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File: 1614935646236.jpg (68.8 KB, 956x684, 239:171, maxresdefault-4.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

3e472 No.58001[Reply]

If you are in favor of the mod resigning, reply with "MOD RESIGN!"
If you want the mod to stay, reply with "MOD STAY".

Some years ago as an april's joke the Admin made a post where he informed us Wizchan will merge with Crystal Cafe or smth along those lines and you thought it was funny. Now wizchan is invaded by faggots, trannies, crossposters from crystal cafe, and discord clique fags. They've always been here though, so it shouldn't surprise anyone but for some of you it's not funny anymore and are all crying about it happening. Know you're as guilty as the mods, discussing this just now, and not while it was happening, there were threads about it, there had always been, and you never cared, you acted as indifferent as the mods. You may think you did care, but you never really did. Things wouldn't have gotten like this if you really did. Now you wanna take your Wizchan back. Bad news, it's too late.

Even as of now you still complain on /meta/ when you know for a fact mods ignore your posts, and when they do reply it's with a blatant lie. You metaburgers are the perfect lolcows for them and their friends and I can't blame them, if I was a mod I'd be laughing at how desperate and serious you take a forum for adult virgins.

For starters, the mods let this guy >>57999 say there exist "witches" on the main boards and don't ban him when he says females are more wizardly than male virgins.
Mods are making fun of you. They like the drama and fights a guy like that creates. They like seeing you upset and make this threads. They love it. Mod's probably smiling reading this.

Secondly, the mods or at least one mod is part of the shitclique. I have no doubt about it. I made a silly gay thread with a picture of an anime succubus saying that I couldn't wait to voicechat with my wizzies from the wizchan clique, and he deleted it while he let the other poster with his screenshots of the wizchan clique for hours. Why? Because he wanted to "own" that poster and let his friends from his clique do the same. That's why. The mod was in that thread replying. The mods post on /b/ and had never deleted any of the ridiculous gay posting, the day before I copy pasted a thread from 4chan about a guy taking estrogen and his experience and mod completely ignored it and the thread got plenty of gay replies.
This shows that the mod wants to hide this faPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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57298 No.59580

Such desire is degenerated, for true protection is given by teaching them to fight instead of raising them between pillows.

If you think twice, athletic and well studied men should also be protected that way by females, so whatever.

3307c No.59611

Very funny how you left poltards and crabs outside your invaders' list. Although poltards for the most part are, at the same time, crabs, trannies and faggots

1bd2d No.59657

Why did y'all ban me?!

ba052 No.59660

File: 1621705517020.gif (424.21 KB, 200x198, 100:99, gg33.gif) ImgOps iqdb


2355d No.59667

Kill yourself, underage 3D worshipping retard.

File: 1615249462440.gif (645.06 KB, 400x250, 8:5, 2xMNSk1s52djxo1_400.gif) ImgOps iqdb

bdd2f No.58113[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

I initially thought mods didn't ban CCposter and other homosexuals on /b/ because they like them or don't care about Wizchan, but now I don't care anymore.
I'm a guy who always tries to find the good in everything, even the shittest of situations. I realize now that these nonwizards abominations can teach us a great lesson on the risks of being a FAGGOT CRAB, albeit inadvertently.
By looking at them and avoiding to be anything like them, we can become not only better persons but better wizards. Virtuous ones.

As the majority of you already know, CCposter is a narcissistic delusional drug addict with gender dysphoria and is preoccupied with female issues. He came from crystal cafe, has stated many times he wishes to be a female and is constantly suffering because he wasn't born a female. He is also obsessed with having a male friend to give emotional support and feel platonic "love". It's really easy to connect the dots now and understand why even though the guy might be a virgin he will never grow to become a wizard. Why?
Because trans faggots like him want to be females so they can BE THE GIRLFRIEND. He is the worst type of crab you can find. The crab who hates his own sex and resents every other male virgin who have normal feelings.
This explains his hatred for crabs, his desire to turn Wizchan in a place where succubi can post too, calling them wizardly, and witches, obsession with female topics and issues, attentionwhoring behaviour, etc.

Maybe they don't know it yet, but they're the perfect example as to why we should disregard and distance ourselves from females or sexual and romantic desires.

When an apprentice is having problems focusin on the wizard path, we can just read them the story of ccposter and the faggot abomination from /b/ It will scare them but motivate them to avoid and disregard sex and females.
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Stop shitposting

da7c6 No.58410

>Looks to me more like you're jerking each other off and avoiding actually responding to me directly

273f6 No.58418

>Virginity really is a nebulous concept and it only exists in men's psyches to torment men them until they pass the ritual. Basing wizardry on it would be acknowledging the significance of the first sexual experience and implicitly injecting normalfag values into it.

