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File: 1630645138250.jpg (105.69 KB, 1195x821, 1195:821, gamedev.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Think I'll stop playing games so much and make my own. I always think I could make better games than the ones I play.

I'm starting small, a text-based life simulation game. I'll probably implement it in javascript/html, release it public domain. What's important to begin with is the game design.

Share ideas if you will. Here are some ideas I've fished from the bottom of my mind:
>strategically navigate life or let life take you for a rice
>many factors you have no control over
>more procedurally generated content than you can even experience: you are a drop in a bucket
>cheating turned into game mechanics: like how Caves of Qud has potions of precognition that are functionally saving, I want there to be a way within game mechanics to do things that might be fun to do cheating.
>simulated economies and societies
>somehow I want morality to evolve like it does in nature
>perhaps you have limited control of your character because the player character has his own mind you have to deal with

Regarding processing things:
>a "reality bubble" where things are fully processed
>at least one more level of processing where things are processed to a lesser extent
>a "catch-up" system where things outside of the reality bubble are processed when they enter the reality bubble, e.g. if a fire were started somewhere but that place left the reality bubble when you return later it uses cellular automata to judge how the fire would spread. That's just an example, this game will probably be only text. A more relevant example would be your character leaving some country then coming back and npcs experience "catch up" simulating their lives while they were outside of the reality bubble
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>strategically navigate life or let life take you for a rice


Started working on the skeleton of a game. You will be an animal and evolve based on gameplay.


File: 1632780401982.png (166.03 KB, 1532x736, 383:184, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

not sure what this is, thinking a life simulation thing would be cool




i think it's fair to just say it is hard to learn new things. the thing you are recommending, as well as blender itself, as confusing as shit for me. unity is pretty simple by my comparison

File: 1627918668005.jpeg (4.49 KB, 174x288, 29:48, the_song_wizard.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Recently I have been learning to sing from YouTube videos. It's extremely satisfying to hit high notes and sing basic melodies right. The hobby is free to do and with only minimal practice you can get a lot out of it.

Since it can be embarrassing starting my approach is to mask the noise with a white noise machine. I normally practice my singing at night time when the norms are least active. I'd say the noise level volume is a little over talking volume which should be okay but I'd still prefer not to be overheard by my room mate.

Any wizards into singing?
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No fear, man.


I've been keeping up with my singing practice and getting a lot of enjoyment out of it. Honestly this is a great distraction and form of stress relief. It is a weird hobby but strangely therapeutic, would recommend. To other wizards who want to learn more check out YouTube for some basic exercises: learn about chest voice vs head voice vs falsetto. That's more than enough to get started.


i bet 99% of wizzies will sound like garbage.
not a bad thing though, pisses the normies off :)


i dont agree. its really just a matter of learning. taking the time to do scales and slowly improving vocal range and control. that lets you actually hit notes when you sing lyrics.

whats cool is everyone is going to sound unique in their own way. i feel like this hobby is awesome for those who can find the privacy to do it. ive been having a lot of fun with it ^_^


Just sing like you're a CODA (child of deaf adults).

File: 1580595840589.jpeg (25.15 KB, 259x194, 259:194, 8BA7D86F-F7BF-4C00-8888-1….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


What? Really? Nobody likes Lego here? I thought this was a popular hobby, especially among our kind. For me? Its the Time Twisters.
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Any good Lego youtube channels worth checking out?


I prefer COBI



I can't afford this hobby but from time to time, I like watching youtube videos of expensive and interesting builds. I know it's not the same thing, but it's the closest I'll ever come to an expensive build. I think it's a nice wizardly hobby, but the expense holds many wizards back for good reason. Apparently famous autist Chris Chan is a big lego fan and spent many thousands on lego builds. I don't think the average wizzie has the free money to waste on that type of hobby, that's why I watch videos like this.



I've also been listening to audiobooks while watching these lego builds muted, the good builders don't talk or have music anyway so having sound on the videos is pointless. That way I can get two hobbies done at once, yet also have concentration to finish up some surveys for spending money.

