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c8bab No.60376[Reply]

Does saying "I plain don't like neets" "disparage or show contempt for the celibate, NEET, or reclusive lifestyles"?
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41806 No.60382

I don't think it shows contempt in the traditional meaning of the word.
Context matters a great deal.
In isolation such a feeling it too mild to rise to the level of contempt.

Maybe you should quit being a succubus and actually point out what in particular you are bitching about so that it can be put into context, you silly oversensitive pickle.

cc838 No.60384

it is
but that poster did not very explicitly say 'I have nothing but contempt for neets' so it's alright :^)
anything goes if you express it a certain way, and if you get a slap on the wrist in the form of a warning or a two minutes ban, you can get it overturned and morons will defend you on /meta/ because when have the rules ever been consistently enforced here and why would anyone expect them to be at this point.

d2598 No.60385

ban are useless because anyone can just come back with a proxy

1a42f No.60387

Ok. I will not say "I plain dont like neets" or variations of this in the future.

41806 No.60388

I think context matters and OP is being a wheesle in subtracting as much contexts as possible.

dc611 No.60310[Reply]

Why is >>>games/54247 locked? I mean, I know it isn't high standard mozart-level discussion and a little dumb, but it's not abject trolling/shitposting/gatekeeping/mean/evil. You're probably just discouraging a newbie from trying to make a new post.

4dc6a No.60311

It wasn;t locked, it was moved. threads can exist for months on /b/

0a970 No.60314

>Try to contribute high quality posts and ignore low quality "/v/ style" or "x vs y" type threads.

c0259 No.60165[Reply]

So why do you now need your own IP to send images? If this is related to some morons spamming /b/ (which no sane person uses) why not just disable it there?

Why do you want to reduce the security of the average user?
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23fd5 No.60291

>Oh your are that guy.
??? what?
>I still walk into range bans caused by your retardation.
>using your cell phone to ban evade and shitpost
I literally don't go outside, ever, nor have I been banned. I'm on the same static IP always, I even showed you my post from 3 years ago that is attached to my IP, I don't know what you want

>You actually are a liar

Obviously I am not going to convince you, so whatever, believe whatever makes you feel better about yourself

6eca8 No.60292

Just don't spam the site with horse cock again or I will hunt you down.

a78ca No.60293


context: last time the Aladin was caught rageflooding pony gape, someone called him out and he damage controlled by claiming to be someone from Miami

654f6 No.60298

>t. scat polcrab
polcrabs malding because they can't spam Scheiße on /b/ lol

654f6 No.60308

File: 1627288664543.png (17.37 KB, 1001x518, 143:74, wizardhobby.png) ImgOps iqdb

gaslighting is a wizardly hobby right boys?

586af No.60225[Reply]

i get that meta is not meant to be functional and is really just a place for wizards to complain, but you guys are so fucking anal about this place that it makes it hard to even do that here sometimes

can you make a shitposting meta board, where everything has to be a complaint/suggestion/etc about the site but the mods aren't assholes about posting there?
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586af No.60228

k so i know you guys are active right now, can i a get a muthafucking response

d3f01 No.60229

>yall niggas

586af No.60230

ok jesus sorry. I didn't mean to use that word it just came out
look im not racist ok? i just wasnt thinking
can we focus on the thread topic and stop bringing up these red herrings?

17645 No.60231

File: 1626826555651.jpg (64.86 KB, 706x674, 353:337, shitpost king.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Meta is just a listed /b/, and I run both of them

afc51 No.60250

File: 1626937151297.png (871.99 KB, 1068x561, 356:187, 1613317183992.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1626227432289.jpg (53.54 KB, 724x960, 181:240, ihhhshhee.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

1b03b No.60146[Reply]

so the mods can just delete your posts for no reason now
without even giving a real reason
does wizchan attract the most power hungry psychopaths to its moderation team? asking seriously, because i can't imagine they are the same mods they have always been, but the mod staff has always been full of weird control freak assholes who don't care about the rules beyond using them to attack users who they have a vendetta against.
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fdcca No.60154


5ef10 No.60155

No sympathy for you if you're that person posting "faggot" into every thread.

88ccb No.60156

>Why the fuck does wizchan attract the most power hungry psychopaths to its moderation team?
gays/trannies/psychopaths are always attracted to positions of power since they are so disgusting and disliked in every other situation they will fight 10x harder than a normal person to get into positions of power. this is why every site will inevitably have shitty moderation as long as new mods are being hired regularly, the house always wins so to speak. it really is next to impossible to stop the worst people from getting into moderation positions.

b3482 No.60157

what else is new

f6e09 No.60240

so can i get an idea of why the mods bother to post here without their tags? just for reference

f22f7 No.60237[Reply]

suggestion/request: create an optional to constantly display ones banned status at the top just so i know befre i try to post

f22f7 No.60238


14e8a No.60188[Reply]

Is this _really_ not against U.S. law?


d19b1 No.60189

Yes it is against the law and the wizmods are hard cracked international criminals.

e4986 No.60190

You'll just have to save it to find out!!!

