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93e9b No.63612[Reply]

Has posting not been working recently for anyone else? I haven't been able to post and keep getting error messages. Don't even know if this one will go through.

611c2 No.63613

getting ajax 500 error

9c545 No.63617

Admin-sama was using the VPS to download Skyrim HD Modpack. It won't happen again until he completes the main questline.

e1fa6 No.63618

rude should have set QoS and niceness limits so the hosted applications dont suffer!

9c545 No.63619

By "HD Mods" I meant Huge Dick Playermodels. Those can't wait, ever.

1e05d No.63608[Reply]

So wojaks are allowed to be posted now? what's next pepe the frog?
Gondola is the only meme character off site that should be allowed

ef1ca No.63609

>meme allergy
Delete this thread

2f306 No.63611

i report every wojak i see, sometimes they delete, sometimes they don't. I guess they are just lazy mods

File: 1675329940524.png (124.81 KB, 709x593, 709:593, mod_is_experiencing_butthu….png) ImgOps iqdb

ed0ea No.63389[Reply]

>retard logic gets called out
>n-no ur butthurt
>bans+full post history deleted
>ignores faggot, pedophile, tranny and generally sexual garbage on listed boards
>th-this website has endured for 11 WHOLE YEARS!!1 e-everything is going fine, j-j-just ignore the rapidly diminishing engagement which has nothing to do with anything…
Just about the only value left in visiting this shit-heap is to see exactly how low it can sink. I've seen countless better boards die long before this point. Quite literally, intestinal parasites run this place.
And that's the only reason I'm called an "outsider": actual wizards are outsiders on this gay sex chat for failed normalniggers. If you did a little Jonestown kool-aid tasting with your discord ERPmates, the world would probably wind up about 4.18% better. I can imagine that I'm not the only one who would celebrate your suicides.
Clean it up, autistic faggot.
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26cbc No.63603

Proof is in the pudding. You faggots alienate actual +30-year-old virgins. I don't care if some fucking loser kids in some private chatroom think I'm retarded. Your opinions mean nothing to anyone who matters.
>no u sound retarded what is the greentexting memey arrow how to use it???

a31c9 No.63604

Why did you delete the first post? And you claim you don't care if you are thought to be a retard, but then you use your fingers to describe how bumblasted you are that they think that. Are you bipolar?

26cbc No.63605

Because I was correcting a double-negative.
>omg u responded?? u r like so made lel
Hey, thanks for proving my point that this website is used by annoying faggots with stunted brain development who need to jerk off with their high school cliques for emotional support instead of actual middle-aged virgin men for me. No wonder so many people in adjacent spaces hate this place.

a31c9 No.63606

Do YOU hate this place?

26cbc No.63607

If this is leading into some trite point about not going to places that I don't like, I gotta let you know that it is entirely possible to derive enjoyment from things you hate. I like seeing this place fall apart due to lack of maintenance and from simultaneously biased and negligent moderation. I assume there is a similar reason that other dissatisfied users continue coming here.

6f5d6 No.63562[Reply]

I can't stand the trans hate, specially on /b/, its annoying, i feel like i'm in 4chan /pol/. I'm not even trans and i little Care about them, i Just sick of soyjaks and retarded shit, makes no sense.
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8ff5f No.63592

No, that would turn the thread in to /pol/! Can't have /pol/!!!

6b8c1 No.63593

so you don't know

33ff0 No.63594

How many times does it have to be explained to you people that trannies aren't welcomed here and why they aren't welcomed?
Anything with the taint of succubi doesn't belong here. This is a man only site. If you want to be a succubus and/or roleplay as a succubus them you don't belong here. If you were born a succubus then you don't belong here.

No matter what kind of tranny you might be talking about it still involves the taint of succubi and thus will never be accepted here.

Go infiltrate some other community and leave us alone. Your cry bullying has no power here.

