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19833 No.53755[Reply]

Always bitching about fags shitposting but at least they never spammed 3dpd videos and now porn

da556 No.53756

And how are you so sure it's not the same group of shitposters fagposting and posting porn?

It should be obvious by now these shitposters will never, ever be banned. This board will just sink further into pure shit. Why? Either they're mods doing the shitposting, mod buddies, or the userbase of this site shrunk so much that they just don't ban anyone because the shitposters are like 1/3 of this website.

At this point I encourage everyone to break the rules. There's literally no repercussions anymore.

338e8 No.53757

it's the same dumb heteros that come here whenever their ip gets refreshed just to spam porn

File: 1585618931352.jpg (65.33 KB, 435x550, 87:110, 1583423572775.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

9e4d1 No.53615[Reply]

I made a thread about posting anti-capitalist documentaries and it has been derailed with posts that I explicitly classified in the op as derailments. I have been reporting these posts to get them the fuck out of my thread and advised the posters to make their own thread or go to the politics thread, but mods have done nothing. I don't expect mods to do anything after I make this meta post, but I'm just posting this to further document how the mods are turning this site into trash and how they allow faggot fascists/right wing dip shits like negan to destroy this site. I see that they only enforce the rules when it serves them and their friends, which are probably the people derailing my thread right now. I wouldn't be surprised if the derailers were the mods themselves.

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9e4d1 No.53665

The rampant anti-intellectualism is why we have attracted so many fascists like negan to this website. I don't want to post on a website full of dumb people who refuse to analyze, understand, and critique the world they live in.

However fascists thrive on this and it is why we have attracted so many here. This is a good read on them if you are interested in kicking them out of here too https://libcom.org/files/Robert%20O.%20Paxton-The%20Anatomy%20of%20Fascism%20%20-Knopf%20(2004).pdf . I don't want them here as much as the next guy. Negan sold us out to the news, who knows what he will do next.

f36f1 No.53738

>I made a [politics thread]
yeah we dont need any more

bd239 No.53742

A lot of the board might hate you but I want to say that I really appreciate the effort you put into these, and explaining the basics to people who most likely refuse to listen.

cea01 No.53743

>I don't want to post on a website full of dumb people who refuse to analyze, understand, and critique the world they live in.
Then fuck off to 4chan, or /leftypol/, or reddit, or crabs.co. Those sites are full of people who like to talk about the world they live in.

f36f1 No.53747

go away

0392f No.53690[Reply]

I don't get why there aren't more boards for everything rather than this clunky, half-baked and messy arrangement…
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0392f No.53696

well yeah, the boards here overlap a lot except for /dep/, and that's kind of dumb in a way. FOR EXAMPLE, what's the point of having /mu/ and /games/ if /hob/ is already here? Or vice-versa, why isn't there more boards for more interests or subjects? It makes everything tidier.
On another note I absolutely agree that we shouldn't have /pol/ at all.

817bf No.53700

>the boards here overlap a lot except for /dep/
The whole site is pretty much /dep/, though.
>what's the point of having /mu/ and /games/ if /hob/ is already here? Or vice-versa,
Because both of those have a really huge audience. Tons of people play video games and music is a common hobby, so it would take up space that could be used for more obscure interests. You could've also included /jp/, it easily fit in /hob/ or even some other boards, but interests in Japan and anime are very popular on imageboards so it would take up space on /hob/ as well.
>why isn't there more boards for more interests or subjects?
This is the real question, rather than getting rid of boards. It really just depends on what the staff cares about and if there's enough shown interest, nothing else, we're just dependent on them. Like on 4chan, if I remember correctly, /tg/ for instance started out of popular Warhammer threads on /b/. So who knows what other idea for a board will come.

ab835 No.53707

>wojakposter complaining about wizchan
Opinion discarded

0392f No.53727

oh ok I see. But when I look at 4chan they still put up boards for more hobbies, for example a board for movies, and even a board for origami. That's where I'm drawing the comparison. Well, whatever, if wizchan is too small for that kind of stuff, I guess that's why they didn't create more boards yet.
Lawl fair enough

