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File: 1591058870758.jpg (31.42 KB, 980x875, 28:25, RS15429_465512675.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

91e07 No.54455[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

The mods are now censoring anyone posting In the politics thread spreading news that is showing our descent into fascism. I just saw a mod remove several posts showing police brutality that happened today, but nowhere in the rules is there anything about not be able to post live events, especially in the politics thread where he posted them. He bans this wizard revealing videos of police brutality while allowing actual fascists on the site posting biased and fake news and that cryptically hate neets. I have said it before and I'll say it again. The mods running this site are probably some type of alt-right adherents or politically adjacent to them and they have an agenda to push on here to convert wizards to their fascist politics, which is why they keep banning the communist wizard that is exposing them and that stands as a threat to their agenda. I wouldn't be surprised if this fascist sympathiser mod is doxxing any other radical left wingers on here by sending their information to government agencies or fascist groups. This has happened repeatedly and it is clear what this mod is trying to do. He might delete this post too. This website is not safe anymore.
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2d337 No.54841

nazis were fascist

nazis believed in superior races

nazis denied they did the holocaust

196c6 No.54843

nazis drank water therefore if you drink water you are a nazi. Checkmate, nazi.

15df5 No.54844

literal brainlet take

ce348 No.54845

Oh, so you can prove holocaust happened?

79fb9 No.54846

Go back to ernst with your soy lingo schiz

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File: 1594521946373.png (11.79 KB, 192x192, 1:1, rss.png) ImgOps iqdb

8c47f No.54761[Reply]

Does wizchan have any RSS functionality?

(this parenthetical is just to make this post hit 75 characters)
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8c47f No.54767

What would you suggest?

8c47f No.54768

The same thing happens on other chans with rss. It shows new threads, but not new posts. I wouldn't be surprised if all the chans using this rss functionality is using the same library that has the same problem.

0f49e No.54827

Any suggestions?

d9801 No.54832

Never used such a feature
What is it supposed to do?

a8636 No.54836

i havent used rss in i dont know how long

i only googled "make website into rss feed" and saw a bunch of services that turn portions of a website into an rss feed

File: 1594908329784.png (106.61 KB, 1349x330, 1349:330, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

7d06a No.54806[Reply]

Mods, is an OP of the politics thread this biased and preachy really acceptable? I always assumed that if someone like Fatlink made an OP with a natsoc image and paragraphs of how Jews run the world it would be deleted. Because of course that would be sure to poison any chance of the civil conversation that the politics thread is allegedly meant to contain.
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f42e8 No.54808

oh great so you make a whole fucking new one

how many god damn politics threads and pseudo politics threads are up now i wonder

8f6e6 No.54809

I don't see the point of deleting such things

77017 No.54811

Why don't mods ban the communist schizo already?

I swear wizchan is less like an imageboard for wizards these days, and more like an imageboard where people come to that have been banned/ignored on every other imageboard. This place is fucking lawless, thriving on drama while the mod shitstains laugh in the background.

300e2 No.54814

Finally, we can talk about (((them)) (((globalists))) (((KIKES))) in peace without disturbance, free speech has been secured.

3ebff No.54826

When someone takes up that much text and space in the thread, it gets ridiculous. Thank you mods. You'll get berated by the most vocal, but know that the silent appreciate it.

c39ca No.54779[Reply]

What is the point of having a text board if you're just going to lock every thread? It pains me to see it in such a state. Either delete it or let people post on it. The current policy is the height of retardation.

66ec8 No.54780

The mods here are retards who pretend to be cryptic omniscience beings holding back the normgroid hordes. In reality they're fat sweaty manchildren in their 20s who have no idea how to run an imageboard.

1b229 No.54781

just make a new board, call it text, and disable uploading/embedding

the textboard is a completely separate thing from the rest of the site last i remember which is a pain in the ass to moderate probably

e12c5 No.54805

Hardly any people post on there anyways. When someone does open a new thread, it's usually a one-liner that they then forget about. If any of those threads were unlocked, the politics spambot would just run wild.

b0afd No.54812

The reason every thread is locked is because the textboard is essentially broken and they can't control the spam it receives on open threads.

I don't think it should be deleted, I still go there sometimes to read the old threads. They could eventually fix it, not sure how hard it would be.

66ec8 No.54813

Toss that onto another set of glitches this shithole has.


File: 1582279005259.jpg (72.85 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 1518328533264.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

f290a No.53115[Reply]

are all Discords banned on sight now? i just want to talk to wizzies about animal crossing.
i know there's been tons of issues with chat rooms in the past so i wanted to ask here first before i made an animal crossing thread.
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a90a0 No.54785

I still don't get the point of discord compared to a image board.

I know they are run by a bunch of furries that hate anime, so that seems like a good enough reason for me to avoid it.

08f23 No.54790

voice and video chatting probably, since it replaced skype and teamspeak

70643 No.54796


c82ae No.54803

In this context it's typically used as a hub to organize raids on imageboards. It's very dangerous for wizchan. Creates off-site cliques and provides ample fertilizer for subversive elements.

ac20d No.54804

File: 1594867952972.jpg (146.95 KB, 1080x1022, 540:511, 44jw8ys.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

king of the wiz cliques here

File: 1593110969919.png (151.61 KB, 820x797, 820:797, yup.png) ImgOps iqdb

dfd5d No.54674[Reply]

>You have been banned for the following reason: yup

Are you new here mod? I've been writing this fictional dialogues for a very long time. Anyone who posts on /b/ can confirm.
You suck!!!!!!!!!
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664a5 No.54759

>lol i was just pretending to want sex.

