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3c995 No.63716[Reply]

I've no idea how to stop it, but the AI posting is really starting to pick up.

2676e No.63720

What, can't outsmart a computer?

4054e No.63726

I can barely go to the grocery store by myself.

6a33c No.63681[Reply]


I am a software engineer and I was looking at page load times to see if I had network issues on my end. When I looked at Wizchan I saw something I thought was worth mentioning:

for board listings, catalogues, and threads – you end up with a light weight HTML page. This is one request but when the browser gets back the HTML it goes in parallel to fetch all the additional files it needs

HTML ←—–
——→ …

The problem is what happens when the client tries to get a banner. It visits a PHP file. Lets call it banner.php. This file basically tells the browser to then make another request to load the banner.

"I don't have it but here's where you can get it."

The browser then makes another request to download the file. All of this slows the page from being finished. If there is packet loss downloading the banners.php file it can add all of the extra roundtrip on top. This can be significant on unreliable networks + adding SSL overhead. Depending on the browser this will prevent various DOM elements from being finished rendering e.g. scroll bars and so on UNTIL BANNERS ARE DOWNLOADED.
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c4617 No.63682

im fine with it, still better than most other sites

what annoys me though is that the banner loads in like 1 second after refreshing, and it shifts the entire page downward as it populates that space. so you have a weird 'popping' effect, you refresh and see the site, then the banner pops in and everything is suddenly lowered by 100 pixels

so some sort of placeholder for the banner would be appreciated, like a completely transparent image used as the default or something. i dont know html or css and have no interest in web shit

6a33c No.63683

its badly implemented. not saying that to put down whoever wrote it but yeah, for something so simple it really makes the page rendering worse.

e66ab No.63686

hold your horses bud, were still figuring out basic html around here. see that textboard link at the top of the page? thats had the admin stumped for a year or two at this point.

6a33c No.63690

its ok i figured out i could just block the element with adblock. now wizchan loads like instantly. its bretty cool.

c4617 No.63699

hey wiz, the way you worded your post was hilarious! i transferred 30 wizbux to your wallet, enjoy it, champ.

b0dad No.63660[Reply]

Can the mods ban the guy who posts videos on /b/? I don't think it's against the rules, but /b/ would be a much better board if there werent so many new, uninteresting threads. For instance, on lainchain, you can be warned/banned for posting a thread without sufficient effort on OPs part.
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18e53 No.63675

b was designed to have wizchan's worst posts, so that guy is actually doing a good job of b

95b9c No.63676

I think containment doesn't work and it influences the rest of the site negatively. So many sex having posters posting. It's disgusting

3e50d No.63680

i like the dotposter cry morr

e0771 No.63684

The only thing that gets you banned on /b/ is if you offend the /pol/faggot mods
You can post soyjaks and pepe's and anything else there for days untouched

ed789 No.63691

/b/ was a mistake, delete it

File: 1677519777854.png (904.82 KB, 960x720, 4:3, vlcsnap-2023-02-27-12h39m4….png) ImgOps iqdb

9bd2c No.63557[Reply]

There are two (2) Kinomoto Sakura / Cardcaptor Sakura appreciation threads open on /jp/ as of this time. They are both on the front page. How do we proceed? Do we lock one? Do we delete one? Can they be merged? I would like to tackle this issue in a way that ofends neither creator or participant of any thread.

c7750 No.63559

File: 1677530584214.jpeg (151.88 KB, 620x393, 620:393, R (24).jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Keep them both going, the more Sakura the better!

175f5 No.63560

File: 1677532632642.png (405.49 KB, 646x750, 323:375, sakura.png) ImgOps iqdb

Hell, make this the third CardCaptor Sakura thread.

df9c0 No.63561

your image sold me

5789c No.63595

This is like the secret CCS thread.

c7750 No.63672

>this show is 25 years old
And it still hasn't been topped!

3c431 No.63651[Reply]

Where the counter for how many people are online?
Why the moderation do a offical wizchan census to know his userbase? I get the impression the he have a lot of wizkkidos here.
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3c431 No.63653

And why the moderation do something?

29e26 No.63654

Data does not weight

b8f24 No.63655

What do you mean?

2dac7 No.63658

There's like 5 people who are active on this website, the other 20 people access wizchan only once in a while

627c5 No.63661

LOL because their tranny jannies?

