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155a9 No.48205[Reply]

hey mods why don't you add new features to this image board? If it were me I'd be adding so much cool stuff.
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e876d No.48278

Pretty sure it's a bug.

1fb02 No.48279

Check the code at https://github.com/fallenPineapple/NPFchan/blob/master/inc/functions.php#L1796

It's intended to be this way to prevent cheating.

e876d No.48280

Says it removes all other text, but we clearly see some text left. First .*? stumbles on a newline and doesn't eat enough characters, should be [\s\S]* instead, but that may limit posts to one diceroll. $new_body_nomarkup[0] resolves to full match rather than the diceroll $new_body_nomarkup[1]. $new_body_nomarkup changes type between string and array, which isn't a mistake but isn't a good practice either. Not sure, please correct me.

78e12 No.48281

It's not a bug, it's a feature!

759a3 No.48291

I think they have their hands full maintaining this site as it is.

e709c No.48283[Reply]

Hey moddess, why was that thread deleted?

Thread was deleted because of one reply.

66217 No.48284

This stupid force really needs to cease.

143c5 No.48174[Reply]

/b/ currently has multiple threads about another Chan and has had multiple threads trying to cause an invasion or shitposting. There have been many threads trying to make it in to a meme. This seems exactly like outsider behaviour trying to cause drama for their entertainment.

This stuff is pure cancer.
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626ac No.48238

Stop. Just as we have rules against who can post here, they have rules about who can post there. Lurk if you will, but posting there and then posting about it here puts us all in hot water.

>This way we could pre-emptively shadow-ban people so they don't start shitting up other chans.

Then maybe Crystal Cafe could ban people like you before you shit up their site.

3603d No.48239

File: 1548380517438.jpg (10.81 KB, 645x341, 645:341, 284jg4rf0bc21.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

There is no other place where I could relieve my degenerated and morbid urges. I'm sorry. I know this is detrimental to me but I can't help it. But it will probably pass after a month or two. We all have our ups and downs.
First of all- I'm not shitting it up. I'm contributing. And who said I don't want to cause drama? It's an two edged sword. If they repost my posts anywhere it's a proof that they're monitoring this thread.

fe2f0 No.48240

>found some relatable threads there.
Reason is you're reading a bunch of posts made by other male users. I just checked the site and the mods there are really soft, I could spot several obviously dudes posts in about 15 minutes.

>detrimental to me
He means he cares about the integrity of that website's rules, not about you.

Anyway, the only way for cc to cut all that retard male crabs posting there is if they ban any talk about men and relationships. It's not wizchan's problem though and this thread should be locked.

bd7b6 No.48241

Looked through that site, and the bait posts are indeed obvious. I agree with your last paragraph, all of them focus on exactly the relationship topic so this filter alone would be sufficient, though they should be left to figure that out on their own.

f6f90 No.48242

Please lock my thread modgods thank you

19899 No.48210[Reply]

Why did you delete your post in >>194186 about finding discord users in wizchan?

a334d No.48072[Reply]

Sometimes when I spend months on TV/vidya I grow out of touch with the language of our communities. Regarding the autoreplace of the noun "crab" for the in+cel term, does anyone recall the etymology?

Crab makes me think of the analogy of the inability to escape a bucket because the ones about to climb out are pulled down by the crabs on the bottom trying to pull themselves up.

Was this the analogy behind our use here? I'm trying to remember the context. Are the ICs the bottom crabs trying to pull down the VCs/wizards who are the top crabs about the escape the bucket of normie thinking?

If that is the case I'm left confused because both bottom crabs and top crabs are still crabs. Furthermore, I don't understand the correlation because it doesn't seem all crabs necessarily want to deny succubi to non-crabs, some might be content to share. The term only seems appropriate for the 'kill all succubi' types, who I expect are mostly a false flag planted by anti-celibate troll communities.
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22f32 No.48167

Petition to ban faggotry either genuine or “””ironic”””

c7cd4 No.48168

The solution to the homosexual normalfag problem is to delete /b/. It really has no justification to continue existing, right now it basically serves as a place where normalfag outsiders, not just gays, are free to be themselves. /lounge/ is way to strict with rule 5 though, so I propose that a /random/ board be created after the deletion of /b/ where all rules except rule 5 are enforced. Banning pornographic content would also help but this has no chance of happening given how active the mods are in the fap thread.

22f32 No.48169

excellent suggestions, I agree.

98c51 No.48171

You're saying that as if the mods isn't enforcing the other rules on /b/. They are already enforcing it in an extremely liberal way. That faggot talking about how some 3d boy he met was cute or that goddessposter isn't banned because they aren't explicitly stating they desire to fuck them. The obvious solution that the mods have been avoiding is to take a stricter stance against rule skirter. I mean for fuck sake look at these posts.


It's has been up on the one board where mods are supposed to read and they aren't even subjected to rule 5.

6108b No.48172

cab45 No.48165[Reply]

Is Dreamhost having downtime for certain countries? Because wizchan and another site isn't loading properly but all the cloudflare chans is working as usual. Is my gubment finally going to nuke this site?

e5d49 No.48166

It works now. There goes my chance at freedom.

8c130 No.47809[Reply]

Are mods allowed to stalk wizards? Because they obviously do when they don't like a wizard. There needs to be a rulebforbmod stalking.
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86931 No.48123

Can you introduce yourself to us?

6d82f No.48126

I vote no. Admin is a good wizard and should not become the figure of abuse for trolls.

86931 No.48132

Wizchan is shit in my honest opinion and the retard doesn't do a thing about it. It wouldn't even take a day but he doesnt. This would make him wizardry if being useless is your definition of it.

6586e No.48144

t. crab

86931 No.48153

prove it

5b3f5 No.48115[Reply]

Wizchan is a kinda muslim board

6b454 No.48116

Why and why is that on meta?

e82ff No.48117


5b3f5 No.48124

still true, you guys are converting Islam by Wizchan, be aware or not, it's happening

696e8 No.48106[Reply]

Can I please be made a mod admin? I want to ban people and delete replies for no reason

0764e No.48107

Sorry but we have enough mods that do similar actions here already

696e8 No.48108

do you wanna see my wiz butt? its p cute


Moderator applications are made available whenever there's a need for more moderators. Moderators are chosen based on their applications exclusively. Moderators don't ban ban and delete replies for no reason, and are in fact nagged by me ever once in a while whenever I'm looking for reasons to nag them about how they're moderating, despite them doing a fairly good job. If you think a moderator did something wrong you should email me with your reasoning. Moderators and admins are failed humans who make mistakes, but sometimes you make mistakes while trying to do the right thing, so please bear with us.

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