicitly mentioned in the text that I should probably wait for some.
I'm taking a regular non-proof based single variable calculus course at community college as well as basic stats, but obviously that's not too difficult or time consuming to prevent me from doing other things.


As long as you apply it then you can make a good living doing pretty much anything. Learn how to program well and learn a particular domain that you are interested in applying mathematics to or that relies on mathematics.



File: 1563712604575.gif (2.42 KB, 547x49, 547:49, day.gif) ImgOps iqdb

How about we try solving some Putnam problems and post our solutions?

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File: 1543524738228.jpg (1.11 MB, 1920x3000, 16:25, Overlord.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Movies you watched, plan to watch, recommend, don't recommend, etc. Remember to use spoilers when applicable. Thank you.


I'm planning to watch this. People have been talking a lot of positive things about it. I saw the trailer and it doesn't really seem like my cup of tea but the it's getting so many praising reviews I'm considering it. Anyone here watched it?
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I really don't like that movie and I think it's overrated.


BAD TASTE! peter jacksons first flic…
there is nothing out there that is as good now…


Lately I watched the Bleach movie on netflix.I am a big fan of Netflix and AMC channels. But I for watching stream online I use vpn tool from Veepn.cоm because in my place Netflix tv banned


piece of shit of a movie, really tired of this artsy type of films. Not enjoyable and no mature thoughts put into it.


it's very enjoyable if you appreciate the deadpan humour and commentary on modern romantic relationships, but it's not a film for everyone

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You guys ever get sad that the most Wizardly hobby of all time is also one of the most expensive? It costs 2.5 Million Euro to enter the Vendee Globe but I feel like true wizards would be great at it. I have sailing certifications and its not that hard but of course the documentary is going to make it look as harrowing as possible.

I just think its hilarious when he starts talking about the hardest part being away from friends and family for 6 months by yourself, and having to eat food out of ration packs that's actually way better than most of the stuff we eat already. He has electricity and access to a computer the entire time, and satellite internet for much of the time.


If you really did want to do something like that wouldn't you try starting out on shorter races first?


>The Vendée Globe is a single-handed (solo) non-stop yacht race around the world without assistance.

how is yacht racing the most wizardly hobby?

that's retarded as hell. something purely done on computers is probably the most wizardly, like gaming


It’s wizardly because you truly spend a shitload of time in isolation and apparently thats the hardest part. I know I already spend almost all of my time alone so if thats whats supposed to be the most challenging about it, shit. Fine by me. Though I guess isolation doesn’t necessarily mean wizardlyness.

File: 1503769133911.png (106.37 KB, 1548x870, 258:145, img.png) ImgOps iqdb

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Anyone here use Linux for fun and profit?

I'm currently running debian with dwm as my window manager. I was curious to see what all the hubbub was about when it comes to minimalism and I gotta say I like some things about it. However, I'm still not fully convinced it's the end all be all of desktop computing or anything. There are still plenty of programs I like to use that are considered "bloated" by true minimalists.

Overall I'm more productive on my Linux system than I am on my Windows system. It feels good to know all the keyboard shortcuts in my system and be able to program new ones quickly and easily through config.h, and to be able to launch many programs near instantaneously. And the tiling and workspaces? It's absolutely gorgeous. I love having control of where everything goes without having to much about with window borders. I love having a group of programs open dedicated to performing a certain task, and then being able to instantly switch to another group of programs by just pressing alt+[num].
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Andrew the Wizard


Really 'yaoi' looking resource heavy de. i3wm and other tiling managers are superior to any desktop environment
Those distros are total garbage. Just use Debian, well tested, stable, uses apt, no useless additional software/configuration in the basic install and it also works out of the box.


>'yaoi' looking
what does that even mean


Yaoi means gay in the 'best foreign language'


I find Source Mage GNU/Linux to be the fastest distro i've used, since it uses bash scripts and doesn't have that much steps unlike Gentoo.
Unfortunately I just stuck with Gentoo for reasons, but I really do miss it's simplicity and speed.

Guy seems to be using Cygwin X11 for *nix terminals that are able to display images and a bb4win type window manager. As for the rest, I don't know since I kept my setup slim.

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I know there are already a bunch of movie, tv, cartoon threads. But this thread serves a specific purpose of entertaining ADHD Wizos with clips and trailers that can be enjoyed on their own without investing the time.

I just don't feel like investing 2 hours for a film, or even more for a TV series. I just like killing time browsing around youtube going clip to clip. I feel like I get a good feel for the film just by watching a few clips.

I'll start with this classic trailer


>A lot of the best trailers tell a little story within itself - here we see sadsack Ben Stiller, who wants so much more out of life, discovering that he can do that. And there's a nice indie-type song over the whole thing (the kind where people are just saying "HEY" for no discernable reason every now and then) and everything looks so heartfelt and personal and amazing. The actual film is pretty weird and bad - and is mostly notable for having the most (and most intrusive) ad placement for a movie in recent memory.

Trailers and clips from films, TV, cartoons that can be enjoyed on their own without context
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Man that was the best Wiz-related film I ever saw. I like how unlike in other "loser films" it doesn't revolve around him being a crab, and in fact succubi play no role at all. Not that hes asexual, his mom calls out all his fapping. But its all about his obsessive fandom that gives meaning to his life. And even though sports isn't something I relate to, I can relate to admiring heroes in a fantasy setting who are action chads.

