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22559 No.60390[Reply]

Has anyone else encountered the bug where you try to resize the quick reply window but it doesn't go where you want and only gets bigger and bigger no matter how you move your mouse?
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a992c No.60481

>tried deleting cookie
>still can't see it
>only Tor, chromium, or private browser can see it (outside of the index page)
So it's a cached data glitch?

Anyway, my dialog box is smaller in chromium. Firefox seems to be the buggy one I am starting to think, of which is sad to me. I wonder how Opera and such does? I've had to flip flop browsers before on other sites over such things. Really the Internet is too complex now.

bd1d9 No.60482

basically every browser nowadays that isn't firefox is chrome based, so there's no point in trying anything other than chrome or firefox

dc02b No.60484

that's what nsa would say rubs chin

0f29c No.60485

Wew, that's a resource heavy browser right there. It also has this "steam cloud" problem set in which it tries to upload random settings, cookies, etc to its servers to "convenience" you later, when really it just replaces your freshly changed settings with previous dates for no reason, breaking things.

Try Palemoon, or a portable version of a recent release of Firefox. No addons except or adblockers

60499 No.60660

testing whether >>60449 is fixed
Array.from (document.querySelectorAll ("div.files > div.file")).map (e => [e.querySelector ('span.image_id > a[href*="://iqdb.org/?url="]'), e.querySelector ('img.post-image[src*="/thumb/"]')]).filter (a => a.every (x => x != null)).forEach (([iqdb, img]) => { iqdb.setAttribute ("href", iqdb.getAttribute ("href").replace (/\/src\/.+$/, img.getAttribute ("src").match (/\/thumb\/.+$/) [0])); })

e6b24 No.60657[Reply]

You can't discuss anything related to succubus in any form of media that is not negative or else people will disregard your post or its contents on the basis that it is not about succubus being bad.
even if you happen to dislike succubus and you watch a movie about succubus and try discuss it people will attack you.

Why are crabs not banned? they obviously want sex and are too scared to say it so they don't disclose what is obvious.

05f42 No.60659

unfortunately there is not many people who really don’t want to have sex or a relationship so we get a few actual wizards and then a lot more crabs angry saying that not wanting a succubus is impossible or something stupid like that, at least they can’t outright say what they really want or it would become a slippery slope down to yet another crab website, female hate is retarded but you can’t really change what the majority thinks, ideally you could post things with females in them and not have people rage over it but that’s not gonna happen

File: 1632201387916.png (90.63 KB, 3586x421, 3586:421, Screenshot 2021-09-21 0005….png) ImgOps iqdb

65af7 No.60632[Reply]

sick of interacting with literal chads and femoids on here. i keep seeing shit like >>>/dep/>>247035 saying they have 5 gfs and then mods just give them a warning and they come back and post their shit normalnigger opinions.

just permban me so i stop impulsively coming back to this shithole
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614c6 No.60650

OP is an angry crab. Wizchan is and always was a site for volcels. If that makes you angry there are dozens of crab communities out there you can go to. This is the only virgin volcel community. So quit trying to subvert it.

ba510 No.60651

are wizards the crabs biggest enemy as we serve no use at all for them? think about it. A crab hates succubus but they want to fuck one so they have value but a wizard is proves that crabs are just crying babies since we invalidate their entire ethos.

crabs want to destroy wizchan by infesting it because we threaten them by existing.

678b6 No.60652

"crabs" as you're probably thinking of came from places like r9k, /a/, and various other imageboards christ how new are you?

And volcel shit was always cringe reddit larping that emerged after wizardchan received an influx of newfags following 2014/15.

To the few actual apprentices who may be left here; be wary of posters who rage about muh kwabs all the time or defend succubi. They're likely succubi themselves or wannabe succubi (trannycel subhumans). None wizards thru and thru.

ba510 No.60656

Crabs want to have sexthey are invol celebit or at least they claim and that contradicts with what wizchan is about. you cant want sex and post here.

