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File: 1610495463965.jpeg (149.77 KB, 1594x1128, 797:564, 1600836146106.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

a0ff1 No.57186[Reply]

Holy fuck why did this website change so much from 2014? It's like a shitty spinoff of 8chan with all the worst new imageboard fads tacked on. I can't see a single poster that seems like an actual wizard to me. I have a hard time believe an actual 30 year old virgin nerd would enjoy this website at all.
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9e701 No.57566

>I talked with some people on skype from the old wizardchan
What kind of 'wizard' would use skype? your story is filled with holes. Cripple kike was like 17-18 when he was admin of wizardchan and that wasn't far off from the average age there at the time, teenagers and early 20-something incels from r9k. Pretty much everyone I've met from wizchan right now is mid-twenties to late twenties, even a few people over 30

955d0 No.57567

Cripple kike is just one person. Most people were older than him by at least a few years and you can't gaslight me into thinking otherwise because I was there.

But since you want to keep bringing up cripple kike, he was born in 1994 (and early 1994), which is pretty much the latest possible year you could have been born and still experienced the pre-web2.0 internet, but that's only assuming you started posting online at an exceptionally early age, which he apparently did.

>Brennan was active in Internet culture from an early age, and was a regular 4chan user since 2006, when he was 12 years old.[5][1]

b5478 No.57569

I've mostly drifted out of Wizchan, was never a fan of 4chan type culture. But I had some good moments in the old days, just shooting the breeze with fellow wizneets with the same lifestyle, the only guys in the world I could connect with. A shame we disconnect in so many other ways.

7aad7 No.57601

I've noticed that imageboard admins are often younger than their users. Anyways it's less about age and more about when you first got online.
>What kind of 'wizard' would use skype?
You clearly don't remember. There used to be a video log of the Skype posted on YouTube before it was deleted.

38415 No.57674

Even if you don't enjoy it, where else are you supposed to go that's better? If you spend all day on your computer eventually you're going to want to have somewhere to go to talk to other people.

1918f No.57653[Reply]

Can we make >>>/b/ a listed board it is very nice place and could do with a few more users.

bf334 No.57654

no because then retarded new people would join in, you gotta spend at least a little time here to find it

b64a4 No.57612[Reply]

>someone posts 2 images of hentai on >>>/b/
>they vanish because I assumed banned
Why is non gay porn that is not even being spammed being removed on >>>/b/ yet horse dicks and fag shit allowed??
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21bfa No.57643

>furry succubi

b64a4 No.57646

same shit furries are faggots as well degens one in the same

21bfa No.57647

we're talking about furry straight porn, but you're such an inncel you can't compute the fact that some people don't go nuts for human succubi like you, ergo they're faggots..
that's what I was referring to, you fucks can't even logically state your opposition to it because the truth would expose you, every one of you anti-fur whiners is an inncel who would gladly lose his virginity at the first chance

it must burn your ass every day that you can't post 3D

6f7d0 No.57648

virginity is mostly luck, there's no free will.

b64a4 No.57652

I have not posted a image of 3D anything in many years I have never posted anything not 2D I do not like 3DPD you are projecting so much you fur faggot

File: 1603637479336.gif (1.88 MB, 300x225, 4:3, 1592680091613.gif) ImgOps iqdb

24d81 No.56091[Reply]

The mods are a bunch of pussies nowadays.
You don't even allow gore on /b/ anymore?
It used to be one of the primary ways to gatekeep against a norman invasion but looks like the jannies are the biggest normalfags themselves.

I am ashamed and thoroughly disappointed.
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f496d No.57295

what are you talking about? i see gore on /b/ all the time.

61316 No.57535

>and are also witches
Not possible.

95e59 No.57649

I've got a surprise for you.

there are also literal sexhavers with offspings even, literal succubi, literal zoomers and just immigrant from other boards which u can consider normalniggers it's all shit

5913f No.57650

>a norman invasion
>of /b/

3f4bb No.57670

>He'd then blame it on bpd - bipolar personality disorder.
BPD is actually the acronym for Borderline Personality Disorder.
They're part of "Cluster B", the other 2 being narcissists and psychopaths.

feda7 No.57547[Reply]

Is there a set of rules for /b/ besides no 3DPD because I got a ban when funposting and spamming heanti but I see other wizzies do that also and I honestl have no idea what is against the rules besides the obvious.
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dde0a No.57561

It isn't? But think about it, in a way, liking horse cock is much more pure than loving humans, even 2D ones! Didn't you know that wizardry started with staying virgin for your my little pony?

