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fc6d0 No.59526[Reply]

If pepe and wojak are not to be posted why the hell are people allowed to spam andy sixx log "memes"
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fc6d0 No.59530

Tell that to people posting a poo "meme" constantly

07339 No.59531

Okay? Have you tryed looking away?

dd4af No.59544

File: 1621141399346.png (195.9 KB, 800x668, 200:167, 174437915_283740889858944_….png) ImgOps iqdb

>the PornHub wipe was due to leaked alien footage
>Nikocado Avocado levitation video leaked on PornHub
>The real QAnon cronovisor device photos on PornHub

6141c No.59570


I also want pepe and feels here. Can't understand the censorship

74e34 No.59668

That's because you're normalcattle cancer. Fuck off back to whatever cesspit you originated from.

a10ac No.59275[Reply]

strange how you cannot say you want to fuck a succubus but you can go into elaborate detail about how much you want another wizard to fuck you as a faggot.

Enough is enough ban faggot posting
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a10ac No.59461

Sodomites are promiscuous there is no such thing as a virgin faggot

9c7af No.59464

Name 5 famous gay virgins

e7038 No.59472

Probably no such thing as a virgin gay crab but gay volcel probably exist, especially when you consider they might be ashamed of their sexuality and have a larger incentive to be celibate.

Most people would avoid admitting they're gay or a virgin, for obvious reasons. And detecting virgin homosexuals through their behavior is difficult because the only evidence might be a severe lack of sexual or romantic contact and you can't exactly deduce their sexual preferences based on that. Take any famous virgin from history and chances are some of them fancied cock.

9c7af No.59491

They are all horny and slutty people with 100+ partner counta

abe12 No.59569

Hey mod, the guys here are so steady against it, all these whines could be swapped by directly texting the reporers that their report has been carried out successfully


I think the sodomites are using VPN or likely, that'd be why they can come and go even if permabanned

>grow some balls

Sometimes the only way to do things right is to handle them by thyself. What if mod is actually corrupted? He must be laughing at thee while you lazily whine. THEREFORE I PROPOSE YOU TO APPLY FOR BEING PART OF THE STAFF.


A thread for massive report-calling might solve this. Solely posting the link and the reason of the report.

As much conflict they seem to cause, better banishing into /b/ when clueing such behaviours…

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1620859142406.png (2.82 MB, 976x1464, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

f8211 No.59473[Reply]

Can we ban the reddit tranny spammer? He keeps posting the same few disgusting images and is clearly doing it to avatarfag and ruin people's enjoyment of /b/. Like, we get it, you hate this one specific guy, but you're shitting up the board completely for the rest of us. I can't even [-] fast enough before I see this guy posting his fap material in every thread.

And before he responds: no, I'm not the CC poster. And no, "ClipboardImage.png" just means I copied this pic into the clipboard so I wouldn't need to save it and burn my hard drive afterwards.

Kill yourself freak.
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2d8e5 No.59528

He keeps doing it on listed boards

48f91 No.59532

File: 1621046910968.jpg (50.36 KB, 1200x623, 1200:623, EY9rtlfU0AAiy9U.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You don't know me, but my name's Cy, I'm just the cartoon poster guy, but it seems like Anime g1rls might be worth a try…
So I say let him post.

76e79 No.59542

You're wasting your breath OP. He's probably from /pol/ (as are the moderation team) so like any good /pol/tard he has a huge collection of tranny selfies and surgeries with neo-vagina close ups. They're fucking sick in the head and if you insinuate that you don't want to hear about them or see them, the only explanation is that you yourself are a tranny/chaser. Just insane amounts of projection coming from these faggots.

f8211 No.59567

I just wanna say thanks to the mod that was banning him all day today. It seems the entire community has turned against him and he well eventually tire out his autism, god be willing.

6f49a No.59568

I highly doubt he will stop since he has been doing that since near the end of last year all day every day.