817bf No.53739

>But when I look at 4chan they still put up boards for more hobbies, for example a board for movies, and even a board for origami. That's where I'm drawing the comparison.
Yes, you can find many examples of different reasons on that site, not that they all make sense. Some of them were containment boards like /mlp/, /jp/, (/quest/ is still there right?) /vg, even /pol/. Some were things people were asking for a while like /his/ and /aco/, some were experiments like /bant/ and /r9k/. At the end of the day they're just what moot wanted, like older smaller boards. A mootocracy, he used to call it. Which can have both good and horrible outcomes, hence his idea for /pol/ after the /new/ leakage.
And that's how I assume wizchan to operate. So it's up to them what to add in the future.
>Well, whatever, if wizchan is too small for that kind of stuff, I guess that's why they didn't create more boards yet.
Yes. Though I nevermind small dead boards myself, either.

File: 1585831575929.jpg (30.98 KB, 317x427, 317:427, 135e83e2348df8f0cb705210c7….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

713b7 No.53684[Reply]


Im an atheistic gnostic anarcho-determinist capitalist wizard, I enjoy posting here, but unfortunately there are some users that dont follow my (objectively correct) life philosophy, and being the sensitive individual that I am, makes it very difficult to ignore those nasty comments, like the other day at /wiz/ when some anon had the nerve to suggest that I should get a job to finance my life, and the faggot mods didnt do anything! Or when I go to b its always full of people shitposting, I thought this was a forum for serious discussion. So what Im asking is for the degenerates on the mod team to implement a "Hide All" button on the front page so my exquisite sensibilities dont get offended. Thank you.

6482c No.53686

>Or when I go to b its always full of people shitposting
It's no excuse for breaking the rules and behaving like an outsider, you know. Not like it matters lol, the mods are on your side anyway.

>the other day at /wiz/ when some anon had the nerve to suggest that I should get a job to finance my life, and the faggot mods didnt do anything!

rule 4.

713b7 No.53710


File: 1585805000085.jpg (24.86 KB, 750x747, 250:249, bootLicker.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

2ac2a No.53662[Reply]

If I were to make a thread about wanting to commit suicide because of my abusive family or because of bullies, would it be acceptable for someone to come into that thread and defend the abusive family and the abusers?

If I were to make a thread in /dep/ about why I hate crabs and normie society, should we accept someone posting under this thread defending crabs and normies, let alone anywhere else on wizchan?

Obviously not, so then why do we allow bootlickers ( >>>/dep/217781 >>>/dep/217782 ) to defend bosses, wageslavery, and billionaires in the wageslave thread? They don't have any right being there, or else we ought to change the title from being wageslave general to something like the "voluntary employment" thread, which is what they are trying to argue this very moment. As if we are not really slaves working for wages, but our relationship is free and with no coercion, and we voluntarily deny ourselves liberty for 40 hours a week because if we didn't want to we would just start a business. This is what these motherfuckers are trying to argue in the wageslave thread of all places. Can mods please clean these motherfuckers up.

I didn't report them and made my own separate thread because I want to bring attention to something that I think we shouldn't tolerate in the /dep/ board of all places, but it is something I see get a free pass all too often.

Please do not reply on how you agree with the bootlickers statements. I only made this thread to discuss on why posts defending abuse should be tolerated in the /dep/ board. This is not limited to this example in the wageslave thread, but I'm only using it because it is the most common offense that I see since I don't browse the other /dep/ threads very often.

4b3fb No.53664

holy shit man. you're that same guy.
why are you so worked up about this? People like you are the reason nobody wants to talk about politics, you make everything so stressful for the truewiz population

2ac2a No.53668

I'm not the guy you're talking about. I've been meaning to make this thread for a while now but I've been lazy, and seeing that discussion on /dep/ finally pushed me to making it.

Also you don't have a license to do whatever the fuck you want on here (or maybe you do since the mods don't seem to give a damn). If you want to tell wizards that it's really their fault for being depressed and not a result of normies directly attacking them and being born into a normie world, then you're the only one causing toxicity, not the person defending himself from normies.

2ac2a No.53681

I agree, we shouldn't thought police people and I don't want the mods doing that, but /dep/ is a board made for vulnerable people and should be a safe space from them, not like the real world that constantly attacks them to make them depressed in the first place.

