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c91e2 No.50637[Reply]

As >>>/lounge/226034 points out vice has just released an interview with Fredrick Brennan where he discussed wizardchan for a few minutes with screenshots of wizchan. The last vice video on crabs reached 2 million views and one would presume this one will have as many views.

Brennan hasn't visited the site since the new wizchan domain and incorrectly claims it is a "red pill" site obsessed with dating, sex, looks, and crab topics. It should be made clear his experience with his site does not apply anymore. Not only that, but that this community provides a space for male virgins to discuss things other than succubi or sex. A space a lot of us value - especially those of us who use /dep/ and find great support there and will suffer from an influx of normans giving low quality advice given how Brennan has characterised the community. Norman and crab hordes may swamp us.

If there is a steep increase in traffic can admin consider adding a message at the top explaining that his statement is incorrect, and, if they're visiting they must respect the rules. Also maybe give the mods more leeway in being truewiz enforcers if there is an actual increase in traffic. Thank you.
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e0370 No.50855

ni🅱🅱a that sounds like r9k, not wizchan 😂😂😂 that was pretty cringe bro 😓😓😓

da7fa No.50858

No, it upsets wizards as much as the normies to the point that there are very special unwritten rules about the proper way of posting gore without it getting deleted or banned so as to have the lowest risk of offending others with it who aren't prepared.
Just enforcing rule 5 is usually enough most of the time. It is so hard for a regular shitchan user to wrap their head around that they usually break it without even meaning too.

7fd51 No.50859

Post with your tags on dumbass. Everything is a rule 5 to you. You're a rule 5 to me though.

7cf6c No.50860

eat my shorts

16607 No.50865

File: 1568219277067.png (35.58 KB, 846x184, 423:92, Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at ….png) ImgOps iqdb

89ae6 No.50103[Reply]

So I got banned for two hours for sarcastically saying "nice legs" to a retard posting 3d succubi he found from 4chan despite me not breaking a rule and the 3d picture of succubus still up and I also got banned for like two days because I was telling the guy in /dep/ that he won't killhimself, he would rather whine about edgy shit and he didn't read cioran despite him being a low iq philosopher. This was somehow a rulebreak too because I was rude to a mod who didn't post with his tag on.

Well fuck you, glad your suicidal, you had it coming afterall
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d5def No.50112

File: 1565807809087.gif (471.9 KB, 450x253, 450:253, bawwww.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>>be rude to /dep/'d users on /dep/

3f2dd No.50115

hopyfully you learned to hide /dep/ at least

639e3 No.50116

File: 1565834913883.jpg (157.41 KB, 786x720, 131:120, lola grinning.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't have to Imagine it!

ae1fd No.50118

I didn't know they gave 2 hour bans.
All of mine have been at least 12 hours or more.
Usually for rule 11 and occasionally 5.

5563a No.50807

>censorship is good goy!

a26d9 No.50734[Reply]

How was that a shitpost? Because I proved you wrong you retard? Because you don't like being proven wrong because you're a mod? Lie to me and tell me you're not. Can't even argue back.

Ignore this post and pretend your just a concerned "wizard"(crab) replying to an another thread you care about in meta.

Glad that vice is here to laugh at your post too, at leastnow the world knows how stupid you are.
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95fe0 No.50742

lmao saved

New mod harassment against a user = new thread
It's one of purposes of this board asshole. If you don't like it then hide /meta/.

8127f No.50744

This thread is probably written by a mod, false flagging to make everyone who questions shitty moderation decisions look like a braindead schizo.

Well fuck off mods. There's plenty of shitting things you people do.

7fc7e No.50746

i dont think anyone cares

cfde2 No.50747

I care.
Mods don't care. That's the problem though.

95fe0 No.50752

I care, OP cares, the random guy who replied to you cares. Most of the people replying to the other threads we've had on this topic care, one of which has reached 100+ replies and is still going.

File: 1566824852622.png (1.03 MB, 1194x649, 1194:649, fuck these pigs.png) ImgOps iqdb

aec32 No.50343[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Making another thread to avoid clogging up the other one with more off-topic.

