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File: 1615352985182.jpg (19.27 KB, 480x360, 4:3, notok.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

bc73a No.58223[Reply]

How is suggesting watching porn or masturbating not a permaban?

>2. Do not state or suggest that you had, will have or want to have sexual or romantic experiences.

How can you masturbate without desiring to have sex?
Do you make any other productive use of porn other than to fire funny magic from your wand?

If you want to allow something just because you like it, then you are no better than CCposter.
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11cb9 No.59093

Why did trashy succubi have to steal my melody and all the other sanrio characters and make them into self pity memes on tumblr and reddit? Kill yourselves you horrible cunts, I want hello kitty and her friends back

01d3f No.59094

If we had more 2d fappers then all the worlds problems would be solved

3777d No.59095

Yo recuerdo cuando esta jovencita desapareció pero no sabía el final, por cierto muy triste😥 desde Córdoba Rep. Argentina 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷ahhhh y si me acuerdo cuando se colgó de la antena algo así este mal parido 😡

d0ded No.59096

The more time one dedicates to discussing their hobbies and ignoring every other aspect of this site, the better.

016c8 No.59098

True enough, except there is no way to realistically enforce it.

File: 1618737238304.png (7.72 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb

7cb07 No.59045[Reply]

The staff are undeniably all nonvirgin normalfags. Can this site really have meaning if that's the case? Or are we all posting meaningless shit on a site controlled by people that can only mock?
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179a5 No.59075

>He spread disinfo lies that the mods of wizchan are sexhavers endangering the credibility, legitimacy, security of the entire site. He sought the destruction of Wizchan

I srsly hope this is irony too, the mods and other staff destroyed all those things by themselves years ago.

384f3 No.59077

>I swear, a lot of people treat irony like it's some sort of religion where ironic shitposting is some sacred cow.
I've noticed a lot of that since around 2013. Has been a net-detriment to online discourse (and information) since.

fbae3 No.59085

>I srsly hope this is irony too
You retards do realize that all imageboards are full of rats who are making fun of you? This isnt 2003 anymore when only nerds had internet access. This is dead serious. Let your guard down and you will be overrun by your enemys. You are all too comfortable.

045bf No.59086

>Has been a net-detriment to online discourse (and information) since.
For sure. It's gotten so bad that simply stating what you legitimately believe without any irony is considered "cringe".

4ddaf No.59087

File: 1619064263365.jpeg (59.28 KB, 406x364, 29:26, 0A0670CF-A998-4BF0-85D5-D….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm with 59085, he's somewhat right about refugees making the internet their home before everybody else and their grandmas came along. hacker researchers, modders and pirates were the settlers tho. go to any tech site and you will see, normalfags just request free shit and bring their afk drama to those forums.
this one lurks a discord channel dedicated to homebrew apps, many guilds and rom sharing channels are long gone. all that is left is nothing but parisian gentlemens club where crabs have needs fulfilled after their commitees for intelectual and political debates are done for the day.
we must defend helms deep at all cost and trust no aragorn.

File: 1617414534216.png (27.79 KB, 958x270, 479:135, 909491.png) ImgOps iqdb

b8951 No.58656[Reply]

It starts with the mods, Admin picked mods that are lazy and take hours to delete club penguin on the mainboards and never permaban persistent shitposters, and faggots that shit up the main boards with shitposts that have the words wizbussy, wizkid, witchie, wizchild, wizson, wizbaby, among other things.
I reported the club penguin every time that spam bot acted and other rule breaking posts alike but your mods are too slow to act.
We had a /b/ thread on lounge about adopting "wizkids" and "witchies", where a post read "I will love to sleep with wizkids on the same bed" or it was "I will love to see my wizkids on bed", I criticized said OP but a retarded mod banned me for it. Then another pedo saying in the cannibal thread that he will love to "eat" a wizkid butt or witchie bun, and then surprise surprise an actual pedo retard posted club penguin.

You have to choose new mods and ban the faggots, admin.
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922d0 No.58942

You know about 4chon.me?
I'd put money on it being a software problem. There's no post queue to be manually reviewed or anything like that here unlike on a certain other site.

baea1 No.58960

I would argue that all of the highly identifiable posters on here are breaking rule 8 or at least the spirit of the rule.