024f8 No.59546[Reply]

What motivates you to continue upkeep on the site which takes away your personal time when so many actively abuse you and there does not seem much community cohesion among the users?
I am not attacking you for your efforts and think it is good that you help maintain such a special place for such a niche demographic but it must be frustrating to essentially babysit a bunch of man children.

Thank you wizmods for keeping this corner of the internet alive and active and not abusing your powers <3
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024f8 No.59551

If you are as oppressed as you claim how are you posting now? I can look and see many attacks on the mods just on page 1 of meta. Why are they not all deleted?

024f8 No.59554

So what is this truth the mods do not want you to spread in your mind?

f5fbb No.59557

>Moderator comes to delete the evidence and hate out another ban in thread where people are talking about if the moderators are oppressing posters
Irony, even the poor moderator orbiter looks like an idiot now lol.

024f8 No.59558

To be fair we have no evidence that the poster did not just delete their own posts.

ecf16 No.59563

True, but to be fair it isn't out of character to prioritize deleting criticism regardless of context and preserving their ego at all cost.

If only they had the same zeal in enforcing the rules as written.

File: 1621061708199.jpg (30.42 KB, 192x250, 96:125, Fez_III,_Angry_Wizard.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

7b8c3 No.59533[Reply]

"succubi, eunuchs, transsexuals, homosexuals, and cross dressers cannot become monks, nor can they free themselves from the cycle of birth and rebirth in this birth."

We've all seen what happens when homosexuality is tolerated on chans. It starts with increasingly gay porn, then "ironic" jokes about "boypussies", then before you know it you have openly gay e-sex happening between users all over the website. It's a truly poetic microcosm of what happens when civilizations have historically tolerated faggotry. Faggots are a problem. There is a reason that the wise men of every culture across the globe throughout history have warned us about them in their holy texts and ancient records.

But, like so much else in the ZOGscape we find ourselves in, this wisdom has been forgotten. And Wizchan, the chan where NEETs try to rise above their carnal desires, has succumbed to a homosexual takeover.

The poor wizards are on the verge of open revolt, but they are too demoralized and suicidal to reach the threshold. Turns out the mods are actual homosexuals who have a "discord" messageboard that they hang out on. A huge /meta/ thread about banning homosexuality got deleted without explanation and the OP got banned. They and the other homoposters sexually harass the wizards constantly e.g. post boipussy :3 oh wizzie! i'm boi-ovulating! please stick your wand in my tight little boi-hole etc. ad infinitum They also share faggot porn all day long on the hidden /b/ board. They've banned multiple people for asking why homosexuals aren't getting banned from the Chan where you're not supposed to talk about sex. Only the discussion of homosex is permitted. It's especially concerning to the wizards bickers of the logical and continual crossover between Wizchan and 4cuck/r9k/ which has acquired a humongous infestation of homosexuals known collectively as "/r9gay/". These are the literal "discord trannies" that we have been hearing about for a couple years now. The concern is that the mods of Wizchan have been "converted" into transexuals, and are allowing the pious NEET wizards to be trannified as well.

>Why should I care?

Wizchan should be a sacred monastery. A bastion against the endless prattle of normalniggers about sex and fucking. A place where people can rise above the constant worship of females that the ZOG bombards us with. In theory, wizards are admirable and worthy of fierce and righteous protectioPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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ef938 No.59537

They are just confused. You just need to remind them how good pussy and boobs really are.

95afe No.59538

if the premo ecchi and hentai posted does not arouse them they really have mental problems

f37d6 No.59555

Who are you quoting in the beginning?

ba718 No.59572

File: 1621205914630.jpg (18.52 KB, 299x464, 299:464, critic.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


The main thing that gay hates, is to be discrimined as something abnormal. This be my gift to your arsenal:

From experience I say, it contains many quotes for them to be hard to assimilate or react without self-shame. The best you know your enemy, giveth thy ze upper hand

7d89d No.59670

97701 No.59514[Reply]


So does rule 8 avatarfag rule not exist anymore?

d0cd8 No.59515

Thread locked and moved to /B/

3b11c No.59516

It only exists if you aren't CC Tranny or Andrew. Rules only apply to those that the feminist moderation team dislike. Have you thought about screeching about wanting to be a succubi more often? They seem to like that, maybe then you can avatarfag too!

