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File: 1685114344326.jpg (191.59 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Wallpaperkiss_1522555.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

5e363 No.64042[Reply]

I appreciate the fact that when you report a post, it gets automatically hidden. If you're short on trannies I can help with the cp spam.
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f671c No.64046

Click Options at the top right > first tab uncheck "Remove hidden posts", refresh page, report or unhide, recheck options box

272df No.64047

Thank you, that worked. The thread I intended to report is already gone, but I tried hiding a random thread and this let me get it back. Very useful in case I mess up.


Ah, sorry, it's ayydmin@proton.me

efa13 No.64052


Can you send me a cock.li invite?

c8234 No.64054

Seems like I was caught up in the big ip block ban too. Just wanted to say all those high quality posts from that ip block were mine, as I am a high quality poster, and not his. Thank you 🙏

File: 1684937134163.jpg (523.48 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, screenman.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

a8c64 No.64031[Reply]

What happend to the culture of this board? I havent been here in quite some years (not that life got any better), but it seems like 2 groups have completly taken over. You've got the "crabs" with their blackpill ideology and the unironic mewing improvers. It's like im back in height 2016 redpill craze.

Have all true wizards left this place? That would make me kinda sad honestly

8a356 No.64032

>Have all true wizards left this place?
They all partook in a pilgrimage to the succubus realm. Those who were lucky enough to not die from pelvic fractures ended up being enslaved or cast in uranium. The succubus who organized the pilgrimage has since been banned.

What a stupid question you've asked. Wizchan is as good and as bad as it's ever been, but after so many years away you've only remembered what you consider to be good and had heightened hopes coming back. Turf wars between blackpill crabs and sunshining musclewizards has always been a thing, but in your overly critical state of return you just saw like 2 posts from either side and deemed things to be over.

The only answer to tourists whining about the quality of posts on a board where they can also post freely has always and will always be this: If you don't like the opinions expressed on the site, then post some opinions of yours which you'd like to see more of. Pull your weight; chip in to the quality of the site instead of helplessly waiting for quality discussion to be served to you on a silver platter.

File: 1684044558632.png (168.16 KB, 964x661, 964:661, Screenshot_20230514_075956.png) ImgOps iqdb

febde No.64015[Reply]

that's not a statement. that's just you AGAIN abusing the hammer desperately trying to hide how stupid you have become.

if not for 30+ disregarders of females and seekers of magic, who is this site actually for? what are you trying to do with this site? i get it that you work hard trying to fight the spam every day but if you bring your dirty fighting everywhere, you ruin the innocence of this place and then there is no point in having this place.

this place seems like an evil retirement home.

26769 No.64016

File: 1684074493466.png (125.46 KB, 1049x744, 1049:744, illust_102196141_20230401_….png) ImgOps iqdb

>innocence of this place
BABYFUCK is a sanctioned meme here, lad

0112f No.64017

some wiz pointed the price of having your own board up, otherwise consider tracking down the staff

955a3 No.64029

this is all just a joke to some evil people i guess. makes a lot of sense. only the purest of heart can survive the onslaught of filth with their innocence intact. it is no surprise that the mods failed and succumbed to their lowest instincts and became what they hated as this is the fate of all unremarkables.

>some wiz pointed the price of having your own board up

what is the price? a server that can handle the load that runs an imageboard software, a domain, maybe some kind of cloudflare antispam and then tons of time to delete all the garbage and lube for getting fucked by whoever violently claims the internet these days.

my amateur estimate would be somewhere between 50$ and 300$ per month.

>otherwise consider tracking down the staff

bitch i am not solid snake, i am a proud military service denier. also what makes you think the owners are humans. they might just be sophisticated ai.

26769 No.64030

>my amateur estimate would be somewhere between 50$ and 300$ per month

Try close to $11.50, $14.50 if you get a few gigs of spam in the month.

$300 will get you a premium dedicated server which will allow you to do anything as it's just a rented private PC. That's necessary for something like a booru or a 4chan-sized board.