File: 1626829945600.png (364.5 KB, 936x1271, 936:1271, 1005372_agentslimnsexy_sta….png) ImgOps iqdb


subject says it all. i want to make money doing something i love instead of being a wagecuck (don't we all?), but i have no idea how to monetize my art or my skills. some people might say "don't do it for the money" but i'd really want to get paid to do something actually worthwhile.
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Like others wizards said; crypto is one way. You could use any of the many online wallets for taking money and then send money from there to your personal bank account.


How are you going to sell them? It's all marketing and very little writing. If you try to self-promote they'll call it "spam" unless you buy some big jew corporation to "advertise" for you (they just steal your money)



It was a way in the past. Now there's 100 coins that'll never go anywhere for every coin that will multiply by 10.


i just laid out a hypothetical scenario where im completely fine with every book selling only a single time each month. that is really bad and slow for the record, stuff sells itself at that low rate with no effort on your part


What platform do you use to sell your books? I'm beginning to think writing is the only way I'll earn a pittance without being miserable


Does any of you, Wizards, enjoy a good night drive, roaming around the city and bonding with your automobile?
I have an access to a car, but being well into my 30's, I don't really see the car as anything but a money sink and a way to get to place B reliably. Being a shut-in, I drive maybe once a month.
I'd like to change that, but that would require me to get a garage, because my parents cut me off, and I can't go for a ride without begging them to move their car. I'm a pushover, so that's not happening. I've been thinking of getting a Full HD camera, and maybe making music videos for vaporwave mixtapes, just so I have an illusion of doing something productive by burning gas.
What do you guys think?
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Wow that looks clean, very nice. How much did you pay for it? I just checked local listings for pre-LT1 C4's and these things are so expensive compared to a couple years ago, what in the world.
>used to have a blacked out crown vic
Also neat. I have an 08 (non P71, so no dual exhaust and a 2.73 rear end) but it's still a very enjoyable car to drive. Fun enough to powerslide around corners but tame enough to feel safe enough doing it. I did have an 86 CV but I also lost that in a crash, I really do miss it.
Speaking of 80's sports cars, I do have an 87 mustang that is almost close to being 100% complete and driveable. It's really been a lot more of a project than I anticipated, but I don't regret it.


File: 1629841692742.jpg (1.85 MB, 2400x1600, 3:2, DSC_1262.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

Car postin'


File: 1631312538687.jpg (175.04 KB, 867x1156, 3:4, 20210316_083703.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

prices have risen like crazy the past year or so, I bought mine for 5500 and could easily sell for 7-8k now.
I had an 08 P71 to be honest I do miss it sometimes, especially the reliability and how roomy it was. not that the corvette has left me stranded but there's a 20 year gap in age. been thinking about buying another p71 for a beater daily and keep the corvette as a weekend driver. right now the corvette is also my daily but I work from home so its not a big deal.
foxbodies are pretty cool too. if you are looking into C4 avoid the 84 models, the 89 models are the best of the early c4 models since it has the original interior, L98 motor and manual transmission was changed from doug nash 4+3 to actual 6 speed transmission. most bugs were also iron out that year.
later models facelift body styling, the LT1 motor, which makes more HP but has issues with optispark and an updated 90s GM interior.


I'm 25 and don't have a drivers license


parents made me get mine when i was 16. i dont even live in that state anymore but twice i've renewed it online and they just ship it to me in another state with a different state listed as my address on that state license… really funny. i just use it as a form of id


Lets have a thread discussing business, corporations , companies and all aspects around them. Including news, mergers, rumors, history and legal cases.

I found the whole saga of movie pass interesting, although its largely old news now.
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Black market business counts as business.


Silicon Valley: History’s Greatest ‘Ponzi Scheme’ (Mini Documentary)



Cum-Ex Scandal
>Yes it's like porn


Which time period?

More like enforcement. There's a lot of stupid laws in any country; it's just not enforced eg. rules on haberdashery. Any law that a megacorp bribes..eh.. lobbies for will *definitely* be enforced; this way leads to fascism.


