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File: 1608897809282.png (13.86 KB, 843x317, 843:317, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

3768a No.56927[Reply]

I apologize if this is a stupid question but I am a stupid and that is half the reason I am here My question is if we could have >>>/b/ listed with a warning upon entering that it does not represent wizchan etc. Sorry about the thread to ask.

7c464 No.56658[Reply]

I reported this but you didn't delete it.
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68c0b No.56914

For the love of god, can you please finally ban this retard who posts gore on /b/

He did this for like a month already and that's apparently ok
Even after that shit get's reported - it still stays up. I get that it's low quality board, but for fucks sake, enough is enough

0d755 No.56915

lol gorehurt

8b92a No.56916

If CC poster is allowed to break rules via nonstop avatarfagging and samefagging, then everything should be allowed.

6edcf No.56917

How autistic do you have to be to rage for this long against someone who stopped posting already? CC poster isn't even living rent free at this post, they just bought the whole property.

8b92a No.56918

File: 1608864425257.jpg (96.32 KB, 561x480, 187:160, 1511138985339.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

There will be an end to the horror when the moddess stops simping.

97eee No.55207[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Should we ban younger users from this site? Seems like younger posters are more likely to be failed norms or generally not fit in with the concept of the site. Also, a good amount of them are never going to become wizards. I think the posting age should be 25+
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46398 No.56745

>All you are doing is making biological arguments that living is "better" than dying, and constitutes "success".

No, I'm saying pain and suffering are bad (disagree? go put your face on a hot stove), avoiding pain and suffering is a game you can play and successfully win or lose without a social hierarchy. Can you even read?

>Then why did you attempt to hide it in your previous posts to me?

Because I said "many posters" instead of "crabs"? It wasn't my intent to hide anything, it's pretty clear who I'm talking about. You think you cracked some case or something, Sherlock?

>you seem stumped.

Sure, there's only so many ways you can spoonfeed someone such a simple argument. Oh well, guess you won the SOCIAL HIEARCHY this time, eh? Now I can call you a failed normalfag for winning.

46398 No.56747

Did I stutter?

>No, I'm saying pain and suffering are bad (disagree? go put your face on a hot stove), avoiding pain and suffering is a game you can play and successfully win or lose without a social hierarchy. Can you even read?

89711 No.56749

You mean this?

>Which if that is the case, then you must also take the biological argument that having sex is success is true.

I already addressed this many posts ago, but you seem to insist on this kind of argument. Pain and suffering are real and have real consequences, not having sex is only meaningful inside of a social structure. Does a monkey that doesn't carry on his genes feel any pain? No, it's a completely abstract concept that doesn't even exist in his head. If he can't get a female, he's just going to masturbate.

Like I said, if someone is not emotionally invested in a particular game and if it doesn't produce any tangible consequences, then it's easy to disregard it. For a wizard who doesn't care, ACTUALLY doesn't care, he will feel no negative emotion about his sexual failures and he might not even consider them failures. A crab is different, because he is emotionally invested in that game and as such suffers from feelings of inferiority about his imaginary place in some hierarchy.

Now consider a game like "having money". If the wizzie chooses to disregard it, suddenly he is outside and freezing without shelter and food, thus it's a real, tangible game, a subset of "avoiding pain and suffering", regardless of some imaginary social hierarchy. Like you, the wizzie gets a job because of the tangible benefits it provides to him, that have nothing to do with normalfag values.

In summary, what I'm saying is: some games are worth playing and have nothing to do with normalfag values. The crypto millioner wiz is /successful/ because he won't have to worry about paying rent or interacting with other people in order to get all the things that offer comfort in his life. The money doesn't take away from his wizardhood, it actually allows him to be a better wiz as he can build his shutin paradise. Of course, a failed normalfag will immediately jump to some imaginary social hierarchy without understanding that the wizzie is playing an entirely different game, one with tangible, real consequences, he is trying to avoid pain and suffering.