File: 1682508619814.jpg (74.96 KB, 1191x670, 1191:670, 1682478622306865.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

ae2bf No.63939[Reply]

the time has come in which normalfag infiltrators have begun to shame posters for liking video games and anime, with brash open arrogance, using insults such as manchild, pedophile etc.
staff needs to take a stand, in my eyes this is no different from being derisive towards a wizard for being a NEET (which has been happening a lot lately as well), it should become a bannable offense
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42090 No.63965


bd3ab No.63966

the problem is all the wizzies who enjoy video games and anime are busy doing those things all day so that leaves an opening for antifun haters to come in and claim that they hate everything and cant enjoy fun

48e42 No.64020

I know people complain about the normalization of hobbies such as anime and videogames, but does anyone have any examples of hobbies becoming popular and then later turning obscure again?

(I need some positive reinforcement.)

dd995 No.64023

please report anything you see that rubs you the wrong way its just not in the cards right now to have mods manually check every post

3dee5 No.64024

Found the everyphobic deofrenodrobos nobos lobos robots cobos.

06921 No.64019[Reply]

Say I made a thread that said "Being celibate is probably the best thing ever. Here's reason 1, here's reason 2, here's reason 3, etc." or something similar as bait. Then, everyone who replies to the thread arguing that it's not, I report them for a rule 4 violation. Would that sort of entrapment be frowned upon?

c9901 No.64021

Threads about your positive experiences as a virgin man are always welcome outside of /dep/. If anyone wants to post anti-virgin, anti-NEET, or anti-recluse sentiment, they're going to be banned for Rule 4 regardless of the thread's topic.

File: 1683747963924.png (542.01 KB, 1514x903, 1514:903, sumoning.png) ImgOps iqdb

1599b No.63982[Reply]

stop deleting my thread and giving me warning. this has nothing to do with going to parties or real life social activities. this was actual disregarding of females and acquiring magic; remember? that's the thing you pretend the site is about in between your outbursts of misguided censorship in case you were too busy being devoid of dignity.

thread attached. rest assured that you would not be moderating anything if this was democracy.
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d6350 No.64004

> we are all ugly crabs in denial coping

> ban the handsome volcels who prove my lies wrong

c0b93 No.64010

didnt read, kys loser

56973 No.64011

>didnt read
why not

6a63f No.64012

File: 1683984622014.png (25.5 KB, 490x245, 2:1, jealous unmagical puppets.png) ImgOps iqdb

so far no statement with substance from the 70 year old moderator(s)


File: 1684005388441.png (2.08 KB, 256x95, 256:95, lock.png) ImgOps iqdb

Here's our statement

File: 1683753189344.png (108.77 KB, 540x380, 27:19, 5122.png) ImgOps iqdb

f4397 No.63990[Reply]

Trying to access videos in the archive through the thumbnail is broken you have to do it through the filename

4f8f8 No.63993

✅️ Noted

64d58 No.63977[Reply]

The Reading Thread on hob is not bumping to the top of /all/ for some reason.

e791d No.63978

Probably fixed now

6574a No.63945[Reply]

>>>/lounge/302005 is a blatant rule 3 violation. Reported it and it is still up. Is there an explanation?
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ad8ec No.63948

There doesn't appear to be a post #302005 on /lounge/. Are you sure you're not just imagining it?

6574a No.63950

Gone now, thanks mods.

03847 No.63973

I'm pretty much almost 99% suspicious of the potential possibility that you just made that up.

03847 No.63975

There's still isn't any proof that the post even existed to begin with!

ab2d3 No.63976

wasn't the post just some guy sitting in a booth by himself watching norps interact at the bar

11017 No.63887[Reply]

There is an unwritten rule that all political discuss should only take place in the politics general thread.

We don't we just go ahead and make that rule an official rule?

df8b1 No.63890

>7. Try to keep similar topics to one thread; duplicates will be locked.

That was the 2013 version of the rules, but it's still enforced as it's generally considered a requisite for the post to be considered not of low quality. Duplicates are locked all the time, not just for political discussions opened outside of the general. /meta/ analysis indicates many if not most users prefer political discussion be contained to one thread if not banned entirely. It is for these reasons that I report political threads to remind the mods that they ought to be locked or merged. Happy birthday Hitler.

96e0b No.63931

Why did that rule go from being written to unwritten?

df8b1 No.63932

Beats me!

96e0b No.63937

Hey mods, why don't you actually bring back this rule if you're going to punish people for it.

af0a2 No.63938

Thread about Jewish tricks with 0 replies being locked and pointed to the Hitler X Lumia thread next door is hardly punishment…

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