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93691 No.62007[Reply]

Make a self improvement board. Why? Because there is a dep board. Dep is mostly about people venting but I also see people there who are interested in improving. It may be that they want to know more about careers or they're interested in medication to treat mental illness.

I think having a dep board but also having no place to build yourself up is letting down our wizzies and it really sends a negative message. It's like 'sure, you can be depressed but you ought not to look at improving because it's possible.' We apparently have some really old users here as opposed to zoomers and some of them are actually successful.

I know wizzies who have beat mental illness and built successful careers. We even have cryptocurrency investors with small fortunes. It would be a neat to have a place to talk about it in more depth.

93691 No.62008

Also, I would suggest to have one thread stickied for cryptocurrency discussion to avoid ruining the whole board like what happened on 4chan.

i.e. 4chan's biz board had huge potential to be a place to talk about all kinds of ways to make money, improve your career, and entrepreneurial skills. But instead it turned into a cess poll of cryptocurrency spam.

Really disappointing tbh.

de01a No.62009

why can't you do it on lounge or wiz

93691 No.62013

it would just get lost amongst these boards. a dedicated board also encourages further discussion by focusing all related threads in one place.

0269c No.61993[Reply]

are there or were there tshirts for wizardchan? like with the logo, wizard had, anonymous no image figure, banners, etc.

a1aff No.61994

0dea7 No.61996

File: 1649647549797.png (33.82 KB, 1366x657, 1366:657, Untitled.png) ImgOps iqdb

It doesn't work, pic related appears.

a1aff No.61997

You just aren't worthy

86805 No.61998

Wizbux. Now that's a feature I haven't heard of in a long time. It's a site secret at this point.

0dea7 No.62005

I mean i push a button to buy something and it leads to that error page, still not worthy right?

File: 1649647471723.png (1.92 KB, 537x64, 537:64, 961564215.png) ImgOps iqdb

bdf84 No.61995[Reply]

Why i can't see the password?, i want to see it, how can i keep it?, there must be a way.

a2e09 No.62003

it just says "password" but it's dotted out, your password is in the reply/post area at the top[ of the page

File: 1645141589020.png (35.5 KB, 708x560, 177:140, 1645028321675.png) ImgOps iqdb

b2d89 No.61863[Reply]

Why is it that every post on Wizchan has to be archived? What purpose does it server other than to immortalize everything anyone has ever said on this god forsaken gangstalking website?

You know there are laws that make it ILLEGAL for users on the internet to not be able to be forgotten on the internet, right? Privacy and anonymity are human rights.

You usurping cocksuckers should read a book or two about privacy, anonymity and the right to be forgotten.
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717bf No.61971

>I even sought out and asked a number of people here that know you personally, who all confirmed that you aren't a virgin.

Holyshit does everyone just know everyone else here? anonymous imageboard…

b739d No.61981

File: 1648977230447.png (261.48 KB, 583x290, 583:290, 1558710639403-0.png) ImgOps iqdb

They aren't. They're only stored for some time so mods can see whether you've been shitposting too much lately but are ultimately deleted. You're not important and no one cares about what you post here, or about you.

2e53a No.61986

im the vip of wizchan

9d54e No.61987

File: 1649139570965.jpeg (23.32 KB, 650x488, 325:244, 912c7e1165f86db9f0c6d3072….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


2451a No.61988

Rule 1 was only meant to keep out normalfags who hate neets and insels, not bar people from using the website for thought police while they larp in wizcord voice chat

a30e6 No.61795[Reply]

Wizchan's lingo defines clearly several things. Wizards, wizardry, normgroids….

But we don't have a word for the outsiders. An outsider not necesarily must be a normgroid or a crab, I've noticed a lot of outsiders who cannot differentiate Wizchan from /r9k/ or think that this is a website for losers and cucks (like themselves)

Several cultures do have a word to properly define the outsider: gaijin, goy, kaffir, etc. It explicitly defines that individual that is outside the community, the different one, whatever those differences might be. A word that englobes all the outsiders: normgroids, crabs, robots, roasties, etc when an invasor that fits in any category or none is found

I think we need to define a word for said individuals

My suggerences are

Post your ideas
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b572a No.61939

>I've noticed a lot of outsiders who cannot differentiate Wizchan from /r9k/ or think that this is a website for losers and cucks (like themselves)
You realize /dep/ exists and is vastly more pathetic than every crab website in existance…

a628b No.61943

crabs wouldn't even understand that there are reasons in the world for being depressed other than tfw no gf.

75c4b No.61979

What about soyjakers or pepers? That all zoomers and shitchanners post these days anyway.

