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File: 1559332322738.jpg (57.2 KB, 736x736, 1:1, 5e58f3b6d0efec6d9222efee43….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

0c8c1 No.49304[Reply]

With basically every post i've made being deleted I see I am not welcome here. Whatever, a community for people that hate communities is like the Citadel of Ricks anyway. Good day.


Your post broke both rules 2 and 3. Next time, read them before posting.


57ee6 No.49111[Reply]

It'd be very useful if responses to already hidden posts were hidden as well. It's counter-productive when something like a dumb argument happens and you want to ignore it but have to see the posts before you hide them.

523dd No.49152

No offense but that sounds like a pain in the butt to do on the back end. Seems like a lot of work just so you don't have to click something once or twice that you don't like.

57ee6 No.49181

If it's difficult to implement then I understand. I was just making a suggestion on the chance it was possible.

ae32e No.49189

lol wordhurt

File: 1558552216736.jpg (106.53 KB, 700x500, 7:5, hypocrites.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

8539b No.49135[Reply]

why was my veganism thread locked on lounge? it had active discussion in it, a lot of people want to voice their opinion on the subject, it acted as a containment board for this topic

just because we had a previous vegan thread that hit the bump limit doesnt justify deleting the thread. the anti-crawl thread hits the bump limit all the time, same with the political thread, but those ones get to stay up? not everyone read the precious thread, and people still feel inclined to argue for eating meat, i dont understand why it was locked

what kind of random arbitrary moderator power abuse is this? please unlock my veganism thread in lounge, it didnt break any of the rules
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0b996 No.49162

from what i understand the mod made it clear that there has been a similar thread up not to long ago; also the topic is rather divisive given the current climate so it would require a special ruleset to be enforces much like the politics thread - to not devolve into a flamewar; and it seems that doing such a thing isnt worth the effort for the wizchan moderation team for the time being.

0b305 No.49163

mods should open a new /vegan/ board just for you

36367 No.49165

On a totally unrelated note that I don't think justifies another thread.

Would a standalone thread on economics be justified or should such discussion stay in other threads such as the political thread?

83e8f No.49174

Mod here - done.
>>>/v9k/ - Vegan 9000

e0535 No.49175

Right, and now the mod post is buried by a bunch of retarded shitposting and veganschizo rambling that extends past the purpose of this thread. This guy has been banned already on multiple other chan boards already for being a massive annoying idiot, he's just going to turn this thread into yet a shit flinging fest (as you can see is already happening).

eeca9 No.49115[Reply]

hello mods. i think its really cute you have wiz crushes on me :3 thanks for running this site, bye

fc7fb No.49116

I read it as thanks for ruining this site.

40dbf No.49154

me too

File: 1558011981753.jpg (49.41 KB, 640x360, 16:9, child-jihadists-21-640x400.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

5fe97 No.49103[Reply]

Why were me posts in wage slave general removed? I never posted anything off topic or broke any rules. What rule is about avoiding anything political when it was about the workplace, which was on topic and in my post that was removed.
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97e74 No.49133

>Do you not see that mods mass delete things whenever they ether fuck up or do something shady?
no, and i believe the majority of deleted content is at least somewhat disagreeble/inappropriate. no one ever goes on meta complaining about actual genuine good posts being deleted, unless the entire thread got nucked or something, it's just stuff that is slightly crap to begin with

>How can a user properly gather evidence when the criminal can cover their tracks by destroying evidence and lying about it?

>That said I have been documenting instances of such events
what, is it impossible or not? if you're doing it then post it


The reason your posts got deleted was because they were uninvited and purely political posts in a non-politics thread. It was already causing it to derail completely into politics. There's already a politics thread on /lounge/ if you want to discuss politics with people who also want to discuss politics, no need for you to turn every other thread into another general politics thread.

da8a9 No.49151

I was given explicit instructions not to post it on meta.
Besides, all I have is circumstantial evidence anyway.

