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2172d No.62287[Reply]

/lounge/ was a mistake. should have never existed to begin with. delete it right now

e7afc No.62288


2172d No.62289

Im not joking it attracts crabs

e7afc No.62290


File: 1655074815818.png (185.46 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 20220612_17h55m34s_grim.png) ImgOps iqdb

309a5 No.62272[Reply]

MODS! I understand keeping the blackpill and female sexuality threads up, but don't allow all these new crab visitors to just start infesting the site and derailing threads with unrelated blackpill v. redpill nonsense and discussions of what succs really want in a man.

e6b24 No.60657[Reply]

You can't discuss anything related to succubus in any form of media that is not negative or else people will disregard your post or its contents on the basis that it is not about succubus being bad.
even if you happen to dislike succubus and you watch a movie about succubus and try discuss it people will attack you.

Why are crabs not banned? they obviously want sex and are too scared to say it so they don't disclose what is obvious.
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fcb17 No.62257

>if wizards are above crabs then that makes wizards failed normalfags though, you gotta pick one kid
Crabs are failed normalfags, and wizards are above crabs in the sense of having overcome normalfaggotry itself. Wizards aren't even normalfags to begin with.

>give me 5 reasons why you're a volcel without mentioning crabs or succubi, otherwise you're just a crab in denial
Oh, so you're a crab? Name 500 St*cies that have rejected you, otherwise you're just a ch*d volcel in denial.

5262a No.62258

Sure there are non-succubus reasons to ignore succubi, like a hero on a mission who can't be distracted. Like how Spider-Man is always telling MJ that's why he can't be with her.

5262a No.62259

But now that I think about it, even the most purewiz reason to be a volcel, non-succubus reasons, are still about succubi. Even if succubi are a distraction from some higher goal to be a Newton or Tesla of the mind, or Christian saint of the soul or Spider-Man Batman superhero.

Its still making a judgement about succubi. Its not a moral judgement about succubi being good or bad. But if you say you need to avoid the distraction of succubi, then you are saying succubi are distracting. Either in the temptations or the relationship itself. Or most distracting of all, having kids and settling down to a family.

So even avoiding succubi for a higher purpose, is still about succubi, you are saying they are distracting.

e1fca No.62260

Based, thats gay as fuck.

d4710 No.62263

The ancient philosophers went over this.

e52c3 No.62239[Reply]


so the imbecile(s?) with that syntax and writing style has/have been consistently posting the shittiest threads on every board for years

I know he (I am going to assume it's one single individual) has never broken any rule but his posts are so consistently egregious that I would hope his thread posting privileges would be revoked. Like, redirect the poor retard to the crawl threads or confine him to /b/, I don't know.

654c4 No.62240

I think the second one would've been removed if discussion hadn't quickly happened. I think the mods are averse to removing such posts if some discussion does arise in them, because I did see an almost identical post that still didn't break any rules be quickly removed before it got any replies. So I guess the solution is just "report and ignore".

I don't think the first post is bad because it still leads to wizardly anti-crab discussion, which is not at all the case with the "Wizardry and the black pill" thread. The danger of that kind of thread is that wizards can get bogged down in arguing over the specific empirical issues and details of blackpill, redpill, etc., treating it as just "abstract rationalization" (see https://wizchan.org/wiz/res/189276.html#191607), and suddenly it's a 200-replies shithole full of crab theory walls of texts about nothing but succs, their minds, and 3d dating mechanics, where a signification portion of the posts are by actual crabs. That's what happens when you even allow discussions on crab theory to take place. To even have such a post up makes this site look like just another crab site. And it's such a disappointment that it's effectively the most active thread right now.

Compared to that I think that guy is a minor offense. Anyway, I'm for just removing the second thread. The discussion is pointless. It's just the guy being like an edgy teen and being insulted by everyone. No one wants that thread up.

297f4 No.62231[Reply]

I just got a 405 Not Allowed error when trying to report someone (the guy who admitted to be waiting to meet a "special someone" on the /lounge/ waifu thread). What does that mean? Did the report still happen or what?

87f39 No.62233

Did you try reporting from all instead of the thread's own page?

7f10b No.62234

you get this error when you try report a mod. the universe is saying that this wizmod ought to be allowed to meet his special wizkid. i know this might hurt: but some wizards FUCK! get over it!

0214a No.62235

Oh, that might've been it. I'll remember it next time.

16fbf No.62229[Reply]

dear wiz mods, i hope you are all going well. i hope your lives are happy and all ur goals come to fruition. thanks for keeping the wheels on the wiz bus turning. i think that i am a nice wiz imp and that further it is possible for me to knock over some pots and pans and get away with it. have a good day, wiz mods.

