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227c2 No.58302[Reply]

feeler crab is posting these succubi getting smacked around webms
probably he was the guy who always posts gore and his succubi rekt shit
webm thread is r9k shit now. in the past it was pretty funny and interesting
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4fbbd No.58317

i won a supercookie in grade 2 for being a good wiz that always held the door open for other kids, but i went to the office to claim it and they ate it

fuxk school

440c0 No.58318

I respect that the mods allow themselves to be openly attacked by why are ban evaders allowed to shit up meta I seen even when madcuck was sperging constantly burning proxies that he would come onto meta and be allowed to bitch without being deterred from post removal.

227c2 No.58319

one is 2d the other is 3d though

also to people like you, gore might as well be porn so no thanks

4d49a No.58938

>Can't post 3d porn of succubi
Yet some wizfag can masturbate on livecam for other wizzies to jerk off too and it's A-okay according to mods. I wish mods would just admit they make up the site rules based on their own homosexuality.

bddb6 No.58968

>Moderators literally won't let you post succubi getting shrekt anymore, but let you post 2d succubi porn. The absolute state of wizchan.

It is wizardly to like anime succubi we are not all asexual but instead of fawning over succubus we like the anime succubi.
The mods are undeniably homosexual

File: 1618507307360.png (279.68 KB, 814x944, 407:472, 13523622.png) ImgOps iqdb

06f0e No.58948[Reply]

This faggot wants to be a succubus and have a friend to "love". He also says he has tried this with 2 "wizards" from here.
Come on…

06f0e No.58949

File: 1618507326901.png (10.58 KB, 580x241, 580:241, 1618332039695.png) ImgOps iqdb


There's no need to make a new thread on /meta/ every time you see a shitpost that didn't make you laugh.

dc294 No.58892[Reply]

Why isn't >>>/wiz/ and >>>/lounge/ merged it seems like largely the same content regardless is there a need for it at all?
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dc294 No.58895

So? is this even a good reason


I try to keep higher quality threads on /wiz/ and move the lower quality threads to /lounge/, but there is a bug with the board software involving thread moving where. After a certain time if you try to move a thread it will just delete it, so I hesitate to move threads if I've missed them for too long. Obviously my first point is extremely subjective, but generally /wiz/ is for longer, more thoughtful posts, and /lounge/ is for threads that may be a little jokey, lighthearted, or just for fun. Another point of note is /wiz/ is often the first place new posters will instantly click on and post in which creates some of the problems with board disparity between /lounge/.

dc294 No.58910

Thank you for the answer it makes sense if it as you say <3

256b3 No.58929

My understanding was that wiz was for general issues of wizard life, while lounge was completely general not specifically on wizard topics

I didn't know it was about quality tier

078cd No.58941

He wouldn't have had to say it if you just lurked like everyone else before you. A lost art in this day and age.

File: 1615088066210.png (Spoiler Image, 14.5 KB, 1207x87, 1207:87, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

5ed59 No.58065[Reply]

I know we are meant to just report the rule breaking and I always do but this wizfapper is back at it again and last time he only got banned because I reported him here I have been reporting the gay erping but NOTHING seems to happen.
A poster who makes a hetrosexual sexual post would be banned but the gay ones do not.

We would not allow a wizard to post that they were going to fap on cam for a succubus and fap to a 3DPD on the internet doing things of a sexual nature so why is it ok for a homosexual to post that they will or want to do things sexually with another man we need to stop them it is out of hand the gays are posting about their homosexual adventures.
I try to follow the rules I really do and try to be a somehwat quality contributor on the listed boards I sit on >>>/b/ all day and fun post with other wizzies but we have the homosexuals poisoning >>>/b/ with by talking about their "wiz"hole and wands and wanting to fuck each other it is very gay and against the ethos of the site.

Ironic gay posting is just gay posting designed to skirt the rules.
This poster has fapped on cam and posted the link ro >>>/b/ it is not ironic but full fledged incubus behaviour and cannot be tolerated.
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fa9c9 No.58644

i don't think virginity is a meaningless concept. as long as people respect the site rules and dont talk about how much pucci they are slaying i really don't care. but i need to distinguish not talking about it isnt the same as not doing it and there's no way to tell tbh. mods might be female nymphos and theres no way to tell OwO

1dfd4 No.58837

Faggots ruin EVERYTHING. You give them an inch and they take the whole mile. Banning any kind of faggotry would fix many issues that are plaguing wizchan now.

83c9d No.58838

Open your ass and your mind will follow.

0a3d9 No.58840


1d3ae No.58935

How isn't it against the rules? Aren't there rules against no sexual content as long as it isn't anime/hentai? If I post porn videos of 3d succubi I fapped to on the fap generals, wouldn't I get banned for that? I just assumed so because wizzies only post 2d.

File: 1617415153170.png (20.11 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb

343f8 No.58657[Reply]

Reminder that nonvirgins are allowed to post here as long as they were molested or raped. What exactly is the definition of a wizard if none of the rules define it accurately? A wizard at this point is just someone that feels like they're a wizard. So what is the point of permabanning people that fuck prostitutes if they still feel like a wizard? Why not temp ban them and tell them not to post about it like with rape or molestation? If you don't have to physically/by definition be a virgin then why not make exceptions for trans men as well? I don't understand the logic behind any of this.
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4d849 No.58882

Yeah I remember when saying that you were under 30 or had friends would get you kicked from the site. I'm not suprised things are going the way they are now after that documentary about this site was made. I'm sure just like all the other non mainstream sites there are feminist and left leaning shills on here trying to subvert the board culture.

At this point we have all sorts of r9k underage refugees, "witches", people who have actually had friends, and the other day I saw some faggot that created his own progressive stack so to speak on who is the most wizardly on this site.

