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File: 1635113224454.jpg (240.12 KB, 1200x1472, 75:92, 1200px-Joris_Karl_Huysmans.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Has anyone here read Joris Karl Huysmans? I've read the novels Against the Grain (À rebours), La Bas (Down There), En Route, En Rade and others. Huysmans is part of a movement in literature known as Decadence/Symbolism. The main character in the novel Against the Grain, Des Esseintes is a world-weary asthete disillusioned with bourgeois society and has a deep appreciation for all art specifically for example the Roman novels Satyricon by Petronius, and the poem Mosella by Ausonius in literature and the paintings of Gustave Moreau and Odilon Redon. My favorite thing about Huysmans is his diction. Its very flowery/purple prose and highly descriptive.


Houellebecq uses Huysmans in Submission. Is he an anti-houellebecq? I ask since his transition toward a more positive worldview was rejected by the MC in Submission. This isn't directly related to Huysmans, but I thought I'd contribute some thought. I might read him (looking for a new book) now that I've seen someone discuss him. This is the first time I've seen him brought up on the internet in ages.

When you describe his prose as flowery, how flowery do you mean? Nabokov tier, or a different vein of purple prose?


Huysmans turned to Christianity to cope while Houellebecq remains firmly against monotheism so yeah, opposing views

File: 1579373908041-0.png (1.21 MB, 1334x750, 667:375, D3086DBD-D58F-4B33-B614-58….png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1579373908041-1.png (1.29 MB, 1334x750, 667:375, 4AA41FA8-45B4-41B2-9C59-89….png) ImgOps iqdb


Really just anything military repeated that looks or is interesting. I will start off with a sdkfz 2 that was used for many roles during and post ww2, such as farming,troop movement,wire laying,medical gear,etc
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>Totally off topic rant based on a single trigger word being used


He's right. Who defines the term "credible" ?? It's ZOG all the way down


It was a pretty legitimate reply to the previous post.


It's a red haring that aims to get as far off topic as humanly possible.
No it's not valid.


If the topic is "credibility", defining and understanding what is accepted as credible, or the criteria upon which a source may be found to be credible, is the first step into the discussion.

File: 1627849835878.jpg (74.69 KB, 860x512, 215:128, Black-and-white-image-of-a….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Any wizards into Canoeing? Just bought myself a Peterborough Wooden Handcrafted canoe and about to test this out on a ride. I've had a straw one before this to see if I'll like the hobby or not, and I ended up having lots of fun with it.


Don’t have a canoe, but I kayak sometimes. There’s a waterway very close to me so I can just walk over with the kayak and get going.


my dad tried to get me to kayak my entire life, I've done it quite a few times, way too much work for someone that sits on their pc 24/7


used to go kayaking with my dad when i was younger

there were snakes in the water though all the time…


My brother and I always used to so kayaking adventures. We would usually find a route and park one car at each end. Keep an eye out for rope swings, they are always at a good spot to land and chill for a little

File: 1631031781531.jpg (186.91 KB, 800x857, 800:857, wicz.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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All you need to begin drawing is a pencil and some paper

Feel free to post any drawings of yours in this thread. Illustration, doodle, traditional, digital - anything goes. Discussion on skillbuilding techniques and fair critique of other wizards' work is welcome.

last thread
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File: 1646835654606.png (611.92 KB, 750x1888, 375:944, mizumi concept 07.03.22.png) ImgOps iqdb

>>61407 and >>60989 here, I never "mentally vizualize" what I want to draw. The thinking is done on the canvas.


File: 1646861654867-0.jpg (825.45 KB, 1544x2240, 193:280, 82_07.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1646861654867-1.jpg (1.03 MB, 1592x2336, 199:292, 82_31.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I really need to manage time better. Only 30% of the used time was actually doing something…
as requested, a simple copy - take your pick. I was selective about those outlines. I COULD make all of them but do keep in mind that my hands are not steady.


File: 1646874290652-0.png (1 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1646874290652-1.png (8.03 MB, 2306x2929, 2306:2929, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Thanks Wiz! This is a great job, I like the outlines as I think their selective use really helps draw the eyes to the details.


Use references.
Unless you are trying to be a cartoonist, damn near every other visual artists uses references for stuff they haven't drawn a thousand times before.


File: 1650922924965-0.jpeg (179.75 KB, 709x1440, 709:1440, USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_MSG….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1650922924965-1.jpeg (203.23 KB, 709x1440, 709:1440, USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_MSG….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1650922924965-2.jpeg (202.44 KB, 709x1440, 709:1440, USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_MSG….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Tell me more about the need for references when your behind bars and cant acquire any..