49e7c No.60191

mama mia i gotta get a teh lotion

2ffc6 No.60192

It is not, which you probably actually know.
Nice try though.

File: 1626221560194.jpg (14.95 KB, 300x300, 1:1, donald_trump_photo_michael….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

b1e64 No.60132[Reply]

I am petitioning to make moderator post history, bans, warnings, etc. public information for the good people of wizchan.org(while maintaining the anonymity of the common man).

There is no reason why we, the users of wizchan, should stay in the dark about matters pertaining to the governance of the site we all share. There is no way to truly judge whether or not the moderators are doing the job that they have so selflessly volunteered for. I truly trust and commend the moderators for their honorable service to this site, but there must be changes made if this site is to last going forward. How can the staff be for the common wizard if their actions cannot even be judged by those who they claim to protect? I'm sure many of you are fellow americans as well as fellow wizards and, naturally, I'm sure that you all understand the value of a democracy. But a democracy which does not expect its officials to be subject to the judgement of the people while simultaneously allowing for the judgement of the people by their tyrannous leaders is doomed to fail. So I ask of you, my fellow wizards, to join me in this protest against potential tyranny. Let's Make Wizchan Great Again.
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b1e64 No.60138

Technically the mods are heterosexual (trans)females.

e16c5 No.60141


9ed86 No.60152

Cute fantasy, but I assure you the reality is always much more horrific than you could possibly ever imagine.

096b9 No.60158

like the time we sent the mod hunter to one of their houses

9ed86 No.60159

literally made me lol

File: 1626153075948.jpg (171.55 KB, 3300x3300, 1:1, modess-all-night-ultra-thi….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

7c895 No.60109[Reply]

So can I get an explanation as to why the modesses care so much more about "spreading site conspiracies"(not even a rule btw) than they care about any other rules?
People can break every formally written rule on the daily, but nothing will happen. How are you calling me crazy for saying this site is a psyop when you refuse to even allow questioning of your draconian leadership? Not even 4chan does this fucking bullshit,or any site where only the smallest measures of freedom are allowed. That is literally what a psyop site would do. You shut down any discussion that would foster suspicion and allow any and allow malicious activity that benefits you and your sick fucking game. The(few) real people of wizchan deserve to know the kind of sick shit you 're up to.
I'm playing your stupid game though, here it is on /meta/! That's what you want right? THis kind of discussion is only allowed on /meta/ (but random chinese bot shilling, wizeugenics, erotic roleplay of "wizards" who sniff each others farts(WTF?), wizdads and their wizkids, etc are fine on all the other boards, OF COURSE).

So come on succubi. Lay it all on me. What's your problem with me exposing the truth?

inb4 they talk about how much of a "bad little poster"(the usual discord character assassination of anyone against their regime!) i am from their creepy fucking tabs they keep on me
or better yet, they will simply have their bot auto delete my post like they do with many posts I make.
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7c895 No.60140

The lack of transparency itself does not seem somewhat suspicious/malicious to you, friend?

20453 No.60144

Usually site criticism falls under rule 5 (off-topic), if it were a thread it would just be moved to meta

7c895 No.60145

No, it does not fall under that. Thanks for playing.

b60e4 No.60151

Suspicious and frustrating yes, malicious no.

ae257 No.60153

you sure know a lot about 4chan

File: 1625530913251.png (117.84 KB, 1509x323, 1509:323, 4365656.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

91633 No.60054[Reply]

Approximately how many people on this site are real wizards? I feel like even the most serious of posters on this site probably just had a bad break up, and they leave the site in between shitty relationships. There is no home for us.
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b8958 No.60107

just believe.

521b6 No.60111

moses was a wizard as far as im concerned
just look at that staff

13cb3 No.60120

Okay, not all but many. Maybe half. Maybe a bit less than half. Click on the image in the OP for an example.


>le epic white chad
>nietzschian pseudointellectual
>You deserve to get dominated by exceptional and superior persons like me
(2nd paragraph from bottom)
>anyone who doesn't like my fetish is a normalfag
>liking disgusting pizza
see he is a normalfag :))))))

I guess my friction with people who post irrelevant anime images is that they're not discussing anime when they post them, they just add it after writing a post. I don't add (sfw) furry images when I write posts, so I expect them to keep that separate from regular old posting

521b6 No.60121

you're not alone man
anime is normalfaggot central nowadays, but they weirdly will try to insinuate that its a loser hobby. Meanwhile they spam anime pics in their little discord ERP chats(here's looking at you moddesses!), have sex at anime cons, and masturbate on twitch streams all day.

fkin lol at the anime pic superiority essay

521b6 No.60122

also why the fuk are chad/loser threads still allowed?

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