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File: 1628813661957.jpg (71.44 KB, 491x750, 491:750, 1628808588180.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

e84bc No.60403[Reply]

Did the mods ever ban the trannyhomos on /b/? Last time I came here there was a war going on about them. I tended to agree with the "there's no such thing as a gay wizard" camp.
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ebe7d No.60543

You know that the website has more than one board, right?

0dc15 No.60547

That isn't the point.

b59ee No.60554

The website has been dead for years now, but this is still a gutpunch. What the fuck

5373a No.60555

>lolishit spam
>textless jewtube posts from your phone
>drug addled gibberish you think is funny because it sounded funny to yourself
>whining about school
>random no reply brain farts

>genuine and fun conversations on /b/

e9aed No.60556


This is the kind of crossposting wannabe normal that has 'fun' on /b/. Really should tell you everything about that cancerous board's population.

File: 1625909454099.png (135.11 KB, 540x386, 270:193, 1621859393247.png) ImgOps iqdb

60d20 No.60086[Reply]

I find it so strange that an imageboard supposedly composed of hikkis and other societal-fringe people has such a consistently diurnal post frequency.

Am I the only person who has noticed this? Once american time zones reach normalfag bedtimes this place turns into a ghost town. It's really surprising to me. People post here like they're punching the clock at their day job.

Where are all the nocturnal hikkis?
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d9827 No.60167

How the fuck is anyone supposed to recognize that when there are users of this site with children and the mods LITERALLY have sex with each other

3403e No.60538

could you post pics of the mods banging eachother?

aa170 No.60540

The world has multiple timezones American.

60d20 No.60548

all the more reason for the post frequency to not be so starkly diurnal.

79d37 No.60549

most people are more likely to respond when there is activity.

File: 1623095251344.png (52.63 KB, 890x379, 890:379, virgin.png) ImgOps iqdb

0d399 No.59814[Reply]

I meet the criteria but I think it's unfair towards abused virgins (e.g. someone who was forced to suck or stroke someone's dick as a child) who are considered non-virgins according to the rules and excluded.
IMO a non-virgin is someone who has engaged in insertive vaginal, oral or anal sex with another person, or receptive if it was out of their own volition. Debatable (someone who does the latter can be considered mentally ill and unable to give consent) but we wouldn't want trannies here.
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c882b No.60047

this is a discussion of differing ideologies: should rules be absolutes that must be universally obeyed or should we use rules as guidelines (which gives them some flexibility) to maintain a particular system or ideology?

allowing sexual discussion, even under these circumstances (rape) would be subversive to maintaining the ideology and spirit of the site. in this realm, all sexual discussion (regarding real world encounters) is off the table. wizchan defines itself by its separation from real world sexuality so discussing it in any context would go against the ethos of the site. you shouldn't talk about politics in a golf forum. you shouldn't talk about south park in an anime forum. you shouldn't talk about real world sex in wizchan.

however if (like me) you view rules as guidelines rather than absolutes, then victims (of rape) may be eligible to post and participate in the community. if their beliefs and principles are in line with those of the site, then I would argue the violence done against them should not preclude them from joining the community and participating in discussion. i don't believe we should penalize people for factors outside of their control. if you post within the guidelines of the site then you are neither a disruptive or destructive influence on the culture of the board. but like i said before, this board is dedicated to a very particular human niche, so even though i believe rape victims are eligible to post here, they should still not discuss their real world sexual encounters here. this just isnt the place for that.

in the end, its a personal choice whether you post here in spite of the fact you have sexual experience. some users don't believe you have the right to be here, some do. either way, i don't think you should expect the site owner to change the rules or definitions contained therein. the site rules are intentionally strict to maintain the niche nature of the board. wizchan is a very particular facet of humanity that requires a higher level of gatekeeping that other communities.

a200d No.60049

I agree. My friend who got abused by a very ugly fat old succubus relative as a teenager (I can assure you she is no males or females dream) and by the strictest definition of the rules he would be barred from posting here though he has practically shut out of society completely.

3773c No.60050

"friend" lol
not like it matters since you made it up

9b408 No.60051

Either rules are absolute, or you don't have any rules at all. Kill yourself.

