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42ec4 No.53791[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Wizchan was always meant to be a place for certain people,people that is mostly depressed all the time,people that was rejected by society,people that have several mental issues,the rule about "being a male virgin" was meant to be some kind of reference to appeal to that kind of people,after all if you're a virgin at 25/30/40 while the vast majority of the population isn't there must be some kind of issue with you,you're not "normal",for any kind of reason you deviate from the "normality", you're an exception,and the virginity rule was made to open the door for that kind of people.

Now during the past years wizchan has been going the other way,successful people that have nothing to do with the wizchan culture post here all the time,they're successful,they're handsome,they're not depressed,not rejected by society, they are everything that a wizard is not supposed to be,and they are all tolerated because they are "virgins" or so they claim,we opened the door to "virgin" chads that share none of the qualities that a wizard was supposed to be,and we can't do anything because moderation always says "well they are virgins" and the chads say "well being a wizard is not the same as being a fucking loser lol".

The "virgins only" rule now seems like a joke instead of a way to keep normalfags away,like some kind of "thematic club" whose only point in common is that everyone is a virgin,nothing more,we don't share interests,we don't share lifestyles the only thing we "share" is the fact that we are virgins (if we even believe the chads that say so) now wizchan is full of people that wasn't here 5 years ago, gays,trannies,improvebrahs and just plain chads,but everything is ok because they are virgins,fucking Barron Trump can come and post here saying that he's a wizard because he's probably a virgin,this isn't right.

Honestly I don't know how we can fix this,it may be too late already,this place is normalfag infested now,and everyone keeps looking the other way around because "hey they are virgins so they can stay" wizardchan was not like this 5 or 6 years ago,wizchan was nice when we had /v9k/ and all that because it was still new and fresh,you knew you were posting with people that was just like you,now I don't know,I feel like I'm posting in a place full of normalfags with the difference that they can't mention their girlfriends.
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3ac18 No.54164

"Something is wrong here succubi aren't attracted to me"
He was close, the average succubus is only attracted to hyper-masculine 8/10 guys everything else is a provider type loved for what they do over who they are, every hypothetical for fair world is drawing an ought from an is, you turn into a suicidal maniac because what youwant and deserve isn't a choice in an unfair world

3ac18 No.54165

He was close, the average succubus is only repressing their hypergamy for hyper-masculine 8s.9s.10s else is a provider type loved for what they do over who they are, whats wrong is the game is rigged and brutally competitive, every hypothetical for fair world is drawing an ought from an is, you turn into a suicidal maniac because what you want and deserve isn't an exercise of free will, only idiots call it a choice, but he decided his own fate rather than face societies retribution

c5c3a No.54170

No. I'm a 33 year old virgin. Male. I don't associate with crabs, even Elliot Roger. Nice try, succubus.

c5c3a No.54171

He certainly engaged in succubus like behavior

79a1f No.54402

The core tenet here is asociality. If someone is truly asocial enough to post here then it seems like a forgone conclusion that they would satisfy the virginity requirement.

Having the main theme of the site superficially revolve around sex attracts people who are preoccupied with sex and social phenomena.

I don't want to read about sex or friendship at all, neither its presence or absence.

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5aa66 No.54366[Reply]

If you type out a post and then press the back button instead of submitting it, can the mods see what you typed out? I just found out that doing this is possible and I am concerned since I remembered the tracking cookies conspiracy that was revealed a while back.
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38b9d No.54378

you can download wireshark and check the data your pc is sending easily and find out that what you are proposing is not happening

abf87 No.54379

File: 1590182141448.png (243.28 KB, 412x340, 103:85, 1508214800407.png) ImgOps iqdb

Should've gone STEM tbh fam, then you could've known

6eb60 No.54393

you should be shot for spying on us

d7a46 No.54396

Look at this

I had no idea this was possible.
>Heatmaps show you where on a page your visitors tried to click, where they moved the mouse and how far down they scrolled. This lets you find out to what your visitors really pay attention to, what they are looking for, how engaging your content is, whether your content encourages users to scroll, whether key content is positioned correctly, whether they get distracted by something unimportant, whether your visitors think that something is clickable even though it is not, and much more. You can view heatmaps for different device types and compare how your content works across devices.

