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File: 1701729489701.jpg (913.68 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1701189602513.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

c5eae No.64466[Reply]

Jannies and owner of this wizchan, can you please create a real time anonymous chat and live anon counter?
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fbf55 No.64470

if you want i can create chan

what about magickchan

fbf55 No.64471

can add there chat too

6938c No.64488

There was wizardly.fun but no longer.

21774 No.64489

go away

a39cc No.64492

/b/ is for real time chat

File: 1702565259657.png (1.16 KB, 133x24, 133:24, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

df824 No.64485[Reply]

i get ssl warning, why this happens?
it started 1 week ago. it did not give such warning before.

d37dd No.64487

We have been compromised. Follow procedure gamma.

f6c35 No.64490

Apparently they forgot to renew the cert and are waiting on getting a new one.

58240 No.64491


on what?

File: 1681688944636.png (631.14 KB, 1830x922, 915:461, Screenshot (796).png) ImgOps iqdb

3f2ab No.63856[Reply]

This place is visited by 40.7% succubi? I wonder how they get their data. Also says this board is used in Poland more than in the US.
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52ac2 No.63862

I mean 60% of users are from Poland are all you need to know about the reliability

0e067 No.64480

27.20% aged 18-24

I wonder how many here would be under 18?

399b6 No.64481

If a survey/statistic's methodology is not public, you cannot trust it.

3f763 No.64482

This man speaks the truth!

fb2e0 No.64483

Are you stupid? It's clearly mostly "females", especially if you combine it with the supposed stat that it's 27.20% 18-24, the age group most likely to troon out.

13572 No.63847[Reply]

hello mods, do you think im a good wizard? what is mods position on me as a poster ;___; (dont make me cry again)

f03fd No.63848

midwit coder yuppie that shits on his fellow wizards and calls them manbabies and neckbeards. unironic succubi defender on reddit and would curbstomp a virgin for a crumb of femboy pussy. when he's not punching down on those he deems lesser than him, he's probably posting the same sex joke for the millionth time.

so i would say above average wizard. at least you don't disappear on fridays. the bar is incredibly low at this point and i will accept that posts regularly and sexes it up less than 3 times per week.

ed6ad No.63849

>femboy pussy
"Femboy pussy" doesn't exist. it's a hairy men's anus like any other you LGBTQueer

a4bb9 No.63851

Scientists have found a very strong correlation between avataring as an anime cuteboy and actually being a cuteboy

116d2 No.63981

and gayness too

2aa60 No.64476

LUV this feeler fren simple as

File: 1701636455635.jpeg (96.42 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, AB016886-8243-497C-8FA9-A….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

9b358 No.64457[Reply]

So just to confirm, it’s ok to call wizards “losers” now right, and to worship succubi? Can we get rid of rules 3 and 4 then? I think they are a bit confusing since they don’t actually matter. Maybe even rule one, since I think we should be more welcoming to female wizards.
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d50da No.64463

spammer: gets his succubus appreciation deleted, all of his other posts deleted, and is banned constantly every time he comes back

retards: must mean succubus appreciation is allowed now :/

dc8a8 No.64464

Doesn't really clear things up for me.
Is this some drama going on on /dep/?
Because I don't really go on that board.

And "tormmenting" wizards?
Any details.

Why are you being so vague and using scare quotes?
If you got personal beef then disengaging when you aren't in the headspace for banter might be the best option.
There are a few idiots that annoy me on here. Sometimes its funny to banter a bit or flex my argumentative muscles, but most of the time I just ignore the idiots being idiotic and not let them spoil my day.
If you do see rule breaking then report it, hide it, and move on. The mods will ether deal with it or they wont. Regardless it's best to wash your hands of it and not let it get to you. If you cling to negativity then you will let it pull you down into the same bucket of despair and stupidity that they exist in.

9b358 No.64465

it’s not because of that thread. It’s because he is in other threads insulting wizards and calling them losers and nothing is done. I just mentioned that because it is obviously him doing it.

d50da No.64468

>he is in other threads insulting wizards and calling them losers
Any links?

b03d0 No.64475


c6b57 No.64418[Reply]

I tried to appeal my ban but apparently my email won't send. Got something saying it had been trying to send it for more than 12 hours unsuccessfully. Please check to see if there is an issue with the server.

In the meantime, I would just like to address my ban here. Some guy came into an anime thread to heap his sick hatred against trannies. This happens in all sorts of threads. I decided to try and push back on this vitriol and I was banned for "thread derailment". So the message the mods are sending is it's fine to rant about jews trannies or any other minorities in any unrelated thread but if you try to push back against that hate, that is a banning. Bigotry is fine, anti-bigotry is a bannable offense. It's a straight up fascist tactic used by cowards who know they can't defend their own position. Shameful.
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6f119 No.64452

>Bigotry is fine, anti-bigotry is a bannable offense.

