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File: 1554066744264.jpg (98.3 KB, 429x599, 429:599, Magic Card Back.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Any wizards here play or played magic the gathering?
please share your experiences and thoughts.
when I was in high school people bullied me because I collected magic cards. Now as a adult, I still collect magic cards, but I have trouble playing with other people, human interaction is difficult for me and I aint very smart
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File: 1568421268655.jpg (47.36 KB, 265x370, 53:74, Ravenacolor.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Thrones of Eldraine is the new set coming up in 2019-10


File: 1568490792217.jpg (108.75 KB, 672x936, 28:39, IMG_0806.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

It's ironic, because while the gameplay and aesthetics are very wizardly, the inherent social nature of the game is not.

It's a very commander oriented set, since they are trying to push their standard version of commander named brawl.


If you go to an LGS you'll find that about half the players are wizards and some are archwizards. A room full of virgins that collectively smell like death and only talk about game mechanics and lore is about as wizardly as you can get in a social environment.


I assume LGS means local game store. I tried forcing myself out to go to one and it was inhabited by young succubi and middle-aged parents and loud ethnics. One or two people "looked" wizardly but it turned out they had kids and wives. No one wanted me there, they all instinctively knew I shouldn't be there, as did I. Suppose it varies by location of course, as this was only my experience in my local game store. But it's not an option for me and online sucks. I just play against myself sometimes and am starting to just stare at the cards and pretend I'm playing.
I was thinking of a way to get around this and it would be to print each card using a public library. You can probably fit about 8-12 cards per sheet of paper and with colored ink at $0.30 at my library, you could print between 10,664 - 15,996 cards with a $400 budget. I haven't tested how many fit on a standard sheet of paper yet. If you want a back to the card, you would cut the amount in half, so at least 5,322 double-sided cards. If you wanted to laminate them, which is necessary for long term use, it would cut how many you could make for $400. Lastly, you wouldn't do this with lands, obviously, since they aren't worth the printing money. For those, I would just cut out rectangles and draw the land symbols and any details below if it has extra effects. It would be a lot of work and time but it would be cheap. And yeah, you won't be able to play in a tournament but those are for normalfaggots anyway.


File: 1570318339073.png (5.75 MB, 5304x445, 5304:445, Love Song of Night and Day.png) ImgOps iqdb

Have you looked into Pauper or Penny Dreadful? Pauper is, imo, the current best eternal format in the game, and is generally very cheap. (The current meta is a bit screwed up, but there will probably be a ban soon, and it's not actually awful right now, just a bit stagnant). Penny Dreadful is even cheaper, only online, and rotating.
Lorwyn Chandra is fine, honestly. I agree that there has been a massive shift towards normie art (ex. too many cards to count) and mechanical design (ex. Questing Beast), but I think it started somewhat later. The meta-references (ex. Totally Lost reprint) really started killing the game for me. That and the hatred that half of WotC's design team has for the old playerbase, their refusal to do away with the reserved list…

File: 1566175557800.jpg (25.1 KB, 300x450, 2:3, yami-yugi-5183.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Any wizards play yugioh?

I collect the cards, though I don't really play the game. I'm 26 and still live with my parents as a hikki, so my parents are trying to force me to get a hobby to get me out of the house so I"m thinking of playing the game at my local card shop
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I'm more of a Magic the Gathering guy. Yugioh is too frustrating to play


I strongly dislike tcg that use shitty energy systems like Magic and Pokemon.


File: 1568953487017.jpg (7.86 KB, 100x125, 4:5, geisto.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i loved the game as a kid, at least the romantic aspects of it. the meta, really is a kind of heartache.


I'm interested in TCG gameplay theory but I keep getting called a normie by hardcore fans because I have negative interest in finding people to play with



I did just donwloaded "YuGiOh Duel Links" at my phone.

It really overwhelms any other possible experience with real cards.

File: 1570292869312.png (651.01 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, B3357B57-BC84-4431-AD8C-CB….png) ImgOps iqdb


Discuss meditation in this thread. When in doubt, breathe.

I’m currently reading “Mindfulness in Plain English”. However, I’m struggling as I’m not very good at reading. Can somebody give me a concise guide on how to meditate? Thank you.



Can we have a thread to share, analyze and discuss paintings?

