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2375a No.64399[Reply]

I've noticed that wizchan has a json API thing when I visit for example https://wizchan.org/meta/res/64247.json. Is there an API url for the board list?


Sorry, but this level of understanding the server is beyond me, so I can't give a clear answer.

I know that clean installs of the board software Wizchan uses generates something related to APIs automatically so it's probably not specific to Wizchan. If there's a type of file that may have been generated and accessible to the public that might be of use to you, let me know what it might be called or where it might be located and I'll search for it in the back.

577a7 No.64425

Vichan and NPFchan never implemented boards.json by default it seems - https://github.com/vichan-devel/vichan-API

From the github npfchan
 $entrypoints['/%b/%d.json']                = 'sb_api_board';
  if ($config['api']['enabled']) {
    $entrypoints['/%b/threads.json']         = 'sb_api';
    $entrypoints['/%b/catalog.json']         = 'sb_api';

- https://github.com/fallenPineapple/NPFchan/blob/master/inc/route.php

File: 1699470433671.jpg (171.02 KB, 886x1289, 886:1289, 2D1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

8ae61 No.64409[Reply]

If the creator of wizchan is Brazilian, why doesn't he create a wizchan in Spanish?
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ac9e8 No.64414

This one is still around


d5b07 No.64415

Portuguese is a dialect of Spanish, there are many dialects within languages that are much more different, than those 2 are

d5b07 No.64416

Portugal is no more different from Castille than Catalonia or Aragon is. Its just an accident of history that it stayed a kingdom, while the others united into Spain.

Its like Austria and Germany. If we called the Austrian dialect its own language of "Austrian"

c3ef5 No.64419

Why is it using the Sectachan logo? I remember discovering the even older Sectahentai because it unapologetically hosted loli and was referenced by 7chan's /delicious/ board, being very confused it was in Spanish at first but now I learned that Anime was bigger in LATAM in the 90's than in america.

ed833 No.64424

Creator? You mean admin. IIRC the OG admin/owner was Ana(l)chronos, a guy who admitted to being a whoremonger before he was forced to step down. That was years ago though and I've used wizchan intermittently over the years so I wouldn't know who the current admin/owner is.

That said, why are Brazilians (and Russians) becoming more relevant on the chanosphere? Is it the power of BRICS? As a virgin spic, I am jealous, and I have newfound crab feelings towards huehues. You guys are going to make it, but the rest of Latin America is in free fall…..

You seriously underestimate the degree of normalfagginess from the average spanish speaking netizen.

Case in point. The major spanish IB was Hispachan, closed down around 2 years ago. The IB you linked is pretty damn cliqueish, I tried using it but users are stuck up their asses, reusing their ebin inside jokes and lore. Hispachan never had the cohesiveness and shared broader culture that the anglosphere has with 4chan. It was a literal shit-flinging party all day, the most active posters were Mexicans and Venezuelans. Venezuela is rip, and the last owner of Hispachan, the one that decided to kill it off, was a spic who apparently was too busy trying to become a fucking streamer and refused repeated offers to buy the site from him or donate it to those who had the time and money to keep it alive. No. He HAD to kill it off the massive faggot. Just goes to show how latinos see each other. I never see this with Brazilians, so I wouldn't be surprized if wizchans modmin is brazilian.

Probably because they boast of having secta OG users. But those days are gone, probably. Well, I wasn't there and you better be behind more than 7 proxxies if you're going to be open about posting loli. Cheesepizza is kind of a meme on the spanish weeb/loser web rings, although imageboards never had as much of an impact on them as Facebook groups did. Goes to show how fucking retarded the average user was, yes, posting cp on fucking FB of all places.

File: 1699411561957.jpg (44.32 KB, 640x609, 640:609, 1696536945365858.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

36111 No.64405[Reply]

/wiz/ became just a soft /b/.

Shame, where's the galaxy brain topic? Where's the insightful discussion about the nature of being a wizard and the philosophical ramifications? Where's the phenomenological threads about inner experience of the wizards?

Just low quality borderline shitposty thread.
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141af No.64407

Nothing is stopping you from creating quality threads you know…

edfe4 No.64408

well tbh the board categories are ill defined

it would make sense if

wiz= topics related to being a wizard

lounge= high quality misc

b= low quality misc

but de facto we just have 3 miscs. sometimes posts do get moved from wiz to lounge. but wiz is more of a general than wiz-topics only.

7dec3 No.64410

>have 3 miscs
4 actually, technically 5 even ;-)

72102 No.64420

because at a certain level of sophistication people will stop pretending and start having to make critical remarks about wizardry and the website, which the admins really dont like for some reason.

