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I miss old anime communities. Used to be many of them. Now almost all are gone or abandoned.
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I saged on purpose and post was an answer to another, similar, post.


Mainstream companies like Google along with social media killed those communities along with the cultural shift of anime becoming an acceptable hobby. I used to be active in them in the 2000s. Back then it was a bunch of nerds talking about anime we pirated as well as any fun touhou games. The average normalfag with a social life wasn't playing the games we played or watching anime in 2006, he was going outside with his friends/girlfriend to do stuff. Crunchyshit killed most of the old anime streaming websites from the 2000s with chatrooms by making anime more accessible to mainstream audience and then capitalizing on it by charging people money. Now the free internet no longer exists really where everything is subscription based and of course anime has been normalized to the point that even Netflix has it.


What do you think goes through mind of a millennial normalfag who's jumped on the anime bandwagon? There's people watching I know who've never watched anime since school.


>Turn in to coomerbait
It's been that way since AT LEAST the mid 70s or 80s. I kind of see what you mean though. There's a difference between good storytelling with maybe a hot succubus with big tiddies and the whole anime just being fan service.


From what I understand those people like it ironically or only have a surface level interest. Then of course you have the trannies self-inserting as a female lead and spamming clips of that anime all over social media.

File: 1663301293153.jpg (418.88 KB, 1291x762, 1291:762, 2022-09-15 23_33_07-[ASW] ….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>tfw Lucifer-san is my role model
thank you nippon.
kanpai biiru to a long NEETo life.
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File: 1663618146171.png (Spoiler Image, 24.76 KB, 630x746, 315:373, 1453492031599.png) ImgOps iqdb

should I move this thread to /b/?


if you have to ask, then maybe you should step down


Whaaaaat? Moving such a high quality thread that also got posted on 4chad before here? https://boards.4channel.org/a/thread/242652916

Don't you dare!



Please do. This is barely anime or japan-related.

File: 1628464504657.jpg (452.05 KB, 1016x1338, 508:669, Tenshi No Tamago angels eg….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Hey everyone, i've recently got into a watching loop of pre-2000s anime movies. There's of course the well known Ghost in the Shell, or Akira for instance but there's plenty of them that are actually quite good. I know a lot of wiz here are into animes in general, so what would you suggest? I'm espescially looking for hidden pearls.
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I liked "Stink Bomb" better.


You seem into cyberpunk like Patlabor 2, Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade or Bubblegum Crisis


old stuff is generally pretty bad in my experience. Ghost in the shell was an exception.


I think this is highly overrated. They couldn't decide if they wanted to make it episodic or serialized and the hybrid format sucks. The main story itself is just quite boring and undeveloped. There are a few good episodes but taken as a whole it is mediocre.


You should probably kill yourself.

File: 1607585436995.jpg (57.35 KB, 432x533, 432:533, Anne-of-Green-Gables (10).jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I'm a Canadian wizard, is this series any good? Is it at least historically accurate?
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>They did all the same for Heidi too, which is another essential Wizard read/watch.
Heidi is even better than Anne imo


How so?


Like true canadians, she says "Sorry" too much.


it have goat, so it's g.o.a.t


File: 1700378640212.jpg (896.59 KB, 1932x1440, 161:120, 1695258653310010.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>tfw we never got to see the fully developed Anne
What a shame!

File: 1659822837214.png (1.26 MB, 746x1071, 746:1071, c03bac1cfa6039107193504f7d….png) ImgOps iqdb


Best storyline, Best fights, Best charcters, Best villians, many people think that all the fights are the same and all the arcs are to similar when they're not, it sucks only with pacing and maybe it is long
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terrible, bloated series, also we already have a one piece thread on /jp/


Its literally one of the most popular series in the world, and known as one of the Big 3. I don't like using ad homs usually, but are you genuinely stupid, OP?


>maybe it is long
its over 1000 episodes


Welp, gonna be away from Wizchan for a while:

One Piece is the bitcoin of anime..


Netflix seems to agree with your opinion as it's mining the heck out of it. Haha.

File: 1659653139056.png (14.25 KB, 790x174, 395:87, Screenshot 2022-08-05 at 0….png) ImgOps iqdb


I fucking hate MAL for their treatment of digital-only written media. Anilist's been having better criteria for it and only now (after denying plethora of submissions FOR YEARS) they've decided to allow non-printed webtoons recently and still shit like pic related. Despite the fact of belonging to the notable franchise. It's part of one title and one-shots are allowed. WTF.

2 years and still some novel submissions are in queue.


MAL was always a site for normgroids and even groidnorms to earn coolkid points by showing how many anime they've watch.

Your watches should't be quantifiable to a number, but to a list of ways watching anime has bettered you as a person.

It's time to stop watching anime and instead start "watching" "anime".

Besides if you have problem with Website.com then go to Website.com/forums to complain.