Does this properly address your point?

7417a No.56802

Lighter, easier to care for, and heat move evenly then cast iron.

828f2 No.56887

they aren't even copper, only a layer of copper underneath because you aren't supposed to eat copper oxides

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File: 1607011646665.jpeg (21.65 KB, 400x200, 2:1, 40percent.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

25810 No.56407[Reply]

I believe we need to be more specific about the first rule.
>You must be a male virgin and at least 18 years old to use this website.

instead of saying "male" the rule must require posters to have at least one Y chromosome because as it stands now trans "male" virgins can post on wizchan without having the potential to use magic. according to my deep internet search merely having a Y chromosome will make the persona exhibit male characteristics and thus give them the potential to use magic if they don't get their mana drained.

this rule should be sufficient
>You must have at least one Y chromosome, be a virgin and be at least 18 years old to use this website.
alternatively we can clearly define male
>You must be a male virgin and at least 18 years old to use this website. Male here means having at least one Y chromosome.
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91ed7 No.56883

if they are wizards i don't care if they are gay or whatever, out with this poltarded normalfag shit. >>56410 why are shitchanners so obssesed with being turbonormals?

better than normalniggers forcing their normalfag standards as dogma, i don't care if they are faggots, if they fit the bill as wizards and stick to wizzardly topics who cares, i think conservative reddit subs are more your speed.

21770 No.56884

>everyone that doesn't eat their cum is a /pol/ boogeyman conservative

If wizchan isn't progressive enough for you, maybe hit the discord servers since they seem more like your style. Nobody cares what you fap to, but please don't post about it here and pretend everyone is into your cum eating fetish. Like sex-havers, faggots simply cannot resist showcasing their faggotry and talking about how they like to drink their coffee with a cum glazed biscuit and other questions no one asked about.

227ee No.56885

/meta/ is like /b/. Most people don't pay any mind to /meta/, and illegal memes get washed away on /b/ as threads there are pruned fairly quickly.

8f262 No.56886

more like /drama/ lately.

5644c No.57198

Actually you can't be gay as gays get sex easier than any other demographic.

Wanting to be a female doens't mean suddenly you stop being a virgin ogre nor does being obsessed enough to shove dragon dildos up your pimply and chaffed hemorrhoided obese middle aged manhole.

The other anon is right that you are being illogical. The OP is right that better rules should be had but I've never seen to this day anyone come up with good abnormalfaggot rules, only autistic black and white thinking ones. It's one thing to have black and white thinking, another to unironically have autism and think you're enough of a people person to make good rules.

This transexual jew meme is very newfaggy of you.

Just ban swj types.

File: 1602282966935.gif (18.96 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1440469019472.gif) ImgOps iqdb

0c7c3 No.55910[Reply]

This is the official thread dedicated to discussion of the Revolutionary Council of True Wizards.

This thread has been created with permission from Wizardchan moderators, as it is only being kept to this one thread in /lounge/.

-We have become very concerned recently with posts spouting a pro-crab agenda. crabs were marked Detrimental to the Wizard Community by the Council two months ago, but they clearly still have some supporters. We would like to remind all users that crabs are not, never were, and never will be Wizards. crabs, by definition, hate the Path of True Wizardry, don't want to be part of it, and want to backstab Wizards in an attempt to increase their own social status and chances of losing their virginity. They are not the same as us, they are as different to a wizard as a sex-having normalfag.

The Revolutionary Council of True Wizards has previously declared waifuism Detrimental to the Wizard Community. Please see our statement on Waifusm and 2D pornography below.

According to the Revolutionary Council of True Wizards, waifuism is Detrimental to the Wizard Community, as it promotes the worship of succubi, and is an outlet for the desired of Failed Normie Male Virgins (crabs). This goes against all of the Three Pillars of Wizardry, which are Solitude, Voluntary Celibacy, and Reclusion.