>Which time period?

File: 1625511163846.jpg (134.53 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, akrales_181101_3056_0224.0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Anyone use one of these? Are the newer, bigger ones worth it if I have an old Kindle with a keyboard? Mostly want bigger size.
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At least Kindle I had made it feel a bit hard to read/blurry. I bought an Inkpad and it feels much more crisp while having a bigger screen too.


I just use a cheap android tablet for reading e-books and the like. Never had any compatibility issues, and I read a lot and have tested many different file formats.

An Android tablet is far more versatile too than these e-reader devices. I think I spent about $200 on mine around 5 years ago and it still works well (they're probably cheaper nowadays). I got so much use out of it that the faux-leather case is literally falling apart from wear.

They're really useful for traveling anywhere too since they're a compact form of near-limitless entertainment, and you can use it for basic computing tasks like email, online shopping, or internet browsing. They can also be comfy for watching TV in bed.

I'll definitely be buying another one once my current one eventually dies. Also, I would look into refurbished devices instead of buying new.


>go tired of windows shopping

Well, I posted in the thread already but what I'd like to ask is:

I'm sick of lurking around wondering, is there a device with e-ink that is not android that has no restrictions and can read cbz (and has text to audio synthesis) of which is the size of a typical manga and costs a bit under or around 100 usd?

They have weird offbrand Chinese ones that show up then immediately get bought, then show up on another seller, unless on ali, so with how much of an unfortunate bum I am I figured I'd just go ahead and ask someone.

About hacking, I figure would hacking brick it? Won't android's, though recommended, try to control you and also have planned obsolescence in their software design, even hardware design?

I've already used calibre to make all books txt so I can read them on any shabby device and even have my pocketgo v1 reading to me (that's a gp2x sort of thing, for emulation of old consoles really but it has text reading capability and text to audio) randomly (sounds bad really but it's a cool device to me anyway and it can show the text of course though it's a bit small for even normal reading I'd figure) but honestly manga I've never had a convenient small device for as tablets look bad when cheap on their sides in portrait mode.

Well, my overall point is that I know nothing about the weird offbrand ones if they often have no actual title but have a familiar hardware design. Do they have stores? They claim to have real e-ink and can read cbz, some claim it, but I just don't know.

The two types I keep staring at are this one and preferably this one as they come up a lot and that second ones seems to claim cbz and the other generally does not claim to be able to do it. I take it they are both bad but still. I assume they are both terrible in some way? These two designs that have no specific title nor name?

Also I don't like the idea of a touch screen.

I'm thinking that the pocketbook might be my best option and lurked enough to see someone claim most can do cbz? I'm reading and pondering ereaders_101, the wiki link, right now. It mentions not cbz in it though is nice to see.
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>this one
>preferably this one
For got to link the sites, but it's whatever, one was >>59237 that image of which claims cbz. I wonder how bad they are?


I'm surprised the PineNote hasn't been brought up yet.


File: 1630114018559.jpg (35.73 KB, 266x361, 14:19, 1684037.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I have always loved the beautiful and relaxing hobby and tradition of writing letters to express a message. Its forms may be varied but the essence is the same. Undoubtedly something very human.

What do you think? And, do you also like to write letters or any subject related to writing?

A cordial regards.


I like old typewriters. There's something about objects that have "This express purpose and this purpose only" that feels incredibly engaging and beautiful. I usually find myself writing what others would consider "good blog posts" whenever I've had the chance to sit down at a typewriter.

I remember finding this stationary drawer of my grandfather's. It was all immaculately organized. He had three different sets of pens depending on which kind of print he would use (print, cursive, or gothic), and he would carefully choose his paper and envelopes with extreme care. I have one letter that he sent me when I was a child (<10, probably <5), and his vocabulary was…honestly it wasn't until I finished college that I could even understand his letter.

I've found myself appreciating when people find ways to put in a million tiny details into what is usually considered the most mundane tasks now.


Good bro/sister, thanks for your coment, It's interesting.


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