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Seriously, what's the appeal of this show?

I'll never understand why this faggot didn't fuck them all bloody raw every day. Especially washu.

Do I gotta be japanese to "get" it? Watching it is excruciating.
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Then stop visiting this site. Barely anyone here is 30 years old.


>"no u"


Wasn't he related to all of them but the black one?


mihoshi is really a negro?


Yea just ignore the nomans.. dont feed the normans..


When watching anime with subtitles, or really anything with subtitles, do you subvocalise, as in read it out mentally?
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Used to be able to read without subvocalizaton, but now I can't. Has this happened to anyone else?


I do usually read with subvocalization, but I do have the option to read without that which makes me read a lot faster but the consequence of that is that I can only remember what I read vaguely.


If I need to focus on a lot of reading, I quickly lose concentration and don't remember anything unless I subvocalize. Sometimes it gets to the point where I actually have to mouth out the words or even say them out loud in order for anything to register


File: 1530496844821-0.jpg (58.02 KB, 704x396, 16:9, yui_english.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

In my perception, I don't read; I process data which turns the kawaii voices into meaning simultaneously. When my English knowledge sucks, processing tries to fill the gaps with meaningful supplements or finally stops to lookup the words. I don't hear any other voices than the spoken ones.
Maybe it's because I early started to read long texts. But: Usual Anime isn't that hard to get, compared to an HBO/AMC show with themes and words I'm not familiar with (but It's less processing power, because I also hear the voices in English. It was harder when I tried to watch in Englisch with Subs in my language; there's a huge conflict when I understand what's being said but the translation and order differs.


Not even a little bit.
The only time I "subvocalise" is when I am reading tightly formatted blocks of text where it is easy to lose your place a lot.
For most anime you are reading only one or two lines on the screen at a time (Unless it is ghost in the shell, then fuck that watch the dub there is no dub for the second movie :,()


At what rate do you wizzes consume anime/manga? I used to be able to get through 5+ 20min episodes a day or about 6 30 page chapters but now it's 3 episodes or 2 chapters at most.
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“Consume” refers to what we do with food: we ingest it, after which the food as such no longer exists. By analogy, we employ the same word for other products whose use uses them up. Applying it to durable goods, such as clothing or appliances, is a stretch. Applying it to published works (programs, recordings on a disk or in a file, books on paper or in a file), whose nature is to last indefinitely and which can be run, played or read any number of times, is stretching the word so far that it snaps. Playing a recording, or running a program, does not consume it.

Those who use “consume” in this context will say they don't mean it literally. What, then, does it mean? It means to regard copies of software and other works from a narrow economistic point of view. “Consume” is associated with the economics of material commodities, such as the fuel or electricity that a car uses up. Gasoline is a commodity, and so is electricity. Commodities are fungible: there is nothing special about a drop of gasoline that your car burns today versus another drop that it burned last week.

What does it mean to think of works of authorship as a commodity, with the assumption that there is nothing special about any one story, article, program, or song? That is the twisted viewpoint of the owner or the accountant of a publishing company. It is no surprise that proprietary software would like you to think of the use of software as a commodity. Their twisted viewpoint comes through clearly in this article, which also refers to publications as “content.”

The narrow thinking associated with the idea that we “consume content” paves the way for laws such as the DMCA that forbid users to break the Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) facilities in digital devices. If users think what they do with these devices is “consume,” they may see such restrictions as natural.

It also encourages the acceptance of “streaming” services, which use DRM to perversely limit listening to music, or watching video, to squeeze those activities into the assumptions of the word “consume.”

Why is this perverse usage spreading? Some may feel that the term sounds sophisticated, but rejecting it with cogent reasons can appear even more sophisticated. Some want to generalize about all kinds of media, but the usual English verbs (“Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Anime? I can barely stand watch it nowadays. Manga? Not much problem reading it but I'm not as interested as I used to be.


t. sapir-whorf prescriptivist

Do you actually watch anything or just stare at it?


I watch anime every year.


One a year.

I don't really look at manga, but when I do, I finish it in a day or so. I find it to be super easy to read and the stories, if interesting, go by fast.

Same with anime. I would do 13 episodes in one day. I think I'll stop that. It's much more fun to watch stuff when cooking, but I prefer subs since the dubs are never showered with money to make a good dub. Nothing against either, though.

I probably watch more hentai/hentai doujin(s) more than anime. I probably have watched an entire lifetime's worth of hentai through my anime consumption standards.


I binge like 4 or 5 shows and a few movies in like a week or so then spend the rest of the month not really watching all that much anime.
I haven't really read manga (or comics, or played VNs) in almost two years. I miss them and know I would enjoy it greatly if I got back into it, but I just haven't made the effort to set everything up and pick up where I left off or start fresh.

File: 1503839724900.gif (943.8 KB, 420x277, 420:277, RacoonBalls.gif) ImgOps iqdb

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can you recommend me a legit wizardly anime?
no failed normie mc
no romance
no "lol funnies XDDDD" shit-tier meme-jokes
no "lifes good brah jus b happi" tier messages or stories etc. you get the idea
any suggestions?
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Yes really, the quality of writing at the start of the story is what everyone experiences first. If the start isn't good then 9/10 the rest sure as hell isn't.


If 2 chapters are too much of a slog to get through then just drop it man.


That's exactly what I did. And it wasn't a slog to get through, just shit. And I already explained why I drop things I see as shit early on.


