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File: 1563632063200.jpg (27.1 KB, 310x278, 155:139, 3u0wr4.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

c9cac No.49570[Reply]

why has 4chan become such a pile of shit nower-days? i used to be able to have an intelligent conversation on there about vidia/anime and what not. And now is just a festering heap of shit with a bunch of questionable porn and edginess.


File: 1535409646436-0.png (372.55 KB, 658x768, 329:384, 1535401966255.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1535409646436-1.jpg (772.09 KB, 3024x4032, 3:4, 1535402860078.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

19718 No.46118[Reply]

Apparently, the practice of calling involuntary celibates "crabs" originals on a subreddit called r/crabtears dedicated to making fun of virgins. It is used primarily by succubi and normalfaggots, and it describes itself as the following:

"crabTears is a part-mocking, part-watchdog subreddit for posting screenshots of hateful, misogynist, racist, violent, and often bizarre content created by "crabs" (hateful involuntary celibates). We do not condone blanket hatred of virgins or the romantically unsuccessful, only those who self-identify as "crab". crabs blame succubi, their genes, attractive men, and society at large for their inability to get dates or sex. Occasional meta/discussion and advice-seeking posts are also welcome."

Note that this makes no mention of voluntary celibacy. This is because normalfaggots such as the people who frequent this subreddit do not believe that such a thing exists. According to them (as evidenced in the previous paragraph), if you are 'hateful' or otherwise offensive, you are called a crab.
Why is has the administrator of wizchan has taken it upon himself to force an outsider, wizard-hostile meme onto this website? How did the administrator even know about this meme? Does he frequent this anti-virgin subreddit?

More evidence:
(you'll need to fix the link because of the wordfilter)

inb4 this is deleted for being off-topic or something, the crab wordfilter and the motives for implementing it is a perfectly valid subject for meta discussion.
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efbc8 No.49099

reminds me of that guy from /b/ who posts about getting harassed by succubi, and how wizards and volcels must be able to easily have sex, but decline the opportunity

d7340 No.49102


b1e03 No.49517

Welcome to Amphibia life
Don't get much crazier
When you're a normal succubus
Living in another world
What you gonna do?

dc229 No.49522

>loser virgins
Wizardchan 2019 also

ee065 No.49567

dedicated community

File: 1546731963237.jpg (3.5 MB, 3248x3923, 3248:3923, Old_King.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

85178 No.48020[Reply]

Post rates have been in constant decline for years and I think that they are now entering a critically dangerous level where people stop coming to the site because no one posts which furthers slows things down, a sort of death spiral. Something must be done to make people post more, to make less people leave and to make more people join, or else we'll end 2019 with a post rate in the lower double digits or worse. How can we do that while respecting what wizchan stands for? I don't want to see this place die, it's the only imageboard where I can be at ease.

Let's save wizchan, please.
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3adb1 No.49560

It's true, I've noticed myself. Some times it gets 15 or 20 posts for a whole day and less than half of that is longer than an one liner. Where is everyone going? Everywhere else is even worse. I feel like I'm in an island and everyday people disappear but I can't figure it where since we're standing on the last patch of dry land to be found.

03b1c No.49561

i personally stopped posting except on the listed boards because nothing has been done about 'friend-posters'. nothing has been done about /dep/. politics is still a thing. crabs are out in the open. outsiders and tourists are practically embraced.

at least on /b/ you have dumbass crabs whose posts are instantly recognizable, you dont waste time wondering if they are wizards, you already expect shit.

03b1c No.49562

*stopped posting on the listed boards

b6e23 No.49565

i wish they have crabchan to go to

b6e23 No.49566

i wish i wasn't so dumb i would share the same opinion

2b630 No.49433[Reply]

should be a name field on /b/ or a semi randomized name that refreshes
could be fun
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3780b No.49555

That just sounds so insincere.

d31ed No.49556

It seems like a couple of actual crabs have started posting there for some reason, noticing more references to "chad" and various "-cels" as a suffix.

14d8a No.49557

too many crabs on /b/

14d8a No.49558

File: 1563349052073.png (208.9 KB, 425x669, 425:669, RevolutionaryCouncilofTrue….png) ImgOps iqdb

wtf mods

14d8a No.49573

also, can you ban slutposter?

File: 1562772652916.gif (1.22 MB, 500x221, 500:221, oysu3p9qKc1ui7oe1o5_500.gif) ImgOps iqdb

10cb1 No.49530[Reply]

inspired from ^this thread, but I thought it'd be more appropriate as a thread here

I'd like to see a whole completely new set of banners from the ones that were submitted more recently in the meta thread, I believe there were a few new banners added semi-recently(?), but still a lot of the current ones are old and outnumber newer ones, leaving newer ones just as rare sights to see.