What happened to this place? It use to be a place for real horse ridders!

feda7 No.57564

File: 1612354434063.png (222.24 KB, 456x488, 57:61, Screenshot_2021-02-03 Wani….png) ImgOps iqdb

b32d9 No.57570

Why do you spend so much time on /b/ ? Why can't you answer OP about what rules are enforced? Why does what annoys you personally factor into moderation decisions?

feda7 No.57608

Would help if I knew what rules were enforced so I could avoid bans instead of learning each time I am banned.

19d9d No.57633

how dare someone look at anything but muh pure white succubi

b2a84 No.57582[Reply]

WHy do I get
>405 not allowed
When I try to report threads? I try to report literal CP and advertising and I am not allowed why do I even bother have I been banned from reporting or something?
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ab5d8 No.57592

you can't report from /all/

b2a84 No.57594

Do not really want to open up a thread called
>CP download1!! kids 5-10 family incest buttfucking creampie anal toddlers
I do not care if people are pedos but just keep that 3DPD to yourselves and other people share my computer so really would hate for them to see me with that thread open..

e4b3c No.57598

how about ban OP for rampant shitposting. let me guess, the same troll that tried to act like dancing kids was CP. just kill yourself.

b2a84 No.57606

retard I do not care about that webm I am not who you think I am talking about some actual CP and cp links that were spammed here a few days ago.

I do not even care if people are pedos I just tried to report it so I do not have to see 3DPD when scrolling my wizchan.

63896 No.57607

It's been a long time bug of the site.

I am guessing you have been trying to report from /all/.
For whatever reason you can't.
You ether have to go to the board or the thread and then report.
It should work just fine then.

I don't know what caused the glitch but it's been around for a few years now and I don't think our current dev can fix it even if he wanted to.

File: 1612061134191.jpg (39.29 KB, 340x572, 85:143, 1607402780945.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

24f9a No.57481[Reply]

"Wizchan isn't /r9k/ 2.0 anymore, this isn't old Wizardchan"
Correct. But it should be.
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61648 No.57545

File: 1612291818130.jpg (153.59 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 12901286_1760420314244628_….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


556ec No.57546

Quit posting 3DP it is not right

61648 No.57550

File: 1612306291933.jpg (44.42 KB, 434x503, 434:503, escohiesperar.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Eu escholi esperar

4245a No.57556

whats that thing on his face lol

3f00d No.57557

It's a corn cob pipe.

File: 1611928702883.png (4.64 KB, 442x48, 221:24, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

f144c No.57440[Reply]

"ironic" posting like this should be seen for what it is a way to skirt the rules by claiming you are merely meming when in fact you are very serious and very gay.

The same would be true for a wizard that posts they are a succubus but then says something to show they are not actually a succubus just joking.

Ironic posting is just posting and should be seen for what it is.
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73b33 No.57528

Yeah this place has gone to complete shit. It used to be a place where neets, outcasts, actual "losers"; wizards could congregate. And now.. i dont even know what the fuck this is. Looks like it's full of normalfag discord circlejerkers, trannies, and literal femoids. Sad to see it end like this.

03aea No.57533

>The point is you find 3DPD arousing and you would naturally desire 3DPD you see in public hence you fap to them in private.

Again, being aroused by 3D pornography does not imply I desire sex or a relationship with a 3D w0man. Even if I were horny enough to get a stiffy in public, it doesn't mean I would act on it in any way except masturbation (in private because I'm not a degenerate). It's like a vegan that passes by a kebab shop, notices the smell and feels a pang of hunger but chooses to go buy a fried avocado or whatever because it is more in line with his principles.

The thing about waifuism is that it's a conscious choice to engage in certain behavior that goes against wizard principles. There really is no justification for it except mental gymnastics about two dimensions being somehow different.

f144c No.57534

You are a crab they do this shit you got busted lol pathetic.
>The thing about waifuism is that it's a conscious choice to engage in certain behavior that goes against wizard principles
Waifuism has always been a part of wizardry and fapping to 3DPD is not why do you think 3DPD is banned you moron

a7c7c No.57537

>Oh, we already knew that you didn't care about wizardly values, just here for the "epic anime meme".
Dumbass, you don't realise that "wizard" values originated with staying a virgin for your waifu and that kind of stuff? Sorry if you misinterpreted it but you still don't get to decide what a wizard is just because you came here in the last 3 or so years. And I am proud to be a wizard. I'm proud to be a virgin. But I'm also a real wizard, the kind that even matters at all. Your definition of wizardry is wizheresy.