24227 No.60658

It's mostly cc poster

f5087 No.60654[Reply]

hello wiz mods, i got banned on /b/ for saying i had sex before but i was only joking. i wanted to submit a ban appeal to clarify my intentions where in the past it seems several people made similar posts and weren't banned but it seems like appeal ban never works for me. i am not intentionally trying to ban evade. it happens that my router reset itself so im unbanned at the moment. i want to know what the wiz mods think. truth be told, i dont post so much here any more but it would be nice to contribute to some threads now and again ^_^

d3ef0 No.60655

bpd fucktard

7fd34 No.60614[Reply]

for all the "wizards" who think crabs are stupid because they are hateful, why do you in turn hate them for being hateful? because of this you are no better than them.

wizchan has a glaring contradiction. there is a fatal flaw in the site's culture. a wizard is supposed to not care about socialization or sex. if you post about these things or about wanting these things, you break the rules. yet the entire spirit of the site and wizard identity revolves around these things. for example, if wizards truly don't care about socialization, why do they post on here? if wizards don't care about conforming to societal norms, why do they go on a site that bans anyone not like them? and finally the kicker: if "wizards" don't hate succubi, why do they choose to use a website that systematically discriminates against them?

the problem is that if everybody thinks that they're different, that just makes them all the same. wizchan is basically just a charade of hypersocial, hypersexual college succubi and trannies pretending to be different while conforming to norms of site rules and culture. any real adult male virgin is just a sour grapes crab in denial.
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7fd34 No.60630

this is unironically the solution to involuntary celibacy as houllebecq envisioned it. right now succubi hold a monopoly on the means of reproduction. in the past this was nullified because they were economically dependent on men. so relationships between men and succubi existed in equilibrium, both dependent on each other. but now they are liberated and can take jobs. the solution is that with things like artificial wombs, succubi lose their monopoly on the means of reproduction

0bb74 No.60635

So in your head the only possible way a virgin could not hate succubus and want to have sex is if they are trannies?

Son, it is time to quit porn and quit hanging out with those bad influences on crab websites because you need to sit up straight and really think for a moment about everything you think and how narrow and silly it all is.
We laugh at crabs you people are pathetic losers and actual losers in a true sense, we detest your kind and how you shit everything up on the internet because you are sex obsessed aspiring normalfaggots.
Why post here if it bothers you so much that wizards don't care for sex? last I checked there are many many active forums for you sex wanters.
Sour grapes lmao

ee6ee No.60646

It mostly isn't now. The fact that most people who get bent out of shape over crabs are succs and whiteknight faggots, and over reasons mainly relating to muhsoginy should be quite telling. In the past crabs were mainly associated with what you'd now call simps i.e men who fawned over succubi constantly and would post tfwnogf shit all the time, it's from this era that the rift occurred. Self-identified crabs have gotten a lot more codified and less simpy as time passed.

Nah, it's pretty obvious that the people whining about crabs are mostly trannycels, female, or non troon crabs in denial whose desire to impress succubi has mutated into attacking men who stray from mainstream gender talking points.

02206 No.60648

what sense does it make that anyone who does not agree with you on this here anonymous website must be posting in order to impress succubi? what succubi? I have never seen a succubus reply to someone who is not an angry crab and say "hey wiz here is my Gmail message me and lets fuck".

ee6ee No.60653

File: 1632343166312.jpg (62.61 KB, 605x658, 605:658, 1568891732336.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Nobody said whiteknight faggots are logical. They're even more pathetic now if anything since a large portion of them are literally paypig simps.

ea65f No.60636[Reply]

are you allowed to socialize if it is because of therapy? To clarify I do not mean a therapist telling you to go to a party or something similar but non-conventional group therapy with other people in a professional setting?

580f4 No.60637

Yes, as long as you're not there to have fun. If group therapy is neccesary for you to continue living then it's in the same league as going to school or work, which many wizards sorrow over here daily

2a538 No.60639

Sounds fine to me but I ain't a mod so my opinion/interpretation of the rules doesn't count for much.

ea65f No.60640

I don't want to go but keep getting hounded by the doctors to attend. I don't like being near others I hate it. I am not going to be social at all wiz and only to get people to stop thinking I am some faggot that feels alone and would benefit from being near others.

