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There couldn't be a more appropriate day to start this thread, seeing as its the anniversary of the 1st ever publication of Superman in Action Comics. The Capeshit that started it all.


Seeing as the comics thread has gone in a more high brow direction, I think there is room enough for a thread specifically devoted to Superheroes. DC and Marvel. And these days comics are just a minor aspect of Superheroes; as there is so much more exposure through the cinematic and animated universes.

We can also discuss more off beat aspects of Superheroes, such as the Real Life Superhero movement.

Comics, films, cartoons, TV shows, toys, action figures, lore, old time radio, costumes. Anything associated with Superheroes at all.
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show like Gotham feels like it started just yesterday, gave up after season 1, really underscores time flying by that its had its 5 seasons arc epic and finale already



Pretty cool. Never seen something so detailed on him.


Just bought a cheap copy of The Return of Superman

really loved it as a kid


learned about uberman sleep

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File: 1558081349150.jpg (15.83 KB, 520x390, 4:3, Ancient_Dragon.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


does anyone else here like to make super complex origami? It has been my passion since kindergarten ever since my father showed me his origami book in his classroom when I was little.


No, but that pic looks beautiful OP, and I hope you post some pictures of something you've made in the future.

File: 1557610871157.png (9.99 KB, 2400x1260, 40:21, khan-logo-dark-background.….png) ImgOps iqdb


Anyone here do any MOOCs like Khan Academy and edX? Currently working on precalc before moving on to calculus on edX. Its actually kind of fun.


i treat google like that, every so often ill dive into a topic and google until u understand the theory of opeeation and its use. i dont like anything with a curriculum though, i tried doing khan and some coding things but its all linear progression, maybe its way different now

File: 1538512414528.png (221.81 KB, 900x744, 75:62, SOLITAIRE-RPG.png) ImgOps iqdb


After reaching my limit with video-games weeks ago I’ve been kind of floating around with nothing much to do. I still want to play games but electronics games currently feels too much of a bother. The limitations are too obvious and the repetition nature of it also wore me down quite a bit. I decided to take a break and see what else I could do. I always had an interest for tabletop RPGs and back in school played a lot of the big ones (DnD, Pathfinder) and even after I had nobody to play with I still have the habit of just reading the books for the fun of it. By reading the books you kinda play it a little bit, imagining characters and situations. I know some people also feel that way and read the books for this same reason. That however isn’t enough a playing experience for me so I decided to look into solo tabletop games. To my surprise there’s quite a number of them, way beyond those D&D solo adventures nobody play it. More importantly, there’s a lot of weird ones that has nothing to do with playing heroes and fighting monsters.

I think this will be something interesting to a lot of people here. Many wizards are a bit tired of traditional video games. This will be an interesting alternative for them. It will also appeal I think to people who are not tired of electronic games and want to try new things. It appeals to people interested in tabletop RPGs in general and those who are interested in it but are afraid to deal with groups, even online. It appeals to people interested in writing, because the role-playing elements of a solitaire rpg is flashed out through writing pretty much (unless you’re happy with just imagining the events, which also works fine). It serves as a writing tool and many of those systems works as a way to help people who want to write but can’t for whatever reason. In fact, while looking for these games some of them are mentioned by people primarily interested in writing, not gaming. Finally and most importantly, solitaire rpgs is a great tool for day-dreaming. I would even say it’s the perfect tool for day-dreaming, better than anything I’ve come across before. Basically this is too perfect and appealing not to share it.

So yes, this is going to be a thread about single player tabletop rpgs. Some times they look like CYOA books, other times they’re pretty much dungeon crawls with little role-playing elements to it. Sometimes though they hit a sweet spot and it becomes a great way to pass the time. I’llPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Look into old DOS CRPGs with Dosbox. They were designed as solo tabletop games.


I've been trying to get into this stuff a while ago but it's really intimidating although potentially very interesting and fun. Did one "game" of hikkikomori to see if the concept even seemed fun, it did so I started digging more. After some research I did one mini-session of just dicking around with Mythic's GM Emulator and system which was fun and two sorta-sessions of Scarlet Heroes which didn't turn out to be that fun, while in Mythic it was random and unpredictable Scarlet Heroes has a very rigid structure to it which put me off. Haven't really tried anything else since then which was few months ago, shit takes effort which I barely have nowadays. I still have a bunch of emulators, oracles and other resources in my bookmarks that I can link if someone's interested.
With enough work you can turn (almost?) any RPG system into a perfectly enjoyable solo experience as far as I can tell, and in some ways it's actually better than playing without other players - you don't have to rely on having a good GM, dealing with shitty people or having the group all around at the same time, you can play whenever you want however you want and you can "customize" your "GM" however you want too.
CYOA-style things are very linear in comparison to real RPG systems, so the main draw of solo-RPG is either as a writing aid for some or as a way of experiencing all that non-linear interactivity without having to deal with social aspects.