A common counterargument to this is an assertion which goes along the lines of "2D females are different to 3DPD - their personalities are imagined!". This counterargument is obviously invalid, as one, it goes against the ruling of the Revolutionary Council of True Wizards, and two, it is clearly invalid from a logical standpoint too.

A drawing is a representation of something. It may be an idealized representation, yet even so it is still a representation. Therefore, drawings of anime succubi are still drawings of succubi in the righteous eyes of His Excellency The One True Wizard. 2D pornography can even be considered more Detrimental to the Wizard Community than the alternatives, as not only does it promote the worship of succubi, it even idealizes their most feminine features. We must keep in mind that femininity is the antithesis of Wizardry. The Path of True Wizardry is defined by the maximization of the Three Pillars of Wizardry - femininity by nature entirely goes against Solitude, Voluntary Celibacy, and Reclusion, as all succubi are extroverted normals. From this, we can dedPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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e3969 No.56130

the further you navel gaze, the less of an impact choice has, and eventually choice itself can be questioned. for a more meaningful state of mind, it can better be phrased as "how much am i. if any, bothered by my current situation" instead of "did i arrive here by choice"

b7b3f No.56131

Imagine being so much of a sperg that you write an unironic tldr post detailing your autistic fantasy of being in charge of a "revolutionary council" that gets to decide what anime wizards can watch.

11887 No.56132

>-The protaganist is a Voluntarily Celibate True Wizard
>-There are no female voice actors
-There are no scenes of a sexual nature
Name me 5 anime where this happens, I can't even think of one.

e3969 No.56192

don't have sex
don't socialize
don't have friends
don't work a job
don't drive a car
don't go to school

this is all REAL LIFE stuff. if you are not doing any of that you're a truewiz to me. i couldn't give a fuck about the anime you watch or the porn you fap to or the games you play. your real life situation is more important

cf08c No.56859

Victims? What the fuck has happened to this place? If you didn't choose your fate, you AREN'T A WIZARD.

File: 1607832167685.png (81.43 KB, 729x613, 729:613, 2020-12-12-064223_1280x800….png) ImgOps iqdb

664c5 No.56679[Reply]

>being so desperate to ban someone you need to make shit up
lol, serious question….
is this going to be a precedent where you ban people talking about christmas in the crawl thread at christmastime? it's not even a religious holiday, it's been a totally secular one since our fucking grandparents were kids, even if you're christian you know that, we talk about christmas in the crawl thread every year

I even made the crawl thread last december a christmas edition

calling ranting about grocery stores hours "politics" is just retarded, stop stretching the definition out like it's your pussy hole, go beat your dog if you're so hard up for a power trip you idiot
15 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

6268b No.56723

you should get banned for throwing your sour opinions about niggers in to a post that didn't need them :^)

edc0f No.56724

Touché, that's actually a good point. Mine's obvious satire, tho. Probably isn't going to encourage someone to start seriously posting about politics, and mod-sama knows I'm a good boy willing to do anything to please~!

3e930 No.56733

"I didnu nuffin your honour, this is clearly a racially motivated case"

>You'll probably boast about your successful trolling on /b/ if you haven't already.

he deserves the oven if he is the OP of "mod(dess) banned me" threads

6268b No.56736

trust me, if they hate you, you will never get banned through the normal process, they'll always make up some bullshit about ban evasion because it's the easiest way to permaban without having to provide a shred of evidence.

664c5 No.56750

>mentioning da joos
strictly speaking I didn't even mention them, I used it the way that's just common on imageboards, including here, as an adjective (jewpills, etc) to denote the hateful nature of something, in this case as you pointed out the months-long crass consumerism of the "religion" of christmas

by the way you may have noticed retard's post there completely dropped the politics part of the allegation, we're just running on the vague religion part now and something tells me he'll come back to claim it was about the jewsmas part all along, after the sycophants here help clarify his confusion

not the actual religion of judaism mind you, but jews, because jews themselves are a religion now hurr durr

are people on all imageboards this stupid?