5fe97 No.49288

too lazy to respond but I'm not finished yet. just wait for my motivation to come back.

5d219 No.49323


db6f0 No.49095[Reply]

Those pictures and webms are absolutely disgusting and terrifying, just like gore. Please spoiler these pictures. None of the mods did it last thread, and I'm baffled as to why. It's negligence to not do so, and I'm not appreciating the fact it takes me to say it for it to be done.

Thank you.

81ccc No.49096

just hide the whole thread, he's basically a time traveling 4chan gore poster from 2006. there is no point even talking to him.

e40b7 No.49097

Typically images and video are only censored if the thumbnail can come off as shocking to the general userbase. While the content of the videos posted in the thread so far may be gory or emotionally scarring to some, the thumbnails themselves aren't risque by any means. Spoiling them is unnecessary and would be a disservice to the person posting them for the sake of making an argument.

13236 No.49098

As the post above pointed out the thumbnails themselves are not gore so I am not sure what spoiling them would do as ether way you still have to click them to see something "absolutely disgusting and terrifying".

Honestly, I think you might be Vegan poster trying to false flag as a way to drum up more attention for yourself and your shitty thread. If not then just hide the thread.
You are not missing anything as it is just dude trying to push his cult again while talking in circles with anyone who takes his bait.

3a379 No.49092[Reply]

These are only true for my machine as far as I can tell.

a) Highlighting and copying words from posts is impossible.
Big issue in my opinion, but it might have to do with the font used.
b) On the front page often when hovering a post, the post below is highlit as well, which can be confusing as to the content of the post as the white-text board name just kind of blends into the background.

708d1 No.49094

This theme is awesome, but it's so hard to read anything.

0722d No.49084[Reply]

There was this drama on Discord which said a lot about the wizchan administation. Here is copy paste:

I am leaving now. But before I go I feel it is my moral duty as a community moderator to highlight the facts that bring me to my departure. Though I have become dissillusioned with the community I will do this one last service before taking my leave. I have long idealised wizardry and saw wizchan as a place of people who I can I relate to on an intimate level, but recent months have shown me that the community is a sickening sham which is not what it is purported to be.
Our old member Torn Herb is an actual Wizchan moderator who has previously filled me in on certain going-ons. I have detailed these shennanigans in the past, y'know the whole stuff about the wizchan admin and mods being part of a gayclique that keeps /b/ and the fap thread up as their own personal playthings to erotic roleplay with eachother and take part in various other homoertoic and garbage posting. Torn isn't part of this group but he allows these unwizardly freaks to make a mockery of the community by not fighting against them.
Now, Torn forms the real crux of my issue . Well, that's not quite fair to say. Problems don't become permeate issues from the top down. They work bottom up from the users themselves. But to start with Torn, to describe his character without much exaggeration, he is basically a normie. I believe I am the only person who has batted an eyelid when he has talked publically about having female friends in real life, rejecting relationship proposals from numerous succubi because of a chastity ring (none of the low social value ailments that supposedly characterise wizards are on obstacle here (if volcel was really all that drew us together we wouldn't even care for normie activity in the slightest)), drinking at bars with friends (including another wizchan moderator on an occasion), regularly socialising with drug buddies, stating that it's perfectly fine and up to truwiz standards for “wizards” to want to pursue girlfriends or have female friends, and attempting to argue the definition of wizardry out to be merely concerning virginity (leave an in and out normie to argue this). This is the type of person that moderates wizchan.