82f2d No.60539

you are the kind of asshole who would argue batman should be put in jail

File: 1629921151226.jpg (250.91 KB, 595x1024, 595:1024, 1629138839034m.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

2bd45 No.60466[Reply]

How much $ to buy wizchan? I'd never thought about this, but I will buy it. Moddess tell me how to buy this website. I am not joking. I'm a wizard I've never done this, but I have enough money.
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2dfe6 No.60510

i hate anime

c9c86 No.60526

Moddess? Are you going to tell me how to buy wizchan?

33918 No.60527

2c970 No.60531


2ddd4 No.60533

>paying money to have the responsibility of running this shithole

ae17e No.60515[Reply]

Hear me out. Just because /b/ is off-topic it doesn't mean the rules of the site don't apply. He just spams his shitty videos in his own threads that nobody replies to. Or else he just hijacks someone else's thread to post garbage. Can't something be done about this faggot? Or is he one of the modclique's golden children and has immunity from moderation?
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I know who he is but we can't do anything about him because he hops IP every few minutes, revoking youtube embeds would have to be revoked for everyone that uses a proxy. People are already upset about image privileges being taken away from proxy users, there's really nothing that can be done as long as proxies are allowed.

fe95f No.60522

that's andrew posting them
no one besides andrew and other mods post on b

f9157 No.60528

he is a good poster, leave him alone

a8376 No.60529

File: 1630568089679.gif (3.67 MB, 600x325, 24:13, 7F6DBF68-CD8C-476C-8CAA-78….gif) ImgOps iqdb

the war with the crabs on /b/ is not quieting down, it is a language that crabs do not understand. if crabs think they can outspam me, it's on

63453 No.60530

File: 1630639300906.png (30.57 KB, 1920x630, 64:21, 1920px-ABBA_logo.svg.png) ImgOps iqdb

( ° o°) 🎶🎵🎶🎶🎵🎶🎼

3bdfa No.59931[Reply]

something needs to be done about the megaman blogger and his friends over on /b/
it's a neverending barrage of avatarfaggotry, attention whoring and rule 4 breaking (among other rules).


look at all the blatantly anti-neet posts in this thread, and the fact that the user they are replying to is obnoxious is no excuse. would it also be ok to shame him for being a virgin?

why is this allowed to continue?
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83e5a No.60504

their tags are andreas.nunez#1630 and wandcaptor#9943 I saw them erping in discord last night as per usual every sunday erp session, one of them kept mentioning doing heinous things to his baby sister and the other kept talking about something called “rc”

28a61 No.60511

People in discord cliques always end up hating each other, I would feel sorry for them if they weren't utter pieces of shit. It's almost like its own punishment to be in groups like that.

d86fd No.60512

File: 1630462261578.png (465.18 KB, 640x353, 640:353, joker.png) ImgOps iqdb

1713c No.60513

I'm fine with them as long as they don't gang up on me. Discord is for non-defective, non-feral humans who can still be socialized.

a1384 No.60516

>don't gang up on me
That's the only thing those apes are capable of

File: 1625542742622.jpg (159.95 KB, 817x1200, 817:1200, buildrobotmodels.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

eeae6 No.60057[Reply]

I know we joke about folks who come on to wizardchan saying, "Oh man, I haven't gotten laid in two weeks, I'm such a wizzie :'(," but why does it happen? Why do gigachads, homosexuals, and succubi come on here? Especially the latter. What's the psychology that's going on? Can we not have a single space where we can be left alone for just a little while? Picrel.

I know there's that "Death of all hobbies" meme pic, but I'm not buying that explanation in this case. I feel that there's something more sinister, cruel, and calculated about it.
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b5236 No.60444

Unironically this website has a lot of succubi. They probably appreciate having a place to vent/talk about irl issues without horny coomer posting and shit that makes them insecure. The no sex and no relationship posting is good for foids that have problems on that front they want to ignore. Lolcow and crystal cafe is brutal on their self image due to the nitpicking

I speculate that this website is 1/20 succubi. But if they follow the rules who cares.

e945f No.60452

They don't invade. There's a type of mentally ill autistic that has ptsd that tries to cathartically purge his pent up rage over being so disturbed by emulating the behavior that made him angry to begin with. They come off as technically an anger monger, a troll. They have no lives and feel just like you do. I have relatives that are like this and understand human psychology probably better than normal people do. I don't actually do it myself and always found such bait immature and overly obvious but to the disturbed entity they think everyone is dumber than they are and giggle after spreading their misery. They probably go outside a lot and or have jobs and that's why they can't let their bullshit go and instead try to 'feel' with you as you chimp out at the bait and say what they feel deep inside. It's a defense mechanism of the sadistic to never share genuine feelings and instead to 'tease'. They should have been killed at birth, this teasing catharsis disturbed type of autist. Even if they don't go outside nor have jobs they probably get constantly reminded by going to normal sites.