0fdba No.59000

Most of them are, yes. We need more mods to handle it all from spilling into the main boards

0bda9 No.59063

I've been here for a while, I was just confirming whether or not that happened since I heard about it. I don't really bother keeping up with drama here.

cc8cd No.59071

File: 1618876147955.mp4 (1.68 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 究極の謝罪を競う「土下座選手権」開催(Apology….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

wizards appealing bans to goddess moddess

File: 1617405133270.gif (146.58 KB, 500x393, 500:393, wizard.gif) ImgOps iqdb

 No.58648[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

As some of you might already know, wizchan was kicked out of our former host. I'm still in the process of trying to recover and transfer the domain to another registrar. Fortunately we had a mostly complete backup from just a few days ago. If there's any technical issue with the site you can post about it in this thread.
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5b34e No.58993

Actually, I think it might just be noko making my posts not appear.

008c3 No.58999

It depends on the board but yeah there is sometimes a delay from making a post and it showing up in several places.
The odd thing is it will be seen from the homepage nearly instantly.

4a193 No.59042

Anyone else's's file deletion passwords keep getting reset? I don't do anything to mess with cookies and when I set a password anew it resets to a random string after a day or so.

4a193 No.59043

File: 1618732727621.png (294.07 KB, 641x642, 641:642, .png) ImgOps iqdb

b7b14 No.59057

The back end seems to be in flux and as usual there is no transparency on what the hell is going on with all the weird site issues like the cause of post delays, settings being reset, and the password scrambling on it's own accord.

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File: 1618425877428.png (4.06 KB, 616x87, 616:87, ks.png) ImgOps iqdb

51fb4 No.58900[Reply]

Can mods get rid of this kalen poster?

For those who don't know, kalen spammer is a ~30 (he said he dropped out of high school before 2008 so he's likely around that age) year old shameless pedophile who stalks a 15 year old succubus named Kalen from Florida and talks about how badly he wants her. Anyone who uses Feels knows what I'm talking about, he always goes on and on about this obscure e-succubus and how much he wants her.

Not only that but he breaks the spirit of rule 2 (wants to have romantic experiences) with posts like pic related.

He's a literal crab pedophile who openly wants a romantic relationship with a 15 year old succubus and does not belong here.
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36e6e No.59037

im contributing to the discussion by pointing out the classic witch hunting fucktards that frequent this site. nothing wrong with that

kalen isnt underage

6928e No.59038

A pedo a simp and a crab? What a winner.
thatfeelwhen.net from what I could tell lurking a few time it's almost entirely 5 people spamming that same memes all day though.

36e6e No.59039

please don't make fun of feelers. we're trying our best to craft quality feels and feelers are very sensitive

>that feel when the smell of rice on a cold day

51fb4 No.59040

See: >>58902

And just in case you want to claim this screencap is fake:

1. Archive of feels post showing pic of kalen, who is very visibly an underage succubus:

2. Archive of kalenposter stating kalen was a baby in 2008:

3. Archive of kalenposter saying kalen is 15:

36e6e No.59041

burge lawyering begins. he has archived the evidence. trial begins

File: 1618635722237.jpg (1.3 MB, 1121x1428, 1121:1428, 1578726692827.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

da2ef No.59002[Reply]

Wizardchan has been around for what, seven years now? It's about time that we come up with something official to call ourselves. I suggest the term "wiznog"
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9133d No.59012

File: 1618675035002.png (765.09 KB, 709x758, 709:758, 75e718c2d6ae1d53eb3b5073f9….png) ImgOps iqdb

we have come along way…finally we won gaywiz bros

6b9a3 No.59014

I started posting around 2014. Was 20 back then. After all these years, I'm still a worthless virgin though.

da2ef No.59015

That's the guy I forgot, and seeing the name I don't think he was. Only his partner was

55426 No.59019

File: 1618697417955.png (485.88 KB, 525x383, 525:383, 18634781782232.png) ImgOps iqdb

I love 'em too bro

da2ef No.59035

File: 1618718318031.png (76.06 KB, 500x444, 125:111, strong-men-arent-just-the-….png) ImgOps iqdb

Anonymage should be changed to wiznog

File: 1618652330732-0.png (4.95 KB, 151x121, 151:121, 1-1.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1618652330732-1.png (40.37 KB, 617x397, 617:397, 1-2.png) ImgOps iqdb

621d0 No.59006[Reply]

Why not add the extra JavaScript to main.js? It seems a little nit-picky but NPFchan 6.0.6 already comes with all the JavaScript for more advanced features like filters and a post menu. Maybe simple = better but it just seems like every other 'chan site has it already.