I want to know more about this world. After reading Schopenhauer's brilliant work (The World as Will and Representation) I've developed a deep respect for art and artists that I didn't have before and I want to know more about this world.

Feel free to share and talk about your favorite artists and what they mean to you.

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File: 1569343406510-0.jpg (597.3 KB, 2000x2478, 1000:1239, jerk-in-a-field.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1569343406510-1.jpg (486.74 KB, 2000x1599, 2000:1599, fatigue.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1569343406510-2.jpg (447.88 KB, 2000x1503, 2000:1503, fatigue-2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Jerk In a Field, Fatigue 1 & 2
John Brosio


I love surrealism


If I were to start collecting digital artwork on a flash drive, how should I go about organizing it?


I’d say genre>artist>date of creation


File: 1514942759177.jpg (187.78 KB, 817x1000, 817:1000, 1511667641819.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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File: 1568128471080.png (330.26 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2019-09-10-171211_1920x108….png) ImgOps iqdb

Since CSS is technically a programming language. There is a userstyle out there called "Base 16 for 8chan" that works on here that I tweaked to match my system's colours. The difference is small but it's satisfying. I also made it use variables so it can be easily ported to other themes from base-16 family.


played with inform7 today after going through the documentation. all i can say is jesus christ. i dont get these programming languages using 'natural language'. it says to be intended for programmers interested in writing, and writers interested in programming, but i dont think syntax has ever been the most difficult part of learning most languages. everything is a god damn sentence requiring. instead of briefly checking over a syntax guide, you are required to learn a completely different way of speaking english. everything has to be written very specifically. instead of making a quick game it's become more or less a prescriptivist grammar lesson. natural language processing, at least whatever they are using, i NOT developed enough for this to be anything but a chore. it still seems really cool and powerful for text based simulated interactions between things, and i'll continue, but it's not fun


Do we have any wizzies with a strong interest in security?


just wanted to say thank you for this post. different wizzie than the one you replied to and i'm reading it almost a year later but this is a great book and it's helping me a lot. thanks.


Yes. I studied different things when i was at university, so now that i'm an unemployed neet im reading about it and might try to get some certification/s

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File: 1443791757163.jpg (83.08 KB, 800x544, 25:17, library.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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ITT we post classic Internet sites. Let's dive into our old, pre-social networking cancer Internet.

Links can be either from archives like archive.org , archive.today , oocities.org or maybe even individual websites that manage to still be online even though they've been ages without being updated, ala


I'll start. Let's have some fun wiznogs

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File: 1568444358864.jpg (208.63 KB, 530x738, 265:369, xen_03[1].jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Put a random one into Wayback, an early gurochan:

From there, found obscure amateur guro artist (reverse image searching doesn't seem to bring up stuff by them):

and from the BBS on that site, a link to another artist:

What was archived from this site isn't very good, but there's more links to try exploring.


When are you streaming again?


indie gamings real golden age was the 70s and 80s where any kid with a keyboard could make a game and went on to huge success doing ti.

Kids today will go

Facebook > Youtube > Reddit > Twitch > become a tranny on discord.


I tried collating as many links from this thread into this:


If you have anything else of interest to add, please let me know.


I remember being in school in computation class, the teacher let us play on the internet since he didnt know a thing about computers, It was great finding about whores in the morgue and turbines killing people, good times.

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File: 1569627665095.jpg (385.54 KB, 1224x1600, 153:200, Ferdinand-de-Saussure-1900.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Here, we discuss linguistics, be it historical linguistics, semantics, phonetics, or anything of the sort. I've been interested in linguistics for as long as I can remember. I especially am fond of historical linguistics, and love reading about it. I am currently learning Latin. So, what does Wizchan think of linguistics?
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I am sort of learning Japanese but I don't know that I even want to that badly so I'm not putting much effort into it. The problem with the language I find is that it's far too simple, there tends to be minimal diversity in language and vocabulary, in anime and even other media they tend to always use the same lines and phrases and much of the language is context based.

I'm not even sure that it would actually be an improvement over just watching anime subbed or reading translated manga.


It's certainly an improvement, but it's not like anime and manga are gonna be telling you anything of importance anyway.


It depends what you define as important. Most philosophy is just pretentious rambling and most historical or even scientific information won't actually be of any use to you unless you have a job that requires such knowledge. You may as well read or watch whatever you like so long as you enjoy it.


>in anime and even other media they tend to always use the same lines and phrases and much of the language is context based.