>Session Recordings lets you record activities such as clicks, mouse movements, scrolls, window resizes, form interactions, and changes in your page. You can then replay these activities in a video and see exactly what a visitor did on your website. It is like eye-tracking but much more cost effective, takes only seconds to setup, and you actually get insights into your real visitors instead of a test group. It is ideal to improve the usability of your website, to see how your visitors experience your website, where they have problems, and why they leave. A great use case is for example watching your visitors fill out forms and perfectly complements our Form Analytics.

4466b No.54397

Yeah pretty much all mouse/keyboard activity can be monitored through javascript on a page - exemptions being things like file selection windows which aren't part of the page but the browser, link visited status, clipboard access, frame content, and a few security related things. Anything that is security related is pretty locked down.

The assumption of what is security related stops at interaction. If you paste your clipboard contents by accident, you have interacted and the page can capture what you pasted and send it to a server - since javascript can listen for clipboard pastes but can't access your clipboard when you just visit the page. Similarly most mouse or keyboard activity inside the active window the page can be recorded.

OPs paranoia isn't without possibility. You can make a script that checks a textfield input on your page whenever a key is pressed, then run a diff and record what someone added, what they deleted, etc. To be clear I've never seen it on wizchan but it is possible.

You should always treat websites with caution because of that. Disable javascript or use a text based browser on places you can't trust.

cdbb3 No.54381[Reply]

Why can't I post when using Tor? 75 characters, how about now, now, is it 75 now

eaa4f No.54382

Probably because that would allow anyone to samefag, ban evade, flood, and post anime without any effort. If what you wish to post is so incriminating as to force you into hiding behind 7 proxies, perhaps it's best it not be posted at all.

10b82 No.54392

It was allowed for years but a few butthurt spammer trolls messed that up for everybody.

abefb No.54355[Reply]

In a few more years in the future when America's hegemony has collapsed and China takes over, white privilege will fade and in its place yellow privilege will exist. succubi will flock to the formerly low sexual value Asian males and virgin Asian males will have their wizard status tested for real. There will be a mass of late blooming Asian wizards being revealed as LARPers. Asian wizards can't be evaluated as real wizards until this event has come. If you are an Asian and you think you're a wizard, think again. You must have your wizardry tested by having succubi from the western hemisphere lusting after your golden rod and be able to reject them all without losing your mana to truly call yourself a wizard.

0ad84 No.54362

asian manlet cope


Moved to >>>/b/481843.

e97bc No.53951[Reply]

Has anyone else noticed an increase on hostility and normalfag-like behavior around here? it doesn't matter what you post you will probably end up with someone insulting you,making fun at you or calling you names.

Also between improvebrahs and people who think that being virgins gives them free pass to behave as normie monkeys visiting this place isn't as enjoyable as it was.
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98f24 No.54034

>aint aint aint aint
ugh, learn english hillbilly

39b41 No.54046

Using ain't is a hell of a lot better then not being able to make a rational argument so instead complain about word choice like a female grade school English teacher.

f2ac0 No.54048

Ain't is a word.

c7839 No.54338

Fuck free speech we need more hug boxes

9244a No.54346

Fuck hugs we need more liberty.

File: 1579725363651.jpg (8.21 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

f79cf No.52673[Reply]

I am getting cyberbullied by one of the wizmods. This guy has been persistently abusing me for years. I can't even post or have discussions without him intervening and deleting so many of my posts for no reason despite them not violating a single rule.
Why are you bullying me? I am sorry you feel unhappy in real life and the only power you have in the world is abusing some strangers on a website.
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c993d No.54307

You're like the guy that has made a dozen posts throughout the years about how that'll be his last post supposedly because wizchan sucks, but then keeps posting. It's just your way to deal with frustration about things not being exactly like how you want them to be.

add8f No.54314

i once heard there was a mod who was a fire starter. a twisted fire starter or something

55640 No.54322

The Motherfuckingkiller

f2f19 No.54326

He gaslights wizards to reveal their true selves…. But little does the dominator know that he is simply pushing hem off the edge……

82d84 No.54336

File: 1589733049903.jpeg (47.85 KB, 538x303, 538:303, 0F515D2E-CCE2-47ED-8966-E….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Should have used this pic OP

File: 1589469765702.jpeg (223.72 KB, 1200x1419, 400:473, 92fbf0f2f1f3c57d968662ca2….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

4bd28 No.54297[Reply]

Do those faggot subhumans on /b/ who post random 1 picture threads, non-sequiturs, and talk in baby-talk really think they're being funny?

