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File: 1599690519584.jpg (71.42 KB, 458x445, 458:445, IMG_20200909_181034.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


This year most of my plants (zucchinis, strawberries, cucumbers) got messed up with the heat waves, tomatoes are really the only thing I have left. I don't want summer to end, going back to eating store vegetables and fruit is soul crushing. Not much money so no fancy organic food.

Do you garden? How long? What plants?
How do you deal with having to go back to tasteless store vegetables during winter?
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>t. jimmy carter


File: 1662662167290.jpg (1.26 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, 20220908_142216.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

update on the tiger nuts with fork for scale. grew them in a 1ft diameter pot. harvesting was simple, just pull the long grass clumps out and pick the tubers from the roots. didn't see any roots or anything deeper than 4 inches. got a surprising amount considering i only initially seeded like 20 tubers. took about 120 days. i also have already eaten a handful. they become sweeter as they dry out but they are still tasty fresh. cleaning was a pain in the ass, they are dirty as shit, you gotta really scrunch them together in water to knock everything off a bunch of times. i did it until the water became moatly clear. they are hard enough you cannot damage them by hand even if you grab a handful and squeeze them to death which lwts you be aggressive with cleaning

i replanted the grass after i picked off the tubers, curious if they can grow back or form new stuff before winter. maybe what forms i will keep in the soil and let it regrow next year

overall very cool, nothing seemed to bother them as they were growing. watered maybe once a week throughout the hot summer. wonder how much ppl would pay for them at a farmer market, it's something ive never seen here im guessing as a novelty it could be profitable


first frost of the year. RIP all the outdoor plants


>RIP all the outdoor plants
Indeed they shall. Plants sleep gently throughout winter's warmth. Weep not for them for they are at peace with Earth. They will awaken come sunshine's reign to breath the Earth's great air again.


who wants to create a trading card game with me? I hope you know how to draw, I don't know how to draw, and we must design the cards too ahaha
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I was thinking something like that.
1 vs 1 player
deck of 50 cards
you play your cards to battle
you use mana as ressources for action
basically a mtg rippoff but less woke


Too lazy to create anything but I will make sure to buy your game once finished.


I've spotted that particular incestuous and homosexual ship before.


art is the absolute least important thing about a card game

it is a game and so it needs gane mechanics and must be fun to play. figure that out first


File: 1668251416586.png (1004.54 KB, 716x1000, 179:250, 1662734918112.png) ImgOps iqdb

It's an edit from /frz/. Here's the original. They complained that it said "sorcerer" instead of "sorceress", which I guess prompted the edit.

File: 1621519578446.png (6.72 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, US_One_Cent_Obv.png) ImgOps iqdb


Let's have a thread on it! In the US at least, there's a lot of neat stuff to find even if you're not into it that much. For example, all quarters & dimes dated 1964 and earlier are made of 90% silver.
I'm surprised that there wasn't a thread about this already. Post your hoard if you wish.
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I have a 1997 Mexican Silver Libertad which I hear is pretty rare in terms of silver coins. The silver shop threw it into my purchase after I found it among the junk silver and told him about it rather than try to buy it at junk silver prices. He appreciated it, and since he only got the Mexican silver that day, let me buy it for 16 dollars, which was about spot for junk silver at the time. I also got 7 silver onzas that day.


Very cool.
What condition is it in?


Just a very cool video about the history of money in America.


that guy is cool and knowledgable and makes colonial america seem interesting with every video


It's been over a year since I wrote this post and I still haven't gotten a new job and still haven't restarted this fun hobby yet.

I remember in 2019 and 2020 I enjoyed getting brand new quarter rolls, because some of the new ones had the West Point W mint mark, rather than the P or D mark. I had relatively good luck finding at least one for every handful of new quarters.

In 2021 I probably could have found more if I had kept up with the hobby. Now in 2022 I haven't encountered a single one. I regret not coin roll hunting these past two years, I could have built a good collection of those W quarters (which I think can sell for $5-10 on Ebay a pop, depending on their condition).

I mentioned in my previous post that I liked collecting paper currency with interesting serial numbers. Well I went broke recently and finally had to spend these bills. I should have tried to at least sell them on Ebay. But the same depression/anxiety combo that prevented me from keeping my job and going to banks for coin rolls also prevented me from even bothering to try. And the fact that I no longer have those neat bills makes me hate myself even more. I had a $10 with a number 01000010, a $1 with number 66606660, and a $20 with number 45454455, among others. And a couple dozen rare star notes. Now they're all gone because I'm a lazy, mentally ill retard.


Anyone knows how to make a image board using reactjs as front-end and django as backend?



I am catalog-chan and what is this?

>>56871 Post anything programming related here.