I forget how I heard about this film, as normally I wouldn't give a shit about sports films. I forgot how I knew this would be a film about losers. Maybe it was posted on one of the /hob/ movie threads before?


idk about the rest of the series, but this is the best opening scene to a TV series I've ever seen


Jackie chan has a wizbrother, will he give up on him?


every golden harvest production from the 80s is a great watch


Thanks a lot fellow wiz will check this film out.

File: 1556791708756.jpg (470.03 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, baww.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


It's impossible sticking to a hobby for me, and I wonder if it's the same for you as well. I'm looking for a hobby that I could do everyday or several times a week, and all those fucking hobbies requires money sadly.
The things I like to do (or have interest in) are as follows:


Doing it, but it's dangerous because retards on the way are driving me crazy. Also, one cannot go cycling in the rain or bad weather usually.

>mountaineering and trekking

I am interested in mountaineering, but it requires socializing and enrolling to a club. Also, I'm lack of equipment and it's hard to start with free-solo. Trekking seems pretty nice, but it's not an everyday activity.


I easily get distracted since I have internet addiction and it's so hard to leave my chair in front of the laptop.

Do you feel the same sickness and boredom? I must try something new and see if it works ;_; Any suggestions?
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File: 1561555450008.gif (38 KB, 600x456, 25:19, 532.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I have this delusion that one day i'll give up on media completely (cuz i've seen everything worthy already) and start drawing comics to entertain myself and fellow wizards.

>Kim Jung Gi as an inspiration for begginers


File: 1561561639592-0.png (496.64 KB, 500x700, 5:7, art is hard.png) ImgOps iqdb

To draw one must be able to appreciate, observe and analyze the world around him, which is hardly the case for most wizards: most of us grew up reading books, watching TV and playing videogames, with little care about the happenings of the outside world and all its little details.
Basically, trying to pick up drawing is going to be much harder for people like us. I, for one, often find myself struggling with shit that's considered basic and fundamental, as a given for the majority of people who aren't even artists, like an eye for proportions, being able to focus on things for more than 4 seconds, perceiving all the contours clearly and not seeing them as skewed, these sort of things.
It's a torture of a hobby unless you were born with the right assets or have zero idea of beauty or haven't developed any sense of self-criticism, in which case it should be fine, I guess.


that's absolutely awful advice. you clearly don't draw.
you don't have to be good at drawing to appreciate it or escape time. drawing can be meditative and relaxing if you don't worry so much about how your product LOOKS and more on how you feel.

the cool thing about drawing is that there's no limit to how you do it. there's so many different WAYS to draw.
you can be a technical artist and try to get the exact details, proportions, and angles all exact, or you can be more organic and be loose with your lines. you can take a stencil and simply make lines on a paper and draw/color around them. the possibilities are literally endless.

… jesus fuck i probably sound like some kind of after-school special on PBS. but my point still stands. you don't have to be good at it to enjoy it.


I do draw.
But you're right nonetheless. This attitude is way better than the one I have and stand behind.


learn history or about other cultures
learn languages
learn guitar or piano or some other instrument
learn a programming language

File: 1511732031503.jpg (44.94 KB, 596x396, 149:99, Cotopaxi-Antonio-Bike-2-1-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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It's time once again to talk about bikes.

Post your bikes, discuss accessories, gear, difficulties and anything else.
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File: 1561923801364.png (12.53 KB, 843x357, 281:119, strava.png) ImgOps iqdb

Do you guys log your rides? I started using strava, it's not that accurate if I compare it to my bike computer, but it's good for overall statistics.


Don't have a better or bike computer and the only app I use is maps.
Then again I mostly bike to get to place to place these days and I am not serious about training.


Who here e-bikes?

Can't be too serious with my bicycling stats as I'm too busy watching the traffic.


It is a LOT of money man. I just can't convince myself to finally get a conversion kit for my commuter bike.
You would think I would since I really hate having to try and lug 100+ pounds of shit up hill in a windstorm, but I hate spending over $500 bucks on a single purchase even more.


I'm so tired of being on a bike every single day for 15 years. Even after I finished HS, every goddamn day.
I just can't wait to get my license

Eh, nobody gives a shit about traffic laws if you're on a bike. I don't really complain about it, I can pass red lights all the time etc.
I did become more cautious recently, though that's just because I realized riding without brakes can be pretty dangerous

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how about a paranormal thread
let's post about spooky things
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UFO LEAK OF THE CENTURY. Richard Dolan Analyzes the Admiral Wilson Notes.

>Rumors of secret special access programs to study retrieved UFO technology have been with us for many years. Now a major leak provides powerful confirmation of that truth and much more. Skeptics will be hard pressed to debunk this. The case for "deep black" UFO-related programs beyond formal government oversight just became much stronger.

Notes here:


Full disclosure when


Premiered Jun 17, 2019
In this NEW and never before seen interview with former Government physicist Bob Lazar; take a guided look into the specifics of his account working on an extraterrestrial gravity amplification system for the United States Military.

In this rare Q&A with Bob Lazar (possibly his last), Jeremy Corbell and investigative Reporter George Knapp go through the details of how Bob Lazar's account altered the course of history.


Bob Lazar was recently on the Joe Rogan podcast, which has millions of listeners. Maybe this high-profile appearance will encourage others to step forward with corroborating testimony and / or evidence.

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