202f1 No.62230

a399e No.62209[Reply]

Hello, I have no connection to the 2d poster you banned from /b/ and you probably think of me as a horrible poster anyway.

I'd just like to suggest to the mods or admins that this poster be unbanned. I think their ban was unfair and they further make good contributions to the site. I like the staff and appreciate the work you all do. I just would like for us to keep things fair. Got to respect the community too.

Hope ur all going well, regards, wiz imp.
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27e55 No.62219

The guy in question has been posting about this on Feels, the image is not "3D run through a photoshop filter", it's just CG. If disgusting straight porn is enough to get banned just because it's disgusting then we need to ban the fags as well.

e8fa9 No.62222

Permaban Joseph

7bead No.62227

Take ur medication bro. Your schiszofrenia shows

9db40 No.62228

It's the correct call, regardless, to lump in photo-realistic 3dcg with 3dpd.

55125 No.62238

Piss off gangstalker demon

File: 1649968007006.jpg (28.27 KB, 720x585, 16:13, i guess.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

0f46b No.62021[Reply]

this is the third thread i'll be making about this subject and if something isn't done then i stop coming here.
the one in /games/ is my favorite because you've allowed your site to become so /pol/-orientated that even discussing video games isn't safe from improve zombies who spend 8 hours a day here telling people to lift weights and give thanks to christ for making them schizophrenic.
the one just straight up recommending reddit is my 2nd favorite.

i come here to be with likeminded weirdos and discuss mental illness and pessimism. and the site is no longer about that. the threads i linked are just a small sampler. pretty much every thread on the site is guaranteed to have 2-3 of these guys now. wizchan has lost its culture and values and is now about "just go outside bro" tier walls of texts.
literally nobody asked for this. when these OP's ask for general help, there is a 0% chance that "just be yourself" was on the table for the kind of help they mean.
these normalfag posts never, ever get a positive reception. nobody wanted them, nobody benefits from them. they're here for no reason but for the creepy little internet missionaries to fellate themselves on a job well done, and i'd count it as basically spam since nobody else gets any benefit from it and they're usually fucking huge and/or derail the threads.

i want a direct response to why you let your site turn into a weird /pol/-/fit/ hybrid, or i Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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57d82 No.62101

But… that post literally breaks the rules, are you kidding me?

f700f No.62105

the now deleted meme called em "late 90s early 00s kids"

0f46b No.62189

File: 1652495280395.jpg (43.18 KB, 324x400, 81:100, cope.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Thanks for replying, even if it wasnt directly to me.
i started feeling better after seeing your reply and seeing some much needed bans handed out.

im back bros

please play turtle wow with us, we're down to literally 2 players.

e9c28 No.62197

the mods dont like me tho

f7d66 No.62226

The scenario in this pic never happens irl to subhumans. It's trying to criticise reject genetic defectives with an impossible situation.

File: 1652060857216.jpg (54.63 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x10….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

51d1d No.62179[Reply]

Bros it's over, seems like insel culture is dead after Trump lost

Now we just have a bunch of stale memes from like 2012
11 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

78e64 No.62201

Wizchan is part of insel culture

ac913 No.62206

no it's not

29543 No.62207

Saying that you're celibate involuntarily is against the rules here.

bb04f No.62208

54a25 No.62223

celibacy can't be involuntary though, you're confusing internet memes with actual definitions

dc023 No.62202[Reply]

Why does this gangstalking website archive our shit?

I don't want it archived. I want it permanently deleted, not archived on your gay little data hoarding hard drives.

Have some decency, some concern for privacy and stop logging our IP addresses and our deleted posts. I want them deleted. I don't want you gang stalking faggots to keep all my data permanently after I delete it and it serves no purpose anymore.

All you data hoarding cock suckers are pieces of human shit. I seriously hate you data hoarding freaks. You are the reason the internet is shit because you try to archive it and immortalize it, like it's part of your permanent record or something. It isn't fun, it isn't enjoyable to have your data immortalized and you're making the internet gayer than real life.

1eff0 No.62203

no one is permanently archiving your posts

9679c No.62204

Just saved this thread as a PDF

85fb6 No.62205

File: 1653165115054.gif (1.76 MB, 200x258, 100:129, ethereality.gif) ImgOps iqdb

ethereality or death

adaed No.62220

+1 fuck the retard mods who literally banned posting with a VPN just in case there was someone's data here they couldn't collect.

500e7 No.62221

yeah and tracking cookies are a myth right

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