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File: 1593322459552.jpg (101.37 KB, 919x612, 919:612, s775.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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New thread.
Discuss all weapons.
Keep your bad temper and normie posturing to yourself, please. This is not the martial arts thread.

Armor discussion welcome.

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."
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how bad is the accuracy though if you can hit cans and bottles? I didn't know the mac 11 is back


Yeah it looks good for Cerakote or parkerizing. Maybe he assumes it should be blued and therefor lustrous to some degree.


I'm thinking of getting my 1st rifle, but I'm not sure if I should get a Ruger American Rifle or a Ruger 10/22 semiauto

I'm leaning towards the bolt action, as the less complex parts that can go wrong, the better. Easy to clean etc. It is a bit slow and annoying to have to pull the bolt back each time. But as a noob, I need to be concentrating on each individual shot anyway. The only downside is a bigger recoil mulekick, but it shouldn't be too bad with smaller caliber.

A good thing about the semiauto is that as I get more advanced, it would be cool to fire quickly. And the Ruger 10/22 is a real beginner's gun that even kids can handle. So maybe I'm overthinking how complex a semiauto is.

I'm just planning on practicing at the range for now


The Ruger 10/22 has a huge cult following and tons of aftermarket parts that completely change how the gun handles. It's reliable and Ruger has a good warranty and service reputation. .22LR is the cheapest caliber and the 10/22 is capable of shooting even the budget Freedom Bucket stuff, as well as subsonic rounds if you want to play around with suppressors. You can very much learn all the fundamentals of firearm handling, care, and sighting with it. Dumping a 100rd drum of 22 down range as fast as possible is really fun.

>the less complex parts that can go wrong

The 10/22 uses a direct blowback system, so there's no real barrel locking mechanism to speak of. A modern bolt action would typically have more moving parts than a semiauto .22. A large calibre rifle demands optics rated for such powerful impulses, so you'll have to put good money in to an optic, whereas the cheap red dots and feature-rich scopes found on Amazon under various brand names are rated well for even the stronger .22WMR


I second this.
10/22 is a great gun/platform that I highly recommend.
You can learn a bunch without spending a lot and once you got everything down it's just a super fun gun that's good enough to be used as a intro to other shooting sports.

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File: 1646599342083.jpg (21.43 KB, 393x288, 131:96, wizardvan.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


There is a biking thread and an international travel thread but no road trip thread. Has anyone here gone on a road trip? I know it's practically a rite of passage for most normalfaggots (at least in the US), but I would be interested in getting out and polishing my wizard wand in a different state.

I am planning on hitting the American Midwest and Southwest in Spring. I think intentional settlements like the Padanaram Settlement, New Harmony and East Wind Community would be neat to visit. I'd also like to camp in lesser frequented states like Kansas. Does anyone have any suggestions for either places to see, suggestions for planning etc?

File: 1621519578446.png (6.72 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, US_One_Cent_Obv.png) ImgOps iqdb


Let's have a thread on it! In the US at least, there's a lot of neat stuff to find even if you're not into it that much. For example, all quarters & dimes dated 1964 and earlier are made of 90% silver.
I'm surprised that there wasn't a thread about this already. Post your hoard if you wish.
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I mostly decided that after I get a few 1 oz coins that I will mainly get 1/4 oz every month or so.
I don't really like the smaller coins for a number of reasons. Went to a coin shop and just handling them, they are really tiny and just don't like them that much. Another knock against them is that premiums on them are pretty bad compared to the larger coins. So 1/4 oz is probably as small as I am going to go unless it's something really special that catches my eye even at the smaller size.


I have a 1997 Mexican Silver Libertad which I hear is pretty rare in terms of silver coins. The silver shop threw it into my purchase after I found it among the junk silver and told him about it rather than try to buy it at junk silver prices. He appreciated it, and since he only got the Mexican silver that day, let me buy it for 16 dollars, which was about spot for junk silver at the time. I also got 7 silver onzas that day.


Very cool.
What condition is it in?


Just a very cool video about the history of money in America.


that guy is cool and knowledgable and makes colonial america seem interesting with every video

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Post good (spoken) books in this thread.

I'll start with the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius. Such a good narration.
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Notes from the Underground

I can sum it up as this:
Bitter crab in bucket failed normie whines the novel.
This book is highly overrated and I hated every minute of it.
Reminds me of the time I was forced to read catcher and the rye and everyone praised it but I found it insufferable.
Whine whine whine for hours.
Fuck this book and fuck who wrote it. What a pointless waste of time.


I have read almost every novel by FD when I was 18-21 and I can barely remember any of them lol. My favourite is the one about his time in a Siberian prison camp… The whiny philosophical musings in the russian literature of that period is not my cup of tea.