Yours truly,
His Magical Holiness and Lord of All Greatness The Supreme Savior of Wizchan

d0cd8 No.59517

>mod conspiracies


The guy who made that thread has no track record of avataring or being identified by anyone based on his post style or content. The following pictures of that character were posted by someone else, probably to tease the metaburgers who threw a fit.

The only rule 8 violations I've seen in that thread, or really anywhere outside of /b/, are the posts accusing OP of being "CCposter / CCtranny / CCwhatever". The same group who seems to be posting nothing but such posts accusing others of being that user are ironically the real avatarfags themselves. You already have your threads about that (supposed) poster so you can go shriek about him and any mod injustices related to his bans there.

File: 1620742209278.png (153.4 KB, 709x517, 709:517, nn44.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

9bc87 No.59401[Reply]

Exposing females as entitled sociopaths now considered "ince| content"

Can we just get rid of the homosexual/pedophile moderator Andrew yet? He avatarfags on /b/ everyday and he doesn't even care about rules unless it's content he personally disagrees with. Not only that, but he sexually seduced a 15 year old wizkid from the wizcord discord when he's 26 years old.

Seems he gets triggered when you expose females for who they truly are, which is weird coming from a site dedicated to male virginity.
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cee0e No.59509

Also why is this CC tranny so delusional that it keeps pretending like it isn't a part of this tranny culture? How many drugs does it take to become a tranny, but fall into trannydom so hard that you actually truly believe you are a succubi, and then you become a terf tranny that hates other trannys despite being one itself? Btw you will never be a succubi, kill yourself.

5b835 No.59510

>anyone who opposes trans people is a terf
Just face the truth that not all of us agree with trans succubus being succubus you weird chaser

b4c17 No.59511

CC tranny pretending it doesn't think of itself as a terf despite spending saying exactly that multiple times, and telling everyone about how much it loves "gender critical" subreddits and websites. You will never be a succubi, you are a delusional abomination that thinks it is an unironic feminist and lesbian succubi .

199db No.59512

extra word shouldn't be there, formatted wrong, ignore.

58e85 No.59545

You're a complete faggot. Go back.

File: 1620236169427.jpg (44.09 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Ahmaud Arbery.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

eb7a7 No.59369[Reply]

"No! How Could this be happening?" Shouted the moderator as he saw images of Pepe and Wojak on the board. "This is a wizardly space meant for avatarfagging with homoerotic 2D images."

He rapidly deleted the rule breaking images and resumed shitposting 16 hours a day as usual.

e8285 No.59370

File: 1620238512246.png (182.25 KB, 1024x311, 1024:311, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Post Pepe

1d877 No.59371

>I deliberately broke the rules on a small website and now I am banned, how can this be happening to me?

2888c No.59372


32ab3 No.59505


I also want this rule to break away once and for all.

File: 1618403445633.jpg (26.92 KB, 770x450, 77:45, red-flag-laws-ga-770.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

aaa64 No.58911[Reply]

what are some red flags that you notice here that gives away that people aren't virgins?
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78606 No.59020

>yes bruh I was the top marine of the entire company at 18,I'm ripped as shit and I make $800000 a month on the navy, countless succubi have confessed to me,I also work part time as a male stripper for the lulz.

>But I'm a depressed wizzie like you I promise, I'm gonna share my improvement tips with you, check out my discord channel.