Also this came out not too long ago https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/234669/legacy-dragonholt Seems to be an interesting take on the solo RPG type thing, although somewhat linear. Could be worth trying out for anyone interested in the concept, it does use some form of proprietary GM emulator named "Oracle System".


Could you link those recourses


File: 1552866625255.jpg (867.81 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, dm.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

I know this thread is old, but I have been getting into board games as of lately and I realized that there are a bunch of ones that have solo mode.
The D&D board games for example (Castle of Ravenloft, Wrath of Ashardalon etc) are made so they are perfectly doable to play by oneself. Other games like Arkham Horror, Mansions of Madness and Eldritch Horror also provide a narrative experience that you can play by yourself.
Anyway I don't know if its what you're looking for OP, but I have recently got into this stuff and I guess I wanted to share it.


I don't know if it qualifies as what you mean, but I made my own sort of weird system from 5e d&d. Taking systems and mechanics from other tabletop games as well as video games and basically have it to where I write up an interactive novel (sandbox campaign basically) in a word doc, have an excel char-sheet I constantly modify to add new mechanics and various maps, 150+gb of pdf files for resources, etc. It's essentially an ultimate-replacement to video games for me. Overall use random generators, random dice roll etc to dictate events mixed in with actual planning and 'dming' I suppose.
I'm not very good at explaining it but I just wanted to say I too partake in single player table-top.

File: 1512091568087.jpeg (131.48 KB, 500x309, 500:309, image.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


How has your mediatation been going?
What have you realized about the nature of consciousness?
Do not you meditate like the impenetrable black building or the clear white building?
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are there any traditional meditation methods soecifically targetting people with aphantasia? the only thing i know that might be apllicablr would be zen because you can do it during any other task, im not confined to the empty void in my head, but it's not the kind of meditation i want. i want to sit down and imagine and see shit. seems incompatible with aphantasia.


Most meditation practices focuse quite a bit on turning off the images and thoughts in your head. Not put images in your head.

Maybe what your looking for is guided imagery based meditation but if you truly do have "aphantasia" then I doubt it would do much for you.
More new age but you could give this guided meditation a shot and see if it does anything for you.


most methods ive been interested about have some form of visualization at various stages of the meditation


>How has your meditation been going?
I've been meditating lying down, because it lessens the discomforts of my body, making easier for me to achieve the state where my mind is pretty quiet and I can spot unintentional thoughts and prune many thoughts before they fully form. From there I've been trying to focus on personal faults to find what I could do do be less of a shitty person. I've had some good results lately in day-to-day life. I've at least been noticing better how many little evils I do and degeneracies I am subject to. My hope is that by spotting all of my evils I can figure out a way to slowly disintegrate them, but I have no idea how to do that through meditation yet.

>What have you realized about the nature of consciousness?

Pure consciousness is an existence-permeating phenomenon and the substance of consciousness is uniform. Certain material patterns like brains, drill down into consciousness like a vortex in the ocean that reaches all the way to the sea floor. The sea floor is the sensible material world and attention or soul is usually at the sea floor. To continue with the analogy, rejoining pure consciousness is like raising the attention to rest at the ocean surface, taming the vortex in the process.

>Do not you meditate like the impenetrable black building or the clear white building?



Thanks the explanation and guidance really helped when that inconsiderate and selfish succubus would not stop coughing.

File: 1518236466865.png (96.82 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, DeepinScreenshot_201802092….png) ImgOps iqdb


what language are you learning and what tools do you use to learn it?
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File: 1555481446290.jpg (33.17 KB, 700x339, 700:339, russian-alphabet[1].jpg) ImgOps iqdb

1. How hard is it to learn Russian?

2. What is the best way to go about it? We aren't in school anymore, and the textbook method of learning sucks. Beyond learning pronunciation and grammar, should just read and listen to the language, and then in several months perhaps be proficient enough to talk to people in it. I wouldn't worry about being able to write in Russian correctly, just aim to learn speaking, reading and understanding.

Been listening to a lot of music with Russian lyrics, and videos/documentaries in Russian with English subtitles. My paternal ancestors spoke Russian, my mom's friends speak it, as do people at my temple, and it's the most relevant language for me to learn.


start learning a bunch of cognates and lettering to help you (start learning the alphabet from the start), then go into numbers, then telling time, then conversational russian, then more advanced russian.

