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afda8 No.60727[Reply]



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95e06 No.61069


05dd4 No.61073

I'm sure these nasty retarded pics will stay forever in this thread. Good job, champ!

7ec07 No.61122

they are sad
They're hobbyist gangstalkers from kiwifarms
They don't even get paid

8a0e9 No.61375

T. Mod

ea0d9 No.61377

You WILL. Be a clown for our amusement 🤡

File: 1635985067832.jpg (50.47 KB, 1100x618, 550:309, ap_18332030758020_wide-de8….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

247b1 No.61129[Reply]

for the mods and community to consider segregating the furry porn from the actual porn. Why can't the furries use a thread on a dead board to post their porn?

No one wants to see that stuff in the fap thread it kills your wands power.
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94148 No.61211

It is not an argument, but it is a counterexample to your (unsubstantiated) claim of "loli gets everyone hard"

247b1 No.61299

>Sorry animated children don't get me hard
I can guess what does,
fir shit and other gay shit.

99e32 No.61308

>fir shit
yeah baby
*rubs against a pine tree*

df455 No.61355

File: 1637794003449.jpg (88.86 KB, 600x778, 300:389, 95b.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Hell yeah

99e32 No.61366

reported for 3D ass

File: 1636238132692.png (1.36 KB, 1200x741, 400:247, fagflag.png) ImgOps iqdb

07ac7 No.61165[Reply]

Create an /lgbt/ board and make homosexuality against the rules anywhere else. Not a hard concept, mods. The fag outbreak needs containment, and no, herding them all onto /b/ is not working.
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d5bc9 No.61360

this thread was made by the homosexuals

2870d No.61362

this is 100% grade A bullshit. as a heterosexual posting something even ironically gay fills me with disgust. I can't imagine there's some cabal of trolls who are straight but desensitized to gay porn to the point they save hundreds of repulsive images and spam them on wizchan to annoy locals.

59a19 No.61363

>save hundreds of repulsive images
lol, all you have to do is go on any booru and search for a gay tag and copy-paste it into the reply box then sit back and watch the butthurt roll in

d5bc9 No.61364

except these are saved images.
nice try though fag

59a19 No.61365

>except these are saved images.
how do you know?

c5478 No.61097[Reply]

why so many threads within the past week specically about succubus and their sexuality as if it concerns a wiz?
these are actual crab posts and I see a hell of a lot of people engaging in dialogue with them.
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c5478 No.61345

>This entire discussion to take place on Wizchan of all places is absurd anyway.
Why? nice false comparison.

It should go without saying that our sanctuary should be free from those who covet flesh. The coptic monks who dwelt in relative isolation ran into the same problems as wizardchan has.

Homosexuals and crabs.
We shant repeat their mistakes.

433e8 No.61346

You are constructing a false paradigm about the reasons why a wizard is not having sex, it isn't because they choose not to, it is just who they are, the hobo billionaire analogy only works based on your skewed opinions

c5478 No.61347

really wish the 99yo wizard larper at least bothered to make better looking shit post threads.

a658c No.61348

>it is just who they are

See, this is much healthier.

Keep all those 'cel' - isms away from this board.

433e8 No.61349

how do you know he is a larper?

File: 1636902970804.png (287.98 KB, 648x448, 81:56, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

3b2fd No.61232[Reply]

Mods, reply yes or no with your mod tag on. Does wizchan use tracking cookies or not?
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d315b No.61264

File: 1637009642478.png (5.65 KB, 378x167, 378:167, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

and now this just started happening

cd24c No.61265

Why do people like to larp as paranoid schizophrenics now? terry davis isn't gonna come up from hell and bless you for copying him

7d327 No.61266

the only person that larps and has a facade designed to let them fuck with people is >>61253 which makes their feign of ignorance painfully obvious

b4563 No.61270

Is the documentary thread back on the front page of /hob/?
I think there is a couple videos that trigger firefox to ask that question (despite that function in firefox being broken as far as I can tell).
It's nothing malicious or to be concerned over. It also has nothing to do with the mods or them tracking you.

0e192 No.61271

bs this is real kek

00ead No.61189[Reply]

Move the fap thread to /b/. There's no reason for this garbage to be on the main boards.
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96c7d No.61225

Currently the semi-secret cookie tracking does absolutely nothing to prevent ban evasion and only serves as a way for the mods to covertly profile innocent rule-abiding users.

f87f3 No.61226

you can literally google "imageboards and cookies" for a full breakdown

793c0 No.61227

Still have yet to actually prove this site in particular uses cookies.
They could just use basic deduction for people who change ip alot to identify regular problem users.

17fbf No.61228

it does use cookies.

793c0 No.61231

You know what I mean.
Tracking cookies.
It doesn't use tracking cookies that the mods have access to.

dab48 No.61194[Reply]

why do you people let that kid ruin the tea thread? serious question, it's just shitposting, year after year, all he ever does is start fights over innocuous topics to cuss and call people dogfuckers and liars
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370b9 No.61200

well theyre talking about tea so its on topic

dab48 No.61205

that's just a thin cover he always uses to shitpost behind, I wish the mods would enforce the spirit of the law and rule 5 his ass for once

123b1 No.61207

The hypocracy on display is amazing.
Even now you keep on doing the behavor that you are trying to get someone else banned for.
Even now you are still arguing in the tea thread

dab48 No.61208

but I'm not posting in that thread you sperg, as usual you're imagining things, I give another day before you call someone there an "alasken"

6d3cc No.61209

No one believes you, probably because of how much you lie about everything all the time.

ef508 No.60896[Reply]

3d gay porn on /b/. clean it up jannies. ps fuck niggers and 75 characters.,,,,
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1c131 No.60901


3a4b0 No.61002

This website is majority homosexual, I feel unwelcome here as a straight man.

9aa62 No.61095

they're starting to spam sick chomo shit again, mods do your job

53a41 No.61096

what is a chomo?

5cae7 No.61102

ur dad

b7000 No.60220[Reply]

can we get a word filter for the word schizo?
it's literally just a 4chan/twitter normalfaggot meme like crab(crab)

discord teens keep calling everyone schizo for whatever reason
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d3254 No.61065

having a bunch of word filters would just end up making a mess, like we can't type "braincells" without it turning into "bracrabls"

19cfa No.61066

so basically you're upset that it's more difficult for you to use outsider text memes. Sounds like it's working.

d3254 No.61067

no lol, it would end up interfering with innocuous communication by unintentionally screwing up words

b77cb No.61110

Your reading comprehension isn't up to par, evidently. Yes, the internet was invented with more technical intentions behind it, this is regarding forum behaviour.

b77cb No.61111

"-oomer" *is* Discord slang, you're so gullible you try to call out a problem while being part of it yourself.

640a7 No.60745[Reply]

If you have a mod conspiracy post it here.
wr need to keep them contained in a single thread instead of just everywhere ok.
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18d8a No.61052

nice try andrew simps

4ac8e No.61053

Datamining thread posted by a wizcliquer fuck off

6f041 No.61055

there is more than 1 wizcord

ebc25 No.61056

mods = not gods

e62c5 No.61064

the one full of kaname alts? he was kicked from there as well

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