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File: 1672715498924.jpg (302.01 KB, 1917x961, 1917:961, interesting.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

592df No.63267[Reply]

One of the delete buttons says "delete", one of them says "dispel". If a mod can change the other one to say "dispel", I would appreciate it :D
BTW I did not report that guy, I only selected it for demonstration purposes.
Picrel (names have been censored for privacy reasons).

c399a No.63300

the inconsistencies add charm

e3619 No.63242[Reply]

temp boards for various holidays like christmas, halloween, valentines, saint patricks day, etc

every post in them earns us some wizbux

when the holiday ends the board disappears and all posts in it are removed

it can all trigger automatically based on the day of the year. we can have fun themes automatically applied as well based on what holiday triggers its creation

maybe custom cursors like a pumpkin or christmas tree arrow if websites still allow that

respond with words of encouragement for the developer rat slave who has to code all this nonsense

0c3e6 No.63243

We don't even get snow and Christmas hats like on 4chan.

b36b8 No.63259

If Imageboard admins were parents then WizKids get told to be glad that they're not out on the streets during Christmas, while 4chan admin gives some lame socks as a Christmas gift

cdf1e No.63260

they dont know how to bring the text board back or even remove its link.

9017c No.63266

There hasn't really been a dev for this site in years.
I doubt anyone left on staff know how to do what op wants or even fix long broken parts of the site even if they wanted to.

8aa16 No.62484[Reply]

wizchan needs to start banning crab words from other places. Such as "cope", "looksmaxxing", and even "somethingpills", they only contaminate the environment and bring unwanted people here. If wizchan ban popular memes like frogs and wojaks, why not banning crab lingo too?
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29dfc No.63030

Its a crabs.io slang. Completely crab term.

494b2 No.63239

File: 1672341156472.png (63.06 KB, 500x582, 250:291, hmm today I will paradox.png) ImgOps iqdb

Because it empoverishes the already wojak-less deabeat site this place is.
How much further are we gonna ripe our own due to normies also having them? It's self-sabotage taken to an extreme

9337e No.63261

Maybe if wizchan actually produce good memes we wouldn't have to rely on imports.

1c9b2 No.63262

File: 1672691992319.png (34.92 KB, 579x660, 193:220, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb

okay here you go. it's our nmew in-house mem. she's name is loli-chan. when a nonwizard normalfag posts a on our board, we will accuse them of being a michievous little lolichan. they will hate iut if they are outsider and like it if they are wix

6a94a No.63263

i agree good post and gets

File: 1671249474511.jpg (125.91 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, donchueatme.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

c98d2 No.63165[Reply]


Wizchan ran by trannies, kiwifarms gangstalkers etc. Really make ya think…
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ca690 No.63253

naturopaths, osteopaths, chiropractors, homeopaths and other alternative medicine practitioners are even worse in that regard, at least there are a few safeguards with "conventional" medicine, but I know you'll brush it off as some evil corrupt cabal or something

it's fair to be wary of doctors (why do you think seeking second opinions is a thing) but this paranoia helps no one and is oddly selective. amusingly when you happen to find an actual physician who believes in and preaches this cooky nonsense, you incoherent fools never fail to remind everyone they have been trained as regular health professionals. just look at the quote lol. white coats bad but this one is okay i guess. pure conspiratard thinking.

22d31 No.63256

>disregard of alt medicine
Isn't it big pharma shill

ca690 No.63257

File: 1672504102638.png (1.4 MB, 1001x667, 1001:667, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

24dda No.63258

what does corn have to do with anything

0c591 No.63269

I've been seeing mentions of something called the wormpill going around.

52415 No.63245[Reply]

What's the difference between the /lounge/ board and the /b/ board? Are they just two different offtopic boards, with different levels of quality?

26537 No.63248

/b/ doesn't exist

c0f5e No.63255

lounge its just blue /b/

c635d No.63138[Reply]

We should registered all lore and history about wizchan and it's derivatives, everything about wizards community history, I don't think is fair to lose it all.
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05b87 No.63154

i added historical info of the boards to their respective pages and made some pages myself, but there wasnt much necessity of a wikipedia. we have barely any ppl on the site anyway. a lot of info you can still find via archives of the old websites if you want to dig

08f7e No.63159

f8b74 No.63160

It was the Tao Te Ching

05b87 No.63161

wizard handbook was a pdf made by a mod or admin, cant remember, maybe anachronos or glaive, but it was just a thing for mods to consult before making decisions, had useful info and precedents to aid in deciding whether to ban someone or delete posts. there is a copy somewhere on the internet archive somewhere

it's been a long time i might be gettign some info mixed up tho

0d1d0 No.63254

I guess the link in the head should be rewritten to point to Wayback Machine.

0d3bc No.63037[Reply]

There's been some heavy leftist/feminist/progressive shilling lately and it infects a wide variety of threads.