I think this shit all started with 4chan's /s4s/ with that bury pink succubus meme and that idiotic bullshit spread everywhere else on the internet including every other back-water shithole dead imageboard.

back in my day on /b/ boards there was no "shitposting" and there really is no reason for /b/ to be the fastest board BY FAR when it's literally 50 threads with 1-3 posts and idiotic non-sequitur nonsense.
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7c6d0 No.54310

time to unzip

4bd28 No.54316

It's funny I can go on KC /int/ and it's lightning fast yet everything is relevant topic, not a single "shitpost" or "those god awful "x-bullshit GENERAL /gen/ GENERAL THREAD bullshit IM A FAGGOT"

f1c1b No.54327


26fa9 No.54329

You're comparing Germans to mutts and South Americans.

2dc7e No.54330

>random board is random

File: 1589272705713.gif (24.41 KB, 600x150, 4:1, chat.gif) ImgOps iqdb

17062 No.54267[Reply]

Why don't you implement a chatroom for wizchan? It could have a wiz, dep, hob, lounge, jp, games, youtube, and music section too also a fun, where people go to shitpost.
We could use numbers instead of nicknames too.
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e634b No.54312

Strength through discipline, strength through community.

f9ef1 No.54313

There will always be trouble makers, a chatroom might be interesting as long as it were anonymous, but all it does is foster low-effort shitposting. If you need constant interaction with people, maybe just go be a normalfag or go use discord. Nobody's preventing you from going on the wizchan discord, just be aware it's cancer like all discords. I've always felt like there was enough activity here to not need anything faster.

17062 No.54317

>There will always be trouble makers, a chatroom might be interesting as long as it were anonymous, but all it does is foster low-effort shitposting
We don't know what it'd be like in Wizchan. It'd be easy to know and stop those trouble makers that concern you, as well as the shitposting. I'm sure that you won't need the mods for that job, as the users would not let that happen or become hostile towards anyone who behaves in that way.

> If you need constant interaction with people

From where do you get that idea? All I did with my thread was make a suggestion because I think it'd be a nice thing to have a chatroom, also something new and that would keep the site more active and entertaining.

>go be a normalfag

You can't be a normalfag, you're born one. Your post is so illogical that I can't take it as something serious.

> I've always felt like there was enough activity here to not need anything faster.

Many users think the opposite and have commented about it in the past, calling this a dead site, also the chatroom would complement the imageboard, and not replace it, as it would be a part of it, and not something external.

f9ef1 No.54328

>It'd be easy to know and stop those trouble makers that concern you, as well as the shitposting. I'm sure that you won't need the mods for that job, as the users would not let that happen or become hostile towards anyone who behaves in that way.

How? You would need constant moderation. Also, look at fucking /b/. That's what a chatroom would look like. How can it really be any different?

>Many users think the opposite and have commented about it in the past, calling this a dead site

It is what it is, it's far from dead and gets plenty of posts per day. A chat would be fairly dead too by your logic.

566e1 No.54394

That sounds pretty gay. Next thing you will do is demand profile pictures. Not necessarily face pic.

File: 1589546572347.png (39.48 KB, 1600x549, 1600:549, Screenshot (37).png) ImgOps iqdb

3336a No.54315[Reply]

why do i get this message?
it always happen when i try to make a thread with a webm attached but never with a picture
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97823 No.54319

6deea No.54321


d4967 No.54323

It looks like he's starting a gondola thread, not a thread for pedophile toon lovers.

665ca No.54324

gondola is an outsider meme and is mainly used by succubi and depcrabs. Mods should do their job and ban OP.

d4967 No.54325

File: 1589575718671.png (2.77 KB, 640x480, 4:3, niggers.png) ImgOps iqdb

fuck off retard

File: 1589402452309-0.png (27.09 KB, 629x878, 629:878, 44f3.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

9e6d8 No.54285[Reply]

Fagclique is now hitting on me in ban messages. Also, there is a wizchan discord where there is a modclique

Wizchan 2020
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e7129 No.54292

prove it.

7ffe7 No.54293

>still no mod tag

Fucking kill yourself, also not reading your wall of text especially if you're just a larping schizo

cc61a No.54294

he is not, Torn and all others are real people, some of them indeed are mods, you fucking retard

7ffe7 No.54295

I realize this and I don't care, offsite discord drama doesn't affect me or this site, this place is and has always been a joke since the admin put these rotten people in charge.


That was supposed to be a joke to tell you to stop posting your selfies here. But for real, stop posting your selfies, you've been doing it for years, I'm sure you know full well what you're doing.

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