I wanted to know the opinion of others out of interst though. People here probably have thanksgiving with family and that is allowed so…

61290 No.60550[Reply]

Ban this cucked shit, right fucking now, the normie larp is as obvious af. These people are niggercattle and I hate them so fucking much, all they do is follow orders that negatively affect wizards, most of us can't even get NEETbux from social workers.
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a6881 No.60606

that just means most posters are crabs from before the crab ban, imo i agree on having it banned (as a long time poster)

8105f No.60610

asa NEET I like reading the wagie thread becausei t makes me feel a bit better. it stays

7d47f No.60613

Reminder the wage"slaves" are all making $80k+ sitting in air conditioned buildings or working from home

bcde5 No.60617

This. The min wage earning blue collar and shelf stocker temp. workers are far from the majority, there are too many college educated white collar professionals in this thread. Normals, basically.
They will say they were forced to work, don't have much of a choice and so on, and this is understandable, but it does not apply to some yuppies with above average willpower and social skills.

a6881 No.60631

real wizards left the site long ago its only failed chadlites posturing now who found wizchan through reddit/discord

File: 1622206391771.png (20.87 KB, 931x178, 931:178, witchie.png) ImgOps iqdb

f80aa No.59729[Reply]

It's by far the worst board and nothing but a normalfag magnet that invites females/nonvirgins who then go on to shit up the other boards as well. Most keep it vague enough to not get banned but it's pretty obvious that they are outsiders. This is the only imageboard that has a /dep/ and presumably they come here because they can bitch and whine about their poor little selves while still feeling smugly superior about at least not being virgins.
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2ffdb No.59821

I want to try talk to the mods see if I can be friends with them.

1e098 No.60505

That's the point: Let the imageboard sewer do its job.

99037 No.60592

File: 1631650089825.png (8.41 KB, 811x111, 811:111, average dep poster.png) ImgOps iqdb

Exhibit B

915c2 No.60594

false flag shitpost but nice try

8a377 No.60595

File: 1631731824844.jpeg (17.99 KB, 350x298, 175:149, 60C299BC-A85C-41D1-99BC-A….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

rumors of pressing purge on dep but keep the lounge crabs
wizchan 2021

File: 1631174823509.png (1.53 MB, 1300x1300, 1:1, __yae_genshin_impact_drawn….png) ImgOps iqdb

b7a00 No.60574[Reply]

I took a rather extended break from imageboards in general around 4 years ago so I'm a bit out of the loop with how things are going around here but I was wondering if contact sharing (Discord or Steam, I know rule 12 is a thing) is against the current moderation policy as it was back then. I can understand the objections to it but people like us are not all satisfied with anonymous interactions and places like /soc/ and /trash/ are cesspits of humanity. Plus I'm sure there are guys here that want to play with other wizards.
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39f0d No.60576

I dunno about discord, it doesn't seem very wizardlike

d8aeb No.60577

I think you can swap throwawy emails and go from there on >>>/b/

84403 No.60578

There is a Steam group with some users from here in it who play games together. Threads advertising Discord groups or even names I think get banned. I imagine it's about context, like you can't just make a thread about sharing social info but if the opportunity comes up to invite a wiz to chat off site then you can do so as long as you're not disrupting a thread somehow.

08913 No.60579

We'll give you the discord invite there. Here it would likely get deleted by mods (assuming even this post doesn't).

829d1 No.60580

We had steam share threads like 6 years ago OP is clearly an invader

e9d8e No.60557[Reply]

Why is Andrew allowed to freely use avatars with his posts on /b/ with no repercussions? This violates rule 8.
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1264d No.60567

What's the deal with the person who always posts street fighter gifs in his replies? it confuses me outside the game thread and makes no sense why you need to post any let alone 3 of them in every single post you make.
This is basically avatarfagging right?

39f6a No.60568

>People like having an identity too much to abide by such strict rules.
Oh fuck off. This is an anonymous imageboard where signing one's post is explicitly frowned upon, if you can't take it you should leave.
Avatarfags are always insufferable idiots.

39f6a No.60569

His posts outside of /games/ are pretty strange and often generic one-liners. I don't get it either.

1264d No.60570

mods don't seem to mnd and he does not seem obnoxious at all so I am not calling for action. some fither game autist?

62f28 No.60571

I haven’t noticed anyone doing that tbh

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