0fc9b No.61983

I like this one, it's quite straightforward i'd say

58856 No.61984

stinkubi and stinkubutts

File: 1647625212392.png (12.49 KB, 699x374, 699:374, tards.png) ImgOps iqdb

5d19e No.61944[Reply]

i did report the thread twice you fucking morons, and you didn't react. i wouldn't have made that thread on meta otherwise
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4bb48 No.61964

Why is the wrong in them, why they are not with the good?

000c4 No.61966

>Fully clothed succubi in a non-sexual context
>v-tubers regardless of context and totally lacking in anything related to sexuality
>Nude man ass and gay porn
Totally a-ok and if you complain I delete your post

a387e No.61967

no one here is gay

e2aed No.61968

File: 1648341859759.png (196.17 KB, 398x384, 199:192, 1544941612700.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Mods delete tranny man ass
>Mods are gay because that means they see tranny man ass as sexual
>Mods don't delete tranny man ass
>Mods are gay because they keep tranny man ass

the focus of the webm/mp4 in the webm/mp4 thread is the guy wincing at the sight of a transvestite omeagle troll. it's not meant to be looked at erotically, but comically and as commentary on the current state of things. it's a re-world recording of a wizard's despair when presented with the realities of the world in which he was forced unto. Like dady howard, yea is man ass, but is not fap thread material.

must we remind you new users that any post or image can be hidden on your side?

>v-tubers regardless of context

>regardless of context
yeah damn straight regardless of context. v-tuber ban wasn't because sexual, but for the same "outsider content" rule that envelopes all celebrity female discussion. the prime thread that initiated the decision to ban vtubers wasn't talking about the games being played or even about the characters portrayed. wasnt about the context of the streamns, the games, or the characters, but was a talk of the real antics of those performing, i.e the real succubi. if it was a talk about aaaaahhnuuhh the games, the meta, the industry, the scripted content, the anything besides "she (real 3dps) is so funny, cute, i love ehr voice etc", then probably would have stayed but no, it was digital SIMPING.

46a90 No.61969

Seem 3d gay porn and exclusively gay porn is totally allowed if the mods actions are anything to go by.

Guess the fags can post all the dick and ass they want.
Fuck this site. You fucking win I quit.
Faggots ruin everything.
I hope you all get aids and die.

7c936 No.61949[Reply]

You let this thread stay up.
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17251 No.61957

it's quite funny to see them impotently brag about having the "privilege" to stomp on their own irrelevant little sandcastle. cool, you're just making a feedback loop of failed normalniggers jerking each other off with wizard caricatures. really owning those virgins by scaring them off with your self-sabotage.

ea75d No.61958

Wizards should look like Pirates.

a4ead No.61959

Didn't pirates blow most of their money or hyper fancy clothes, drink, and whores?

f69af No.61960

>Wizards should look like Pirates.
Pirates should look like Vampires.

2a226 No.61961

Vampires can look like anything.

55601 No.61929[Reply]

4d6e2 No.61930

The video is right about this being another Y2K-like non-issue. It's only a problem for bloated web 3.0 sites.
>Using the browser agent to identify user's browser and offer them the appropriate content for that browser
There is no service that checks for a visitor's browser version to give them anymore relevant content because everyone gets the same universal scripts regardless of browser.

db25c No.61933

definitely not

9b9c8 No.61934

File: 1647436627047.jpg (48.24 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 1645643446488.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Stop versioning software.

File: 1646730483449.png (148.24 KB, 1194x597, 2:1, wwaafoxx.png) ImgOps iqdb

1185a No.61918[Reply]

why is banner fox. banner should not be fox, but suddenly it is. who did this. why is it a fox.

1185a No.61919

it has fixed…

1185a No.61920

oh right that nine-tail vixen succubus just recently broke out of her rock, now she's coming after virgin men. well this sucks

29451 No.61921

he's dead…

6a4fb No.60488[Reply]

What happened to the Wizardchan textboard and wiki? Also,on the frontpage,all of the copyrights are out of date.
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671df No.60500

why doesn't the text link just go to feels like it did on old wizardchan


>if something is broken, why not at the very least remove it?
Sure it's broken, but the presence of a few dead links isn't exactly crashing anyone's browser or leaking their IP. The amount of work and testing that has to be done - while it may be a 2-minute job for an experienced webdev - just isn't worth the payoff of having two links cleaned from a mostly blank navbar and the homepage which I believe most users don't even visit anyway. That's the honest answer. The optimistic answer is that the textboard, wiki, and public post counter may be fixed in the future so there's no sense doing something just to undo it later.

>Last Updated : 2021-03-28T08:00:01
That's when we were shut down so it may be stuck at that point in time. The mod panel has one that updates in realtime.

>why doesn't the text link just go to feels like it did on old wizardchan
I have no idea who is operating the current feels

6a4fb No.60506


d7732 No.61917

File: 1646717525182.jpg (1.49 MB, 5628x3348, 469:279, 1452606529184.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Fix the damn wiki already you waste.

12639 No.61922

no u?

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