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File: 1556044914084.gif (21.02 KB, 305x354, 305:354, LainDressSlow.gif) ImgOps iqdb

d8fdd No.49039[Reply]

Fauux theme when ?
this is at least 75 chars. I swear on me mom's grave.

be98b No.49040

Since you asked nicely enough, I'll try to give you a solution.
There should be an [Options] at the top of the page. When you click on it, the box will appear with User CSS in it. Click on User CSS, and you'll see the following comments in the box where you can paste in your own custom theme:
/* Enter here your own CSS rules… */
/* If you want to make a redistributable style, be sure to
have a Yotsuba B theme selected. */
/* You can include CSS files from remote servers, for example: */
/* @import "http://example.com/style.css"; */

1) That tells you the theme you should have selected in General when using custom CSS is Yotsuba B because customizations are oftentimes written around/based on the default. You can play around with it and try the other built-in themes though of course.
2) The fauux theme you are referring to is https://www.lainchan.org/stylesheets/fauux.css, no? So I do what the example shows me and paste in the following line uncommented.
@import "https://www.lainchan.org/stylesheets/fauux.css";
Alternatively, you can go to that URL where the theme is stored, select all, and copypaste that directly into the field.

68aa4 No.49041

any font besides a terminal one looks bad on black backgrounds, especially when there's images and color borders and lines. that theme needs work

File: 1555762528417.jpg (96.81 KB, 952x536, 119:67, b709efe9662e681660008f8bc4….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

0dbb4 No.49034[Reply]

Does this site remove EXIF / identifying metadata from uploaded images?

I'm dumb please tell me, thanks

55b51 No.49035


2f9c9 No.49036


fd158 No.49037

I remember someone saying such data was removed by defult but I haven't seen anything on site that actually says this so if I were you I would go over to
and mess around with a few uploaded images with forged metadata to see if the site scrubs it automatically.

b691a No.49033[Reply]

Hello mod-summas ^_^ It's been a while since I last thanked you but I wanted to say it here first. Thanks for putting up with all the negativity here to keep the site going! Love wizzie -Runs off-

File: 1554186176427.png (2.04 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Hidamari.Sketch.X.Hoshimit….png) ImgOps iqdb

2c4ac No.48899[Reply]

Am I the only one feeling somewhat troubled by the lack of professionalism exhibited by the mods today?

I feel like the mods should be infallible. Like priests or something similar.

onegai moddess
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509c7 No.48975

1. Mods should make a Twitter account to keep us up to date if they ever go down again

2. If Wizmin entirely disappears we need a common place to meet up and regroup. We almost lost each other forever, when it looked like Wizchan went down for good again. And theres no Merlinchan or Magicchan to flee to anymore.

1a319 No.48977

Twitter is overkill, a status text page on a free host or a pastebin is both technically easier and more anon-friendly.

a1e52 No.48979

If the site goes down then the first thing you should check is the dreamhost status twitter

509c7 No.49031

We need a place Wizs know to go BEFORE it goes down. Otherwise its just lost wizmods howling to the moon

505d1 No.49032

a6076 No.48993[Reply]

The fap thread has no business being on any board besides /b/. I have to hide it every time they make a new one but never before seeing some super disgusting porn. Please just move it to /b/. People who want to find it will be able to go down to the abyss and access it.
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41998 No.48999

File: 1555297591885.jpg (160.81 KB, 1600x1167, 1600:1167, depositphotos_206241314-st….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

only if politics is moved to /b/ and we also delete /dep/

do we have a deal??

7d0d2 No.49000

We have been through this.
The answer is no.
It doesn't violate the rules and we aren't going to start banning things just because you personally don't like them. As you said, you can hide it if you don't like it.

7e53f No.49017

/dep/ should be renamed /feels/

6ab5e No.49029


41998 No.49030

u have v9k lmao

File: 1553174113753.gif (274.43 KB, 640x464, 40:29, anondance.gif) ImgOps iqdb

203e8 No.48672[Reply]

Be honest, wizchan is just a larping site at this point. If we did a roll call it'd just be a bunch of teen and 20-something wizkids and a handful of actual wizards.
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635d8 No.49016

We have no real homes, we are strangers in this world and there is no escape.

58cc3 No.49022

there's death

635d8 No.49026

I meant in life, but yes, you are correct. Death is the ultimate escape. And we will all get there… eventually.

50178 No.49028

7395c No.49043

muh truewiz

File: 1555463748992.png (7.11 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb

e2d34 No.49018[Reply]

names on /b/

let us have them

OP must be at least 75 chars.OP must be at least 75 chars.
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a7287 No.49021

The board is cancerous enough as it is.

08e91 No.49023

do random names that reset every 12 hours

2ae33 No.49024

that would be pretty entertaining if the names sound realistic

b9e6c No.49025

not bad

a7e51 No.49027

this is a horrible idea

File: 1554565850137.jpg (54.86 KB, 300x400, 3:4, sdafsdafsdfa.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

b6fe0 No.48918[Reply]

for a long time this clause of the rules section has irked me:
>social activity: An activity that at its core involves socializing, like going to a bar, party or club. This includes things done together with friends, like visiting a cinema. This, however, does not include simply having friends, or just making contact with another person in real life (e.g. a cashier or therapist).

this bugs me because "having friends" implies to some extent "doing things with friends" which is defined above as social activity, which goes against rule 3:
>Do not post about voluntary real life social activities (e.g. going to a bar or party).