I've got an idea (and hopefully you've got input) where we could run a fun community event to have our dedicated wizzies and passionate users of wizchan draw/paint up new banners on a set month every year as a sort of artsy-competition(the competition itself would last the entire month, banners would be chosen at end of month), then for the chosen banners we'll just use them exclusively until the next year's contest. Old banner or banner contest threads could just be locked and archived, so your art wouldn't be lost, but stored in a sort of wizard-history museum through the years(possibility for a new additional page link in the top bar in which we could go to and then click through different year's links to see banners from each year?). And so this was just a little thought from me to have a some fun with the wizzies here, I think it would really cool to see the new creative things that wizzies could come up with every year, and, if anything, it would be something to look forward to, and something to do for you bored wizards out there.

946a5 No.49533

I like the idea, but
>passionate users of wizchan
there are not a lot of them. I think there are only 2-3 active drawfags in the draw thread, so there wouldn't be a lot of banners drawn.
>then for the chosen banners we'll just use them exclusively until the next year's contest.
With the low amount of artists on wizchan there would be like 10-15 banners max, and that's if they are all good enough to be used. I don't know about other people, but I would rather see the old ~150 banners rather than the new 10 ones every day for an entire year.
>Old banner or banner contest threads could just be locked and archived, so your art wouldn't be lost,
I dunno, there is always the official banner thread on meta, along with wizchan.org/banners/all.php. You could look at the banner's post's date to see which year they were posted.
>something to do for you bored wizards out there.
There is always the official meta thread, all wizzies are welcome to submit their banners there.

10cb1 No.49534

Ah, you see, I didn't mean to imply that the banners would need to be totally unique or hand drawn or whatever, they could simply be what the vast majority of them are now, crops or edits of wizardly images, stuff relating to current inside jokes, etc.; though if an artwiz wants to draw a cool banner then they can do that too, but yeah I'd expect less of that. ALSO, current or previous banners could be resubmitted for new contests if people really like specific banners, it would be a really free-form thing I guess, no rules, just submit a banner that you may/may not have made that you think fits the site theme and current fanfare.

This whole idea kinda formed with me as I was reading that lounge thread and then as I opened the current stickied banners thread it took forever to load because it's way too large (that's the reason I suggested a dedicated banner archive page and for a link to it in the top bar to be added so that we could easily look through old banners).

I think that if there was a site wide announcement for banner contests - "new year; new banners! get your banner at the top of the page!" - then we wouldn't have too much trouble getting lots of submissions, especially since wizzies will have a whole 30 days to submit however many banners they wish.

19f01 No.49554

the banners are fine as is, they are a form of history. doing new banners every month is just more administrative work

i think the problem, if there is one, is that the original banner thread is fucking massive and takes forever to load

File: 1550468207909.jpg (35.58 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1549786584429.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

f5267 No.48380[Reply]

Why aren't wizards allowed to feel ronery anymore? It was one of the core topics of discussion that united the original groups that would become known as "wizards". I'm genuinely curious, because it seems this site is really just full of chads bullying losers for being sad anyway so what's the goddamn difference? Why should I come to a site and get bullied by "superior wizards" as opposed to getting bullied by "superior normalfags"? Being a wizard isn't a bad thing by any stretch, but there also by definition cannot be a caste system for wizards. There is no such thing as being more or less wizardly, you are either a wizard or you're not. Doesn't matter if you still wish being around other people was something that made you happy or not, or if you live in a mud cave in the Appalachians or if you're a financially successful early retired bitcoin billionaire who dresses like Patrick Bateman, were all virgins the same and that's what fucking matters, isn't it? Man, I bet you guys would lobby to ban the OG wizards on sight if they ever showed up for talking about how they wanted to fuck their waifus.
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c52f1 No.49526

Funny how you go and call everyone here "toxic, loathsome, overtly hostile assholes", and then proceed to be all those things. Just a big long monologue of your over-inflated ego.

1b482 No.49528

>my pity party isn't pitiful enough
wizchan is not a support group for you to cry about your feelings and get sympathy from other people. there are countless other websites that could provide you with that.lol wizhurt

26f72 No.49545

>I know you are but what am I?
Ah that old chestnut.

Look I can't stop you from pretending that you're some sort of wise old wizard or stop you from redefining words.

d55fa No.49551


Unlike yourself, almost all of this so called "hostility" you accuse me of replicating is directed at no one in particular, except for those that many have already lambasted in this very same thread, so what the hell are you talking about it? Why not point the finger at them as well while you're at it? Or does harshly calling out this site's worst & most heinous, alienating elements suddenly make me the ultimate asshole? Man, that sure is rich.

My only real "sin" in all this, for lack of a better term, is that I decided to needlessly & unflatteringly rage against crap like this in the first place. Sperging out in a long, cringy, "ego-laden monologue", as you so glibly put it. A self-defeating Bill Hicksian tirade would be the way I'd put it, although it's essentially the same thing in the end. Again, if I'm guilty of anything, it's taking this putrid sham of a site far too seriously and, worse yet, expecting for anything more than insults, derision, or just plain silence. I mean, honestly, if it's all gonna happen either way, might as well not mince words.