11b6b No.54795

I made that post. I re-read the rules and it seems I violated rule 2.
>Do not state or suggest that you had, will have or want to have sexual or romantic experiences.
This rule doesn't differentiate between sex with someone or sex with myself (masturbation)

In that case we should ban all talk of masturbation since it brakes rule 2; so ban the fap thread and all talks of sex with fictional characters.

dfd5d No.54797

the difference is that I'm always writing fictional dialogues while you fags are just documenting what happens into your lives or what you truly desire, in your case, that would be to have someone to anally fuck you like there was no tomorrow.

11b6b No.54800

what I truly desire is ataraxia not big highs with big lows. Fuck that, its not worth it. And, no I dont want to be fucked or anything. I hate physical contact of any kind from other persons. I was talking about mastubation. /b/ is a shithole and that's why I like it. It's good containmaint. If mods delete /b/, /lounge/ will become the new /b/. In your case, I agree that a character talking about sex doesn't mean it's you that desires sex and the mods not giving a full explanation as to why the banned you is scummy. Maybe he thought it was obvious, but not only it isn't, it's arguably not bannable at all.

3b641 No.54801

>If mods delete /b/, /lounge/ will become the new /b/

This argument hinges on having horrible mods who don't care, which we do. If we had mods that actually did their jobs there wouldn't be some nearly-moderation-free board that exists as "containment."

File: 1594387052286.png (281.82 KB, 3316x560, 829:140, Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at ….png) ImgOps iqdb

8ce4c No.54749[Reply]

Modniggers, why do you allow such blatant thread derailing and stupidity?


You don't have to agree with the right wing or be right wing to post here, but why is this fuckhead allowed to derail threads over and over again with NOTHING done? Does post quality really mean nothing? Quit circlejerking on /b/ and DO YOUR JOB YOU FAGGOT MANCHILDREN.

8ce4c No.54750

File: 1594387806133.png (625.25 KB, 917x613, 917:613, 1588698145624.png) ImgOps iqdb

The first thing the obese manchild mods are going to do now that I've brought this to their attention is look at my IP and post history. Why? Is it relevant? No, but they think they're master voyeurs getting a kick out of being "in the know." The next thing they're going to do is post on /b/ something about their assholes. Somehow, someway they will find a way that their "wizhole" needs to be discussed, preferably in as gay of a manner as possible.

Finally when they've finished with the discord circlejerk, they will take a look at the post, realize it breaks the rules, and leave it up, while being sure to move threads from /wiz/ to /lounge/ when appropriate. After all these shitsmears have to have their priorities straight.

Pic related: a wizchan mod in all his glory.


I locked the thread because it's just the same exact people from the politics threads arguing, and as far as I know bitchute is mainly a website for political content.

f2c85 No.54734[Reply]

"starring" /all/ doesn't work, it adds "false" and links to https://wizchan.org/false
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5d34a No.54742

You are welcome to learn web development and volunteer rather then throw out petty insults like a ungrateful child.

2deb8 No.54743

It's the staff's job to fill needs when necessary or at least advertise the position. And me volunteering to do it doesn't mean the mods will suddenly let me do it, especially given their arrogance and lack of presence on /meta/. But you already knew that, you just shat out that post to try to moral grandstand, you goddamn leper.

f2c85 No.54744

ok, so if i find a fix, will admin apply it?

fb25e No.54745

Probably if you submitted it to NPFChan's github so the code could be evaluated by others

f2c85 No.54746

File: 1594337092580.png (8.5 KB, 659x153, 659:153, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

well seems you can fix it for yourself by just manually changing the local storage entry for wizchan's favorites. i changed it from 'false' to 'all' and it works. you can also add any page on wizchan if you want, like i added the stats page for fun

3c251 No.54684[Reply]

instead of looking at the most recent threads and losts can there be an option to look at the oldest stuff
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5465d No.54693

>hit end
>hit page 10
>hit end again
>read down to up
Congrads you have what you want with 3 to 4 inputs

There is no reason to hardcode in to a solution to a problem that is so simple to fix on your end by not being a slug.

bc026 No.54694

eat shit

1269b No.54695

or just use the catalogue and you can have it in 2

5465d No.54696

You're right
Not bad.

3c251 No.54698

>just read down to up

File: 1593062859974.png (535.18 KB, 2336x1566, 1168:783, Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at ….png) ImgOps iqdb

6facc No.54660[Reply]

To anyone calling those who point out that mods shitpost on /b/ regularly "schizos", here is a clear cut example of these dickless losers doing just that. Guess he forgot to remove his tag? lmao

This website is a giant joke, hopefully everyone already knew that but in case you didn't here is some fresh evidence.
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6facc No.54681

Yeah, ok, you'd let a wizchan loser mod shit in your mouth, just admit it.

201b2 No.54682

File: 1593152484825.jpg (27.29 KB, 241x319, 241:319, 1558899914185.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

ya he would

ca611 No.54683

funny butthurt meme guy

4ae7a No.54685

and what if I would? it's called being a good and decent poster, I'd gladly let a wizchan moderator shit in my mouth, any real wizard would do the same

ca611 No.54686

speak for yourself, faggotcuntshithead

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