encouraging or promoting social relationships/friendship should be seen as going against the spirit of the site, and can be viewed as contempt for the reclusive lifestyle of rule 4:
>Do not disparage or show contempt for the celibate, NEET, or reclusive lifestyles.

at the very least, discussing friendship on /wiz/, a board for the wizard lifestyle, should be discouraged, or else we get these kind of posts
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cc935 No.48983

I really don't get that guy, he's constantly hammering away at people and arguing at how hikikomori is an extremely specific thing and defends it as though it were his sparkledog Deviantart OC. To him being a hikikomori is some horrible tragic thing caused by nebulous 'social pressure' that needs to be fixed so he can be a happy normalfag, as you can clearly see in that post. He also seems to have disdain for people who are actually mentally ill or are satisfied/happy with being a recluse. Yet at the same time, he is somehow not a failed normalfag who will ditch places like this once his 3d stinky Misaki suddenly appears to save him from the horrors of being shutin. If you disagree with him he turns on you like a rabid dog.

f31e7 No.48984


he's right. As much as it hurts anyone's wizfeelings.

2b1e2 No.48985

he's wrong. As much as it hurts anyone's crabfeelings.

60b4e No.48986

that post is a clear violation of rule 4, why is it still up?

b6fe0 No.48987

> i argue the best and most healthy version of the Neet lifestyle is being a Neet but with a social life
>hikikomori by the definition are unhappy lonely inept people who cannot adapt to society and failed at life
>by the definition (hikikomori) are self loathing shut-ins
>being a hikikomori is something negative
>being a hikikomori is a negative thing and not something to be proud of
>i also would argue that being hikikomori actually takes some mental strength, and that people who are just average generic Neet shut-ins are failed normalfags

he isn't right, and i'm curious how you can even think that. all of his statements are either wrong, a matter of his opinion, or the opinion of society.

28b5f No.47942[Reply]

why cant i make a rage thread, content may or may not be political, could be news or threads or events
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5cc67 No.48939

why not just put /b/ at the top section
>example: [ Home ] [ b ] [ wiz / / hob / lounge / jp / meta / games / music ] [ all ]
but remove /b/ posts from being displayed on the home page, or /all/? (similar somewhat to how /meta/ is not displayed on /all/)

that way they could actually feel making their threads there isn't a total complete waste of time, maybe the other boards become better as a result. i didn't seriously think this suggestion through, but gonna post it anyway because maybe someone else can build on it

522e4 No.48940

You can on /b/
It is just too low quaintly for the surface boards.

The exception being a thread talking about the emotion of rage in a more meta context, in which case it would probably make a interesting thread on /dep/ or /wiz/, but I highly doubt you have the mental ability to discus that particular subject.

522e4 No.48941

Silly newfag. If you want that all you have to do is click on the little star at the top of /b/ and it will appear
>[wiki] [b] [watchlist]

5cc67 No.48944

it's not up there by default, which is the only way it could herd what i'm perceiving as non-native posters into /b/

it's also placed on the right side by doing that, separate from the other boards

32e30 No.48948

In fact /b/ was the first thing I've seen here, typing it in the address bar by habit because nearly every other chan has this section and people expect it to exist.

c2bff No.48598[Reply]

I think it's time we finally had a frank discussion about the greatest contributors to the toxic attitude here: failed normies.

Now first, let me explain a little what I consider a failed normalfag to be. Essentially, a failed normie is someone who lives his life much the same as other wizards, as an outcast, a neet, a loser basically, but unlike wizards, they still buy into the normalfag system and desperately try to define themselves and their own pride and identity through conventional normalfag means. Most of them I believe have authoritarian personality disorder so I will copy the wikipedia definition here as it provides great insight into the psychological mechanisms at play here.

>Adorno et al. (1950) viewed the authoritarian personality as having a strict superego that controls a weak ego unable to cope with strong id impulses. The resulting intrapsychic conflicts cause personal insecurities, resulting in that person's superego to adhere to externally imposed conventional norms (conventionalism), and to the authorities who impose these norms (authoritarian submission). The ego-defense mechanism of projection occurs as indicated when that person avoids self-reference of the anxiety-producing id impulse, by displaying them onto "inferior" minority groups in the given culture (projectivity), with associated beliefs that are highly evaluative (power and toughness), and rigid (stereotypy). Additionally, there is a cynical view of humanity and a need for power and toughness resulting from the anxieties produced by perceived lapses in society's conventional norms (destructiveness and cynicism). Other characteristics of this personality type are a general tendency to focus upon those who violate conventional values and act harshly towards them (authoritarian aggression), a general opposition to subjective or imaginative tendencies (anti-intraception), a tendency to believe in mystic determination (superstition), and finally, an exaggerated concern with promiscuity.

>In regards to child development, the formation of the authoritarian type occurs within the first few years of the person's life, strongly shaped by the parents and family structure. "Hierarchical, authoritarian, exploitative" parent-child relationships may result in this personality type (Adorno et al., 1950, pp. 482–484). Parents who have a need for domination, and who dominate and threaten the child harshly, and
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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36d8c No.48728

You can't filter them anyway. Good luck.

8a0a4 No.48809


Seems like a lot of projection to me. You're the one who harshly looks down on others, the "failed normies", for ego reasons.

Adorno is nonsense anyway btw.

2611d No.48810


f6be2 No.48814

Theodor W. Adorno, cited in the OP. One of the real problems facing Wiz is reading comprehension.

20a76 No.48946


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