Case in point. The odious taint of this site personified for all to see. And my libel against rotten types like these, is supposed to make me just as rotten, if not moreso? Give me a fucking break. I mean, christ, why the hell have the both of your posts not already been removed? No one's reported this shit? Can literally no one empathize with me here? I guess this is just another brazen violation of rule 5, as what happens countless times on a daily basis here. Always disappointing, but never surprising. But I guess that's just my wounded ego talking, right? Either way, just forget it and leave me alone you jerk. Clearly, even someone as callous as you can understand, that I've dug myself into enough of a hole here. It was all a waste of time & energy, like saying anything here is.

b67cd No.49552

>And my libel against rotten types like these, is supposed to make me just as rotten, if not moreso?
nice whiteknighting there. there are no succubi to praise you though.
>Can literally no one empathize with me here?
that was the whole point of my post
>I guess this is just another brazen violation of rule 5
nuh-uh. as long as there are """arguments""" in my post and my insults are indirect it doesn't break rule 5.
>But I guess that's just my wounded ego talking, right?
>Either way, just forget it and leave me alone you jerk.
you do know that the best way to get rid of bullies is to ignore them, right? it may not work in real life, but it sure does work online. just don't reply to my post and you'll "win".be grateful that you've never been gangstalked by mods like that alaskan guy

File: 1562949443818.jpg (26.07 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 3032756_1349527971305.9res….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

42ef5 No.49547[Reply]

I'd like for you mister Admin to stop these shitposters from spamming every single thread on b with their homosexuality and pornography. Both hetero porn and gay porn need to go in one thread and don't be posted anywhere except there, please make this request a reality, thank you.

fb44f No.49549

why? I find a lot of the porn on /b/ pretty funny, thought it was all just a joke to post the most disgusting anime girls

File: 1541111843533.jpg (24.44 KB, 600x678, 100:113, burger.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

fa1a5 No.47359[Reply]

People who state or imply that wizchan culture is just "larping" should be permabanned for attacking the soul of wizchan. Even if they do it on /b/. It's all but admitting you're a normalfag.
25 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

dab6f No.49500

>the furry-obsessed faggot, or that other infamous “very wizardly” poster who has posted about his experience with a fellow degenerate
so what, they're both banned now

27013 No.49501

There's too many gay sexual shitposts in /b/ it's really bad.

f50b4 No.49510


7d234 No.49536

>the furry-obsessed faggot is banned

I am?

60795 No.49537

different person

9e036 No.49399[Reply]

I think the whole super sekrit Wizchan hidden from google, robots.txt was a mistake. First of all the bad people already know about us. 4chan, 8chan, Buzzfeed, Dramatica, all the press we got from Gamergate, fucking PewdiePie the top youtuber in the world, wikipedia etc etc etc.

The people we are keeping out, are those who google Wizardly type topics. They are more asocial and don't participate in shitty online communities that tell them about Wizchan from word of mouth. Wizchan has become like a drug, and only those socially apt to meet a drug dealer can find it.

Plus most of you, probably came from sites you're not proud of. You were immigrants once yourself. But once you got in, you burned the bridge and locked the door behind you, threw down the ladder. So someone else in your exact position, today can't get in.

Plus being able to search posts on Google would be useful for us already here. And Archive.org? How cool is it to look at old Wizardchan.org posts from 2012-2014? Now future generations will be denied that privilege.
4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

e36f8 No.49435

We dont need more normtrash on here.

73197 No.49439

We need a priest.

059a0 No.49452

Don’t worry OP.

I’ve made several promotional videos for us in the past and posted them on youtube and almost had our 2019 video up and nearly ready to go but then scrapped it as I felt we deserved even better, but then the big ZOG night of the long knives happened, where Jews and SJW’s began deplatforming all their youtube enemies and my video uploading channel for us got caught up in the purge.

Having regrouped and made several troll channels since, I have been distracted by all the goings on or “happenings” as the detestable millenial faggots refer to practically anything of any significance these days, so I must regain focus and create for us a proper Wizard’s channel, that will represent us and advertise us to the worthy lost Wizard children of this evil Jew and nigger filled world and finally get our next major promotional video cooked up and served.

369cd No.49516

File: 1562529089539.jpg (127.8 KB, 808x631, 808:631, peterson_otaku.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

fatlink you are our wiz hero

7751b No.49518

*leftist channels get deplatformed despite following tos*

*rightwing channels get deplatformed for breaking the tos*

File: 1561542719355.png (425.96 KB, 954x720, 53:40, 1488689150191.png) ImgOps iqdb

6e19c No.49440[Reply]

I accidentally clicked on the "block this page permanently" link on my post history page, and cleaning cookies does not seem to remove the block. How may I have access to my post history again?

95608 No.49444

i did this because in the 1 in 10 bajillion chance a family member sharing my ip found their way to this site, they'd see everything i posted

just embrace what's gone, you're safe now

1a845 No.49445

You can try sending an email to admin.

d3994 No.49449

permanently means it's forever. It's pretty lazy coding to just make it one click for permadelete though

95608 No.49451

didn't it have a warning or confirmation message?

7acb9 No.49453

>has static IP
My condolences.

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