File: 1607609068003.png (1.03 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

ab15b No.56618[Reply]

There needs to be a formal system of accountability for the moderation staff of this website.

For too long they have abused users and used every deceptive and despicable trick in the book while not even doing their job of moderating discussion according to the rules.

If the mods are held to any standards and don't care about the rules then what good are the rules or moderators at all?
13 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

d28be No.56636

Um mod? I'd like to continue this conversation, but I don't feel it's honest to wizchan users to just post without a mod tag. It almost, ya know, makes you look like a regular user who's simping for mods, and we know that would never realistically happen after the shenanigans you shitstain bastards pull.

>picking and choosing whichever side you think will be more entertaining.

I've never once picked the modtard side, so this is wrong. you fucks are more inconsistent than a lactose intolerant person's shit.

61eef No.56637

thats fine and all but when it comes to mere sugestions, feature requests… no one is butthurt or lying in those situations, there is just a lack of skilled people here willing to develop and enhance the site. meta is a toilet to vent, screaming into the void

27b66 No.56638

As far as I can tell there is no dev, or whoever the dev was doesn't have time anymore.

563b8 No.56639

Do admit it is something that brothers me that I can't realistically do anything about.
Because of limited time, brains, and attention, starting from scratch learning web development or whatever would take years to be able to do anything useful.

(And before the mod has yet another fit over something that isn't against the rules, I am the op only from a different ip address because different device. Apparently abiding by rule 7 isn't nearly as important as being easily identifiable to the mod, who regularly has rage fits over not having a static IP address. Including banning people for it despite not violating rule by not having a static address.)

563b8 No.56640

I meant rule 8, my bad.

79060 No.56393[Reply]

What is the official method for determining whether or not a poster is a male? This absolutely pertains to the website and is not off-topic for /meta/, so please answer already mods. You can't just say that you "confirmed" that a poster is male and not expect people to be confused at that.
20 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

7165a No.56586

the answer was all the friends we made along the way

2a30a No.56595

>females don't have arm hair

I mean I know the mods are sexually frustrated crabs, but have they never actually seen a female up close? Like just casually walking around, or maybe their moms or some shit.

79060 No.56604

File: 1607575842879.png (391.68 KB, 468x291, 156:97, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


49882 No.56626

mods can you do armhair analysis on this one

a65af No.56627

I wish they'd just ban all you obsessed faggots for a month

45c01 No.56600[Reply]

Anyone want to explain why the thread needed to be locked when it broke no rules and the posters were totally civil?

It is beyond time that all sexual content on the whole site stops being shoehorned into the same increasingly toxic thread.

45c01 No.56601

Looks like they even failed to try and transfer some of the post from one thread to another, probably as a means to bolster a bad faith narrative.


Because you've pulled these same bullshit tactics many times before where you try to samefag and act like you are being reasonable when you are only shitposting because you can't handle not having the ability to micromanage everything other users post. There is a thread for posting porn already, use it, we don't need a duplicate thread for only images that suit your specific tastes.

File: 1607370480440.gif (138.15 KB, 500x750, 2:3, 1607225134431.gif) ImgOps iqdb

0d13a No.56521[Reply]

Why does crystal cafe get cool festive themes but we don't?

requesting cool snowing effect on /b/ please thank you
7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

714cb No.56534

Is there realistically any problem with a wizard browsing any website they please aside from porn ones (3D)?
It is more wizardly to post on CC than on crab websites where the userbase literally wants a succubus.

152df No.56536

so you're either a subhuman foid or tr*nny

dd607 No.56587

Imagine how much wizbux would be worth today. It would be the wizard bitcoin. We'd all be living in wizmansions right now.

ea59b No.56591

please stop posting about that website

3d7aa No.56592

File: 1607535502588.png (4.26 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I bet we could have bought an aircraft carrier

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