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f222b No.63207[Reply]

>Mods posting constantly about how they want to have sex and larp in gay fantasies on /b//
>Lead mod screencapped trying to doxx users with a known kiwifarmer
>good threads getting derailed constantly by bored discord faggots
>site population consists of the terminally unemployed, mentally ill, and suicidal
>virtually everyone is on discord and has pet names for each other
the quality for this site has taken a total nosedive. All the good threads in the archive were made by people who don't post anymore. I've never seen a site so utterly destroyed by toxic moderation and userbase. There's no hope of improving it either since since everything on meta gets ignored.

>Jannies banned some faggot for posting this out of the circlejerk
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f015a No.63215

>>site population consists of the terminally unemployed, mentally ill, and suicidal

1ceb8 No.63216

Yeah, I have a problem with manbabies.


86c5a No.63217

>site population consists of the terminally unemployed, mentally ill, and suicidal
So what Wizchan has always consisted of?

561ce No.63219

we already tried warlockchan
just gotta deal with it

77924 No.63221

op slipped up and let everyone know he is an outsider from kiwifarms

File: 1671833374402.gif (2.19 MB, 492x206, 246:103, spamming gay pics.gif) ImgOps iqdb

faffc No.63199[Reply]

thread subjects should be required when creating new threads

it's a pain in the ass in catalog view seeing threads without titles

08fdb No.63200

Reasonable. Seeing vague titles such as yours is worse though, so I will sage.

faffc No.63201

that was a joke, but also no one makes subjects like i just did. go check /hob/ they are all relevant. it would be nice if they were ALL relevant and included

File: 1667251866685.jpg (335.15 KB, 1200x1166, 600:583, Fasww7iVQAAln2G.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

74aff No.62897[Reply]

"BBC" posting and sexual race-bait in general is an outsider meme. It comes from 4Chan's /r9k/, /gif/, and /b/ boards. It is used mainly by non-imageboarders to troll men just trying to talk hentai and MLP etc. The purpose of the meme is to disparage virgin men in to accepting a submissive homosexual lifestyle. Race-bait is also a popular subject on CRAB forums because of how many CRABS feel their race is why they are never chosen to fertilize eggs. Therefore, it should be banned in the same way Pepe and Wojak were when they begun being used to make fun of celibate and depressed men. If you agree, post anything below. If you disagree, explain why.

Pic related. The post date says it's Halloween so a scary pic such as Sekibanki enjoying candy is relevant to the content of the post.
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7d956 No.63117

*logs into gelbooru*

54b8a No.63132

He’s still at it

755a3 No.63162

How does BBC disparage virgin men? If you are so self assured in your virgin lifestyle why would you care how big someones penis is? If you are not self assured in your virgin lifestyle why are you using a website that punishes you for being upset with your predicament?

93218 No.63163

Not a argument

1f877 No.63164

No no, he has a point

ba8ee No.63155[Reply]

can you create a. board like quest like in 4chan please because it could be a good board pls

e24c2 No.63156

Your quest: explain what a board like quest is
Reward: 2 (you)s

ceafa No.63157

File: 1670511001116.png (256.04 KB, 361x426, 361:426, 1627011246564.png) ImgOps iqdb

Remove all boards besides /all/

4387c No.63158

Was curious so I checked it out and it looks like a board for hosting shitty creative writing choose-your-own-adventure threads composed by trannies. I don't think people are even playing a single pen-and-paper roleplaying game together on here, so I doubt anyone else would use it.
As always, better to make a thread to gauge if there is any interest at all first, then slowly scale more threads and then create a separate board if the interest goes that far.

e81fd No.63120[Reply]

I think gay and bisexual wizard shouldn't be posting here, only straight males should post here. it bother me knowing this website wasn't meant for faggots but they still think they belong here. i hate them they're ruining this website, can we ban their threads and them too? I think a lot of wizard agree with me
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e81fd No.63141

fine kill this website already

e81fd No.63142

finally I changed my mind, fake problem

5f223 No.63145

>I'd say I like gays and bisexual normals better than your average hetero normals.
They're all the same thing.
>I would pick the biggest faggot gaylord wizard who dresses in succ clothes and uses dildos but is a volcel
So you're just another crab who goes as far as to fuck fags just so he can have his willy tingle a bit? Go to twitter, they'll harbour you.

e6282 No.63148

the homosexual guy posting his "Ironic" sexual fantasies with pedoshit on /b/ trying to get posters to interact with him is dragging the quality of the whole down just by existing. Falls under the same category as succubi imagery removal.

There should just be a short term /b/ ban filable under the category of "you overdosed" lasting 3-4 hours for these retards to sober up. Oldwiz mods absolutely would have put this guy in a pit and stoned him to death in accordance with perfect sharia.

741d7 No.63153

They aren't the same because gays and bisexuals are seen as freaks by many people still. They almost get the same treatment as us virgin men do. While hetero normals are übernormals basically, they are the vanilla of vanilla, they are the "default", the basic npc, the "norm".

And a gay volcel wiz is always better than a failed normal /pol/crab as far as contents or quality of posts go.

d29f1 No.63096[Reply]

Recently I started filtering racial slurs on 4chan and I found it greatly improved my user experience. Is there any chance we could implement a similar feature here?

3798f No.63097

just write a userscript

4c072 No.63098

Why? You'll still know people are saying those mean words, just the words wouldn't be recognizable to those new to the site. Do you have a word phobia? Is someone looking over your shoulder reading everything on your screen, judging you?