For people who don't already know the gay crab who is constantly posting 2D boys on /b/ is actually a mod here. I made a post criticizing him in this thread


and he started fishing through my post history looking for material to insult me with. After I posted a random pic with Miyamoto he somehow managed to connect my identity to stuff I was posting last year on a different IP. He also somehow knew the fake name associated with my Steam profile when I've only ever posted my profile once in a Steam thread on /b/ almost a year ago. This was a thread with 80+ posts so the fact that he can somehow pick mine out 1 year later shows he was either profiling everyone in that thread, associating their IP and post history with their Steam profiles, or went back almost a year into post histories of users here to find out the one profile I've ever linked on this site.

He also started using my private post history to harass and slander me, painting me as some kind of malicious hacker when I'm just a longtime regular user here who's learned to recognize some of the more idiosyncratic posting styles, claiming I'm 'tantalizing' other users like some Satanic character when I'm just voicing my opinion on problems with the site (the point of /meta/), and labeling me as a gook just because I occasionally post images from Asian media I like. All of this was in retaliation to my criticism of unclear spoiler criteria in the fap thread and of someone as unstable as him being a mod here.
He also claimed I was stalking him, when all the posts he's made regarding his personal life have been up on /b/ for anyone to view and he's avartarfagged harder than anyone on this site ever has.

I don't know why this fag is allowed to powertrip and abuse his powers by going back into my post history to find things to insult me with just because I posted something criticizing him. Also pretty creepy that he's been snooping into post histories so much he can connect things I've posted across multiple IPs. He claimed to have recognized me by avatarfagging with Asians but that's a small percentage of what I actually post and the link I posted to my Steam profile a year ago had no such image attached.

In my case it's not that big of a deal since all he has is a faPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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ff1aa No.50721


Over 7 hours up now. It's time for mods to explain their refusal to respond to shit like this.

3e636 No.50723

it doesn't look like wizchan moderation has someone at the top anymore. there's probably a few lame mods and thats it

14f95 No.50725

the news is in quotes for a reason

d4390 No.50732

what reason

c3972 No.50737

it means it's not really news

like when you call someone else a 'wizard'

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d0662 No.48496[Reply]

Please permanent ban this IP. Thank you.
I beg for your mercy Admin. Return me to the dust.
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46520 No.49397

Just make a permbannable post and its done

4555f No.50726


d0662 No.50729

Still begging for mercy.

f61ed No.50730

just say that you aren't a virgin

ff66a No.50731

thank mr skeletal

bf1bc No.50165[Reply]

please add a global rule that forbids racism in wizchan, as wizards can be of all races.
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5f531 No.50391

id support this too. i dont really use racial slurs and everyone here who does seems to be underage or people from /pol/ (neither of which we want)

the thing is i also enjoy some racial humour. especially the hapa meme. those old fuccbois have being producing high meme dividends for years now! yeee-haaa!! we going straight to the bank

79884 No.50611

File: 1567566382440.jpg (147 KB, 660x763, 660:763, NordahlStoryteller Michael….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


We don't need such a rule as all it does is censor free speech and thats the very last thing we need at this point in time when Jews and their shabbos goyim leftcuck allies have basically deplatformed nearly everyone that doesn't agree with them in the online world.

If niggers and other mud mongrels want to post here and call themselves Wizards of course they may do so.

It won't make me or anyone else with my wonderful National Socialist aryan Wizard's worldview (weltanschauung) accept them as such anymore than the arguable site majority currently accepts faggots/trannies and related sexual perverts and deviants as Wizards ie it doesn't.

Only chinks and whites can be Wizards since it is our races that invented this form of a bastardized modern hermit/asexual/celibate lifestyle, etc.

Besides as I've long pointed out before niggers and probably even Mexi-scum are simply too arrogant and narcissistic to ever admit they are Wizard's anyway.


Tyrone da nigga with Wizardly qualities: "Yo dawg I bese bangin da bitches left an right, dey can't get enuff of my black azz!"

Even though Tyrone be gittin precisely NOTHING from the fem hordes.

2b787 No.50612

thanks for bumping this shit thread

0affe No.50614

Im okay being discriminated against.

b8f76 No.50615

This being a anonymous imageboard that isn't actually functionally possible in the first place.

