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ace70 No.63715[Reply]

we need a new board can you think about it mods please. think something more about the wizards
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c711b No.63749


a9ec5 No.63768

What if all politics discussed in /civ/ had to be before 1900 AD? It would help keep our elevated tone as high cultured Wizards stroking our beards, and not just 4chan lite.

We only discuss politics and "news" when the dust has settled and we can calmly rationally evaluate and not just scream in the heat of primate passions

39ab0 No.63770

File: 1680104818163.png (478.71 KB, 1736x691, 1736:691, austro-hungarian autists.png) ImgOps iqdb

>What if all politics discussed in /civ/ had to be before 1900 AD? It would help keep our elevated tone as high cultured Wizards
You have clearly never been to /his/

4d677 No.63813

I fail to see how self improvement would not fall under the purview of /hob/.

8e656 No.63818

this, we need a Chad wizard containment board where they can compete in who self improves better

09dc7 No.63810[Reply]

This is a serious advice to wizards and mods alike. Many of the recent posts and threads have been made by the same person and this most likely goes back a few months as well so pay attention.

The banned poster who kept spamming radical leftist politics and derailed many threads keeps switching his IP and then goes back to posting, sometimes he identifies himself and sometimes he just samefags as different people which is a pattern that others have already noticed.

There are certain patterns that make it obvious such as the frequency of posts and the timeline as well as the rhetoric he chooses, he just keeps switching minor stuff when hes samefaging.

The posts are always about counter signaling self-improvement stuff or promoting leftist politics. He also made several troll crab threads and roleplayed as crab poster himself, he also roleplayed as the wizards he opposes to make them look dumb which also becomes clear when you compare his posts and what he keeps saying along with all his other patterns.

Wizchan can easily be taken advantage of in these ways because there's not enough traffic and there's an unmoderated time window (from like 6am to 2pm when a lot of troll posts are made). I don't want to invest too much time into a schizo idiot but he just reveals a vulnerability of wizchan since it can be taken over or derailed so easy.

e7de0 No.63811

Mods should just let new users join their team. I love Wizardchan and hate how retards try to sabotage it every few days.

d29f1 No.63096[Reply]

Recently I started filtering racial slurs on 4chan and I found it greatly improved my user experience. Is there any chance we could implement a similar feature here?
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0c464 No.63744

works great. i actually forgot about the russian ukraine war thing when i made a filter list. only now i saw something elsewhere on another site and my brain remembered that thing is still going on. glorious 2 weeks of ignorant bliss

d29f1 No.63777

Thanks. Before I try it out though what does this mean?

/* Have a backup of your storage somewhere, as messing here
may render you this website unusable. */

How do I backup the storage? IDK what that means.

b2de5 No.63784


421f6 No.63785

Fucking RUDE! Why must you enter every thread just to call the OP a manbaby?

b0e24 No.63789

It likely means web storage. For instance you could do localStorage.setItem("stylesheet", "Tomorrow") but you could also set it to garbage. You can backup storage by assigning it to a constant variable, but it's unnecessary in this case as it's not being modified

That's a good addition to the filters

19e6b No.63771[Reply]

I was wondering if posting pic of itself is bannable? It isn't written on the rules so I was wondering if we could post pics of ourselves to see how the average wizzie looks like, m'kay?


File: 1680120822307.jpg (26.47 KB, 600x315, 40:21, 54b82d72917f317c44b08b1256….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Selfies aren't allowed. Exceptions are if your identity can't be discerned from them. So a visible face will get the image removed. Images sharing skin conditions, hair issues, general physique, exercise progress, and scars have been allowed in the past, but those posts don't come up enough for us to have developed a solid policy around them so you can play it by ear if there's any particular aspect of your body you'd like to share and discuss.

A thread with a general "What you look like" subject would only introduce trolling and cries of outsiders attempting to dox. Tricksy users also like to post images of school shooters and claim to be them so your thread probably wouldn't get much genuine engagement.

40fec No.63773

I post my selfie here all the time and you never remove it

3be46 No.63774

Then you must be an e-celebrity

07a77 No.63776

there are two types of wiz: wiztwinks, and bigwiz
choose which one you are, no pics needed

19e6b No.63787

can I post my pics on /b/?