6434c No.63596

File: 1677973714865.pdf (901.61 KB, Battle for Normality by Ge….pdf)

How is it annoying to despise their neurotic ways? They are top normie. Which is (pdf related) the obvious result of an INNER DISEASE

>give me more /pol/ wizardchan

b708c No.63597

Troons are normalfags even those who dwell where we may step exhibit a need for validation and vanity.
They are all garbage and need to be disposed of
Read this before good post

File: 1677711885498.jpg (687.76 KB, 2525x1239, 2525:1239, dotspammer.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

90da1 No.63577[Reply]



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c443f No.63587

oh no a bbc thread died because of the bastard

dd83e No.63588

Have you considered the possibility that the mod is the dot poster and /b/ spammer because for whatever strange reason they think /b/ needs to cycle and have old threads pushed off.

It's artificial as fuck but it's been basically the unofficial policy for 5+ years. That has been how long the person (who might be the mod) has been spamming b. The mod really obviously ain't going to stop it.

dd83e No.63589

Quality can't beat low effort quantity in post frequently or number of threads made.

a9705 No.63590

he can't keep getting away with it

410b0 No.63620

lol you must be a newfag

File: 1674955365539.webm (2.01 MB, 320x400, 4:5, 1657444869422.webm) ImgOps iqdb

61942 No.63356[Reply]

4chan has a feature where you can hold SHIFT and left-click on threads in the catalog to hide them.

Does wizchan have such a feature? If not, we need it!
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61942 No.63358

File: 1674955682336.webm (2.08 MB, 640x640, 1:1, 1646572799866.webm) ImgOps iqdb

I just want to hide brainfart threads of which there is no shortage.

2eb05 No.63359


61942 No.63360


e2995 No.63566

How do I unhide posts? I accidentally hid a bunch of posts but I have no idea where to click to bring them back.

e2995 No.63568

Never mind I figured it out.

f90f2 No.63546[Reply]

>cant report the CP threads from /all/
can you fix this? I do not exactly want to open the thread up

35bb6 No.63547

CODPoints threads are scams. They say you can get free COD Points (CP) to spend in-game on cosmetics and other tools to up your game, but it's really just viruses for your home computer. Crazy how COD Points scammers are everywhere on imageboards!

fe270 No.63548

You don't have to go to the thread but you do have to go to the board it's on to report.
Reporting from all has probably never worked and they really should put a note about it in the faq since it's frequently asked about.
And no, they have no plans to fix the bug. Site doesn't have a web developer that knows how.

2a4f1 No.63550

just open thread or board, report, hide on another board, clear cache and wait a few hours.

f90f2 No.63556

>just open the CP thread
I do not want to do that I will let you figure out why genius

2a4f1 No.63558

what does it matter if it is already cached at the point of seeing it on all? maybe you arent as smart as you originally thought. :)

File: 1677170311891.jpg (149.16 KB, 892x892, 1:1, tm.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

eaead No.63526[Reply]

I'm starting my own altchan
Would el moderato please give me the code to this board

e3ce8 No.63528

Wizchan is held together with electrical tape and Hubba Bubba. You should just clone NPFChan from the link at the bottom or grab a more actively developed software like Lynxchan

8cf94 No.63554

All I see is a bunch of Mathematical equations and random files how are you supposed to make heads and tails from those? I am not a fucking Astrophysicist!

b795e No.63555

Then you probably shouldn't be attempting to run a board…

5d677 No.63549[Reply]

"textboard" and "wiki" links in the upper bar do not work. Don't know where to report it, so I post it here

f5f63 No.63551

they are too lazy/incompetent to remove the links. they havent worked since the site came back up after it got cp flooded and went offline for a month or so a couple years ago.

00eef No.63552

>for a month or so
it was 32 hours

f5f63 No.63553

ok well i dont think i used it for a month after that happened. unsure.

312d0 No.63543[Reply]

did /b/ get nuked I can't reach via the usual means? can someone please correct me

c0509 No.63544

It works on my machine

312d0 No.63545

yep I was just tarded for a moment sorry guys !!!!

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