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d3fe8 No.57501[Reply]

mods idk if im still banned because whenever i have internet trouble i reboot my router and it gives a new ip. idk if my ban appeal was accepted or it was an ip change? i got banned for my wiz cam. i havent been posting on this in case but now i wanna know. plz im really bored

d6cf9 No.57502

you have 3 more WEEKS (ouch), maybe they'll you off on good behaviour??

d3fe8 No.57503

damn. okay guess ill try come back in 3 weeks then

257a8 No.57505

Reminder that this guy was showing himself and fapping for wizards he is a dirty fag and is trying to lead wizards astray we all know the faggot ones are all watching each other fap to gay fur shit off site anyway so there is no need to let them do it on site I would perm ban this retard.

How does a faggot who shows HIMSELF fapping to arouse other wizards not perm banned?

b61e4 No.57517

how does ccposter?

257a8 No.57519

Why are they relevant ffs

03584 No.57487[Reply]

"Forget about that cliquing up, be to yourself, stay to yourself. Trust nobody. Remember fear is stronger than love, remember that."

File: 1611685539787.png (19.46 KB, 695x309, 695:309, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

560bc No.57393[Reply]

Genuinely curious regarding this warning and I am not bitter I am seeking some clarification on why it was removed.
I understand it could be seen as low quality but I did submit a more extensive earlier reply outlining my position in regards to what the thread was about.
I understand that it could be seen as inflammatory because someone may say such things in an attempt to troll but this was not the case at all and i do not blame the mods for removing.
I want to note I have not made feminist wizard threads because I know they would not be welcome here regardless of how serious i am personally about the topic.
It was on topic

I am glad the mods warned me I really am instead of banning me for a few days I hate having to wait to post on wizchan I am making this post to really try understand what the warning was for.
Was it because I was talking about feminism by replying to the OP talking about their own kind of feminist stances?
If I were to where relevant mention feminist ideals and theory would that violate the warning or was it becuase that comment was low quality?
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560bc No.57404

also have you ever considered how hard it is to be a succubus and being a witchie? you are not welcome in any outcast spaces online because they are very male dominated and you have to pretend to be a succubus hating crab to fit in.
It is sad and we are privileged to be male.

a78ed No.57408

Oh fuck didn't even realize, I feel bad wasting my time in this thread.

Guess it's time for mods to simp for this retard once more.

560bc No.57409

Maybe if you were nicer to the mods they would care more about wizchan I think they do a good job.

7c8ea No.57422

Have you ever thought that maybe succubi don't belong in these spaces because they can't be outcasts, at least not in the same way as males?
Anyway I'm done with this thread.

2c82c No.57431

>do you know that most of the best posters on wizchan are witches?
Reminder that mods simp for this.

File: 1611652351014.gif (1.08 MB, 296x250, 148:125, vwA3Cee.gif) ImgOps iqdb

c532f No.57387[Reply]

This website doesn't load anymore. It's slow as shit and I can't even load images half the time and the site is down 50% of the time.

fix your homosexual website, faggots

dce9e No.57388

Second this.

2d97d No.57390

It's the big gay faggot moderator and his boyfriend are using part of the traffic to stream their cam-whoring on hidden boards


acfef No.57348[Reply]

Does anyone try to invite other people who would fit in to wizchan?
I met a KHV soon to be 30yo virgin on a website and he seemed ok so I invited him here but I am not really social and have no friends but try to bring people who fit in here by doing private invites.

7c231 No.57377

Don't invite him, if he's truly a 30 y/o I doubt he will enjoy this site, I'm a 25 Y/o virgin and everyday this place goes to shit in ways I couldn't have imagined 6 or 7 years ago.

acfef No.57378

he is already here I see nothing wrong with inviting people who fit in.

b1339 No.56894[Reply]

can we get a funny wordfilter for "cope" like what we got for crab

i cant think of anything so i leave it up to the comedic geniuses aka mods
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837e2 No.57152

moderator -> retarded faggot with down syndrome

837e2 No.57356

based -> i'm a faggot

d3b20 No.57359

Imagine usuing anonymous imageboards but trying to be so special on your own that you want the meme words all banned.
pretty cringe and blueplled

We have frogs and wojaks banned so that is fine.

b1339 No.57376

absolutely based

5ef41 No.57379

cope (noun) -> nigger juice
cope (verb) -> nig it up

File: 1610891188710.png (75.9 KB, 860x869, 860:869, rage.png) ImgOps iqdb

e6f85 No.57260[Reply]

How am I meant to shitpost and browse wizzziechan when the site keeps going down.. maybe if someone from the suicide general that actually did it donated money to the wizmods for the site we wont have this issue?
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e6f85 No.57358

obviously anime succubi are fine.

a8d6c No.57361

so you like nasty poop holes?