Being context-based is inherent in the language. I personally really like it.
As for things being too simple and repetitive that's probably due to your choice of material. Literature and some visual novels tend to have more complex prose and vocabulary.
If you do end up learning enough I'd recommend checking out Akutagawa, because his prose is really interesting and varies from story to story.

Do you have any book recommendations or other resources for beginners? Linguistics seems interesting but I know very little about it.


Try Saussure's "Course in General Linguistics".

File: 1566622479131.jpeg (239.9 KB, 1274x821, 1274:821, 437CA82C-D86F-4EC5-884C-1….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Anyone here have weird, niche interests? I’m curious about this kind of thing. I like hearing about people dedicating their lives to one specific strange thing. Post about them here.


I don't, but your post reminds me of this: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg3qsVzHeUt5_cPpcRtoaJQ/videos


I think everyone have such kind of hobiies. Mine are drawing and woodcrafting. I like to do with different kinds of materials like woood,ice and etc. For improving my skills I bought new tool -chainsaw, which I found on review https://bestchainsawadviser.com/remington-chainsaw-reviews/


Compulsive masturbation



I don't think most people do, drawing is not that strange. Woodcrafting kind of is though.

File: 1449174488089.pdf (668.72 KB, 1984.pdf)

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In this thread, post .pdfs of books so other wizanons can download them and read them. I'll start off with George Orwelle's 1984.
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File: 1566123093660-0.pdf (3.72 MB, William D Desmond - The Gr….pdf)

File: 1566123093660-1.pdf (1.93 MB, [Ugo_Zilioli]_The_Cyrenaic….pdf)


File: 1566429179639-0.pdf (1.49 MB, Martin Luther - The Jews a….pdf)

File: 1566429179639-1.pdf (7.47 MB, E.M. Rose - The Murder of ….pdf)

File: 1566429179639-2.pdf (4.54 MB, Joshua Trachtenberg - The ….pdf)


Anyone have a PDF for learning Russian?



>The notion of the “biological individual” is crucial to studies of genetics, immunology, evolution, development, anatomy, and physiology. Each of these biological subdisciplines has a specific conception of individuality, which has historically provided conceptual contexts for integrating newly

acquired data. During the past decade, nucleic acid analysis, especially genomic sequencing and
high-throughput RNA techniques, has challenged each of these disciplinary definitions by finding significant interactions of animals and plants with symbiotic microorganisms that disrupt the boundaries that heretofore had characterized the biological individual. Animals cannot be considered individuals by anatomical or physiological criteria because a diversity of symbionts are both present and functional in completing metabolic pathways and serving other physiological functions. >Similarly, these new studies have shown that animal development is incomplete without symbionts.
>Symbionts also constitute a second mode of genetic inheritance, providing selectable genetic variation
for natural selection. The immune system also develops, in part, in dialogue with symbionts and thereby functions as a mechanism for integrating microbes into the animal-cell community. Recognizing the “holobiont”—the multicellular eukaryote plus its colonies of persistent symbionts—as a critically important unit of anatomy, development, physiology, immunology, and evolution opens up
new investigative avenues and conceptually challenges the ways in which the biological subdisciplines have heretofore characterized living entities.


File: 1570587911254.pdf (16.27 MB, a study of saka history.pdf)

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Lets have a thread discussing business, corporations , companies and all aspects around them. Including news, mergers, rumors, history and legal cases.

I found the whole saga of movie pass interesting, although its largely old news now.
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Isn't Yahoo still Japan's search engine/mail provider of choice? From what I recall, they basically became Japanese.


I don't understand how negative interest rates work. Why would anyone every pay someone to lend them money? Is it just because they literally can't find any better investments? Also where the fuck do they expect things to go from here? Just even more negative interest rates? Until what? I just don't understand.


I don't understand a lot of financial bullshit either like this. I know how to go to the bank and withdraw or put money in or pay for something that's it. I at least need to learn how to do taxes though on a basic level but the whole thing just brings crippling anxiety to even think about so I don't until I have too.


Ditto. I can understand some amount of negative interest rats equivalent to that of simply holding cash, but beyond that it makes no sense. This probably is one of the main impetuses for governments to try to make everything go "cashless" so that way they can try to push interest rates via the central banks even further negative, thereby absolutely destroying all wealth and making everything even more complete shit.


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