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Create yours here: https://bighugelabs.com/mosaic.php
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I literally only enjoy like three animes, CCS, Evangelion and Doremi.


What is it about those shows that speak to you as compared with everything else?


CCS because it's incredibly well written, well made and is extremely fun and comfy to watch. Doremi is pretty much the same but it's a lot funnier. Evangelion because it's fucking Evangelion, enough said.


I fully agree. Being elitist over your taste in media is incredibly pathetic. If the OP was rephrased to simply ask us what our favorite anime are, the thread would be much more wholesome.


File: 1561546972477.jpg (84.02 KB, 640x497, 640:497, 1498803579001.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

No 3x3 Eyes on a 3x3 thread?

File: 1493738015842.png (312.67 KB, 1175x743, 1175:743, Nyaa Torrents[1].png) ImgOps iqdb

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Nyaa.se is down, rumored to be because the owner was afraid of new EU laws making pirating more dangerous, so it's unlikely it's coming back up again.

Use mirrors like:


to download the things you want before it's too late, the magnets still work but without an indexing site it's on borrowed time.
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File: 1537138968974.gif (850.22 KB, 200x194, 100:97, 1534852244565.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Somebody help me please. Nyaa.se isn't working and I tried op's links to nyaa.pantsu to find megalo boxing, but its not on there and I need to watch it now. Where else can I go to find it?


nevermind I found it on nyaa pantsu but its slow as fuck even though the show already ended… 14 leechers and 20 seeders wtf..


nyaa.si works for me


File: 1561546579708.jpg (97.55 KB, 850x1309, 50:77, 1498803579001.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't want a world where you can't try anime before you buy it.


Why the fuck are you bumping this thread?

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File: 1509115850581.jpg (190.87 KB, 749x468, 749:468, AldnoahZero.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


This one here's Aldnoah.Zero. While many might argue that it's not really good, I actually managed to understand the anime on a deeper level. It has a lot of metaphors and says something a lot about Earth and the people living there. The main problem is that the characters are not so written well and being an anime with only 24 episodes, it kinda got rushed when it could have been a lot better if only they made more episodes of it. So, what mecha anime do you like, fellow apprentice wizards and wizards ?
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You mean there is a mech anime where they use tactics rather then bullshit overpowered magic mechs like in littrally every other mech show?
That has been my main complaint about the genera. I had hope back in the day with shows like Code Geass because at the start it was sort of like that but they always devolve into "I win by default because magic mech bullshit" by the mid point or sooner.

I will give it a watch. I hope I am not disappointed. I need tactical mech battles in my life.


File: 1528337843491.jpg (115.78 KB, 952x536, 119:67, gargantia.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I thought this was pretty good, the premise is the MC gets trapped on earth after falling into a wormhole during a major space battle, and the whole series is about him trying to grasp how mankind can actually be nice and value one another instead of being used as expendable drones for a pointless war where all humans are seen as serving only to die

interesting plot twist, and some commentary about the value of human life. The MC does have a super overpowered space mech compared to the earth mechs, but that is actually an important part of the series, because he becomes an almost legendary deity for being in possession of technology beyond what earth dwellers have.


I wish there were more seasons, honestly.




File: 1561544125398.jpg (115.53 KB, 850x948, 425:474, 1498803579001.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

That nose will never fly in current anime character design… Tis a pity.

File: 1474661265684.jpg (38.56 KB, 696x337, 696:337, satou-11.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Any anime you guys would recommend? I was gonna post on jp but it looks pretty dead.

Preferably an anime where the main character isn't some generic teenage hero

I don't watch a lot of anime but one that I enjoyed was Welcome to the nhk. I also thought Nichijou was quite funny.
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i just finished psycho pass and i'd have to recommend it as well, but its a little depressing at the end so im gonna watch a short feel good anime to fix that, so any recommendations there would be nice. could someone tell me about "the ancient magus' bride" i've seen some trailers about it but i haven't been able to find anything on what the story is actually about.


Anyone else bored of anime?


