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aa2fa No.62180[Reply]

Can I please finish posting the content I was trying to post to >>>/wiz/186982 ? It keeps saying "wait a few minutes," but it's been more than that now. The last time this happened on a thread, I was just permanently locked out of it.

aa2fa No.62182

O.K.. I was finally able to finish posting it. It seems that the message should be something like "an hour" rather than "a few minutes."

8923b No.62183

it’s a software feature to prevent spam, I don’t think the mods have any control over it

af470 No.62186

If you're the one who has posted all of those images then good on the spam filter for slowing you down. It's poor etiquette to post so much before giving others a chance to weigh in. /wiz/ is focused on discussion too, so the least you could have done is present some context or opinions of your own relating the images.

abde1 No.62187

shut the fuck up you histrionic little nerd. he can post whatever he wants

3ebee No.62188

Obviously he can't if he's making a thread about how he can't post.

7c37f No.62163[Reply]

hello mods, i am a nice wiz imp that enjoys his blood meal and i hope you are all going well and have a wonderful wiz day.
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89685 No.62166

File: 1651554196414.png (821.63 KB, 1788x1080, 149:90, Pasta lady.png) ImgOps iqdb

That's wonderful my little pipsqueak!

5062a No.62167

samefag, you're all in on it ^~^

fe46d No.62168

Don't lump in cartoonfag with that outsider troll, you accuser of the fucking brethren.

7c37f No.62173

I'm an artesian meme chef and you are nothing to me!

c99ec No.62178

Guys that need to go home and get their shineboxes

cff96 No.61032[Reply]

Straight users never posts nudes of themselves. Straight users never engage in ERP with each other. The intrinsically sexually promiscuous nature of the homosexuality (sodomy fetish) makes it fundamentally antithetical to the spirit of the site. Gays should not be allowed to post here.
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e48bf No.61794

I'm the wiz imp poster thats amy, another feeler.

b2021 No.62152

EVERY faggot hates crabs, because they know crabs don't put up with their disgusting behavior and praise them for being disease ridden sodomites like normalfags do.

8a435 No.62153

cuz crabs are jealous of men not attracted to succubi, look at all the pain being attracted to succubi has caused crabs

346b5 No.62154

samefag and andrew doesn't exists. it's all a larp by the discord clique, that is why they archive everything and stealth post on /b/ hinting at your internet history

15140 No.62175

it's called /b/

83111 No.61972[Reply]

the wizards you're tzlking to are actual wizards or apprenctices? (25-30+)??
I bet a lot of users aren't even 25 or virgins here. Is there a solution to be sure the person is an actual wizard and being 100% anonymous???
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763c9 No.62158

underground wizkid trafficicking ring

0259e No.62160

they're the only ones posting here, most wizzies left to other corners of the internet but they will track them there too. three letters got bored after they honeypot the site and gave it to the clique lol
come on buddy, you are not fooling anyone. you used the club penguin tactic
spam club penguin
bring down site
use downtime to code two javascript lines
pose as mod or admin
run the site for a couple of years for information gathering with said java

763c9 No.62162

take your meds

4445d No.62169

>they're the only ones posting here, most wizzies left to other corners of the internet but they will track them there too. three letters got bored after they honeypot the site and gave it to the clique lol
This isn't relly helpful. Cold hard proof of this or no?

62772 No.62170


8ec10 No.61284[Reply]

I think the mods should know that this >>>/b/714310 is the guy who got banned for 2 months on a vpn for streaming himself masturbating. He posts on Feels a lot and has a very easily recognizable posting style so it should be easy for you to catch him when he's ban evading.
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12a23 No.61850

because HE IS a mod

33cbe No.61855

A mod posted it.

e293b No.62151

All wizcuck mods are faggots and trannies, that's why they hate crabs so much, crabs are the natural enemy of faggots and trannies because they don't worship the LGBT faggot pride parades the way normies do.

7943b No.62159

why do crabs take so much pride in being attracted to succubi? what good has it done for them?

5c8d8 No.62224

hello op, i am the streamer wiz and sorry if i upset you. i have a huge kink for being watched on cam doing uh… wiz stuff. im not sure the exact reasons for this. maybe its my low self esteem? it seems the complete opposite of my temperament. i am anxious, highly inhibited, and neurotic. showing my dumb wiz face and doing something lewd seems incompatible. yet… when i do my heart races, my face flushes, and it honestly feels like such a rush. its also so embarrassing / humiliating when people bring it up. idk what the fuck is wrong with me, lmao.

this kind of dark magics can obviously only lead a wiz to ruin. for these reasons i haven't done any more cam magic wit/ my wiz wand for a long time. but id be lying if i said i dont find it hot. sorry to be such a freak and cause this drama for wiz chan just to get off. i know the mods delete the pics of me, prob cause it breaks the doxing rules or they just dont want to see it. its fine i guess. i am trying to be less of a wiz slut and have more self control. sorry for my shameful actions.