How the fuck is this retard not banned?

985b8 No.58460

shut the fuck up, you hypocrite CUNT

e56fc No.59654

I would like to see more emphasis on asociality and less emphasis on sex in the site culture (I'm not advocating for changing the virgin rule, calm down burger-kun)

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445e1 No.57206[Reply]

Why is furfag and gay shit allowed espcially on the fap threads? I can understand allowing maybe gay stuff that is /jp/ art despite personally not liking it but why the fuck is furfag shit allowed?
There should be some quality control on the fap threads we could have very nice threads but instead a bunch of faggots post a minotaur with a giant dick and honestly considering everywhere else online is filled with unironic faggots and furfags do we really need furfaggots here?
2D succubi are fine
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54e2f No.59639

how many of these threads do we need, you people beat this issue almost as relentlessly as your 3-incher

c1374 No.59640

calm down succ

46492 No.59648

Im not happy seeing discussion of 3DPD posted in the porn thread. These people are fapping to 3DPD and talking about it in a 2D only thread and the only reason they are not sharing it is the rules

c6c91 No.59649

There is no rule against talking about it and the thread is about what you fap to rather then just a place to share 2d.
Though more then a few posters in that thread are trolls as well as deeply mentally ill.

46492 No.59653

People who cap to 3D should be banned

b8741 No.59634[Reply]

Moderators too busy banning and removing non-rule breaking posts to actually moderate the board.

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b72ab No.59642

Did mods comment on raid at all?


There's not much to say, and no spamming outsider deserves any real attention. We've been raided by other imageboards since the days of old Wizardchan, as all registration-free forums are. This time was particularly bad because of the sheer volume of spam coupled with the 3DPD content, and luckily a brave mod managed to clear things up and fend the spammer off long enough for them to lose interest, for which we should all be grateful.

In the case of spam large enough to knock threads off page 10, remember that expired threads are still visible via the [Archive] link towards the top of the thread list. You're free to remake threads that may have been prematurely killed, provided a subsequent volume of that thread topic isn't currently open.

b72ab No.59644

Makes sense not to give attention to them I guess I was curious but it is a shame threads are lost.
One another board I use it detects spam if too many people post at once. Flood detected pops up. They frequently get attacked.

Sorry for brain fart and thanks for clearing it up

715b1 No.59651

God your ego is so disproportionate to your actual effectiveness at your job.

Doing nothing for hours as the site is spammed to death by a single asshole because no one was doing there job that they signed up for isn't worthy of praise.

d0635 No.59652

It's not a job, it's a hobby.

0e313 No.59645[Reply]

Can someone link the thread where anons discussed magical succubus anime? It was on JP and had a madoka magical review in it that started a argument and NGE meme. The reason I ask is I was suggested a magical succubus anime and cannot find it anymore due to spam.
Thank you

0e313 No.59647

I don't think I can sir

1d75c No.59650

Search function.
Use it and stop being such a noob.

File: 1621301786556.png (203.74 KB, 656x760, 82:95, Moddess tries fair moderat….png) ImgOps iqdb

44f05 No.59597[Reply]

Woah moddess, very cool favortism! Didn't know you were sexually aroused by trannies, inb4 thread deleted, image file banned, and another permaban for "ban evasion" despite having no real reason for the original ban!

>deletes original thread and three more after that

>another bans, "unspecified reason" since can't think of a real reason
Just missing the image ban moddesss, nevermind you did that too LOL! Irony knows no bounds when your involved!
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60e08 No.59599

sorry OP i'm >>59598, i thought this was /b/ again. why did he ban you?

535f8 No.59600

File: 1621302736957.jpg (163.61 KB, 1200x1776, 25:37, 1621294236207.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

well fuck it all, everything is infected.

3f27f No.59601

>why did he ban you?
Because the moddess only lets some posters break the rules, yet will sit for hours banning others they don't like using the very rules they don't enforce on others as justification. The whole thing is just pure hypocrisy from them. I originally started making myself known on /b/ since the moderators don't enforce rule 8 and let others avatarfag for months or even YEARS. So I just said fuck it, I'll avatarfag with them. What was the moddess answer to my mockery of their blatant favortism? They ban me for very same thing they won't enforce on their protected avatarfags, showing I am 100% right. The irony is of course lost on the moddess.

So desperate to look for any reason to ban me they start pretending that ugly trannies who don't pass are "rule 7". Which to remind you means "3D content that is solely intended to arouse, attract or fawn over.", so apparently they have some fetish that involves trannies who don't pass as well.

d80c3 No.59602

You get banned for being a pain for everyone as all you do is sit there spamming images of transexuals ruining every thread where anime is mentioned. None of us but you want to see transexuals so the ban for rule 7 is justified you just want an excuse to post your fetish all over the board and you also attack random people on the listed boards as well.