0722d No.49085


The last issue of course is just an invitation to allow in crabs, other normies of his ilk, and various other undesirable freaks. And this is exactly what happened.
In his wizchan Steamgroup, whose members overlap with ours, he has allowed back in two particular people, reticent and Soulkius, whom if anyone has forgotten destroyed the old Discord by protecting a sexhaver, have a female(s)? friend who they are rather close to. I've heard they argue it's just a fellow guild member who chances to be female but that is outright deception. They have personally divulged to me that they met and chat on quite close terms with no intermediary guild between them.
Kaname, who I'm sure most of you well know, was also personally invited back by Torn even though he is infamously crab, consistently mocks virgins, and has admitted in private to Torn of having a homosexual internet relationship with a person who is claimed to also be a previous wizchan moderator (which isn't shocking given the first set of facts I presented regarding the administration). We also have chatlogs from this person saying that Kaname admitted to not being a virgin.
Now most of this information so far has been public knowledge. But not only does most of it appear to not bother people, but some of you have even defended it. The great wizardry standards, if they ever did exist, have degenerated into garbage.
I could get into more about how they Steamgroup ever so “wizardly” engages in voice chat, but I know I'm talking to a crowd now who have little care in a community for the truly socially stunted and asocial. An r9k-4chan tier spinoff if the Steamgroup quality is anything to go by. None of this feels like the wizchan I once thought I was in. I keep standards higher but I don't want to do it anymore for a community that I cannot relate to, and not only does not appeciate the higher standard, but defends and takes joy in the most unwizardly of “wizard” environments. That says enough right there of the people here.
I can only hope the posters and lurkers of wizchan itself are of a more relatable breed. Perhaps Discord and Steam do just filter in the most normie of the lot. But I find it difficult to believe that it is truly much better. I am done with the wizchan community. The issues are so pervassive that I feel like the outsider here.
I've greatly enjoyed some of your company, you aren't all undesirable or misfit, but now I bid you all adieu.

318a2 No.49086

Yeah, discord and steam are full of failed norms and crabs hungry for female attention. This is common knowledge.
Discord and steam threads are protected by mods and they refuse to delete them. This is also common knowledge.
Put two and two together and you'll find that, surprise surprise, mods are crabs that think that wizardry is just a funny meme.


If you could, please keep your off-site drama out of here and leave it where it started. The wizchan staff have nothing to do with any off-site chat rooms, by participating in them you are opening yourself up to potential communication with either people that just don't belong here or people who used to post here but are now banned for things ranging from extreme shitposting/undermining of moderation to just plain and simple rule 1 violations. Many of these ban evaders have to be banned daily to keep them away because they just don't want to leave, and I have no doubts that these same people are joining your chat rooms as well. If you want a place that is vigorously tracking and banning people that don't belong, as per the rules, then you will want to post here, on wizchan, the site itself; any other place you will get no guarantee that who you are talking to is an honest wizard or apprentice and I'd suggest that you treat your experiences in such places with a heavy helping of scrutiny.

4e852 No.49087[Reply]

can you make it so we can specify the point at which a post is cut off and displays "Post too long. Click here to view the full text."

also, can this affect the first post by the op of a thread? the first posts by ops are disproportionately long and annoying

3da2e No.49100

>the first posts by ops are disproportionately long and annoying
This isn't twitter.

2002a No.49044[Reply]

I want one thread for these people BECAUSE I think it'd be good for wizchan to have one thread exclusively for the use of these individuals who wish they could post their real thoughts without the trouble of being banned SINCE that'd show us that there are people who suffer and are unhappy due to the fact that they're alone and feel unloved right now.
In this thread, posters who wish to have a different life, one where romance, sex, or friendship had a chance to appear, would be able to post.
To have only one thread reserved for those posters who we know exist among us will do wonders to this site, as it'd help set other anonymages' fears aside, clearing up their minds and showing them if the path of wizardry is the right path for them.

Rule 2 on that thread will be changed for that thread to work and it'll read as

'Do not state or suggest that you had have sexual or romantic experiences.'

Make it possible at least for a short period, to see how it goes.
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22c44 No.49075

he's using the terms directly describing what op is talking about. tell that to op, not him

12d1b No.49080

I thought reddit banned them after the feminist complained?

95522 No.49081

crab websites are everywhere. Fuck off.

2002a No.49082

>crab websites are everywhere

oh yeah? I don't know a single besides this one.

09c14 No.49083

/r9k/ has many variations.

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