7fd34 No.60614[Reply]

for all the "wizards" who think crabs are stupid because they are hateful, why do you in turn hate them for being hateful? because of this you are no better than them.

wizchan has a glaring contradiction. there is a fatal flaw in the site's culture. a wizard is supposed to not care about socialization or sex. if you post about these things or about wanting these things, you break the rules. yet the entire spirit of the site and wizard identity revolves around these things. for example, if wizards truly don't care about socialization, why do they post on here? if wizards don't care about conforming to societal norms, why do they go on a site that bans anyone not like them? and finally the kicker: if "wizards" don't hate succubi, why do they choose to use a website that systematically discriminates against them?

the problem is that if everybody thinks that they're different, that just makes them all the same. wizchan is basically just a charade of hypersocial, hypersexual college succubi and trannies pretending to be different while conforming to norms of site rules and culture. any real adult male virgin is just a sour grapes crab in denial.
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2c938 No.61932

4568a No.61937

It's because "crabs" are straight men who desire pussy and wizards are homos who desire hairy man ass. Homosexuals resent and hate straight men, being crab is irrelevent except the only straight men who might end up posting here are crabs. They would hate the non crab straight men if they posted here too.

4568a No.61938

Liberal homos project and accuse you of what they are guilty of.

fb51a No.61965

crabs have a much higher murder rate than gays do

4568a No.62150

You're a faggot and going to be a tranny soon too, as most tranny freaks are faggots that LARP as succubi. Yes crabs are needed to keep scum like you off wizchan and back go Kiwifarms and twitter where you belong.

File: 1649764098487.jpg (96.83 KB, 700x514, 350:257, 1633589140170.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

716a4 No.62000[Reply]

Just discovered this board since I've been banned from 4chan. This place looks amazing except for no tech, /g like board? I imagine most of wizards are tech nerds. How to make it happen?
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ed82e No.62114

ab407 No.62117

Yes. Mice in temperate lands sustain through the winter on hen's eggs, so that's why the trackball is called a mouse, because it has a yolk in its belly

f36e2 No.62118

Wow, it all makes sense now

b878e No.62141

It really is a superior forum. I want a board for moneymaking ideas

644d6 No.62149

FUCK OFF TRANNY FREAK. There are too many trannies and faggots here as it is.

9b348 No.62128[Reply]

>>>/wiz/190155 doesn't violate rule 2 or 4? That said, isn't there a whole bunch of stuff in that thread that's going against those rules?
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c2c2a No.62137

fellow lowercase poster. good observation about most people actually wanting some idealized version of the real thing, i think that is the core of what i was saying

24060 No.62138

File: 1651266244422.jpg (187.44 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, ghandi.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>heterosexuality should be treated like a mental illness if you ask me.
lol yeah i'd totally rather go fuck some man ass simply because a male has more of a similar personality to me. that is totally why people fuck eachother and not because of vain physical attributes.

3334e No.62145

File: 1651302318840.png (41.5 KB, 990x308, 45:14, image_2022-04-30_000456102.png) ImgOps iqdb

is this post yours too?
i wish we could be friends. so true and such a cool wiz

19810 No.62146

I remember that exchange. I'm the one whose waifu shit was called retarded.

24060 No.62147

wish i could kill you both

meh, i'll live..

21762 No.62017[Reply]

Hello, I was just issued a warning and my thread was removed because I've linked to some of my personal online projects that "doxxed" me. Is it a rule that I can't doxx myself? I don't care about my anonymity, I'd like to share some things I've made.
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If it was years ago then it must have been a different Admin, and from before we lost our last mailserver.

The cookies Wizchan serves to users are for saving settings and to allow a user to find and delete his own posts. There may be some cookies which are relics of old features and boards. Wizchan is anonymous for users for reasons that were suggested above. Of course staff members can see the IP a post was made from (like on pretty much any other site), and that's so we can monitor for repeat rule breakers. Use a VPN and reject cookies if you so wish, we really don't care unless a rule is broken in which case the VPN user who broke it is given a ban like any other user.

347af No.62058

wow get a load of mister fancy pants with his red nametag

bc1c8 No.62059

He's the great wizard, what else did you expect?

225a7 No.62060

bigwiz speaks

f3bb3 No.62143

I wish I was Elon Musk

10067 No.62112[Reply]

Can someone tell me why I can't delete my posts?

It's saying wrong password, but I can see all of my posts in history.

Please let me delete my posts. Please Admins, please.

bd22f No.62115

just hide your history


>Note that posts older than a few days, and threads which have received many replies can't be deleted by the author. We try to honor users who wish their posts be deleted but have had their deletion password changed, so long as it's clear that the person reporting the post asking for deletion is the author, and deleting it won't cause a bunch of confusion among other users.

The posts you reported sprung discussion from a few replies in an ongoing thread. It would be a disservice to other users if the post were to disappear. You're just going to have to make sure posts you make from now on are things you won't regret posting about later. This site is anonymous. You have no reputation to uphold.

ee687 No.62142

Nothing is every truly deleted brocel. But take heart in the fact that they can throw you in solitary forever in some underground bunker for no reason no matter how much of a good boy you are.

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