70c07 No.59613

File: 1621372726375.png (754.29 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, cc.png) ImgOps iqdb

f48d2 No.57657[Reply]

Can the Fap Thread on /lounge/ be either moved to /b/ or be spoiler image only? I like reading/posting on /lounge/ without seeing porn and I think a lot of wizards would agree.
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b8b33 No.57856

File: 1614377261978.gif (821.66 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 94cdd3a6fb7b23508e71266e17….gif) ImgOps iqdb

>Do not state or suggest that you had, will have or want to have sexual or romantic experiences.
>Do not submit low quality, inflammatory or off-topic posts.
>Do not post 3D (real) pornography, or 3D content that is solely intended to arouse, attract or fawn over.

>Posts that are deemed to be low quality, antithetical to the spirit of the site or posted by someone deemed not to be a native of Wizardchan may be removed.

Or make a rule that you can only post fap material to that fap thread? I could post a fully clothed 2D succubus anywere and get banned, but if I post images like
its totally fine as long as I am part of the mods' circle jerk.
>For the millionth time enable javascript like a normie.

5043c No.59582

I submit this opinion.

A craver! Into the abyss (/b/) with him!

Who re ya? Those evil trany cock-posters many wizies complain about?

Again, I agree.

Report this.

These images are what should be limited to their own posts. I didn't come here to fap

6545a No.59604

They won't stop until they have the whole alphabet and all the symbols on the keyboard too

5e2b1 No.59605

I still remember when the letters were just GLB and even that was seen as too much by the mainstream.

6545a No.59610

Those sound like much better days. The only one you need for them all is G for GAY

57cbd No.57832[Reply]

Wizchan is getting slower and slower soon it will become too slow for anything but >>>/b/ which has already gotten slower seens feels came back.
Can we try get more users? can the people who run wizchan advertise the board somehow to the right people?
9 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f4aa5 No.59588

That game was really good you unlocked a infinite wave mode after beating the game as well. Taht dwarf was the strongest character I think from memory it was a really cool game.

d1f10 No.59603

Slow boards are always better


7d882 No.59608

That place is pure cancer. It's like 4 prolific shitposters repeating the same memes over and over, the main one of which is a 30 year old pedophile who spends all day stalking underage succubi on tiktok. Honestly it would unironically be more entertaining reading posts by bots.

Why does every small anonymous site have to be ruined by unfunny, super dedicated shitposters? This wasn't nearly as big of a problem on alt imageboards back in the 2000s.

d1f10 No.59609

Back in the day we had 2 Feels sites. Our version of Feels and idk how the other one started. Those were better days…

6c3ec No.59641

just wanted to say this game was so fugging good. amazing they did a movie game that was so based

File: 1615616741273.png (230.33 KB, 572x301, 572:301, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

f0b0f No.58446[Reply]

If we do not allow wojaks and frogs why the hell do we allow spongebob reaction images and the like when they are as bad if not worse and scream reddit and facesnap or whatever the children use.
7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

7dcac No.58471

Same for those Shaggy, ponies and Chad memes.

5b98b No.58472

spongebob is based

2099a No.58473

I'm in agreement with you guys. Really the closer you get to a textboard the better off you are. Memes just scream "recent 4chan refugee"

805e5 No.58474

mods can't ban shit and admin is too busy taking care of his wife and kids to care. you waste your time

aa5f0 No.59581


Yeah, I also want pepe and wojak back.


File: 1619184989639.jpg (68.56 KB, 1277x719, 1277:719, 43c000b9484f1d30dda91af705….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

c6df0 No.59099[Reply]

Can a vocel and inncel exist in the same body? I was thinking lately that I never considered myself fully crab or fully volcel but rather the keeper of homeostasis of these two forces. When one overpowers the other is when I know to supress the other side to keep them in balance, otherwise my whole system goes out of wack.
14 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

4f991 No.59148

inncels aren't crabs moron, crabs are a subset of inncels just like color haired sjw feminists don't represent the liberal or left political views

crabs are the same as born again volcels and fakecels, they are just tempcels

being a volcel is just a prerequisite to becoming an inncel or a truecel

df6d6 No.59150

>crabs aren't crabs
how new are you?

ce57c No.59151

>actually believing the post-gaymergate moddess team propaganda

a1c68 No.59153

all manlets are crabs but not all crabs are manlets.

63a79 No.59574

>Imagine debating about your virginity and if it makes you special

We do, yea, and without listening too much to disidents. So, heck off.

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