0ba73 No.64455

File: 1701609930417.gif (2.84 MB, 480x366, 80:61, fortress-of.gif) ImgOps iqdb

We have to come to terms with the reality that tranny obsession is legitimately a core part of chan users identity in 2023.
It really needs to be put in perspective, an 18 year old today was 10 when the new generation of completely retarded /pol/ was born around the Trump campaign in 2015, 8 years ago. The average 18 year old poster here has spent their entire conscious waking life posting about trannies. With some crappy estimations, these kinds of people have been lurking new 4chan for around 2000 days (5 - 6 years).
They've probably mentioned trannies at least once a day on discord or 4chan, so they've mentioned trannies thousands of times, probably called people trannies and posted tranny memes thousands of times. They've read others mention trannies probably hundreds of times a day browsing these places for hours a day. 50 times a day would be hundred thousand, and it's really 10-50 times a thread on 4chan now. There are 18 year olds here who have thought about trannies hundreds of thousands of times.
People who have browsed for 10 years would have to see around 300 tranny mentions a day, to have thought about trannies a million times. A million, and I bet that would be easy considering discord and 4chan. There are possibly people here who have thought about it a million times.

I barely think about these things apart from reading the news, I don't encounter them, and the most of my thoughts about the concept is from this imageboard. We live in different realities, trannies being mentioned so often is legitimately just the future of chan culture, we can't hold back the tidal wave of these people who just see it as the normal way to talk.
Anyone who finds any of this unpleasant or abnormal is part of the old world, the zoomer age is one of undirected emotional meltdown, raging about trannies while you peel carrots is just how things are now. The way people are is diverging from a nice reality, even the places they call "norrmie" like reddit has turned in to people congregating in subreddits to rage about people they don't like. The degenerate ragey agey is upon us.

636ec No.64456

>I barely think about these things
>by the way, here's an entire paragraph of me seething because people refuse to just shut up and respect my pronouns
You're fooling no one.

0ba73 No.64458

File: 1701641035839.jpeg (34.68 KB, 250x204, 125:102, IMG_4566.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I’m a certified wizard alpha male with a big long posting history 😎 sorry bud

aa7ff No.64460

The email link is broken I think.

Admin posted a working email in one of the meta threads.
Why they can't just fix the default link is beyond me. It should be a 5 minute fix.

d9185 No.64428[Reply]

can we get a post filter that auto-bans for posting discord links, you know the invite urls

i think a week is fine and will let mods decide if the person is an invader or not and eithe rlet it expire or permaban them
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9264c No.64438

Complaining about rules aside
I will say this. I don't get why image board vets would ever use discord.

Seems to be for animal fucking furfags and sjw's

8688e No.64444

File: 1701455556651.gif (4.94 MB, 360x271, 360:271, 2BE30BD7-EED1-4EB0-B68F-01….gif) ImgOps iqdb

> The notion of every rule and policy needing to be explicitly written down and detailed in order to be "lawfully" enforced is incredibly autistic and opens up so many issues. Rule 12 covers no advertising your website.

I’m sorry, but you are not being helpful and constructive. Just as it might be autistic to explicitly list every single rule, it would also be highly autistic to expect every user to work out every implication from a rule as well. If discord link spamming is a problem that is being faced, it would make sense to explicitly list it as being banned. The only reason not to would be if it was clear that the userbase understood it and that problems were minimal, but clearly this is not the case.


These are solid arguments for a compliant, human userbase. In the case of Wizchan, the chatroom spammers are neither.

Half are automated by bots
Half are made by trolls
One group doesn't read the rules
The other does, but only to see what they can post to rile us up

>it would also be highly autistic to expect every user to work out every implication from a rule as well

This is why inconsequential warnings are issued for those who post links but are clearly here to contribute in other ways too. It allows for an opportunity to direct them to the rules page too in case they missed it.

8688e No.64446

I see. I will not question your judgment on *this* decision then.

99b39 No.64453

Little faggot is lying like always. Don't respect it. I've never been given a warning, these impotent, paranoid retards are autistic and think too much of themselves to the point that they fully trust their dogshit sleuthing abilities or dollar-store correlative add-ons.

File: 1699831580750.png (349.35 KB, 500x500, 1:1, STRONG CHINKO.png) ImgOps iqdb

8f01c No.64421[Reply]

Why isn't there merch for the website?

Beyond people not wanting to be associated with the site or vice versa, I think it could be a decent revenue stream. I was thinking that a line of gym-centric tshirts and stuff with custom designs would be funny.


Not again. We're still being issued collections notices from the printers about the dakimakura incident and that was years ago.

