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File: 1695494104441.png (16.94 KB, 400x137, 400:137, Post history.png) ImgOps iqdb

a6e28 No.64364[Reply]

How does the posts history works?, with your IP address?

I use some boards in my browser private mode and even when I close the window the post history doesn't get deleted. So I don't know how it is saved.

f5ef2 No.64366

I believe the history page shows all the posts from the IP you're viewing the page from.
There is a bit of trickery that if you use the same VPN as someone else, you can see all the posts anyone has made from that VPN IP address.
The person who created the post history saw the privacy issue of that and allowed you to block the page for your IP. So your family or anyone else who shares your IP cannot see.
You can click the link at the top to "block this page" or something which will blacklist your current IP address. The page will no longer list the posts when that IP address accesses the page. If your IP changes you have to block it again.

b8d00 No.64367

Posts made with the same IP get grouped together on the history page for that IP.
>I use some boards in my browser private mode
Private mode doesn't keep any website from seeing your IP address, all it does is prevent your browser from saving data locally (cookies, cached media, browsing history) and referring to what it has already saved. So if you browse Wizchan in Private Mode, at the most your automatically generated post deletion password will be different, because that's stored as a cookie on your PC.

a6e28 No.64369

I don't use a VPN and my parents aren't going to come here so that shouldn't be a problem for me, right?

My IP address changes from time to time though, does that mean that I will lose the post history once it changes? And technically the person that gets my IP address next could see my posts?

Wouldn't it better to use the cookies so it's linked to each computer?

b8d00 No.64372

>I don't use a VPN and my parents aren't going to come here so that shouldn't be a problem for me, right?
Correct. There should be no evidence of you using Wizchan unless they go on your computer and check your browsing history
>My IP address changes from time to time though, does that mean that I will lose the post history once it changes? And technically the person that gets my IP address next could see my posts?
Both yes.
>Wouldn't it better to use the cookies so it's linked to each computer?
Whatever software Wizchan uses allows for that, but I don't think Wizchan does. A lot of people don't save cookies anymore, and those who do would have a different post history for each device and browser they browse from.

ideally there would be some sort of psudo-login system where a user can enter in a unique string and get all posts made while that string was typed in its field at the time of posting. Like a file deletion password that reveals all posts made with it.

a6e28 No.64571

I really don't know why would someone want to have a history with all the posts that you have made here. I don't see the utility of it. With the watchlist is enough to follow the threads where you have posted.

46406 No.64567[Reply]

My opinion is that changing the current wizchan logo to this thing would be a great idea.

502b6 No.64568

File: 1709061657948.png (9.29 KB, 458x459, 458:459, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb

56984 No.64569

File: 1709062473553.jpeg (50.33 KB, 640x460, 32:23, laughGoodfellas.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

5f0d9 No.64535[Reply]

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2dd2a No.64557

sir please response


ec121 No.64558

File: 1707725833017.webm (1.06 MB, 1787x1267, 1787:1267, easy.webm) ImgOps iqdb

here's one simple trick that fixes all your problems


Sorry, I don't even fully understand the question. It's likely whatever system is included or available for the NPFChan software we're running. If it's a webserver thing, then whatever Amazon has on their Ubuntu 20.04 deployments.

51ba7 No.64565

We need a Peppa Pig sticky

f77ba No.64566

cb742 No.64530[Reply]

I accidentally hide a thread. How can I unhid the thread? I looked for the bottom for hide but it disappeared. Help.
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78a7e No.64554


acb9b No.64561

So there is no option to do it?

917a3 No.64562

Not natively, no.

acb9b No.64563

That is like a very basic function. I hope they added it soon.

73f54 No.64564

There would be no point in a hide function if it left any minute trace that the thread ever existed at all

bb09d No.64547[Reply]


is this a bot or some russian troll farm thing? can you check the ip and investigate and get back to me. thanks bossman

d69f7 No.64548

/b/ has been known to bear host to ingenuine opinions, posted for the sake of upsetting other users.

bb09d No.64549

it's not upsetting just oddly composed and structured. i don't think a human made that post

a315f No.64559

the thread is 404, what was the thread about?

File: 1703023604948.jpg (100.47 KB, 540x546, 90:91, 1702841789863185.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

72588 No.64498[Reply]

Seeing the comments that some people make, I think there would be potential to create a board, or at least do an experiment with one to see how active it is.
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6a7ee No.64533

Wizchan's directs competition

22620 No.64540

File: 1706401858037.jpg (31.22 KB, 683x700, 683:700, schizo wiz alien.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

very good idea cause some wizzies are schizos and those putos make sum top tier conspiracy theories

f0a0d No.64551


fucking peruvian, man, I swear

ce77c No.64553

Most are bored teens shitposters hoping someone will drop decent copypasta in their lap for them to repost to redzit.
/x/ has been dead for legit occult discussion for years.
Most active threads just fortune telling and arguing over astrology now.

0b99b No.64635

You think you will get actual intersting content related with the occult, but what you will get in reality is schizo flat earthers and delusional evangelicals.

