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c5e61 No.64308[Reply]

Why is this place so hard to moderate? Countless times a single user manages to derail entire boards for lots of hours.

This seems to be tied to wizcord drama most of the time. If crab-tier stuff like discord was banned and enforced this wouldn't happen, this happens because we have mods that encourage wizcord faggotry, if you weren't on discord on the first place, you wouldn't get butthurt users flaming the board or trying to dox you.

c5e61 No.64309

And forgot to say, I'm typing this because someone is spamming genitalia mutilation.


>Why is this place so hard to moderate? Countless times a single user manages to derail entire boards for lots of hours.
It's a single user, sure, but with unlimited IP addresses. Our system recognizes them as VPNs but the upload prohibition applied to such doesn't extend to Youtube embeds. Filebans don't work on embeds either. He's got the rhythm of spamming down as he's been doing this in some way or another for years now. When school opens up he'll have less time to post whatever those videos are.

>If crab-tier stuff like discord was banned and enforced this wouldn't happen

Linking any Discord servers has been banned for years. We're actively deleting anything related to "The Discord", especially posts dropping names or spreading interuser drama. Wizchan is not an outlet for users of any Discord server to rant and conspire over other users while under the safety blanket of anonymity.

>if you weren't on discord on the first place

"We" aren't. Wizchan has no official Discord and there's reason to believe the big "Wizcord" one was made by trolls to cause trouble for Wizchan users. I've never used any server for more than a day and I don't believe any of the active mods are all that in to it either. If someone in a Discord server claims to be a mod, just ask them to prove it by making a mod tag post here and you'll quickly see they're lying.

If you remember the Cytube situation from 2015-2016, you should know just how easy it is for banned Wizchan users to get together and coordinate raids to spread random lies about the staff and users.

File: 1689087897918.gif (1.53 MB, 288x375, 96:125, 1559120699919.gif) ImgOps iqdb

05ea4 No.64186[Reply]

these posts clearly fall under the category of "outsider memes or shitposts", i reported them and they have not been removed
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4d2b0 No.64210

theres no evidence other than the text, and hes not in jail

9e7f5 No.64215

on the wiki it says that he basically admitted it in phone calls. he thought that he was 'healing' barb and he was jesus….

4d2b0 No.64216

it was a succubus baiting him, and you know lolcows will say the most edgiest worst thing they could do, to impress their weird succubus fans.

"basically admitted" means nothing, when you are a lolcow talking to a succubus "fan"

4248c No.64291

Rei acts like such a stuck up bitch, but she's one of the more down bad senshis out of the cast.

5c4dd No.64292

this bitch is gross.

File: 1685364348827.png (159.22 KB, 800x530, 80:53, admin.png) ImgOps iqdb

ce0ed No.64082[Reply]


Is this email the best way to contact the admin? Does he check the email often?


That's just a temporary email I set up, but I'll keep checking it occasionally. A few users have already reached out to me on it so I might as well keep it.

Since posting it I've received a handful of hate-mail already. It's entertaining to read but I'm not going to respond to /b/mail.

b7c82 No.64117

Does the email in the faq not work anymore or something?


Wizchan lost its email server when we changed hosts a couple years back, and the current hosting plan doesn't make it easy to set one up. I'm not going to bother with it because hosting email on the same server as the site just means that communications will have the same downtime as the site itself, so it's no good in an emergency.

8d032 No.64131

oooOOOo gets a load of Mr. Big Shot with his big red name

160d7 No.64289

Admin, I sent you an email!

e3fbc No.64274[Reply]

I have carefully observed this over the last few months and im sure that wizchan is getting undermined in a rather subtle way. Im not writing this to badmouth the site or to cause problems but as an advice to others to be cautious about certain posts on here especially some posts that have been made over the last few weeks. Imageboards with low traffic such as this one are easy targets for this sort of practice. It's a subtle way of replying to different threads and posts with the sole intent of presenting certain narratives and ideas and not with the motivation to have a genuine exchange. The reply itself is always propaganda so to speak and not just a genuine reply.

Another noticeable thing you see more often is wizards getting accused of being crabs or r9k types if they present an opinion that goes against the narrative and while there are some crabby posts on rare occasions this is just another tactic of pushing a narrative, you prominently see this on /dep/ and /lounge/ but also on /wiz/. The narratives presented are always of a more radical leftist or progressive nature as you would typically see it on a site like reddit and anyone who doesn't fit into this gets accused of being a crab, pol or r9k poster regardless.

I also don't want to defame the admin in any way as he also took steps at the beginning of the year to put a hold to a similar series of such practices.
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ec04d No.64277

Fatlink said he didn't even like wizchan he just thought the domain and culture was "prime real estate" and a good recruiting ground.

a66a4 No.64278

but i saw screenshots of his posts on Crab.co and he labeled himself "Emissary from Wizchan"

ec04d No.64279

Yes he maybe said about real estate in anger before he left

9fdb1 No.64283

what else is new

a66a4 No.64284

You realize in paragraph 1, you do the very thing you complain about in paragraph 2.

You insinuate that someone with X ideas has more sinister X2 ideas

and that is exactly what you're complaining about how people with crab-pol ideas are called out even if they advocate those ideas in a "subtle" way.

