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File: 1676075590644.jpg (202.89 KB, 1446x2048, 723:1024, 1675209964301277.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

7a9e3 No.63425[Reply]

Have you ever considered making a /loli/ board or at least a /hentai/ board whit a dedicate loli thread? I think it would attract new users, and I think the Fap threads are stupid and lack any consistency in theme.
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0c710 No.63537

>Present actual court cases/evidence to support your argument that loli is by default obscene and illegal.
this isnt the argument being made, you fucking esl retard. you keep playing coy like you really expect me to believe there is simply just cutesy fan art of innocent little cartoon children. this would be the bailey portion of your argument in which you heroically and intelligently defeat the strawman that drawing cartoon children is inherently illegal in itself. the actual argument is that depictions of minors engaging in sexual acts is illegal as outlined in 18 U.S.C. § 1466A.
curiously, you have still failed to exonerate the explicit content specifically hosted on this website, merely offering a vague claim that it clears all parts of miller, and then proceed to screech that i must provide you with hard evidence in defense of the aforementioned strawman that you've constructed. how pathetic! if you are so incapable or unwilling to go through the fap thread (note: it's specifically called the fap thread, not the "fine art appreciation and analysis of human anatomy" thread) on lounge and explain to me how you think none of those pictures are violations of miller or 18 U.S.C. § 1466A, then you cannot expect me to invest a ludicrous amount of effort more.
but! i will provide you with a couple cases where 18 U.S.C. § 1466A is enforced:
as a last note, it's pretty funny that you keep bringing up what "actual professional lawyers" say as if they are some uniform priesthood LOL! the majority of lawyers that i can find that would say it is legal are only saying such is true within the state of california. federal law clearly disagrees, as illustrated multiple times to you already, which you disregard because your widdle feelsies. i look forward to more of your disingenuous responses, thinking it convinces anyone except yourself, your fellow pedophiles and literal retards.

d203b No.63538

nobody cares about your gay laws, nerd. if loli is so illegal go get 4chan shut down over it.

0c710 No.63539

then this website shouldnt have a rule stating that it adheres to US law, and neither should 4chan for that matter (because they dont). derp.
if it were so super legal, they wouldnt even softban it to b. besides, why would they shut their honeypot down? retard lol.

1accc No.63540

>this isnt the argument being made, you fucking esl retard. you keep playing coy like you really…
Yeah stopped reading.
Waste of time to go farther.
Just going to post some lazy examples strengthening my point and then basically ignore you.

0c710 No.63542

>stopped reading
>i will… le ignore u!!!!1
holy cop-out
>first article is pre 2003 act
>2nd is about sex dolls
>3rd deals with erotica fiction (i.e. purely written, certainly not dealing with comics like doujins)
>4th is ultimately pointless rehash and not in poster's own favor
funny how you bitch for links to actual cases, which i provided (but not for your autistic strawman, not my fault you are esl), and then you throw another bitchfit and link some clown-shoes articles that are either irrelevant or actively work against your stance. jfc you really are a massive retard.

b1a25 No.63446[Reply]

subjects says all. this is dumb that bots can just post cp spam here

i know the majority of it is being blocked by whatever system wizchan is using and we only see a fraction of the stuff that makes it through

if you make it so IPs need to post X text posts before being able to post images, a great deal of spam would probably be averted

i swear ive said this before
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b4079 No.63452

sure, not like two separate threads were made complaining about actual cp today or something. you are astoundingly retarded.

1e93f No.63453

welcome to imageboards, i guess

b4079 No.63454

b1a25 No.63455

no, he is talking about the garbled english spambot cp. someone made a thread firectly linking to it complaining why it wasnt removed, minutes before i made this thread

this is unacceptable honestly, it's a bot. if its posts are getting blocked i doubt the person will figure out a wizchan-specific bypass and post the required text images before doing the image spam. it will probably fail from the image post and go to the next site on its list

9f183 No.63492

Wizchan is not for posting political shit that will get you raided by law enforcement or such. I agree with OP. I don't want to see traumatically vile shit.

cd024 No.63476[Reply]

do us all a favour and get these retards out of here

that's all thanks

83277 No.63477

What's wrong with them?

06e4e No.63478

they have monkey dna

cd024 No.63480

they are dumb and will believe just about anything
it's not prejudice it's empirically observable by anyone who's spent some time on imageboards, and this one is no exception

37817 No.63481

who hurt you OP?
uh oh, spoiler - butthurt by the Brazil

aa480 No.63482

this website is a hispachan bunker

File: 1675210859931.png (23.56 KB, 437x429, 437:429, 67876554.png) ImgOps iqdb

a980d No.63367[Reply]

Allow Tor posting.

That is truly the only way to stay anonymous. In a world of mass data, gangstalking and tracking, we need Tor.
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2a4f2 No.63409

lot of flags were posting kid pics too, so by that virtue everyplace should be banned. having moderated boards with tor allowed, cp wasnt as common as you think.

e961b No.63411

Lots of flags were posting kids because pedophiles are low IQ niggers with no risk assessment or impulse control. Also get some reading comprehension, I said all onion posters are pedos, I never said all pedos are onion posters.