There's a small group of people who always look for opportunities to spread their annoying political opinions and they use obnoxious tactics to do so such as unnecessarily long posts and annoying mass replies, they also call everyone who doesn't agree with their obnoxious opinions crabs and they just do anything to derail and ruin the structure of good threads.

There's one big faggot in particular who always writes unnecessarily huge paragraphs to shit up threads, if you just slightly pay attention you can easily tell it's always the same person, there's also a possibility that this person is female as well.

If you spot these faggots, DON'T reply to them because they want to keep up their thread shitting as long as possible and every time you give them an opportunity to reply you're enabling them to do this even more.
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f53b4 No.63235

I'm glad that shitheap died. Its users should follow suit.

d9492 No.63241

No, what you say is being a virgin. Being celibate is about abstaining from sexual things for a certain period of time. A celibate doesn't have to be a virgin. See catholic priests or monks who had a wife before becoming a priest/monk for example. You can have sex for years and then decide to be celibate. But you can't decide to be a virgin suddenly, you are either one or you aren't.

87ad3 No.63244

No, what he said is right. That was the original meaning of being a celibate which includes no masturbation.

d9492 No.63246

You don't understand what I mean. Anyone can start to be a celibate at any time. It's not something permanent or something that applies to your past. The biggest normal can stop having sex now and he will be a celibate if he doesn't indulge in any sexual acts from now on. Then people like that should be allowed to post here?
On the other hand if you have sex at least once then you aren't a virgin anymore. Being a virgin isn't something anyone can decide to live as.

11350 No.63247

that's "abstinant". Celibate means virgin now and virgins past, but the Catholics are trying to change the definition so sexhavers can still into priesthood.

>yea i had s*x yesterday but today i'm celibate so give me a job

i'm correct, anyone who calls me wrong is wrong.

a6dc3 No.63211[Reply]


Wizchan is run by a homo brazilian admin, a faggot tranny who larps as a kid and starves for attention of any kind, a stoner that goes by the name of torn, all who are friends with a buttfuckee hapa nama3 who doxxes wizards and random people.

What can we do about it, wizards?

3efc2 No.63237

Do you know how to do build an imageboards server apart, just to compete against this one?
Because I see no further choices for your displeasures beyond that.

File: 1671472199177.jpg (306.73 KB, 2000x1126, 1000:563, montecristo-number-2[2].jpg) ImgOps iqdb

09460 No.63185[Reply]

Why is there no pol and /x/ and /wsg/ board on Wizchan? We could really use those.

Alternatively, what's your favorite cigar?
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Making boards to inspire interest in the site from outside has one main drawback. As it stands, Wizchan only appeals to virgin men who enjoy talking here mainly because they know they are talking with men of the same status. It's not common for there to be a user who uses only one board or makes a specific type of post. Wizchan isn't for everyone, but everyone on Wizchan utilizes it fully. If we open a new board, especially one themed the same as one on a larger site like 4chan, we're opening the doors for outsiders interested in that topic to come in and post as they do on the larger version. We don't want to be an exile commune for those banned from the original hub of their favorite topic.

We'd rather grow from then inside. Boards are traditionally made to accommodate very popular subjects as a way to free up space on the general board they came from. /jp/, /music/, and /games/ were made because most threads on /hob/ were either one of those topics. /lounge/ was made to deflect lax and media dump threads from /wiz/. There have been /x/ threads on /hob/ and /wiz/ but they've fizzled out. A GIFs thread could be opened in /lounge/, but there's already a recurring MP4 / WEBM thread. A /pol/ board would be a knife in our chest.

5b9a6 No.63202

ooooooo get a load of mister fancy pants with his big red name

7227e No.63218


a64aa No.63220

You live in Brazil LOL

209e0 No.63236


File: 1672031305312.gif (2.75 MB, 498x280, 249:140, teenage-mutant-ninja-turtl….gif) ImgOps iqdb

7a20c No.63222[Reply]

I just kind of realized that I didn't see anyone celebrate that it's been 10 years since wizardchan started. The first post was apparently 07/08/12 so we missed it, but wizchan hit a decade when many other imageboards have collapsed in to the wind.

It's going to be another decade of wizard supremacy, I can feel it.

23c55 No.63223

we didn't miss it. at least i remember someone making a post or thread about it and so it was observed by at least 2 ppl

but when i tried to find it, i didn't see anything in the older crawl threads, no meta thread was made for it, nothing showed up when i searched wiz or lounge

must have been on /b/

ff230 No.63224

I swear I saw a birthday thread on a listed board.

8886c No.63225


It turned in to
>uh actually wizchan is shit and the mods are gay for banning crabs

7a20c No.63226

My bad I guess I missed the thread.

ec43c No.63227

To be fair, Wizchan is a lot different from old Wizardchan. Anything dating from before 8chan's collapse is "old" going forward.

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