Why should anyone be motivated to even post in /dep/ if they make a thread only to be attacked by people defending their bullies? When you say you don't want thought police in a dep thread while people are victimizing a poor wizard on the brink of suicide because of his abusive parent making him get a job and saying he is worthless, then you are only acting as an apologist for people that do harm to fellow wizards and you become a bully yourself in that way.

Have you ever been bullied before? I would think most wizards have. I have for most of my life, and anyone that has been seriously bullied would know just what I'm talking about. In fact, bullying hits the hardest when it comes from the people you thought you could trust, from your own family and even those you thought you could find some solidarity with (wizards) in hard times. Why should we make it worse for them who have already gone through such horrible experiences and abuse?

Seeing this being tolerated, it is no wonder we have such trash like negan and other crabs coming here, because all the true wizards have been bullied out of posting here by people defending their abusers.

29501 No.53697

This is, what, the fourth or fifth thread you've made trying to get people who disagree with your political system banned? Do you think that if you just keep spamming these threads it will create the illusion of consensus?

File: 1578473762642.jpeg (5.42 KB, 299x168, 299:168, download.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

26339 No.52604[Reply]

I just wanted to point out that >>51578 's picture of two laughing succubi is up but the one I posted is gone >>51991 . And don't give me that bullshit that you only delete what's reported, I know you mod faggots regularly browse /meta/ so seeing the OP image like that is pretty easy.

I don't even care btw, pictures of random 3D succubi doesn't trigger me like it triggers the resident autists here, so I won't report it, I just wanted to point out another fun fact about the megalomaniacal shitbrains that run this site. ok bye
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8e0bc No.52661

File: 1579113080529.png (1.64 MB, 1263x1107, 421:369, 452-4522435_transparent-sc….png) ImgOps iqdb

OP is a mod.

39243 No.52662


c5bf8 No.52663

Not if his discord doesn't involve rule-breaking activity. I know that a lot of the links that were posted were advertised as "wizard" or "virgin" discords.

e284b No.52664

this board is enough.

c998b No.53685

Off-site chatrooms are cancer and should be vigilantly discouraged.

9f018 No.51553[Reply]

Why is it okay to have inside jokes about homoeroticism and post gay porn but god forbid someone posts a fucking wojak or Pepe and the mods become vigilant and cast down their punishment.
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20071 No.53501

excellent post

1cab3 No.53507

>Fag posting does none of that and only brings down the quality of the site. It also attracts succubi for whatever reason.
it's a million times better than what you see on fucking /dep/, yet that absolute shitter never gets complaints. fuck that board

3a531 No.53508

03045 No.53680

I just wish apu was allowed. Apu is the ultimate cure for depression. You know, just because he calls everyone his “fren” doesn’t mean he has any, mods.

8106a No.53683

yes, succubi can be wizards too, that why we have /witch/ board

606e8 No.53557[Reply]

Important question : Do the mods or admin have coronavirus?

Thank you for the information.
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8d2fe No.53566

Admin abandoned the site a year ago.

61a23 No.53567

>>53566 uumm.. yikes?? false news, (im admin)

73ef9 No.53623

its like anachronos all over again

622ad No.53625

File: 1585632126791.jpg (82.69 KB, 577x852, 577:852, aaa303ccd3e25be66dd30a36ef….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Took a pic of Admin, he has moved in to bigger things.

d68d8 No.53657

me on the right

File: 1581810260471.jpg (133.26 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, shutterstock-626261780mod-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

78d28 No.53061[Reply]

I've always wondered, how many unique wizards on average are creating threads/posts in /dep/? How many lurk and not post? Are these numbers even quantifiable?

Somethings I feel like I am arguing with the same three wizards. Wouldn't bother me either if it was that way.
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

3249a No.53601

Do you use noko for the email field?

bb26a No.53610

no, should i?

3249a No.53636

Yes, because that's what it's for (to keep you in the thread after posting).

c4824 No.53652

File: 1585737412744.jpg (462.65 KB, 2448x2373, 816:791, 6hg4.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This is the demographic of /dep/

cae97 No.53655

File: 1585684193536.png (11.77 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb

191e4 No.53643[Reply]

There needs to be an option to hide every single post by a certain user. I think this would do a lot to better the site.

796da No.53644

enjoying my ass pics i see

52afa No.53645

fb580 No.53646

anonymity though

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