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78fed No.61519[Reply]

anyone else notice how any thread that is about something of importance quickly fills up with infighting and derailing of discussion.

"people" don't want us discussing certain things and use these tactics to kill off threads that are culturally relevant.
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5f1e5 No.61526


534f4 No.61527

File: 1639556493431.png (15.82 KB, 500x241, 500:241, uapoa.png) ImgOps iqdb

08b86 No.61528

File: 1639611280687.png (82.25 KB, 500x325, 20:13, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

365c5 No.61529

>threads about transsexuals and homosexuals aren't important on wizchan
Do you believe site policy should reflect that then?

85f68 No.61530

are transexuals caused your parents divorce or something, champ?

c2b67 No.61515[Reply]

if I can't berate a newfag OP for making such a shit thread and trying to gate keep what can I do? do I just report the thread? the thread still stays up unless it is a /b/ tier shit post.

how are we meant to educate and gate keep the newfiggers?


It's the music board… The main point is to share music you like and that's what the OP, and all other OPs on /music/ did. /music/ doesn't have its own established unwritten ruleset or posting style which new users must learn and abide by. As long as they don't break the written rules there's no reason for their post to be removed or gatekept against. It is written that /music/ is even more lax towards small threads covering something very specific when a similar thread already exists. Just as the OP has the right to 404 a thread by making a new one, do you have the right to bump a thread you like or archive off-site whatever is next up to 404. You're even free to go in to a thread full of music you don't like and tell the posters there that you don't like it, so long as you're not being inflammatory against other users themselves or trying to dictate who does and does not belong here based on their taste.

c2b67 No.61518

could you please consider making the board larger then? I don't see why it shouldn't be 10 pages long like the others.

Did you remove the rejection thread btw? it has vanished. probably for good reason.

cfd51 No.61504[Reply]

Did you purposefully try to kill this site, Admin? Or are you just incompetent?

2431b No.61505

Hanlon's razor.

fc17c No.61506

File: 1639260691786.jpg (41.45 KB, 400x524, 100:131, f639d5bdd90c79145b26e0403c….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

both. im trying to kill it but im so incompetent that im actuallyy making this better :)

File: 1637983517726.gif (88.18 KB, 256x192, 4:3, 1636156262900.gif) ImgOps iqdb

4caa1 No.61374[Reply]

The minimum age for posting should be 30

This should be at least seventy five (75) character
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ec3fd No.61498

The thing is you have to be really mentally I’ll to be a gay virgin, meanwhile most crabs are just late bloomers

e48cf No.61499

if we are using this logic we would allow succubus here because you have to be really screwed up to be a gal and a shut in.

c80c8 No.61500

you gotta be realy fucked in teh head to like drawings I don't like durrr

19d57 No.61501

sounds like a good idea, witches are our friend

ec3fd No.61502

no the rules are no succubi allowed

5368a No.61470[Reply]

Sometimes we have some great threads filled with interesting ideas and I think it would be very cool if as a community we had some compilation of the better threads. This goes beyond an archive and is a bit like what the wiz wiki was like.

I don't think the community should decide what threads to keep or at least not in any major deciding capacity because obviously trolls will troll and democracy is a terrible idea anyway.

These retards float in here and brain fart away threads constantly.


There's an automatic archive system in place for threads that exceed a certain number of posts, it can be found by clicking the [Archive] link above the top thread and then clicking the [Thread Archive] link that appears under the title. It's currently broken in that it generates an incorrect URL when accessing a thread older than a few months, but changing "featured" to "archive" in the URL should work for these threads.


Some images and even whole threads might be missing here and there as we underwent a few software and host changes over the years.

Threads on the non-listed boards are not archived fully and instead are deleted after 30 days. Occasionally a staff member will manually archive a thread from there to preserve fun times. If you'd like us to do that more often you can just propose so in the thread itself. I'll personally be reluctant to archive threads based around depression or focused on the OP's personal trauma or experiences, as I believe most users posting about their struggles or sadness would not want those posts immortalized.