Like really, I run an imageboard and it isn't exactly a free speech zone, but I don't ban intelligent posts just because they aren't completely in line with our philosophy. That's how you create yet another retard den on the internet.

1a227 No.64422

> critical remarks about wizardry and the website, which the admins really dont like for some reason
This is a clubhouse
Not debate club

507df No.64417[Reply]

it's aids searching for appropriate threads to post something in the catalog when a lot of threads have no subjects immediately visible

File: 1690350844607.jpg (111.65 KB, 880x628, 220:157, Dog.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

fa91f No.64247[Reply]

I've always wondered how people found certain sites, and what sites I might not know of, but would enjoy knowing of. There is also a certain taboo about talking about certain sites outside of those sites, as if each user just materialized with knowledge of the site. How did you find out about Wizchan?
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d60a5 No.64398

I was thinking recently about how it would be nice to have a faster website with more posters and that made me question where all the users come from in the first place so I'm glad this thread exists. I assume 4chan is the big one since that's where I heard about wizardchan from. That means we are drawing from a pool of frankly pretty shitty users. We should go after reddit users. Someone should make a /r/wizchan and post highlights from this site. That would allow us to go after a higher caliber of poster.

7738a No.64400

Someone mentioned it on the old 8chan, you know, the one with the board were you could post little g*rls shaking their butts to good music and had a zoophilia board witj guys fucking pigs.

549bb No.64401

That one just turned 10 years old. Hotwheels's cheap knockoff was a cunny honeypot

e927c No.64402

>cunny honeypot
Only racists got the rope
it was a bbc pot of man honney

bef34 No.64403

i'll freely admit I first heard of wizardchan from /r9k/, back in 2013 or 2014 I'm not sure. It was around the zoe incident and the supreme gentleman times

4bf84 No.64382[Reply]

ban all the middle eastern shills trying to recruit wizards into their retarded fucking war

fuck the jews and fuck the other people, they dont get to advertise their death cult bullshit to all imageboards

first it was ukraine, now this. ban these fucking tourist retards already

c624c No.64383

A website that invites discussion on the validity of death as an alternative to life is ultimately going to attract attention from those who profit from death. Just call them fags and carry on.

4bf84 No.64395

guy is derailing /wiz/ with nazi, hitler, jew shit

File: 1690334461178.jpg (75.78 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1679625480476456m.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

674ec No.64246[Reply]

Does anyone have a good systematic archive of wizchan history? Maybe oral tales from the ages before wizchan to modern day? I think is important to preserve a community history, don't let the past be forgotten, bros.
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81556 No.64390

The IP changed. You need to flush your DNS cache or your browser will keep trying to direct you to the old IP.

826d1 No.64391

Even when I check websites like websitedown.info
It says it's down for everyone still.
That said, flushing the DNS cache did seem to work for me at least.

826d1 No.64392

Also can't get test to work.

81556 No.64393

Try to access via >>>/test/5414

826d1 No.64394

That worked, yet when I type it in directly it doesn't.
Strange. Well I will just put a star on it and access it that way until this is sorted.

File: 1697911071960.png (5.9 KB, 730x110, 73:11, Wizardchan stats.png) ImgOps iqdb

6ca0a No.64387[Reply]

I don't completely understand the numbers of unique posters. The 11,434 are unique posters of when?, last month? And why there are no numbers for Today and This week?

76705 No.64388

That stats report has been broken in several ways since Wizchan underwent a software upgrade in 2017. Even if it displayed accurate data, the unique posters field (all time) is determined by the amount of unique IPs that have made posts, so the number would be greatly inflated by VPN users. There are really over 2 million total posts.

File: 1697372626450.jpg (Spoiler Image, 138.31 KB, 1017x1024, 1017:1024, 1689396014762464.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

a9d6d No.64380[Reply]

Pepe should be allowed now. He's cute and funny and sad and happy and he doesn't trust the government. He's no longer used by Facebook to sell tweens on the idea of voluntary euthanasia.

Wojak should still be banned because he's soy jack now.

Like and reply if you agree.


Nope, it's not going to happen. Doesn't matter what gets posted on /b/.

File: 1694690463034.jpg (64.31 KB, 940x625, 188:125, bc66c7d1-7be2-4210-99d4-f2….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

c5eb5 No.64362[Reply]

I am announcing my retirement
Please post a nice retirement gift
Thank you
Yours faithfully
Wizzy McWizzers

24300 No.64363

File: 1694705687160.jpeg (48.52 KB, 360x425, 72:85, 1551824311764.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

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