63c6a No.64506[Reply]

Hello, Im going to create tis thread and lists some reasons why wizchan might be bad. I'm saying might be because when I look around I see some positive threads that I don't expect to see here and was a taboo not too long ago; for example the anti suicide thread. Anyways here it goes.

1. The mods and admin are a "mysterious" clique that can see your posts but you cant see theirs. They probably could track your internet usage too. They do this to troll and in their defense find out infiltrators(lol 😂) who wants troll this website. You be the judge if you're ok with being spied on.

2. Negativity is encouraged. Depression is encouraged a lot here while I don't think it's surprising that wizards suffer but encouraging negativity in the user base is such a fucked up thing to do when the mod/admin team is laughing in their discord servers and also trolling in /b/. They're not really serious and just want to spread negativity.

3. Somebody here said it's a clubhouse not a debateclub. He's right this place is definitely a club house with the mod team and admin as the cool kids(men adults) clique. Wizchan is really comfy for them because they can't just do whatever they want in the website. Now you could even say you don't have a problem with that but I just don't like it. This website feels like a playground for them which I wouldn't even mind if they weren't some wizards k*lling themselves on the suicide thread. Trolling and funsies for them and rules and some suicides for the users.

4. Why the place is still up. I think the place is just up bc 30 year old virgins mod/admin wants a clubhouse where they can socialize and be comfy and also troll. You can say they'll just troll the trolls but I think they will troll anyone they disagree with. I just don't see why would it matter to them wizard or not. They just want a place where it's comfortable for them to be virgins then do whatever they want without mocking them for being virgins. It's basically their own kingdom and the userbase as serfs for attention and positive replies without much disagreement and like-mindedness
5. Concept of wizardry. I just don't think the mods care about this because I just don't see them caring about the user base. It must Asperger's having no empathy and all that. So therefore wizardry might not really matter to them. I mean just look at the truewizard contest. You'll know the loudest ones are the mods. It's also crazy how everyone is so easilPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

63c6a No.64507

Belated merry Christmas to all of us, God have mercy on all of us. Peace.

3ec81 No.64510

>I see some positive threads that I don't expect to see here and was a taboo not too long ago
Positive threads were never taboo

3256e No.64541

based mod
youre making me even prouder to be a wizard

File: 1704053135045.png (3.71 KB, 300x168, 25:14, email.png) ImgOps iqdb

446d7 No.64511[Reply]

Unfortunately the webmaster's publicly listed email address for this site is not active. I would like to please get in touch with the webmaster, Glaive or one of the moderators to request comment and get their side of the story regarding a controversy in which Wizardchan was accused of engaging in harassment - a claim that is contested. Can someone please point me in the right direction?
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3d49e No.64522

>on what evidence?
The geolocation for the IP the threats were being posted from were located directly above her IRL house (which she made (public). They were the only posts made from that static IP. She was also samefagging with this single IP in response to her own posts.

446d7 No.64523

Is there evidence of this or moderators/admins who can attest to this?

1f0ee No.64528

> geolocation for the IP

Can you really geolocation for the IP down to the house level?

1f0ee No.64529

From Hotwheels-

Q: I’ve heard you used to frequent Wizardchan. What was your involvement in the community? Were you there to witness the dramatic showdown between Zoe Quinn & members of the community as it happened?

A: I first became involved in Wizardchan when I saw it linked from 4chon.net in December of 2012. I was a regular poster until the original administrator of the site, mr_pacific, wanted to sell it. He was tired of the site and needed money. The community was very small then but I decided to buy it from him and I was the administrator from March 2013 to September 2013. I resigned from the site because the main rule of the site is that only male virgins are allowed to post, and I lost this status.

I was friends with the subsequent admin of Wizardchan, Glaive, who was in charge during the Zoë drama. The way it was described in the media is not the way that it happened at all. Many Wizardchan users are very depressed and have trouble even ordering pizza over the telephone, muchless calling someone they don’t know and making threats. The threatening posts made on Wizardchan were made by Zoë herself for attention and by trolls from other websites, as was confirmed by IP checks. Some media outlets recanted their story, but by then the damage was already done.

446d7 No.64531

Thanks, I've found the interview.

821d5 No.64484[Reply]

https cert is expired, just fyi


ccf81 No.64493

thanks captain obvious

0c03b No.64496

Just noticed that the cert has been updated.


8161e No.64472[Reply]


I posted that mods are feds in response to this guy and my post was deleted. You wouldn't be in cohoots with federal agents, would you? Very sus
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00bf8 No.64478

>Lying about involvement violates our DoD contract

O.O w-what??? imposter is sus

>new certificate requested


2ab1c No.64479

I kind of figured you guys were aware of it so didn't make a thread about it.
But I was wondering.
Thanks for letting us know what was going on with that background stuff.

b4a05 No.64486

do you not know how to do it? do you use letsencrypt?


If it's working now, it was the developer who fixed it. If it wasn't, then good job me. It will likely happen again the same time next year.

bd1b0 No.64495

that 85 iq struggle is real

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