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20574 No.59827[Reply]

Mods this one user seems to be advertising on the board but I am not sure if it is legitimate advertsing or someone just evengelizing his personal wonder drug. The phenibut poster is ALWAYS popping up telling people to take the drug and using a phenibut image with his post as well so it counts as avatarfagging also.
I did not report as I am unsure but I am sure other users have seen this

dec24 No.59828

don't forget the warp waning spam bot
ive also seen that drug shapes png a few times already
heed your own advices and go overdose on psychedelics in the woods you damn hippies

File: 1622931680306.png (241.18 KB, 1061x626, 1061:626, strangeposts.png) ImgOps iqdb

0255c No.59790[Reply]

This guy has crossed the line. You can't treat another wizard like he was your lover or waifu. Do this guy think that anonymage is a succubus because he always avatarfags with pictures of 2d succubi? Is he the same guy on b who is infatuated with him, what's going on here? "I love you" is not something I want to read on wizchan, we're anonymous we don't love each other what's this bullshit.
Ban for rule 8 so this faggotry doesn't happen. You can't let faggots prey on the mentally ill wizards.

39382 No.59791

File: 1622935179542-0.png (546.99 KB, 932x1056, 233:264, akiko cactus.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1622935179542-1.png (476.43 KB, 914x1056, 457:528, akiko licks cactus.png) ImgOps iqdb

I treat em' all wizards as my number one enemy.

4c234 No.59792

You sound like a jealous succubus

c5617 No.59794

you can love a wiz without being a faggot. Friendship can be love.

ea61e No.59795

I love you, pumpkin-cheeks(user was warned for this post)


Bans and warnings have been issued. ERP shitposting is a problem on its own but on /dep/ there will be no tolerance for it.

986a6 No.59762[Reply]

Why don't you actually go after ban evaders? You make it too easy and rewarding, incentivising it.
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39453 No.59775

It's another hurdle you have to jump over.

39453 No.59777

Also the one who lusted after eroge wiz, which I reported and was deleted.

e5cc7 No.59782

File: 1622869752689.jpg (66.03 KB, 596x468, 149:117, 1573427194024.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Jokes, my friend. All in jest.

2161a No.59787

Then it should be no problem to prove you're male, honey.

Mods, you did it with cc poster.

1a7c8 No.59788

167c5 No.59758[Reply]

Can we please consider not allowing the Joker meme here it is peak "doomer' 4chan/reddit normalfaggotry and it really pisses me off also because of that. No outsider meme is a good rule but does not cover enough memes.
>wow he is so much like me

95670 No.59759

Where are these Joker Memes of which you speak?

167c5 No.59760

Here is one but they pop up all the time and always normalfaggots.

62468 No.59763

It doesn't appear to be a problem, it isn't disruptive, or even being used as a meme on this site.

Can you explain how you think it is actually a problem for this site beyond you just not liking it or projection?

51a55 No.59764

I took care of it. Learn how to link properly next time.

167c5 No.59776

Thanks OP or mod.

File: 1622306095744.png (321.71 KB, 1262x458, 631:229, Screenshot_2021-05-29 The ….png) ImgOps iqdb

5a869 No.59741[Reply]

What happened to this thread? I spent 30 minutes reminiscing to come up with my own list. Did you deleted OP? It's a nice idea.

17391 No.59743

Well OP had pretty good tastes so maybe nobody had anything to add.

b7edc No.59746

it would've probably been a better thread if it was "your favorite from each media" rather than "best" which just creates inane discussions.

>the best anime: EVA
>good taste


5a869 No.59747

That's a good idea actually.

87307 No.59748

he must have been trolling

865b1 No.59723[Reply]

(you need to wait a few minuetes between posts)
Is this automatic or is it something the mods can place on you to stop you posting? It seems to rely on so many posts being made by other IP's and not timer based but sometimes it seems to stick around forever. Am I being bullied on wizchan? by the mods?