File: 1618895925183.jpg (5.2 MB, 4624x3472, 289:217, IMG_20210420_021430.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Well, I've been on urge to drink for a few weeks now. Tonight's poison is standard beer and "dry sake". The last is not that enjoyable personally but I don't have many options right now. What are you drinking or planning to drink?
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Gin and juice tonight but mostly this >>58218


Mostly just beer because spirits are too expensive where I live. Wine is also as economical as beer but I don't like that.
If it didn't cost more than twice as much to get drunk from vodka, I'd buy that all the time.


I drink domestic cheap shit, like natural ice and budweiser just like you, but I really like Hams but I never buy that it's too far away to the store to buy it. My go to is Natty Daddy malt liquor. Occasionally I enjoy a bottle of wine at about the $10 price point. Chardonnay is my favorite, wet chardonnay is really good. I do enjoy a good drunken sloppy afternoon… but I got these social workers that come over and you can't be drunk when they're here hardly. They start to ask questions and insist that the 'medicine isn't working properly'. I suspect that's just my third world shithole though, cheers with bud as well


there's an import store here in USA called AJ's Fine Foods.
they sell a Polish Porter beer called Zywiec for $3. it has 9% alc content and tastes like coffee.

two of them will get me as drunk as possible.

but, it's rare i do this because these very dark beers are much harder on your body and it made me develop gout.

i'll usually do bud light 30 pack if i'm not ready for the hard dark stuff, as bud light is much easier to process and never flares my gout.


Been drinking lots and compulsively again. Depression drinks. I find solace in the catharsis of ritual drinking; though it slowly and insipidly destroys my body… of the depressed nervous system I possess I derive happiness with the poison. I find the world is willing to allow a routine of it all, the buy, the poison taking hold, the stupor… a sort of secret folk culture surrounds that dictates me to the act I find so soothing. It eases me forward to alcoholism. I'm acutely cognizant of each wanted feeling it brings on with each imbibe… I wither, happier for it in a kind of easy peril. I want either more drinks or a way out.

File: 1518236466865.png (96.82 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, DeepinScreenshot_201802092….png) ImgOps iqdb

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what language are you learning and what tools do you use to learn it?
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i have a physical book for learning chinese, haven't touched it in a decade


How long did it take you? Trying to get through Spanish then French. How did your roadmap look like for the romance languages?


Whats up with all the people here trying to learn 2 or more languages at the same time? I thought it was a no-brainer that it's incredibly inefficient to try and learn several languages at the same time.


adhd tards on ritalin get bored and switch activities every 5 minutes. they'll drop both languages in less than a month and watch steven universe (2 episodes then drop it) instead, or whatever garbage catches their fleeting interest.


My third attempt at learning German. This time I didn't give up after a couple days and I really feel like I've leveled up my understanding and I've been honestly having fun with it.

So my initial plan was to learn (or rather recognize) at least 500 words through Anki and then try to decipher text and get the hang of the language. This is really hard, especially in German where you might recognize all of the words but the entire meaning is lost on you. Is this in the past, the future, is he giving it to her or her to him etc.

Anyway, I discovered a really great course on German with an interesting approach called the Thinking Method, which is actually just The Michel Thomas Method but free. The instructor sits down with one or two students and helps them construct bigger and more complex sentences. The way its done is really intuitive, as he starts out with the smallest building blocks and then gradually builds a sentence from it. So you start with "I want" then "I want this" then "I want this tomorrow" and so on, and each time he prompts you by saying "how would you say xyz" but before that he gives you all the blocks, so each step you're really just adding one more block. Eventually, you get a sense for the language and how words should be put together to construct meaning and only with like 50 words of vocab.

The difference between Language Transfer and the Michel Thomas Method is the instructor. You can find the recordings through torrent, so the paywall isn't an issue, but the difference in instructor is very noticeable. Michel Thomas is old and he's just too aggressive with the students, while the other guy has this conscious philosophy of not making the student panic or anxious because it just makes things go harder. Many times I had to just stop listening cuz MT kept making the guy repeat himself and interrupting him because he got the sound wrong and it was just cringe. These lessons are done through audio, but I've found the transcripts to be much faster and easier to follow, especially if you don't give a shit about speaking.

So yeah, I really recommend this website. Unfortunately, the German course in incomplete despite the title, but the 50 tracks are absolutely gold. After two days, it feels like I've leveled up my understanding a lot. I think it's a great foundation. I'll definitely go through it a couple more times and more thoroughly, along with MT's stuff since it seems like a logical continuation. In tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 1581846777913.jpg (224.91 KB, 850x1039, 850:1039, aFireDoor.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Bicycles ~ good for getting around short distances easily.
Or when the power goes out..
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Gonna start getting serious about cycling to lose some weight.
Whats a good number of miles/km to ride per day?