Finally got around to listening to Rules for Radicals.
It puts a lot of radical leftist tactics and their overall lack of morals into perspective, as well as explains the activist investment problem that is causing so many culture war issues.

That said it's clearly a padded book and you are better off reading a summary of it then reading the whole thing.


Fantastic Beast and where to Find Them

Damn, I forgot that J.K. Rowling actually is a pretty good writer even if I stopped being into harry potter when I was like 12 or 13.
Fantastic Beast is just pure fantasy world building and lore concentrated, which is something I enjoy quite a bit even though I don't have interest in the actual Harry Potter series.
I wonder if there is book similar to this that does a deep lore breakdown of the magic system and history of magical development.


On a related note, also listened to this short story by H.G. Wells
Called "The Magic Shop"

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File: 1625595136209.jpg (40.77 KB, 589x252, 589:252, psychology-vs-psychiatry.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Here we don't primarily talk about our personal experiences (there's /dep/ for that) but post informative and educational videos and share interesting articles and/ or books about the topics.

Also feel free to discuss whatever topic regarding both disciplines comes to mind, from certain mental illnesses to the general merit of psychology and psychiatry.
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File: 1644048885192.jpeg (11.42 KB, 274x184, 137:92, images.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

As a NEET considering doing a masters in psychology due to a lifelong interest in it, it's such a demoralizing thread to read through, worse yet I find myself agreeing with some of the scepticism.

I just hoped I could use my interest to fuel a meaningful job where I help people. Fuck, man. I don't want to become a useless hack.


A masters in psych won't do much unless it's in industrial. I think most specialized psychologists like forensic, sports, and so forth are expected to have a doctorate these days. I was a psych undergrad also because of lifelong interest but if I go for a masters or phd it will probably be in neuroscience so maybe that's something you can consider too since those programs accept psych undergrads.


You type like a pseudointellectual liberal arts/humanities university student.


I'm actually a CS dropout, but thanks for the stylistic input. I'll tone it down for the plebs next time.


Exactly. My best psychologist regularly did his own thing, depending on who he was talking to. Our meetings were entirely discussion, with occasional comments by him that forced me to reconsider certain things. He never directly challenged or forced me on anything. It was strange after years of other styles of therapy.

File: 1624528423586.png (1.1 MB, 720x1560, 6:13, Screenshot_20210624-022722.png) ImgOps iqdb


Got two batches of beer brewing. Both are wheat malt, hops and cherries. Using wild yeast from cherries, hopefully Sacchoromyces. Malted the wheat myself (sprouted then dried in sun) and got cherries from my own cherry tree. I expect them to be sour beers but I'm not sure tasting them so far.

Right I started the 21st and left on 22nd. The left will probably fill with yeast cloud tomorrow and the cherries will float. The right one I only boiled until the wort changed color and smelled cause I just spontaneously made it after procrastinating after making the malt a couple months ago. I only had a fundamental understanding of brewing. The left one I boiled the hops for an hour and the malt a bit longer. That's why it isn't all the way full, too much boiled out. I'm probably gonna drink right after a week and left after a month or two.

Its pretty hot and sunny lately, tomorrow I'll start sprouting more grains I have and then malt them.

Gonna make mead soon. Reading the ancient way (which I trust more than modern ways - ignore modern schizo nonsense about sanitation, you don't need special soaps or airlocks), they used either years old rain water or boiled spring water. The yeast need nutrients beyond honey so I don't think I can just use tap water. My tap water in particular I know is soft (few minerals). I'm gonna age the mead at least 2-3 months.
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File: 1640312148228.jpg (446.1 KB, 1355x2249, 1355:2249, IMG_20211223_180228__01.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


What's the cheapest kind of alcohol to make?


Fermented sugar water. There is Finnish super yeast that make liquor in 24 hours, the sugar solution needs to be heated though.


Pruno style wine.
Whatever simple carbs you can get you hands on for free or cheap mixed with water then yeast is added. It sucks and it takes a ton of it to get you drunk but it's cheap and can be brewed nearly anywhere.
That said if you go through the process of distilling it it's actually not the worst, and can get you really fucked up in a few shots. But it is extra work and takes some creativity to build the stil if you are limited on what you have on hand.


File: 1644523123055-0.png (1.22 MB, 1560x720, 13:6, Screenshot_20220210-115728.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1644523123055-1.png (1.13 MB, 720x1560, 6:13, Screenshot_20220210-115706.png) ImgOps iqdb

Been drinking gallons of apple juice so slowly they become alcoholic by the time I finish.

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