File: 1567114506878.gif (2.51 MB, 161x120, 161:120, 1403365854752.gif) ImgOps iqdb

9189b No.50466[Reply]

I love how all my posts against the gay agenda pushed on wizchan these days get deleted immediately. It's almost like the mods care about their duty. I guess they will finally ban this IP now for good? I wouldn't even be mad.
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be0a1 No.50499

File: 1567164392474.jpg (39 KB, 626x417, 626:417, confused-young-handsome-ma….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I see him having conversations with himself on /lounge/ sometimes where he'll ask himself a question and then answer a few hours later, or post something and then reply a few hours later saying how much he agrees with his own post.

fcdad No.50506

ERPing should be banned

4de3a No.50507

make a thread and continually link to examples of it so people become outraged, otherwise you wont change anything

7a94c No.50508

>Months later
>Still lying
Thise threads did ge flamed to bits though. There are a few fags that are actually triggered by any and all discussion on masculinity. You see them regularly on /b/ and occasionally the rush to defend feminism and shit on men in the political threads whenever gender comes up.

I personally am tempted to make another masculinity thread but frame it in such a way that any attempts from the flaming faggots to detrail would be obviously a rule violation, but the mods don't enforce certain rules (mainly 5) on threads they don't like.
Besides such a thread would probably cause them to range ban the whole city like what happened with that thread that leaked IRC logs of behind the scenes drama that may or may not have involved some of the mods.
I didn't think it had any truth to it until someone on the staff went nuclear on the whole thing. Now I'm suspicious.
Oh well.

7a94c No.50509

As long as it is contained to /b/ it isn't too bad (though still annoying and gross) but the second that excrement peeks out of the /b/unghole it needs to be wiped. I report it without hesitation whenever someone tries it outside of /b/. It isn't even acceptable in the fap thread or the wafu/husbando threads.

36c56 No.50301[Reply]

Can we get rid of the gayposters?

They derail every thread with their stupid 2d porn that is neither entertaining nor providing any shock value.

Get rid of that stupid little fap thread or move it to /b/ because that gay shit doesn't belong on wizchan, let alone /lounge/. I don't come to wizchan to see dragon penises.
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6170c No.50382

ehh i was gonna post lol gayhurt. but ive noticed the same thing about boy poster. he has this innocent persona as his main identity but then occasionally goes off on a rampage with shockingly disgusting posts. that guy is such a sick faggot. he needs help

0945e No.50432

Gangstalking is absolutely real.

b768b No.50433

aren't we all disgusting on the inside

1becc No.50439

Yes this board is ruled and ridiculed by gays. Ban that gay thread about bodily beauty on /dep/ already.

f5d18 No.50505

>and stalk him throughout the website, revealing his location to everyone).
I just stopped responding to it and eventually the little shits found something else to do. It was a big "notice me senpai!" thing anyway. I hope their daddy issues find resolution one day. They should check out a thing called "grindr."

d7338 No.50456[Reply]

hey mods. you should host an offical blog for boy poster on wiz chan somewhere. he is a very special part of this website and close to my heart <3

File: 1565078297380.jpg (68.72 KB, 640x380, 32:19, best_of_both.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

d9b2c No.49984[Reply]

Is the 'normshield' still up? ie. the thing that redirects to Reddit or wherever when someone is linked here from another site.

If not then it should be redeployed given recent events on other imageboards.

Apologies if this is a low quality thread. Feel free to move to /b/, moddess.
9 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

271a5 No.50450

>guy hate things
>give him more of things
>guy is pissed off
It's not rocket science

Although I have to rescind my statement here. The gayposter are probably worse since while the 8ch refugees are just political memester, the gayposters are mostly mentally ill in an unwizardly way. I'd say there is about two or three people here who have unironic gender dysphoria. Hell they're probably trans. They like to post gay porn and cutesy anime pictures. They have this sickening feminine/homosexual style and line of thought in their post. I say sic the 8ch horde on them.

70884 No.50451

why can't trans be wizards too

40b44 No.50452

why does it feel like someone is shilling transexualism on our obscure little chan?

5de04 No.50453

because they were born a female

c7235 No.50510

It is manly one shitposter from /b/ that thinks it's funny.

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