File: 1561023631864.gif (5.5 KB, 284x284, 1:1, zJapIORI.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Mecha still sells… at least, Gundam does

Blue-ray disc sales from Oricon: https://www.oricon.co.jp/confidence/special/53185/

Top-selling anime Blu-ray in the first half of 2019:
(its position in the overall top 50 ranking)

1 (9). "Mobile Suit Gundam NT (Narrative)" - 49,390 units
2 (30). "ZOMBIE LAND SAGA" SAGA. 1 - 24,679
3 (35) "MYSTERIA Friends" I - 24,159
4 (36). "MYSTERIA Friends" II - 24,018
5 (38). "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" Special Limited Edition - 22,929
6 (45). "Zoku Owarimonogatari Koyomi Reverse" 1 - 20,781


File: 1561032188659.jpg (83.33 KB, 597x451, 597:451, 1543745379409.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Me, but I'm pretty much bored of everything. I'm trying to power through it sometimes when a show is supposed to be good apparently.
But I dunno, I'm starting to notice that the very factor of anime is worship of females and that maybe I'm not the target audience.

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Anyone enjoying Super despite its mediocrity?
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File: 1549124571039.jpg (141.52 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screener JP Color Fixed v3….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

No one else has watched the LEGENDARY SUPER WIZARD movie yet?


File: 1549125306384.gif (308.25 KB, 576x432, 4:3, h54vb21.gif) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1553902827118.jpg (56.08 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ah.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Can't watch Dragonball anymore…
Hiromi Tsuru (鶴 ひろみi, March 29, 1960 – November 16, 2017) was a Japanese actress and voice actress who was represented by Aoni Production. She was most known for voicing the character of Bulma (Dragon Ball) for over 31 years.


So sad…. but remember the good times


I prefer the younger Bulma.

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File: 1473219935291-1.jpg (653.46 KB, 2000x1335, 400:267, 1472201617884.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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File: 1559580353042.jpg (201.2 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, IMG_3575.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

Tobita shinchi - Osaka

I've take this picture during my first travel to Japan last years.
May be one of the Strangest place I've visited.

Just found it by hazard… ;D…




File: 1560655699260.jpg (2.15 MB, 4000x1928, 500:241, P1010269 sss.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1560657249683.jpg (2.38 MB, 4000x1745, 800:349, P1010319 sssssss.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1560813094007.jpg (5.32 MB, 7705x4068, 7705:4068, red.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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File: 1556949488982-1.jpg (389.78 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190512.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Here's some images for Mayday 2019. Please enjoy them.

Also it's end of the Heisei period. Please welcome the era of Reiwa.


File: 1560337763896.jpg (343.43 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190630.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Shield !

File: 1559066747687.png (1.84 MB, 1195x852, 1195:852, __kawawa_sakurako_and_yama….png) ImgOps iqdb


It seems that a lot of yuri works tend to have this particular aesthetic about it. The distinction is clear when compared to normal male-female romance manga. Yuri artworks tend to have flower imagery, mellower color, more elegance. On the other hand, conventional romance work tends to have a more passionate theme, uses bright and simple colors, and have characters that exudes cuteness and salaciousness rather than beauty. In the story itself, yuri also tends to be more emotional and have more subtle developments and interaction. This is also expressed into traditional yuri cliche where instead of a regular highschool, the story takes place in a prude ladies' school with mild-mannered characters and repressed interactions.

I wanted to ask if this is something other people have noticed as well or if I am making things up, or maybe it's a pretty obvious observation and I am just slow on the uptake. That said I am actually not that interested in yuri itself but I found this particular aesthetic very appealing to me, so it saddens me that I can't seem to find this kind of thing outside yuri works. A non yuri recommendations with this kind of stuff would be nice. If nobody cares though, then feel free to make this into a yuri thread.

Please keep identity politics out and be civil please. Thank you.


You're just really slow, but that's okay. Sometimes it's nice when someone like that spells it out when he suddenly gains awareness of something pervasive.



What you are describing seem more like some shojo-ai type than yuri where the subject are more "direct " ;) .

But yes, the mellow-flower-pastel like aesthetics are pretty common when it's shojo-ai story.

But they aren't all like that, it depends on the mood and the subject.

If you are looking for some anime (other than shojo-ai of course) with this kind of mood, you can check all the slice of life type of anime, where you can find this kind of aesthetics.


File: 1560069376721.jpg (190.41 KB, 850x1267, 850:1267, 20190609.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Flower petals flying everywhere is pretty.