03aea No.57539

>because you came here in the last 3 or so years

Glad you admit that the community has evolved. Face it, dumbass, the old epic meme is dead and wizardry is now a genuine set of principles, beliefs and practices. Fags like you are just the unfortunate side-effect of imageboard culture that happens to feel at home here.

Your definition of wizardry is a literal meme and to say that you have based your entire life on an inside joke only deserves mockery and ridicule. To say that worshipping 2D porno images of succubi is wizardly, is nothing short of heresy in a community that actively rejects sexual and romantic relationships. To admit to roleplaying as a normalfag with no sense of irony, truly deserves the stamp of crabdom and banishment from this realm.

Anyone that bases their life on a "meme" does not deserve to be seen as anything but a joke. No wonder even actual sex-having normalfags like to come here, when the entire thing is just a joke about staying virgin for your waifu. Disgusting.

File: 1611716554281.png (424.95 KB, 600x315, 40:21, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

d5b79 No.57405[Reply]

>Site doesn't load half the time
>Mods won't tell us what's going on. Won't reply to people asking. They could at least tell us what the issue is like "yeah it's dreamhost but we're looking for a new host" but they won't even do that, possibly they're in the dark too but the owner should at least address this seeing how long it's been going on.
>CC poster back from ban, continues to stir up shit with impunity. And yes, it's very obviously CC poster, if you believe the rumors it's an impostor you're a gullible retard who believes anything they read at face value.
>Thread quality even worse than usual despite there being less posters.
>Mods don't seem to give a shit about anything anymore except for protecting their image, and we all know how that's been going lately.

2021 is going to be the year this site truly dies, isn't it? Not just in a spiritual sense, that death happened years ago, but in a literal sense that the owner will just pull the plug. Then again this site probably should be put out of it's misery at this point.
14 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d5b79 No.57423

>Maybe imageboard culture is dead forever.
There's no "maybe" about it. Alt-chans are all dead/dying. Any new ones that get made end up gone in a few months. Much like forums, they're largely just relics of the 2000s internet.

Back in the day, say 14 years ago, most imageboard users mainly only posted on imageboards. Those who used an alt-chan made it their home. But now most imageboard users grew up on social media, and they mainly use twitter, discord, reddit, snapchat, facebook or whatever and just use imageboards (mainly just 4chan) as a dumping grounds to shitpost, troll and post things they otherwise don't want attached to their identity. Since they only see imageboards as dumping grounds they rarely ever even find an alt-chan and if they do they just see it as an easy place to troll and get easy replies.

Imageboard culture thrived when the internet was predominantly nerdy male outcasts and normalfags only used it for emailing and chatting with people they already knew in real life. But those days are long gone, ergo why imageboard culture is dead, and dead forever.

15d70 No.57425

>blablabla crab crab shit shit FFS crab
People like you are not welcome in our future community.

a42a3 No.57426

The thing is that to make a community you need to be on some level of normalfaggotry in the sense of networking unless you get lucky also you need to know how to run it and I doubt a crab like you could do that.

d8e06 No.57429

server is just tired leave him alone, hes trying his best

ecc77 No.57530

Lmfao the absolute state. No this place was originally founded to get away from normalshit and foids infesting places like r9k. Go back to reddit.

d3fe8 No.57501[Reply]

mods idk if im still banned because whenever i have internet trouble i reboot my router and it gives a new ip. idk if my ban appeal was accepted or it was an ip change? i got banned for my wiz cam. i havent been posting on this in case but now i wanna know. plz im really bored

d6cf9 No.57502

you have 3 more WEEKS (ouch), maybe they'll you off on good behaviour??

d3fe8 No.57503

damn. okay guess ill try come back in 3 weeks then

257a8 No.57505

Reminder that this guy was showing himself and fapping for wizards he is a dirty fag and is trying to lead wizards astray we all know the faggot ones are all watching each other fap to gay fur shit off site anyway so there is no need to let them do it on site I would perm ban this retard.

How does a faggot who shows HIMSELF fapping to arouse other wizards not perm banned?

b61e4 No.57517

how does ccposter?

257a8 No.57519

Why are they relevant ffs

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