It depends..Cycling on smooth tarmac is less of a workout than off-roading and fighting to stay rolling.

Test your lower limit in the safety of your hometown and then try to go beyond it every subsequent ride. Take proper rest days and hydrate!


What in the actual fuck?


Doesn't matter as long as you're having fun.

Personally my daily bike ride is also my daily grocery shopping tour.


start low and build off that

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File: 1596270544908.jpg (276.42 KB, 500x767, 500:767, 9781474272971.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Previous thread: >>25265
>The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy organizes scholars from around the world in philosophy and related disciplines to create and maintain an up-to-date reference work.
>List of unsolved problems in philosophy
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Based Ellul poster. Him and Illich.

I like him, and I think his philosophy leads to insanity and personal ruin. I follow dutifuly in his footsteps.


I am trying to develop a philosophy of reclusiveness that will work for me. To this end I am studying the great recluses to try and integrate it into my thought. However the tendency of ascetic thinkers to have a "saintly" personality does not help me at all. Whilst my inclinations lead me to be unsatisfied with the social conventions that I am faced with , thus leading to my withdrawal from them, the "saintly" type seems to practice reclusivity in order to provide a bewitching performance to the mass of peasants. I suspect that the more the buddha preached of compassion and suffering, the more food he would recieve in his begging bowl, despite the fact that both are contrary to his doctrine of non-attachment.

I have no problem if the masses want to develop a method in order to relieve their suffering, but I will not allow them to raise their arbitrary social conventions to a level of cosmic significance in the way that popular cults do.


> the buddha preached of compassion and suffering, the more food he would recieve in his begging bowl
can you elaborate
Also since food is so cheap in the first world, and attention is such a desired commodity, wouldnt you feed and ignore a begger if they came to your door? I don't even listen to the non-homeless people who come to preach this that or the other.

>cosmic significance

If you live inside your mind all day, and its a malleable substance, its not cosmic to trip out after practicing, and its a talked about side effect, that should be ignored as your practice progresses and strengthens. even if you feel big as the space its not cosmic imho



These days I mostly agree with the worldview of Ligotti, Lovecraft, Leopardi, etc, that is, the world is a harsh, dark and grotesque place and all, but also I don't get the moralistic part sometimes comes with this philosophy like "therefore the rational conclusion is we should condemn the world because it's evil" . I mean, I precisely like those grotesque, weird and dark parts of the world, if anything they are more interesting to me than the boring and common normalcy world. I guess this sounds more like De Sade's or Nietzsche's philosophy.


Just watched a Shawn Keller interview last night, and I have to say, he's quite possibly one of the most wizardly animators alive today.
>60+ year old virgin
>A man that has no need for *o*en, only making cartoons
>He can pump out a completed professional 11 minute cartoon in under a month, something an entire studio takes 10 months to make
>Dude's been around the oldschool comic fetish/furfag communities before even usenet existed, got fucked over by furries he was kind enough to help out, but still forgives them, like a wizardly furry Jesus
The interview's still up on YouTube, and they're going to be doing another one today at 3:25pm EST. It'll be streamed here cytu(dot)be(slash)r(slash)mlp-con2
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>something about taking Disney style 1 for 1 just kinda irks me
That's the charm in my opinion. It's a good reminder that at least half of the animators working on Disney films were drawing furry smut on the downlow in their spare time.


God what I would give for some official Maid Marian porn.


This guy was a professional Disney animator but i'm wondering where you're getting this 60+ year old virgin stuff from? yes i know this post was made a year ago.


It's baseless projection.


File: 1579373908041-0.png (1.21 MB, 1334x750, 667:375, D3086DBD-D58F-4B33-B614-58….png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1579373908041-1.png (1.29 MB, 1334x750, 667:375, 4AA41FA8-45B4-41B2-9C59-89….png) ImgOps iqdb


Really just anything military repeated that looks or is interesting. I will start off with a sdkfz 2 that was used for many roles during and post ww2, such as farming,troop movement,wire laying,medical gear,etc
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It was a pretty legitimate reply to the previous post.


It's a red haring that aims to get as far off topic as humanly possible.
No it's not valid.


If the topic is "credibility", defining and understanding what is accepted as credible, or the criteria upon which a source may be found to be credible, is the first step into the discussion.


>itp tanks r ded u guise
Active protection systems are rendering ATGMs ineffective.
A 500,000 dollar upgrade to a 1960s tank makes it virtually invulnerable to handheld AT weapons. And programmable airburst munitions make any fool taking potshots a Deadman.
>but Ukraine.
Russia doesn't have the money to put APS on any of its MBTs and even still, neither side is exactly doing away with tanks.


Violence is not an answer. It is a question. And the answer is YES

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