10d8e No.62267[Reply]

Could the fact that wojak memes are banned please be mentioned in the rules page?
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79b17 No.63693

Its funny how Pepe incapsulates and recapitulates the whole history of 4chan in his evolution. From lite comedy to crab depression to Alt-Right smugness to surreal accelerationism

Nietzsche Pepe and Schopenhauer Wojack, two depressed crabs, until Nietzsche Pepe embraces the struggle, and feels hatred for Wojak still stuck in passivity. In Jungian terms Wojak is the shadow self of Pepe, as he too is in reality a depressed crab. When he beats on wojack and makes wojack eat his shit, he is only beating and shitting himself.

b9a15 No.63700

I see the finnish are good at creating badly drew memes

0ec81 No.63701

mods deleting the evidence

5eb5b No.63714

But it's literally not though. If it's going to be enforced as a rule it should be numbered along with all the other rules. Putting it as a footnote is dumb because it is not clear that those images are explicitly banned, but rather that only low quality/outsider posts that are antithetical to the spirit of wizchan are banned. You can use a pepe or wojak and not do a shitpost, but if all you're doing is posting pepe it is obviously a shitpost. The mods make no such distinction though so it would be simpler to just list it as a rule that those images are going to be banned.

9175a No.63783

Kantbot, is that you?

8aa16 No.62484[Reply]

wizchan needs to start banning crab words from other places. Such as "cope", "looksmaxxing", and even "somethingpills", they only contaminate the environment and bring unwanted people here. If wizchan ban popular memes like frogs and wojaks, why not banning crab lingo too?
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1c9b2 No.63721

File: 1679424170091.jpg (51.86 KB, 398x393, 398:393, FlansFedUp.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Those are my WEBMP4s. You are a federal agent defending your 3-letter reputation. You are gaslighting your gangstalked radicalization targets in to believing you don't exist. If I was a moderator I would ban you. You should be fired. You should earn no pension. You are a federel agent.

057c9 No.63778

I see, so you're literally schizophrenic or something. I'm sorry that must be tough for you, but it's no excuse for condoning violence.

3b082 No.63779

you sound like a federal agent trying too hard to fit in

1c9b2 No.63780


3b082 No.63781

not convincing enough, officer

201d2 No.63755[Reply]

Mods, I hope you realize that you've completely destroyed this community. I used to love this place. You killed it. I hate you for that.

1422e No.63763

god damn it infuriates me that the mods mock us like this. im literally fucking welling up right now. i hope u know u made me fucking ball my eyes out, u piece of shit. i cared so much wtf im crying… how could i have been this foolish. i thought better of u, i cant even what ive done how could you do this. we trusted u. im fucking done.

9f17c No.63764

maybe you just outgrew it

2a983 No.63730[Reply]

There's a guy on /b/ who is ruining the board. I mean, i don't want /b/ to be overmoderated, far from it, but its just too much at this point. Every day this piece of shit is spamming pepes, wojaks and /pol/ shit and race baits, 95% of actual wizards hate this shit. This guy is clearly a troll. I love the freedom of /b/ but man, thats just a outsider teenager posting stupid outsider memes, its not "wizardly" and random anymore.

a14a7 No.63732

/b/= /trash/

5e930 No.63741

Unless they personally offend the mod or disrupt their gay role playing it's rare for them to do something about anything that happens on /b/ unless it's a existential threat to the site, like someone spamming cp or malicious links. Even then depending on timing it could take hours since there is like only one or two regularly active mods for this site anymore.

Report, hide, and move on.
They ether will do something or they won't. I lost faith in them being even remotely competent years ago.

685b6 No.63754

Why go on b are you a coomer or retarded ? It’s essentially a place to post bbc and other porn it’s pure cancer and not even the good time if you look at any other section it is so much better

fe06a No.63724[Reply]

whats the point of jp, no one is a weeb,otaku, this is pretty sad. delete jp
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1f076 No.63747

Your method for counting is probably off for /b/.
3,250 threads expired in the last month, not counting replies.

a909f No.63748

Those stats aren't even right

c4aa6 No.63751

yeah it's not right, but i used this https://wizardchan.net/stats.html the problem is that for the barchart showing the numbers, i assumed it was both weeks added together. in reality it only shows the past week's post count number

83c5b No.63752

>Last Updated : 2021-03-28T08:00:01

c4aa6 No.63753

wtf someone must have hacked wizchan to make it say that, weird, bizarre even

bba3d No.63727[Reply]

Is it there any way to use the search tool for the thread archive?

b0f9e No.63750

Sorry no, running a search through 5000+ threads would make the server butthurt

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