9a28c No.59726

It's automated, I don't know how long it takes to tic down though.
Maybe 15 minutes or something. Long enough to be obnoxious but not actually forever.
It's actually does help with anti spam and stopping a board from being fully flooded. Especially on /b/ where retards will spazz out and post some word or imagine a few hundred times in a few minutes if the system wasn't in place.

I just wish the timer would tell you how long you have to wait before you can post again.
Or make the timer shorter to like 5 minutes.

865b1 No.59727

it seems connected to how many other peopel are posting though because when it is VERY slow yo ucan only make a small amount of posts sometimes when conversating with people you are stopped by it

3348b No.59739

It seems to be slowing down the current raid that we are under while the mods jerk each other off or whatever the fuck they are all doing right now instead of their job.

1b7a5 No.59740

>slow down the raid
Nope not at all that person was spamming threads non stop.

d0acf No.59688[Reply]

Are users who are straight wizards who enjoy display being banned?
Trannies and traps should be banned but wiz cosplaying? Not every person who displays as a succubus is a tranny or even gay for that matter and it can be a hobby.
I do not do it but am curious why it is worthy of a ban and instead not an unmentionable topic. If we allow succ displaying threads fags will feel emboldened it is the seed of trannydom so reasonable to remove discussion but to ban users for their hobby alone seems like a misjudgment

d0acf No.59689

Display = cosplay
Sorry for errors

b71bd No.59691

it's a paraphilia not a hobby
you /b/ avatarfags and attention whores are so pathetic it is painful to browse the board and watch your drama unfold over and over again

d0acf No.59694

Cosplay is not the same as wearing a miniskirt while jerking off.
Some wiz like to wear anime costume simple as that


f68ad No.59662[Reply]

Are the mods wizards? Do they post much?
What do we know about the mod team?
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

47562 No.59669

he's a schizo with a really active imagination.

e168c No.59673

wiz mods play imp games with me. they're my friends

f68ad No.59676

The mods are fair and do a decent job IMO

e168c No.59679

i agree with u. with the amount of hurt on meta though i feel like we're minority

f68ad No.59683

If you have dealt with them you see how fair they are where people complain is over lack of Democratic power concerning rules and how they are applied but little do they know how lucky we are that there is no group rights. People dont know what's best for them I disagree with some rules but respect impartial moderation and the dictatorship nature.

4c1d8 No.59677[Reply]

Are posts where someone just green texts quotes and attaches a "funny image" intended to mock without ever criticizing the substance of the post allowed? I get that its trolling and that is fine to a degree and a given on imageboards but it sets a bad precedent

ac1d8 No.59678

File: 1621875361835.gif (42.32 KB, 200x204, 50:51, f992480be70f5abb597b0d22be….gif) ImgOps iqdb

>Are posts where someone just green texts quotes and attaches a "funny image" intended to mock without ever criticizing the substance of the post allowed? I get that its trolling and that is fine to a degree and a given on imageboards but it sets a bad precedent

4c1d8 No.59680

This VI's fine but in serious debates not cool which is why they do it I guess

f283c No.59681

It is the final evolution of burnt-out troll/shitposter. I do it too sometimes

4c1d8 No.59682

I do it but not here

File: 1615352985182.jpg (19.27 KB, 480x360, 4:3, notok.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

bc73a No.58223[Reply]

How is suggesting watching porn or masturbating not a permaban?

>2. Do not state or suggest that you had, will have or want to have sexual or romantic experiences.

How can you masturbate without desiring to have sex?
Do you make any other productive use of porn other than to fire funny magic from your wand?

If you want to allow something just because you like it, then you are no better than CCposter.
31 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d0ded No.59096

The more time one dedicates to discussing their hobbies and ignoring every other aspect of this site, the better.

016c8 No.59098

True enough, except there is no way to realistically enforce it.

d5158 No.59655

this a thousand times

so tired of being surrounded by wizkids

dc048 No.59674

I've been banned a few times for suggesting I want to have sex with 2D characters, wasn't perma though

4ce85 No.59675

This is so wrong if true as /b/ fags talk about sucking anthro cock all day

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