There's no rules against discussions of sad current state of affairs. Culture in general doesn't change people and certainly doesn't make people better. Otherwise Hitler wouldn't succeed.


i use mal only for anime because it is synced into the thing i use to watch anime. i don't track manga, i used to just have bookmarks but over the years with pc changes idk where they are. i use mangaupdates to find manga though


Mal manga mods are terrible
I have submitted lots of stuff in anilist and they get it done in two weeks or two or four months at worst


Watch them all and decide for yourself…

File: 1597524517149.jpg (49.95 KB, 911x672, 911:672, Screenshot_20200816_015340.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


The websites were closed forever, the owners said.

I am so sad and heartbroken, as are hundreds of thousands of other people who loved the website.

Here's an article on it: https://geekculture.co/pirate-streaming-sites-kissanime-kissmanga-shut-down-permanently-as-japan-cracks-down-on-piracy/
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where do you guys watch anime?


aniwave, new name for 9anime




it's 2023 already


what about manga?

File: 1699964644359.jpg (311.39 KB, 850x1257, 850:1257, sample_ae4b6133c0bf5d3a478….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I want to travel to japan, do you have tips? I've watched many videos on this subject but youtubers seem to forgot some points. If any of you went to japan can you help me; what you did and what is needed
thank you

File: 1622770911446.jpg (110.05 KB, 550x550, 1:1, 45198465165.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


What should be the best measures that we should take to gatekeep anime has hard as it get?
Remember, if you don't believe in gatekeeping, you are a normalgroid.

Some measures that I suggest are:
-Knowing in deep a lot about an anime, visual novel, light novel, novel, manga or game in particular.
-Having a decent knowledge about the medium.
-Being very invested into at least one work.
-Being very invested at least in one fandom.

Is not neccesary to have all these things, but at least one. What more should be added?
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tldr; enemy is normalfag, there's no salvation, if you want a safe haven with high resistance towards the enemy make it arbitrarily complicated


Some of the most popular anime both in the West and the East fit what would be your kept anime, such as GitS, Evangelion, Lain and the Patlabor movies. I even believe that much of what ruined anime communities in the West was the leaning towards "meaningful", "intellectual" or "mature" anime, since people could join without being "losers", or at least being the cool losers. Any doubt will be resolved by a few youtube video essays that will arbitrarily set a standard for any requirement of thought, explanation, or reference to be understood. In the end Sazae-san, Chibi Maruko-chan, Ninja Hattori-kun, etc, are much safer, and even old shounen that didn't become particularly popular in the West will do. I think the "Japanese only" may be the closest to actually keeping people out.


Pretty much.
Thank you for the response.
The issue with arbitrary standards -and with them, arbitrary conclusions- is problematic but only provided the subject of interest is initially allowing them to be so: this means that the work in question was never really intellectual and that any interpretation of it being as, is accomplished thanks to a number of guises or references woven here and there to create a pretty convincing illusion.
So, in short, if the anime in question can allow for a possibility of an interpretation besides what the man behind it truly intends, then it was never worth considering in any titling of 'filtering machines': naturally, proceeding with this, nothing you've listed qualifies: A meaningful message, a discernible -but not so easily done- theme, a continuous motif –all of these, even when put together as they were in Evangelion, do not necessarily result in qualification.
If all it takes is a Youtuber pinning down every reference and connecting dots to curate an explanation, then, the work is not at all intellectual. No. It can't possibly be, provided the connotation I'm associating intellectual with: not accessible.

Most people, even in a literal dumbed down step by step guide into a Navier-Stokes equation, won't ever develop a means to wrap their heads around it.
Someone can go through the most careful, one to one explanation, giving an abstract of an abstract of an abstract, condensing all that matters into a few equations, shed some historical context and still, it wouldn't make sense
Here, this does the job pretty well: https://www.claymath.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/navierstokes.pdf but about nearly everyone would just ignore it entirely. That's what you need: something that inherently rouses the urge to ignore and this is only producible through complication.

Look at the other anime you've listed:
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It seems you are creating a circular argument:
>it has to be complicated to keep normies out
>if normies are in the reason is that it's not complicated
The term "complicated" is inherently requiring "absence of normies".

Outside of anime, do you think the fact that there are videos on youtube explaining in detail tool assisted speedruns, and also that some of them have millions of views, mean it's not something complicated enough?

Unless I musunderstood and what you really mean something to the sense of "the only place free of normalfags is in your personal perception of the object".


The whole normies bullshit will always be circular because it's a boogeyman that doesn't exist.

File: 1525983990304.jpg (85.06 KB, 850x850, 1:1, Orin.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Talk about Touhou here. I think the OP or something. It's been three months. We've all talked about our favorite characters, so what's your favorite part of the fandom? Do you like the setting the most, the characters the most, the lore the most, the music the most, or, like me, do you just idealize the series like I do?

What are you doing right now to enjoy the series?
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Let's gooooooo


File: 1687644982599.jpg (250.94 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 740dabab890bd55ed2d4e5df53….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1698280250720.jpg (263.17 KB, 1357x3260, 1357:3260, FkMQ9KLXgAQ-JXG.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

she ghost


File: 1699498823089.png (338.25 KB, 1200x1400, 6:7, 5644721_p0.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1699666594473.jpg (198.41 KB, 1478x1034, 739:517, FwWL-nmaAAAyeOm.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This could be us if you were Lumia and I was a Japanese man employed as an English knight to pay for my family's tea trading company

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