No one ever went to imageboards to get laid so this image nor newer images like it is/are never going to be actually genuine. No one tries to get laid via hobbies either. They go to bars or churches or malls or themeparks or use meeting sites of various sorts. Etc. It's paranoia and taking bait too seriously to think that happens.

In regards to hobbies in general though a depressed type would hate on people for being too normal to have a hobby. After all there's meetup groups for normal people with tons of hobbies to meet up with one another so I can see it triggering a full on schizo. The word hobby is almost pointless after all. It means you did something and were not paid really, however one could say that someone with a job is more normal than most imageboard types so then it can go in the opposite direction entirely.

da138 No.60464

trolling is just fun for most people

81591 No.60507

Because pussies like you cry about it, obviously the more upset you get about nonvirgins posting here the more they will want to.

The best thing to do is not worry about it, don't give them attention, and report and move on. You see paranoid threads here all the time with OP claiming that X percent of the userbase is nonvirgins or succubi. Like who cares? There's nothing you can do about it, all you can do is hope these people don't poison the website culture.

ec82f No.60593

Actually there is, make the site closed for posting on any new IPs and send timestamped videos of manboobs to the admin for whitelisting

6a4fb No.60488[Reply]

What happened to the Wizardchan textboard and wiki? Also,on the frontpage,all of the copyrights are out of date.
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7f68b No.60497

>Last Saturday we had about 600 posts across the whole site

That's like a post every other minute. It's fast enough to be addicting even.

671df No.60498

oh yeah here it is
I have no idea how to read it but it has a graph that seems to do something and there are numbers and some bars that represent something, I think it's amount of posts but I have no idea

671df No.60500

why doesn't the text link just go to feels like it did on old wizardchan


>if something is broken, why not at the very least remove it?
Sure it's broken, but the presence of a few dead links isn't exactly crashing anyone's browser or leaking their IP. The amount of work and testing that has to be done - while it may be a 2-minute job for an experienced webdev - just isn't worth the payoff of having two links cleaned from a mostly blank navbar and the homepage which I believe most users don't even visit anyway. That's the honest answer. The optimistic answer is that the textboard, wiki, and public post counter may be fixed in the future so there's no sense doing something just to undo it later.

>Last Updated : 2021-03-28T08:00:01
That's when we were shut down so it may be stuck at that point in time. The mod panel has one that updates in realtime.

>why doesn't the text link just go to feels like it did on old wizardchan
I have no idea who is operating the current feels

6a4fb No.60506


0cd68 No.60383[Reply]

I would really appreciate this.Does Wizardchan have a dark mode? Or is there any way to add it to Wizardchan?

2fa08 No.60386

top right options

0cd68 No.60486

thx man

File: 1619834145183.jpg (328.85 KB, 1484x1891, 1484:1891, 1619825959884.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

c1b12 No.59276[Reply]

What separates the crab from the Wizard? And the Wizard from the crab?
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3bcee No.59320

A wizard is what a crab will become if he remains a virgin

5c089 No.59573


Wouldn't they crabs wish such a thing to be accepted.

3f9dc No.59577

A wizard cannot be a crab because a wizard does not make their entire identity revolve around not being able to have sex and succubus hate a crab wants to have sex but feel they are unfairly denied whilst a wizard does not care at all about sex and may very well be able to have sex if he so wished and this drives crabs mad when you mention that you can be a chad wizard.

ff5c4 No.60450

It's just a strawman tactic to imply that someone is too normal to be here and if you call out the bullshit your post is pruned and you are banned for it. You get called crab for no reason at all so it really means nothing like most buzzwords mean nothing.

Realistically it's retarded to say only asexual austistics should post here. Crab is not even in the faq for a reason.

Yes, don't talk about sex, but this word crab should be pruned along with real offenses of that and it is never even about wanting sex when someone is called a crab. It's retarded really.

ffc68 No.60457

File: 1629873903791.jpg (55.99 KB, 704x540, 176:135, 1568817029514.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I am a wizard because I never had sex
>>wizards do not make their entire identity revolve around not being able to have sex

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