Ok, you have any recommendations for this guy anime or manga? Really feels like there's almost nothing out there that keeps those themes all the way through.


the art style in this was really good, the sublime elements of existentialism and moral relativism by the characters expressing their desires and the atmosphere of plainness and lightheartedness contrasted by the immense gravity of the premise of the series was something that most anime cannot compare to

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File: 1512061694533.png (667.76 KB, 1000x680, 25:17, waifumarrycover-e151149784….png) ImgOps iqdb


This Japanese Company Pays Its Workers More If They Marry Anime Characters.

>Gatebox Lab is willing to offer its employees a monthly stipend if they’ve bound themselves to a fictional spouse.


You wont be seeing this in wageslaving-Afrocentrist slaugthertorioums wizards work on.
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My job actually gets flat out mad if I go over the time they scheduled. They actively do not want you to do overtime unless you are a salaried employ.



So, like Mexico but whit much better pay and no criminals.

here 14 hour shifts are commonplace and they are all poorly paid, and still they force you to take soccer classes and go to matches.


>bumping waifu thread to discuss wageslavery


SAO has become the COD of anime; normalfags won't stop watching it so the Japs won't stop making sequels and now they're even making spin-offs.


Might as well delete this thread, all the waifufag "wizards" went to /mai/ on 8chan to be with their crab brethern.


I have been obsessed with Hokuto no Ken/Fist of the North Star for as long as I can remember. It was the first anime I actually sat down and watched from beginning to end.
Then, I watched it again, and again, and again…
Each viewing is better than the last. It's one of the only things that makes me feel emotion.

The complicated lore and history of the martial arts that's explored in this universe, the focus on protecting children, the Old Testament style righteous justice which almost always leads into very depressing monologues from the antagonists about why they committed the evil that they did, watching Bat and Lin develop both physically and mentally.

Not only do I think it's the best anime, but the best narrative ever crafted across any medium as well.
The first time I watched it, I approached it like a dumbass action anime like most people did I think. It has a bad reputation. I think Jojo fan leakage is worsening Hokuto no Ken's image all the more.
On my subsequent viewings however, I truly absorbed everything. Shu can't be on the screen without me crying at this point. You have to understand that the fighting is a plot device and not the main draw!
Although it is a fucking cool bonus. A world where practicing martial arts makes you a God. The martial artists all rule over territories and have armies, but any real battle must be dealt with by the martial artist ruler himself, because bullets and blades cannot even wound a martial artist; only the hand of a better martial artist God can harm them.
They're like glass cannons. Unlike in other shonen where blows can be exchanged for days until one falls, the martial arts in this universe are so powerful that most fights even with the most vicious of opponents are ended in a single strike. That goes for the protagonist, too. He has been laid waste almost a dozen times in just one hit.

Yeah, I don't know. It just makes me sad that it doesn't seem that popular in the West (outside of the nu teenaged /v/ user anime fans that watch it ironically). I never see it mentioned anywhere…
Watch this embedded video if you've never seen Hokuto no Ken. I hope this great moment will inspire you to do so. The anime is filled with moments just like these.
The manga is missing a lot of these great scenes and is inferior in my opinion. I recommend watching the anime first and reading the manga second, mostly for the great art it has.
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Why the need to antagonize people so much? You even called people who might disagree with you retards. Why do that?


He ether is new or is trying desperately to start a fight to amuse himself like one would do on 4chads /a/.
He should learn to chill. Ironically no one wants to fight in this thread.


I watched it a couple years ago when I got hired doing security work at this construction site. Initially I was very bored since there was really nothing to do at the job, and the boss never cared what you did as long as you were physically present at the job site. Even so it was a long and boring 12-hr shift. So in order to kill some time I started to look for a long anime series to watch and I decided to download Fist of The North Star on my laptop.

Every shift I'd bring in my laptop to work, close the gate behind me (since I mostly worked the weekends, nobody ever came in and bothered me), settle in with a tasty sandwich and a coffee and resume where I left off. It was great, I marathoned the entire series over the course of that summer. The time would just fly by before I knew it. The first 20 or 30 so episodes are really filler to be honest, but once you get past that the story really starts to finally develop. There's a lot of both funny and heart touching moments in the show which I enjoyed. Kenshiro even inspired me to take better take care of my health and work on my own physical fitness. I work at much better paying job now, but that was just a really memorable summer for me, I look back onto it with a lot of fondness.


Okay, so instead of focusing on the topic you're just trying to nitpick my writing style. And here I am, waiting for an engaging response or maybe even refute as I'm still trying to understand the fans of 2011. What a waste of a post. Stay quiet if you have nothing of a value to add.


So you admit that you were trying to pick a fight for your own amusement.
That kind of behavor when unprovoked is not ok.


What percent of (good) manga is not translated into English? Is it just high demand pleb tier manga that gets translated?


Retarded question because there's far too much manga in existence for anyone to be familiar with absolutely all of it to enough of a degree to make an educated opinion. Scanlators just translate whatever catches their personal attention or whatever they get commissions for, nothing more to it.


Out of the mangakas that deserve to be transfer but aren't , only 3 come to my mind , furuya minoru , hideki Mori and kenichi sakemi
Good stuff get translated imo


A lot of manga isn't translated and are hard to find even on mangaupdates doesn't show it all, its mostly just the popular stuff or what >>27114 said. You have to learn japanese to see most stuff.


I'd say that there are at least a few thousand good series that have never been translated in English and likely never will be. It's a good thing, though, since EOPs are scum and scanlations are an insult to the mangaka.

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