If we do implement a word filter for racism, it should be something that takes mild racism and turns it in to super racism. "Nigga" to "Nigger", site-side coincidence detection, auto IQDB lookup of posted images and if a Booru source is found, have the server fetch the tags and apply a file spoiler if the tags suggest dark skin is present. A simple "proper toilet use" test as a captcha could not only keep out spambots, but also undesirable races too.

d29f1 No.63131

That is not a practical solution for the end user considering most people, including me, don't know how to code scripts even if we are given the option to do so. A built-in feature would make more sense.
It's because they are always stupid and toxic posts with nothing of value. Seeing someone aggressively spewing hatred and attacking others is not comfy.

File: 1669806321081.jpg (19.66 KB, 360x480, 3:4, 1457b30e1-c04c-488e-999e-f….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

5e010 No.63099[Reply]

>Lolicon is classified as illegal child pornography under federal law in the United States

>Child pornography laws in some countries, including United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, have expanded since the 1990s to include sexually explicit depictions of fictional child characters

This is not a request. The Lolicon/Pedo bullshit currently willfully being hosted on wizchan all has to be deleted or the site will be taken down. Anyone with two brain cells together should be capable of understanding the presence of loli is turning this site into a honeypot and putting every user on here at risk.

The moderation claims to follow United States law but has deliberately ignored acting on this. I highly encourage everyone remaining on this site to email abuse@amazonaws.com to take email links containing this content directly to the registrar given the administration will not delete this extremely dangerous pedophilic garbage. Mods do your fucking job
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299a3 No.63119

File: 1669860496760.jpg (29.45 KB, 368x317, 368:317, 20221130_210159.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


ugly monster: hebrew tricks and fake anti-art laws
rule 7 the man: esteemed lolicons, art and free speech enjoyers

4e1d7 No.63122

Don't care about the way you cope and cry. Rule 6 is clearly being violated.

299a3 No.63123

>Rule 6 is clearly being violated.

4e1d7 No.63124

Put your mod tag on lol

5e010 No.63125

unequivocally this

7de97 No.63018[Reply]

Please change max-width: 98% to max-width: 100%. All full-sized images (clicking thumbnails) are blurry because of this.

If you click the image below, the text is blurry (downscaled slightly to 98%)
but if you open in new tab it shows the proper resolution (100%)

line 209-211 for .full-image class

181fa No.63077

There was probably a good reason for it being set to 98% but I changed it to 100% anyway

7de97 No.63093

File: 1669615950510.png (4.77 KB, 402x80, 201:40, concern-troll.png) ImgOps iqdb

you should disable direct hotlinking to /b/ threads and images without valid referer, i've seen some concern troll threats on /b/ like pic related threatening to contact amazon, this'll make it much harder for them

server {

	location ^~ /b/res {
		valid_referers blocked wizchan.org *.wizchan.org;
		if ($invalid_referer) {
			return 404;

	location ^~ /b/src {
		valid_referers blocked wizchan.org *.wizchan.org;
		if ($invalid_referer) {
			return 404;

	location ^~ /b/thumb {
		valid_referers blocked wizchan.org *.wizchan.org;
		if ($invalid_referer) {
			return 404;

though i would go a step further and just disable hotlinking to all images on your site instead

server {

	location ^~ /b/res {
		valid_referers blocked wizchan.org *.wizchan.org;
		if ($invalid_referer) {
			return 404;

	location ~ .(gif|jpe?g|mp4|png|webm|webp)$ {
		valid_referers blocked wizchan.org *.wizchan.org;
		if ($invalid_referer) {
			return 404;

you should disable access to the various vichan folders with php files. while "defined('TINYBOARD') or exit;" should be enough to prevent them from executing and show only blank white page, it's still good practice to prevent outside access anyway and not allow outsiders know their existence by showing 404 page.

server {

	location ^~ /inc {
		return 404;

	location ^~ /templates {
		return 404;

	location ^~ /tools {
		return 404;

	location /tmp {
		return 404;

	location ^~ /vendor {
		return 404;

should hide your nginx server version and linux distro, i can see it in the response header. add "server_tokens off;" to your http block in /etc/nginx/nginx.conf : https://www.tecmint.com/hide-nginx-server-version-in-linux/

sudo ngPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

f9f54 No.63094

if only mods could delete the periodic cp spam as fast as they apply erroneous bans for ban evasion.

bc363 No.62970[Reply]

How many unique posters do you think the entire board has?

I remember a couple years ago there was a unique weekly poster counter on the homepage and it was always around 200-250 but now it seems like less than 100

315e4 No.62972

It's just me, you, and…


f1c19 No.62973

File: 1667931962516.jpg (251.26 KB, 1500x979, 1500:979, 1667865113997444.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

there is like 5 people here tops

c9767 No.62974

I would like the admin to say since the stats page is broken. I think it's much higher than most people think, with a lot of people who only come once or twice a month.

6fec3 No.63086

this is bullshit i need to know how many other sexless virgins are posting with me

File: 1668715101467.jpg (329.9 KB, 800x680, 20:17, 1665662840922.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

b95b0 No.63043[Reply]

im sure this has been asked before but, why no paranormal board? it seems like such an obvious conclusion to come to for a place called 'Wizchan'. The lifestyle seems inherently paranormal to me
and i feel like i see so many threads scattered across various boards here that would fit so well under a specific paranormal board where the discussion could be more focused and flourish.
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

6c3e4 No.63054

it would quickly become a de facto hispanic board

57c96 No.63055

this place is already hispachan 2 at this point (not agreeing to adding another dead board to the pile btw)

3e573 No.63056

Why do you say this?

36207 No.63064

oh my god yes, for this reason alone i would never want a paranormal board on here. i love paranormal topics but i dont want to give those roaches any more reason to be here.

e781b No.63081

Go back to /pol/.

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