I miss the camaraderie of being amongst a bunch social awkward outcasts with niche interests. I'd say it's time to throw in the towel on this resurrecting this website.

06c92 No.58884

Mods respectfully I had a post removed despite it not being low quality compared to the various others within the thread and only being inflammatory as it challenged conventionality.

I am aware my post was not very high quality but given its nature and the warning I assume I am still free to express my views if I were to create even higher quality posts about the topic?

7d7b7 No.58885

Regardless of whether what you do is pure shitposting or an actual attempt at subversion, you are not welcome here and never will be.

06c92 No.58886

I might email a mod about this as I do not want to get banned this place has a lot of value to me if I am not posting here (I take breaks onine) I am browsing.
I am very serious about my opinions though and I know I could prove it if needed.

06c92 No.58887

test post posted and it did not work.

9c9bc No.58509[Reply]

and unhide b

enforce some more rules too

let us spam and shitpost in public and have fun

as a bonus, the gay erpers and norman clique bullshit cannot hide there

/b/ is disgusting in its current state but it can easily become like neofeels if you make it public

what do you think huh
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28cd5 No.58540

You don't get to hide boards that you don't like. By that logic, we should delete /b/ cuz I think it's an abomination and shitposting belongs on 4cancer.

9c9bc No.58542

>You don't get to hide boards that you don't like.
that's what [–] is for

>By that logic, we should delete /b/ cuz I think it's an abomination and shitposting belongs on 4cancer.

no one said anything about deleting. and b is already hidden man

9c9bc No.58543

said the wrong thing. i meant the little [hide this board] thing, but i can't find it anymore so i dont know what to say. thank god anyone can adblock dep to not see that garbage on /all/

200a1 No.58848

Where else andrew will ERP then?

d4a31 No.58852

>b serves it purpose by letting the hardcore users have a shitpost board that isnt contaminating the public boards

Report any obnoxious /b/shit on the main boards but otherwise I agree with the above greentext

ef158 No.57964[Reply]

This discord shit is getting out of hand and I humbly ask my wizmods to please remove the screen shots and discord codes from >>>/b/.
We do not want your teenage clique bullshit here.
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ef158 No.57991

SOme bfags are posting their discord screenshots to >>>/b/ and it is annoying to us all.
The silly thing is that there are not many people who post on here anyway so posting your drama is just pointless who are they trying to impress.

Andrew has been said to be one of them but we cannot tell if it is a troll trying to make it look like he is in the discord.

609e1 No.57993

Who the Hell is Andrew?

ef158 No.57995

A strange paedophile that is attracted to boys and likes to pretend to be peter pan he has removed his testicles also because he cannot trust himself with his urges for shotas.

36b9e No.58849

36b9e No.58851

The only active mod. AKA boyposter and megapal.

5bda6 No.58748[Reply]


Thanks to the idiot who make the other site go down and the admin telling literally nobody about this great backup site, many users probably are thinking that the whole site is still down.

Why the heck the administration didn't talk about this backup in the other site? Is because you all have discord and the rest of us are just condemned to talk in the site that you just let die?
THIS IS ONE OF THE FEW SITES IN THE WEB THAT DON'T SUCK AND NOW IS FUCKING DONE. At this rate the userbase will take all the year just to get to the usual speed, the admins literally don't care. Kiwifarms in the house.

Not saying that all the admins are kiwifarms or they are bad pero common the thing is looking pretty UGLY.
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85ac6 No.58816

I think it's a good thing. Only the people really attached to this website would go out of their way to find it again.
Normalniggers from 4chad who only came here to shitpost get filtered.

I wonder if the anti-crab poster is one of the ones who got filtered. Time will tell if he was genuine or just a shitposter.

9696c No.58820

>Time will tell
He is here since day one that the site went down.

14835 No.58821

keep crying bitchnigga, everyone will be back, the url is literally the same you dumb ass.

25080 No.58822

>anti-crab poster

Which one? There's like a bunch of us now.

50e86 No.58847

>this message
>all the retarded /b/tards are back ruining the site
>none of the good posters are back

e6e87 No.58294[Reply]

Are you still a wizard if you were molested or raped at all I have seen other imageboards for virgins state that you are still allowed to post but I have read the wiki on here and did not see if it is allowed.
Does the type of rape matter also or abuse I think it is unfair to exclude a wizard that was abused that is just mean.
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5ced9 No.58444

>wizardry is not born out of an inability to have sex but from a lack of desire for sex
I've always seen it as both in a way; we reject them but they also reject us. Looking back I always enjoyed doing my own thing and kids didnt much to do with me either. Win win.

e6e87 No.58445

Some of us were just shy when younger and abnormal not investing any time in doing normal things like chase succubi.

I htnk you are right that most wizchan users probably are just incls who refrain from mentioning they wish they had a GF because they would be banned but the spirit of the site is volcel.

5ced9 No.58449

Uh that's kind of what I said. We aint into them and they aint into us.

83072 No.58452

You're not a wizard if chicks aren't trying to jump on your dick left and right.

504ad No.58772

This, gatekeeping is good.
If you get subjective and faggoty with virginity and the rules about who is allowed to post the site will degrade even quicker into normalfag sexhaving jizzbrain posts. Even if half the posters are already larping discordfags, the "meme" is required to retain any semblance of post quality.
This is one of the few discussion places on the shiternet not obsessed with sex which works ironically by being defined by lack of sex.

File: 1617690132624.jpg (18.49 KB, 460x276, 5:3, Video-grab-of-Cho-Seung-h-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

6e859 No.58712[Reply]

Lost my job because libtards said I was a racist and provided no evidence and been homeless before, not doing it again.


Moved to >>>/dep/238214.

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