The userbase is small, generally less materialistic than average, generally less wealthy than average, and has a broad array of differing tastes in asthetics and quality standards. We could design the best armband or flag or patch or whatever by one wizard's standards and he'd be the only one to buy it, if he felt like it, when he could afford it. Not worth the 10,000 hours in mspaint. There's also a lot of dox capacity and potential to irl troll the site when finances are being exchanged.

The site doesn't really need a revenue stream. The best and only way to directly support the site is to simply engage other users through discussion in a way that doesn't break the rules.

c7605 No.64427

Nah, just make a hobby project of making wiz related stuff and show off pictures.

Even if Admin didn't say so, I don't really want this site to open that sort of Pandora box. If this site became more about making a profit then just being a hang out it would be a tragedy.

fcd43 No.64429

Go to Uncover and get the Wizchan logo cut out on your Macbook lid if you're that eager to burn money.

811c3 No.64436


e4d7d No.64447

tell me more about the dakimakura incident

File: 1699101700713.png (6.76 KB, 512x512, 1:1, R.png) ImgOps iqdb

2375a No.64399[Reply]

I've noticed that wizchan has a json API thing when I visit for example https://wizchan.org/meta/res/64247.json. Is there an API url for the board list?


Sorry, but this level of understanding the server is beyond me, so I can't give a clear answer.

I know that clean installs of the board software Wizchan uses generates something related to APIs automatically so it's probably not specific to Wizchan. If there's a type of file that may have been generated and accessible to the public that might be of use to you, let me know what it might be called or where it might be located and I'll search for it in the back.

577a7 No.64425

Vichan and NPFchan never implemented boards.json by default it seems - https://github.com/vichan-devel/vichan-API

From the github npfchan
 $entrypoints['/%b/%d.json']                = 'sb_api_board';
  if ($config['api']['enabled']) {
    $entrypoints['/%b/threads.json']         = 'sb_api';
    $entrypoints['/%b/catalog.json']         = 'sb_api';

- https://github.com/fallenPineapple/NPFchan/blob/master/inc/route.php

File: 1699470433671.jpg (171.02 KB, 886x1289, 886:1289, 2D1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

8ae61 No.64409[Reply]

If the creator of wizchan is Brazilian, why doesn't he create a wizchan in Spanish?
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

ac9e8 No.64414

This one is still around


d5b07 No.64415

Portuguese is a dialect of Spanish, there are many dialects within languages that are much more different, than those 2 are

d5b07 No.64416

Portugal is no more different from Castille than Catalonia or Aragon is. Its just an accident of history that it stayed a kingdom, while the others united into Spain.

Its like Austria and Germany. If we called the Austrian dialect its own language of "Austrian"

c3ef5 No.64419

Why is it using the Sectachan logo? I remember discovering the even older Sectahentai because it unapologetically hosted loli and was referenced by 7chan's /delicious/ board, being very confused it was in Spanish at first but now I learned that Anime was bigger in LATAM in the 90's than in america.

ed833 No.64424

Creator? You mean admin. IIRC the OG admin/owner was Ana(l)chronos, a guy who admitted to being a whoremonger before he was forced to step down. That was years ago though and I've used wizchan intermittently over the years so I wouldn't know who the current admin/owner is.

That said, why are Brazilians (and Russians) becoming more relevant on the chanosphere? Is it the power of BRICS? As a virgin spic, I am jealous, and I have newfound crab feelings towards huehues. You guys are going to make it, but the rest of Latin America is in free fall…..

You seriously underestimate the degree of normalfagginess from the average spanish speaking netizen.

Case in point. The major spanish IB was Hispachan, closed down around 2 years ago. The IB you linked is pretty damn cliqueish, I tried using it but users are stuck up their asses, reusing their ebin inside jokes and lore. Hispachan never had the cohesiveness and shared broader culture that the anglosphere has with 4chan. It was a literal shit-flinging party all day, the most active posters were Mexicans and Venezuelans. Venezuela is rip, and the last owner of Hispachan, the one that decided to kill it off, was a spic who apparently was too busy trying to become a fucking streamer and refused repeated offers to buy the site from him or donate it to those who had the time and money to keep it alive. No. He HAD to kill it off the massive faggot. Just goes to show how latinos see each other. I never see this with Brazilians, so I wouldn't be surprized if wizchans modmin is brazilian.

Probably because they boast of having secta OG users. But those days are gone, probably. Well, I wasn't there and you better be behind more than 7 proxxies if you're going to be open about posting loli. Cheesepizza is kind of a meme on the spanish weeb/loser web rings, although imageboards never had as much of an impact on them as Facebook groups did. Goes to show how fucking retarded the average user was, yes, posting cp on fucking FB of all places.

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