8ce43 No.57367

The site doesn’t load like 40% of the times I check it. It’s pretty bad and maybe some of us are getting it worse? Maybe that’s why admin hasn’t commented: he was quick last time dreamhost fucked the board.

Also : delete /b/

e6f85 No.57368

Lately it is often down frequently and /b/ is fine we just need less faggotry.

54f55 No.57371

the site hasn't been down for me really, some connection issues it seems though but if the page doesnt load I will just refresh it and usually it will load if I just wait 5 seconds

fadb3 No.57310[Reply]

The basics of being a mod is the incentives of rewards and punishments.

And you currently REWARD rule-breakers and PUNISH rule-followers.

If you make a BAD POST, following the RULE and putting it where it belongs in the /b/ trash bin, no one sees it, and it is hidden and gets no replies. If OTOH you post it on the main above ground boards, the MOD doesn't PUNISH you, he simply moves and delivers it to /b/ for you. He does a service. He REWARDS you. And then all the wizos reading wiz dep hob meta, if they like the BAD TOPIC under discussion, they can follow it to /b/. FREE ADVERTISING on the main boards for your BAD POST.


15 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

4dade No.57345

I can only speak of my own experience the mods could have saved themselves a lot of trouble but did what was right and I think them for that.
If I felt the mods were the typical shit mods we see online I would have shit this site up something crazy but I respect them so I do not.

Maybe the mods have good reason to tell lies osmetimes?

7e5ee No.57346

>I would have shit this site up something crazy (if the mods stop acting in a way that I approve of)

You should be preventively banned

4dade No.57347

You do not understand: I was not making a threat in any shape or form and furthermore your preventative ban idea would not make any sense considering what I said.
I respect the mods I will not shit up wizchan they have shown they are worthy of respect.
You cannot ban people even on shitchan if they actually are determined to fuck with jannies.

85d7d No.57362

Trannymods do whatever the fuck they want without actual regard for the rules, some months ago I saw someone banned for saying that he can't be NEET because he had to work (the trannymods even went as far as marking "the user was banned for this post") while at the same time happily ignoring every "wizard" that berate others, that make imflammatory posts telling people how normal they are or just plain shitposting.

7e5ee No.57363

Just a few weeks ago I saw a mod kick a puppy so hard that it stopped moving, then when the owner came and started crying, the mod called the admins on him because he was crying outside /dep/!! And hey banned him!!! this shit has to stop

File: 1611294781000.png (41.51 KB, 466x318, 233:159, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

2210b No.57321[Reply]

Is this allowed? are two wizzies allowed to meme date in a thread on >>>/b/ as long as one of them acts as an anime succubus and it is clearly for fun?
You allow actual faggot posting so this should be ok.

23a5c No.57322

op ur just jealous of my cute temporary witch (wiz) gf. there is nothing wrong with taking a witchie (wiz) on a virtual text-based wiz date. get ur own witch gf! bwahaahah LOSER!

caeaf No.57326

I pay camgirls to erotic replay with wizzes in /b/ and they never know is real succubi and not real wizards. So many wizards here have been having e-sex with succs. Pranked.

1f294 No.57329

I wonder what this mod >>55677 thinks, who supposedly moderates wizchan 15 hours a day and has never once seen ERP, despite the fact that this shit is a regular occurrence on /b/ that mods always just ignore.

46060 No.57333

people claim it is gay erp when it is really hetero midwits and their ugly shitty pedotoon girls "erping" (code for fantasizing about having a gf), or worse, necklards larping as lesbian toddler lovers to fulfil their perverse sexual fantasies of children. but still, blame the gays for corrupting everything lol

c6c04 No.57334

I suck mod dick, it tastes like cheetos.

edc9e No.57286[Reply]

I thought the ronald reagan movie trivia was neat, you really believe I would have posted it if I thought it would get your panties in a knot and get me banned? take your midol

this shit has reached the point where you're banning me over nothing at all, you even called it a critique, a critique

dumbass levels are off the chart
7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

9a32b No.57296

not mod but you just apply for it

c2e8a No.57297

ah, i see. good to know. thanks wiz

97c09 No.57299

>Ability to debate issues.

edc9e No.57307

>compared him to joe biden
so? you're implying there was political content in that when I just speaking of them as men, which is a stretch of logic, their status as politicians may be the first thing to come to your mind but is just incidental, sorry, I guess I overestimated your intelligence if you can't see that

and the reason I wrote "this isn't political btw" was to discourage others from starting a political discussion, though again I didn't count on the kneejerk response of the moddess, so now I know definition of politics is just saying the name of someone in any context who was ever once a politician, it's so absurd
>here just to agitate us and other users.
that's just your conspiracy theory, I rarely post outside of /b/ anymore

9a32b No.57308

politics = politicans, governments, elections, world issues, etc

at least here anyway

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