>cp wasnt as common as you think.

It was bad enough for the site owners to become worried about being legally liable and in the end clamp down on it.

You only want onion posting so you can escalate more and talk more about kids. You don't give a shit about muh freedums. Make no mistake wizzies, the poster I'm replying to is a pedophile that wants to make YOU a vector for his deranged fetish. He wants to put the entire website at risk just to sate his perverted desires. He will start escalating if the mods allow onionposting, and he will start inviting his pedo buddies over from other imageboards. It's very unwizardly and is entirely subversive.

2a4f2 No.63412

unhinged response, and you could use some reading comprehension yourself considering that i wasnt necessarily talking about kohlchan. like i said, i have moderated tor-enabled boards and i would say the more common trait that i noticed among tor posters was paranoia. i had to ban a tor node for cp once a week at most, which should be easily manageable. the retards here probably wouldnt know how to allow tor anyway and i dont care either way because i wouldnt be utilizing it, but it's severely retarded and naive to believe that all tor users are pedophiles. i can call your poor logic out without having any investment in the issue. also, i linked the federal law code regarding the legal status of lolicon hentai (which mods ignored, of course), so i hardly want to talk about kids just because i know that tor isnt this big boogeyman you believe it to be.

a980d No.63471

File: 1676705239422.png (698.16 KB, 836x765, 836:765, vfd4r.png) ImgOps iqdb

4chan for god sakes allows Tor posting.

On 4chan you can purchase a 4chan pass with Bitcoin (you can get anonymised Bitcoin) and then post using Tor and VPN's.

Wizchan is less anti-establishment and anti-normie than 4chan.


e3176 No.63472

Then fuck off back to 4chan already. You fit right in with all the 4kids, unlike here.

52415 No.63245[Reply]

What's the difference between the /lounge/ board and the /b/ board? Are they just two different offtopic boards, with different levels of quality?

26537 No.63248

/b/ doesn't exist

c0f5e No.63255

lounge its just blue /b/

52415 No.63422

ok, thanks

b0c1c No.63424

Serious -> wiz
Relaxed -> lounge
Shitposting -> b

3a357 No.63461

Wizposting -> v9k

File: 1671472199177.jpg (306.73 KB, 2000x1126, 1000:563, montecristo-number-2[2].jpg) ImgOps iqdb

09460 No.63185[Reply]

Why is there no pol and /x/ and /wsg/ board on Wizchan? We could really use those.

Alternatively, what's your favorite cigar?
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209e0 No.63236


1ecbc No.63457

>It's not common for there to be a user who uses only one board or makes a specific type of post.
I only use /lounge/, though I've been thinking about visiting /wiz/

7f4f1 No.63458

we need a /pol/ board just so the baby kike who cries about wizchan being "invaded" by /pol/tards can piss his pants some more.

efbba No.63459

>containment does not work
This, it rather invites those kinds of users, who then spill to the other threads.

cfacd No.63460

/threatened by bbc and jewish iq/ board
/scat/ board

File: 1672715498924.jpg (302.01 KB, 1917x961, 1917:961, interesting.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

592df No.63267[Reply]

One of the delete buttons says "delete", one of them says "dispel". If a mod can change the other one to say "dispel", I would appreciate it :D
BTW I did not report that guy, I only selected it for demonstration purposes.
Picrel (names have been censored for privacy reasons).

c399a No.63300

the inconsistencies add charm

592df No.63423

Its annoying how on 4chan they call it an image limit, or the number of images in a thread, counting WebMs as images.

00017 No.63417[Reply]

how do i join the wiz mods sex cult?

feeling: ANGRY
location: wizbook
weather: cool

c233a No.63418

when the time is right, we will contact you

File: 1675234522419.gif (394.05 KB, 200x171, 200:171, ca2.gif) ImgOps iqdb

8d7a7 No.63375[Reply]

Can you please delete any and all cunnyshit from the site? 2D and 3D.

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8d7a7 No.63387

>wants to fuck children
>behaves like a literal child


75f1f No.63388

>Wizchan doesn't allow 3D anything newtard
Being pedantic because I can, so I will mention that 3dcgi is allowed usually.
Though oddly mod is pretty sensitive about audios and links to 1d/text despite nether being a rule violation.

16a36 No.63395

you have no idea what 3D means

09d78 No.63397


876af No.63402


I've made that case for years and the mods don't listen. And wonder why crabs have taken over.

File: 1674315415911.jpg (47.37 KB, 500x587, 500:587, 1673843638613520.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

847d9 No.63338[Reply]

-oomer stuff, based, cringe, seethe, cope etc.
the primary reason why i browse this place is to get away from this type of faggotry and now wizchan is being overrun with it aswell, if frogs and wojaks aren't allowed then why is this?
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e045c No.63363

ban /b/

76b79 No.63364

the mods no longer delete frogs and wojaks

e045c No.63365

there was a frog thread on wiz not so long, I think it was deleted

ad03f No.63366

meanwhile there is a mod posting redditfrogs herself

935bf No.63376


Yeah, these motherfuckers are polluting the only place that doesn't allow this shitty meme. Ridiculous

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