52a16 No.61475

>broken URL
guys this should be a ridiculously simple fix…

54f25 No.61481

File: 1638973322639.gif (801.41 KB, 500x388, 125:97, 8ZAZ.gif) ImgOps iqdb

uh, yeah

File: 1638668145837.png (1.58 MB, 806x1200, 403:600, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

9eaff No.61438[Reply]

There is literally nothing "wizardly" about these perverted Japanese cartoons. After viewing a few of them myself the target audience for these shows seems to be pedophiles who enjoy watching pre-teen succubi constantly ending up in sexual situations that force them to show their underwear or talk about something perverted. These brain-rotting cartoons are oversexualized because the people that watch them are crabs. Since they have zero merit as an artistic expression, I feel like posting anime should be a violation of rule 1 since it's basically admitting you want to have sex with a succubus but can't so you instead masturbate to depictions of them.
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147b7 No.61455


28cc4 No.61456

At some point you have to stop blaming the west

41e7f No.61457

File: 1638754590546.gif (918.68 KB, 450x253, 450:253, a.gif) ImgOps iqdb

If we stop blaming the west for the innovation of anime, then we have to accept that anime is now its own innovative medium that's creative and original. How do we reconcile these two clashing stereotypes?

31eda No.61459

toot toot

3de47 No.61477

I agree. Fuck anime

b0c75 No.61278[Reply]

Making sexual advances on another wizard should be considered violation of rule two.
homosexuals may try to hide it behind being a joke but it is anything but a joke with homosexuals.

hostile and toxio harassment
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c6edc No.61406

yeah not like their lives'll be shit with STDs

b4f87 No.61414

>if a wizard has had the oppurtunity to have sex they should be banned
Am I reading this right? you want people who have turned down sex to get banned despite being a virgin?

What a stupid thought. A lot of wiz have turned down succubus before and or men.

1c6a3 No.61434

yeah sure buddy, they "turned down" sexual partners so that they could remain virgin celibates because…um…that way they could officially post on a dead imageboard for NEET virgins?

>no dude, they just don't want sex brah!

Ok. Not a monk forum. Not a forum for asexuals. They still don't belong here. Especially the ones that claim to be fortune 500 CEOs who "just happen" to be virgins.

e08a1 No.61435

it's just manbabies who are managers at walmart larping like they own the whole store to try and humblebrag

67a77 No.61460

B-buy something or GTFO ^~^

2126c No.61433[Reply]

does the music board only have 5 pages? I have noticed threads vanish sadly.

4a63a No.61436

Yea I'm not sure why, maybe to save space in case people upload tons of mp3s or something

0a94f No.61437

It is by far the slowest board on the site. The only time it only going to page 5 has been a problem is when the site gets spammed and the mods are asleep or whatever so threads get bumped off.
Would still probably happen if /music/ went to 10 pages. And haven't been having too many spam problems since they started cracking down on proxies.
So as long as people don't make brainfart threads on /music/ then just having 5 pages is probably fine.
Wouldn't complain if it was expanded though.

02573 No.61453

bit gay when you spend hours making a good thread sourcing links to music to share and it vanishes

cd950 No.61367[Reply]

When friday comes along this site gets even slower.
The only answer is that people have social lives or are out dating and sex having.

I notice a drop in homosexual posting during the slump as well which makes a lot of sense.
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6d83f No.61395

what is this non sequitur

62e7c No.61399

all the wizzies at the toastmasters

db765 No.61400

File: 1638292005795-0.gif (756.3 KB, 500x574, 250:287, renge.gif) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1638292005795-1.gif (527.75 KB, 400x432, 25:27, chaika.gif) ImgOps iqdb

69737 No.61407

they used to claim they all have jobs and rather do stuff that isn't posting, but having alleged jobs doesn't stop them from posting during work days and after hours so why would weekend relaxation do that, basically these liars are all at da club

70e40 No.61410

I post here on the clock. I save my weekends for shit I actually like doing - mainly reading, gaming and going for walks

88a69 No.61401[Reply]

What happened to the long 250+ post threads on /b/ with anime syccy images? What happened to ccposter?

Did the mods just get bored and drop the larp?

f288f No.61402

ccposter moves between communities wanting attention
when he kept getting banned from reddit there were people posting asking for him
he's crazy in the socially abusive way

017e2 No.61403

the guy beat his duck raw and has to take a break from masturbating to toddlers 15 hours a day

f288f No.61404

the larp lover also known as poop eater is very hungry this time around and the slightest bit of gayness is enough to attract having your whole anal cavity scooped clean of turds

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