5334f No.59009

Wizchan is so slow why would you ever need to filter anything unless you are a baby that cannot handle seeing things you dislike?

7df69 No.59010

>unless you are a baby that cannot handle seeing things you dislike?

LAD, you're on META lad! LOOK AROUND YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


6cb9c No.58979[Reply]

I think the best resolution to the gay stuff being posted as wel as the furry stuff in the fap thread is to make it be spoiler because it is clear that whenever a fap thread is made someone posts a lot of furry weird stuff and a lot of us are not gay fags and do not like this.

This is clearly a troll attempt
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

15eb8 No.58982

>This is clearly a troll attempt
It is! The gay furries and "Manly Man" bara posters have admitted in the past. Whenever they find a particularly offensive image. or someone explains why something they post in the fap thread is gross, the homos will post it repeatedly in /b/ to avatarfag and signal to the other gayhomos that it is time to bump the lounge fap thread with more material that makes people leave the site. Ban them all, no rule changes needed. They're trolling and they know it.

7ad69 No.58984

daily reminder that wizchan is not a porn site and nobody gives a shit that someone ruined your porno thread, burger

6cb9c No.58986

ban would be good the homos ruin this place but we all know that no homosexual will get banned you can link the mods a stream of you jerking off and they will not ban you.

4658c No.58987

ow my human pedoshit safe space

57782 No.58988

I’m gonna go with this, I’m not really a fan of the fap thread, there’s no real point in sharing what you fap to since if it’s not generic anime succubi some burger will get butthurt

File: 1611558227762.png (930.32 KB, 967x855, 967:855, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

0c6d5 No.57364[Reply]

Being a crab is against the rules and should be a bannable offence.
>Do not state or suggest that you had, will have or want to have sexual or romantic experiences.

A crab cannot exist without a desire to have and want a sexual relationship their entire identity is based on being unable to have a relationship with a succubus and thus do not belong on wizchan.
There are plenty of websites for them to congregate on and openly crab talk but they come here and disparage those who hate on crabs for being crabs.
36 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

3b4c9 No.58965

The ironic thing is that these "Crab rights activists" who keep accusing their enemies of being succubi or white knighting for succubi, are the ones who desire succubi more than anyone. You're the one defending your right to shout on wizchan how much you love succubi. How much you want to be intimate with them and share their beds, and touch their bodies and make pillow talk.

You hate succubi and call your enemies succubi and succubus-enablers. But no one needs succubi more than crabs. You want them so bad. You want them to love you, to have a high opinion of you. You keep crying that they say you're ugly. You want succubi in a sweet voice to compliment how handsome you are.

You keep calling us succubi, but you wish Wizchan was full of succubi who want to fuck you, thats what being a crab means. You're a bigger fan of the female body than anyone else here.

8a1ce No.58966

File: 1618523202072.gif (415.65 KB, 421x281, 421:281, 1107520.gif) ImgOps iqdb

4ecbd No.58967

Rather have crab retards than faggots, succubi or the 40% club. Wizchan is going down the shitter fast.

7aa4b No.58969

only crabs can be volcels

0f113 No.58978

If only it was the modern age and crabs would be boiled for suggesting all volcel Mods secretly want to molest wizkids

227c2 No.58302[Reply]

feeler crab is posting these succubi getting smacked around webms
probably he was the guy who always posts gore and his succubi rekt shit
webm thread is r9k shit now. in the past it was pretty funny and interesting
4 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

4fbbd No.58317

i won a supercookie in grade 2 for being a good wiz that always held the door open for other kids, but i went to the office to claim it and they ate it

fuxk school

440c0 No.58318

I respect that the mods allow themselves to be openly attacked by why are ban evaders allowed to shit up meta I seen even when madcuck was sperging constantly burning proxies that he would come onto meta and be allowed to bitch without being deterred from post removal.

227c2 No.58319

one is 2d the other is 3d though

also to people like you, gore might as well be porn so no thanks

4d49a No.58938

>Can't post 3d porn of succubi
Yet some wizfag can masturbate on livecam for other wizzies to jerk off too and it's A-okay according to mods. I wish mods would just admit they make up the site rules based on their own homosexuality.

bddb6 No.58968

>Moderators literally won't let you post succubi getting shrekt anymore, but let you post 2d succubi porn. The absolute state of wizchan.

It is wizardly to like anime succubi we are not all asexual but instead of fawning over succubus we like the anime succubi.
The mods are undeniably homosexual

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