See what resources your local library has for books, and learning software for free.


I would say learn the writing and reading from books, but use an all oral/audio way of learning to produce the sounds. Pimsleur is a good resource, because it teaches you to listen and pronounce, then you can use that to augment the writing that you are reading.


File: 1556685246875.png (789.57 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot from 2019-04-30….png) ImgOps iqdb

i only learn 20 minutes of japanese a day

i am a lazy japanese learner. i know enough to read yotsuba using the english translation as a guy



as a guide*

File: 1538437432177.png (1.14 MB, 847x841, 847:841, waterfox_2018-10-02_00-42-….png) ImgOps iqdb


What magazines do you read? Are they all hobby related or do you have a hobby related to magazines?

What was your favourite childhood magazine and how does a current issue stand up to it?
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someone on 4/k/ digitized every issue of soldier of fortune and then posted it online, perhaps you can find them


File: 1548779564408.jpg (519.66 KB, 910x823, 910:823, 1548721037055.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

that's the sort of shit I'm talking about


Basics of CQC, snake.


in video games maybe


None anymore. I signed up for a yearly subscription to Wired Magazine in 2016 and I only received 4 magazines for the whole year. Fuck them.

File: 1543521822605.jpg (17.35 KB, 560x400, 7:5, 1527138162463.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


How's that YouTube channel coming along? I usually don't upload too much and I usually just shitpost in comment sections, but I have a few views and a few subscribers, so that's not bad.
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No bully. Videos on Youtube are meant to be shared, and this is a thread made just for that. Users who feel it is attention whoring can hide the thread.


File: 1548506402206.gif (1.48 MB, 500x332, 125:83, btm2o1_500.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I saw that you shut down your account. Hope you're doing okay, wizzie.


Yes I'm fine. I just needed to delete all the videos and destroy my notes. It felt like baggage and an unfinished project that I wanted to let go of.


File: 1555079893056.jpg (4.75 KB, 242x208, 121:104, serveimage.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

here's my channel


the idea is simple : I post almost non existent content in hope that people will watch it on loop for no reason


maybe someone enjoys this kind of stuff, and doesn't mind waiting months for anything new

File: 1541397304243.jpg (23.61 KB, 580x320, 29:16, gar.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Any Wizbros into fishing? I think fishing is like the most ultimate wizardly hobby. I want to get seriously into fishing but I have a lot to learn. I did fish a bit when I was a child but it was mostly casual stuff with a worm on a hook.

I think alligator gars are so cool and my ultimate goal is to get a 7 ft. gar mounted on my wall. What do you guys think?
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i fish seabass when i go to the sea otherwise i fish occasionaly pike, perches. They are some sanders in the area but i never got one though.


lacking mobility to go to any water spots makes it difficult, but I've done it for the first time this summer. I fished with a can as a "hand reel", it was really fun.


I somewhat used to be in the past, should get into it again.

A 7 foot gar is gonna weigh over 100 pounds so you'll need a real good setup to reel that sucker in, not to mention good upper body strength or possibly help. a boat will very beneficial for navigating the heavily forested rivers of the south too.


Yaaaaaaaa I'm gonna stick with deep sea fishing for grouper


Don't know if you'll read this, but we have gar in the springs in Florida. While they can get big, they're very chill creatures and I wouldn't want to turn one into a trophy.

File: 1497636606098.jpg (33.37 KB, 600x450, 4:3, tal_show.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I tried to find the old thread but it must have died or something. If I missed it, close this one down.

Anyway, this thread is dedicated to this beautiful phenomenal game. I only started playing in February, even though I always felt fascination with the game. I use Lichess and Chess.com and I became a compulsive player.

I started playing classical games, moved on to blitz and then to bullet. Unfortunately I am quite shit, my average rating on Lichess from all 3 types is around 1300 and on Chess.com it's 1100. But I will keep at it. My biggest problem is ego, impulsiveness, lack of patience and basic theorems but that's a problem in my real life as well.

Anyone that likes the game? Please, discuss anything chess related, current events, history, your own experiences.
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I usually go for the italian game/friedliver attack, or if i'm playing black I take sicilian againt e4 or Englund gambit against d4.

I really need to improve my repertoire though.


Stick to one or two basic openings, learn the opening theory, then spend all your time practicing tactics and endgame.


I like solving the puzzles on lichess more than playing. I never really have the motivation to play a game from start to finish.


Chess.com is excellent, can easily spend hours practicing new moves/gambits


After checking it out a bit, it is a lot better then the old aol and yahoo rooms that I used to practice in back in the day. And a hell of a lot better then those really old chess master games.

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