1dd15 No.64227[Reply]

it is basically the same effect as posting an img, you put disgustinf youtube thumnbnails up instead

if you can post images or iekaki without vpn, get rid of youtube embedding as well

the guy spamming b is basically abusing this
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1dd15 No.64229

only i can be trusted with vpn image posting permission, everyone else is a fucking idiot

the guy spamming vagina shit on /b/ is using the same vpn as me and fucking everything up for me. i cant even regular post on my preferred geoip because of that now

c480c No.64230

Only gullible normans trust VPNs

483fd No.64231

disable posting under a vpn period

8c7ab No.64232

File: 1689717307892.jpg (311.89 KB, 730x543, 730:543, 20220426_155106.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I want to post nice pics from work! No more waiting until I get home! Enable it NOW!!!

6a673 No.64273

From what I can tell (outside observer, not a staff member, duh) is that the number one reason vpn aren't allowed to post images anymore is because someone was abusing vpn to spam CP and other bullshit like that purely as a attack on the site.
Since staff is rather thin they can't react to shit quickly at all hours of the day and night. So the they made it that vpn and proxy users can't post images, which mostly solved the problem without adding to their workload.

I don't think it was done to stop trolls on /b/ from being annoying. It was done to counter a legitimate existential threat to the site. Need I remind you of why the site got taken down and had to switch host like…a couple years ago maybe, and the site is still fucked up in some ways from the move.

Anyway, I just don't see them banning embeds since youtube it's self has generally much stricter moderation then this site. At most there might be a thumbnail of a scantily clad but succubus or something, which lets be honest, isn't a priority issue or a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

That said, this is all speculation on my part so take anything I say with a grain of salt.

ac7ea No.64270[Reply]

Please ban the schizo who keeps shitting up /dep/

Example thread of him derailing /dep/ threads, he also slipped up quite a bit here:

He derailed a lot of other threads and is overall anti /dep/ and unbearable. He additionally keeps lying about not samefagging etc. but its obvious because its always the same patterns and the same timeline of posts and so forth. He also seems to be the guy who keeps posting gay stuff in the fap thread according to the meme he made on meta but thats not an offense but it also further hints at his redditoresque patterns.

Anyone who uses their brain will also see that he made a whole meme about his schizo ramblings here (post q64269):

8bccd No.64241[Reply]

Hey mods, post your link on anon.cafe once in a while

Also how about a fixing depression rather than a depression board

Fuck you defeatist assholes
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9337a No.64264

Crazy coincidence how the general "Eat healthy, exercise, and get some fresh air and sunshine" is so common everywhere, almost as if it works…

7a481 No.64265

Yes it is statically likely to work, but in most studies of mental health response to things there is a small percentage that don’t respond, and studies have biased populations
if you say “this couldn’t possibly work for me I’m depressed because of a higher reason” you are making a mistake not trying it
if you say I tried it and it didn’t help, or you can’t function enough to do it, then there’s not much else to say anymore

61659 No.64266

i feel like this post and the green eggs and ham one are making the same point in different ways.
many people don't want solutions to problems or to try new things

0b0ab No.64267

The fucked up thing is people on /dep/ would rather you post advice on how they can kill themselves than try to figure out if there's any way to help with their problems. I may not be perfect but I wouldn't wish suicide on any wizard.

941d1 No.64268

>Crazy coincidence how the general "Eat healthy, exercise, and get some fresh air and sunshine" is so common everywhere, almost as if it works…
Another explanation for the coincidence is it's an insult disguised as advice, the implication being the person doesn't do those things. It also excludes any social context or attributes of the receiver, which may be why it's common online given the limitations of the communication medium

File: 1690036191146.png (752.3 KB, 1067x1263, 1067:1263, 67584428_p1.png) ImgOps iqdb

04c58 No.64239[Reply]

So the wizchan.org domain seems to have problems all the time, why not just set that domain to redirect to wizardchan.net for a while so people know it exists

also wizardchan.net seems to think I'm on a proxy when I'm not


File: 1690063478463.jpg (72.71 KB, 818x720, 409:360, stanglre.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I completely forgot that it existed. The previous admin contacted me about keeping it sometime between now and last year but I forgot to get back to him.

Wizchan.org went down because of a cyberattack on my bank account that prevented the bill from being payed again. That is the fourth time it has happened so far this year and it will happen again. It is interesting to know that the database and content remains accessible through a different domain during such downtime.

File: 1688959415124.gif (1.71 MB, 1000x250, 4:1, splash.gif) ImgOps iqdb

0fb0e No.64184[Reply]

I suggest you guys add a new feature:
A splash text like the minecraft one, it would make the website more unique
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19750 No.64212

Yep! Windows 98's pre-installed software still permits total browsing and posting functionality, provided additional codecs are provided for video playback. A Sega Dreamcast, PSP-1000, and Nokia N-Gage are also capable of operating Wizchan.

af037 No.64225

is win98 immune to all modern viruses?

19750 No.64236

e09b9 No.64237

just make it a gif

19750 No.64238

It's pronounced "Jiff", like Giphy Popcorn

81ec1 No.64217[Reply]

please setup a way for me to buy wiz mods pizza and other cool things. i want to spoil my nice wiz mod friends.

35c9f No.64218


9c582 No.64222

He posted his monero address in your last thread. stop trying to dox admin. we already know his name anyway.

a459b No.64226

I'm not trying to dox anyone. I will go look for that, thanks.

fd8f2 No.64233

Please make the mods into happy neeties! Even if you just buy them some treats!

9f0cd No.64234

Don't let me down
Don't let me down
Don't let me down
Don't let me down

Nobody ever loved me like she does
Ooh, she does
Yes, she does

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