5d498 No.62519[Reply]

can you get rid of the crab thread

yet again its just another crab advocacy whiny thread where guy calls wizards crabs
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5d498 No.62523

File: 1660502473564.png (12.68 KB, 154x207, 154:207, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

r u kidding me
should i be more specific

okay the MEGACRAB thread

61d71 No.62526

OP isn't being pro-crab and by the looks of it those who are were banned. He's just asking why wizards dislike crabs and banish them from here. It's an open pit to vent about crabs, if you don't want to participate that's fine but it's not breaking any rules.

5d498 No.62527

File: 1660605243158.jpg (40.44 KB, 388x600, 97:150, 1539784256152.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Why the hate against inc*ls?
>Never truly understood why wizchan has a hate policy against inc*ls
>wizards are inc*ls
>basically the same thing
really? not pro-crab? that is the very first post by op in the thread

5c01a No.63639

It's the same trolls usually

80e2c No.63657

can you put "crab" in FAQ word list already since everyone on this site is using this word now

a78d8 No.62887[Reply]

hello wiz mods, im a cute lil wiz imp and i very much appreciate you all keeping the site running. i know there are a lot of bitter and ungrateful goo-goo dolls here. but u should know we are not all like that. so thanks wiz mods ^_^/

f6428 No.62888

File: 1666660543844.jpg (41.99 KB, 779x733, 779:733, FfivVnvWICYqTQD.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>he's a cute lil wiz imp and he very much appreciates us all keeping the site running

>he knows there are a lot of bitter and ungrateful goo-goo dolls here

>but we should know they are not all like that

17ae8 No.63634

Stop saying that, they can do better

57d00 No.63648

>he knows there are a lot of bitter and ungrateful goo-goo dolls here

If you are comparing my meta rants to the genius that wrote Iris, I will take it as a compliment.

File: 1664195753917.png (273.99 KB, 894x870, 149:145, 1664175430458.png) ImgOps iqdb

14cf1 No.62791[Reply]


Is this the end of Wizchan?

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8d3f6 No.62836

People said this in 2015.
This is not a new thread.

3852d No.62840

The Brazilians had Maguschan, but they couldn't keep it online.

176fb No.62849

oh no Brazilians

89e25 No.63635

Where the normie flux runs unwatched: r/NEET , r/INTP , r/INFP , r/libertarian

Yet those places are special

e814b No.63636

There's already a massive overlap in the 4chan and wizchan userbases, though. It was never not a normie site.

b3cad No.63323[Reply]

Racism, Nofap shilling (even to the point of almost saying wizards should just have sex instead of masturbating), we are being raided again guys. When will /pol/ content finally be bannable offense? We have a contamination thread for them on /lounge/. They can't stay in it. I say permaban them all. Being a wizard has nothing to do with nazism, christianity or conservative ideologies, these are for normalfags.
34 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6b91c No.63505

For someone who doesn't care about group A, you sure wrote a lot about group A

3042b No.63507

Technically only 2 sentences. The ones in between are about being obsessed with any kind of group.
Also, not an argument.

96fbd No.63508

>Right-wing politics is anti-NEET.
das is treu

8c669 No.63513

What expressions should we use, then, in order not to trigger people like you? Nazis gassed people, shot people, experimented on them, worked them to death, etc. That seems to merit the expression "working actively towards destroying" certain groups, wouldn't you say?

Anyway, it's always rightos of some variety who are bitching about people who leech off of the precious State-sama or the holy normalfag society they cherish so much.
Not to mention, come tomorrow and suddenly 4th Reich and Nazis rule again, you think you would be some SS Squad leader or something? Or assistant Führer all of a sudden? No, you would be just another bitch of the state machine like everyone else except a select minority. Yeah, let's give unlimited power to a certain group of people who are obsessed with militarism, violence and self-righteous ideals, I'm pretty sure it will go well THIS time, ja?

Obviously labels are dumb but people who believe in common stuff tend to band together to protect themselves against those who are their enemies. At the end of the day you will just have to pick something to believe in, something you stand for and not think too much about it.

28afa No.63631

It's true we do not share enough about politics. I do neither love the current system

77adf No.63622[Reply]

my ac is set to cold but im too lazy to change it or put on a jacket. im COLD and there's goose bumps on my wiz skin. im SAD, literally shaking right now, need wiz mods to make it better.

signed, cold wiz.

77adf No.63623

wiz mods have a duty to look after me.

d19b6 No.63624

open the banners thread and your cpu will warm u righte up

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