>Yuri artworks tend to have flower imagery, mellower color, more elegance
I mean no offense when I say this, but that's probably the main reason I dislike yuri. I have no problem with yuri when the characters are hard bitches or have an otherwise gritty aesthetic. I dunno, just the idea of a 100% feminine interaction with zero masculine traits present at al is existentially repulsive to me.

File: 1524189066436.png (357.66 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

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>Celebrities and reality stars have been tweeting about anime
>Crunchyroll censors fan service in the english release of a well anticipated game
>Funimation called anime fans "creeps"

Granted, after Crunchyroll made the mistake they made, they apologized and cowered with their tail between their legs. So we may have more of a fighting chance than we did in GamerGate.
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i should add this fear that SJWs are "disrupting the supply chain" is hilarious because this would imply that you actually pay to consume anime via streaming sites which would be your fault for giving them money in the first place, but i know you don't so this fake dilemma doesn't even affect you.

you easily bypass this whole "problem" by pirating fansubbed anime, and if you still think this shit happens then it either: 1) the fansubs are SJW which in this case it's your fault for being a lazyfuck and not subbing yourself; or 2) the SJWs are infecting japan, which isn't the case re: my first post


>if you think today's anime is "too censored" than you're too young to remember 4kids. anime in the west has a history of being censored, but too many of you retards think this is new or something.
Oh look, another strawman/red herring
The reason why anime fans are so extremely sensitive to alteration from the source material and censorship is because we have had to eat shit for decades and don't want a return to those dark times because of meddlesome SJWs shoving their bullshit where it doesn't belong.
> and the latter doesn't actually happen
Go fuck off with your reality denial.


i don't think you know what a strawman actually is.
>The reason why anime fans are so extremely sensitive to alteration from the source material and censorship is because we have had to eat shit for decades
when did this stop? can you actually point to me when this happened? because it hasn't, see >>30387. i think it's hilarious because i already addressed this in the post right after but for some reason you didn't read that even though it's right fucking there.
>Go fuck off with your reality denial.
give me examples where this happens and it actually affects you. if you're complaining about crunchyroll subs, that's your fucking fault for having a subscription to crunchyroll. if you have "SJW" shit so much stop paying for it, retard. are you fucking stupid or are you just retarded?


also inb4 you abuse the concept of logical fallacies with >muh strawman again. you should know that calling muh fallacy does jackshit in an actual debate and is itself a fallacy (the fallacy fallacy). when you're on a forum, it's better to actually address what someone is saying instead of hiding behind magic fallacy vocab like a typical 4chan/reddit retard. no one thinks you're smart because you read the "List of logical fallacies" wikipedia page like every other 14 year old


He is american watching subbed, so of course it has SJW shit. Shame on him.

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Anyone's got jaded of anime? Not the drawing style, just the medium.
I haven't watched a show since 2016 and still can't summon the will to watch anime any longer. It's hard to fathom how people can watch the same SoL/generic shounen over and over again without even getting tired, and even though I was never really into these genres, I can see that they're roughly the same rehashed pile of garbage. The anime industry seems to be bent more on milking brainless otaku and less keen on creating new content from my pointbof view. I'd rather read a good book or watch an opera through my PC if I'm actually in need of relaxation. Who's with me? Have you guys been looking for alternative media as well?
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I also used to watch it but now haven't watched any at all for years


>Anyone's got jaded of anime? Not the drawing style, just the medium.
Yep. I feel like I've seen every show already, and the rest are just copying the ones I did.


I agree 100%. I love anime more than ever, I can't stop watching, I feel like it's a drug I'm addicted to. When I was a kid it was just a bunch of cartoons I enjoyed and was hooked on, but nowadays it's basically my main way to feel emotions - of any kind. Anime is like a gateway into another world, a world of joy, of new experiences, of interesting characters and this feeling of eternal youth, beauty and happiness. It's the one drug I'm so addicted to, that I know if I had to give it up to face the mirk reality I reside in, I would surely kill myself immediately. It's the one single thing that makes me cry genuine tears filled with emotion. It's not just art, it's the soul of my pathetic existence. I live for anime. I wake up to watch another episode and daydream for hours. Daydream of a better reality, where colors are vivid and the smiles genuine…


File: 1559682029088.gif (634.94 KB, 489x200, 489:200, now-thats-what-i-call-edgy….gif) ImgOps iqdb


I wonder whether it is. It's been like this for the past three years.

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