803a0 No.59092

03952 No.59374

I make that much per year at my job. You can't stop me from posting here NEETie. You can go to college and have a good job and still be a wizard.

d7ac8 No.59393

>what are some red flags that you notice here that gives away that people aren't virgins?
You see "virgin" posters sexting, gayroleplaying on /b/, avatarfagging as succubi or little kids, and real faggots streaming themselves naked and only getting 6 week bans so they can come back here and repeat their faggotry. You see them and the leniency with all these sexual deviants because the "virgin" mods want them here, you see that and you start to ponder if there should be a new rule so the disgusting "virgins" sexual faggots who use this site as their faggot outlet and the faggot virgins but sexual mods who let them stop acting like degenerate human garbage.

70d86 No.59409

File: 1620746600413.gif (526.92 KB, 498x498, 1:1, 1600DD1F-6B45-4420-86F9-68….gif) ImgOps iqdb

NEETs love you wagies, you guys support our lifestyles. bless you wagie, bless you :')

File: 1615888014510-0.gif (143.11 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1448618560074.gif) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1615888014510-1.gif (1.54 MB, 300x100, 3:1, Blood_3.gif) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1615888014510-2.png (76.87 KB, 1021x850, 1021:850, retardedMod.png) ImgOps iqdb

670f6 No.58516[Reply]

A wizardly GIFs thread is now considered /r9k/ subject matter according to a mod and will ban you for it. It was a thread for wizardly GIFS, from any media, movies, anime, cartoons, etc. but the mod say that’s /r9k/ subject matter. How?
I want you to read the OP, mod, read it and tell me where did I specify that it was a rekt thread or anything similar and how are GIFS from Marvel movies such as Blade now R9k, rekt, shock content at all?
So did you read it, mod? Where did it say “rekt thread”? That’s correct, nowhere.
As you can see in the OP, the gif I posted is a badass wizardly GIF where Blade blows a female vampire to smithereens. And it’s from a movie btw, it’s not real life, mod. So that succubus did not get hurt if that’s what bothered you. Most importantly, it doesn’t break any rules and you can’t ban me for it, since we even have as a banner a GIF of a videogame where the player is blowing a succubus to pieces in a similar fashion as the GIF I posted and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that or is related to r9k, otherwise it wouldn’t be a banner. Would you have banned me if I posted that same gif as the OP? Because it’d have been retarded if you did, almost as stupid as the ban reasons you gave, and you moving the thread to /b/, which shows there’s no consistency in your actions. If it’s a /r9k/ rekt shock thread like you say, why would you allow it at all in the first place? Btw mod, don’t get scared, that videogame gif is not real either, so that npc succubus did not get harmed so you can calm down and not ban me for posting it, or say it’s r9k rekt content or whatever retarded bullshit you can come up with.

Saying that, and hoping that I’ve made things really clear for you, I’m going to open the same thread, but this time it will be “Wizardly Images”. Since we have a dep reaction images thread I wanted something similar without the depressive side to it. So you better not close that and less ban me for it because you’re going to end up looking more of a clown and a total cocksucker than usual for already not banning outsiders and obvious trolls while banning regulars from here just because you felt like it and lying to justify your retarded actions. You literally suck as a mod and I’m sure you suck irl if your ERP on /b/ that you blatantly deny is anything to go by.
19 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

01921 No.59358

File: 1620028868388.gif (127.78 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 040591431.gif) ImgOps iqdb

after the duke nukem banner I also made this other one but it wasn't added.
see >>27445

a8082 No.59361

I really lke this one even if it does convey a crab r9k message it is cool.
What is the source

aad8a No.59365

I can remove the quotes and add a wizhard hat to the hung wizzie if u like it.
>crab r9k message
it was common posting "jus b urself" ironically on wizardchan back in the day
>What is the source
i don't remember anymore… it was a comic, I just did the "animation"

36577 No.59366

edit it to indicate that the succubus is his mom, and maybe add a wiz hat to him and that is 10/10

a8082 No.59367

yeah this is good maybe a diffrent caption.
>get a job son
>get a GF
something wizard related.

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