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File: 1584071153562.png (278.57 KB, 857x438, 857:438, wiz.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

8d6c8 No.53416[Reply]

We should prepare for normie raids or even the fucking FBI closing this site.

Someone snitched now we're hot,this is not a drill.

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21c19 No.54013

Find this beaner fuck and ban him forever!

3f94e No.54014

File: 1587596781611.jpg (44 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 000162769407-v6nj2u-t500x5….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

184df No.54024

864bf No.54124

as a true wizbean(Unlike this negan fuck) I wasn't expecting someone to remember this song in 2020

b5ca7 No.54188

I just detected the digital fingerprint of this image and now im gonna dox u

918d0 No.54074[Reply]

Some dude is spamming gorsky porn in /b/ again.
Can the mods not wait a few months until every other post is just some faggot's spread open asshole like last time?
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63235 No.54177

based crab mod getting aroused by a face reveal

24662 No.54178

succubus's thighs t-too lewd

9116e No.54180

the faggot (mod) deleted it again

QUICK GUYS, post more of teh e-thots NOW

da32e No.54181


0938f No.54185

Yeah its relaly annoying i hope he gets banned soon. im trying to nofap (which btw has made me into a real wizchad man…. some good natural testorone stuff feels good)… and anyways its distracting and tempts me into relapsing whcih i dont want to do because i want to continue being a man and not a beta cuck from loosing my semen mana

67179 No.54125[Reply]

I think we can all agree that since the inception of youtube embeds the “shitposting” has gone through the roof, as in people purposely posting really bad youtube videos just to spam and cause a little reaction to entertain themselves. Youtube embeds should be banned, there’s no point in having them, if someone truly had a quality idea to post they wouldn’t post a youtube video. As for the current youtube posting threads? Well people can easily just post links to videos and write a description of what they just posted. I think this will be really beneficial because youtube posts will become small and fit their quality, rather than what they are now, huge thumbnails making big posts for garbage quality content.
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36fb3 No.54142

i just killed a nigger

079df No.54148

patiently awaiting the corrupt version of the retrospective…

7fdb2 No.54149

Good job! Kill a tranny next.

1d423 No.54179

File: 1588522162042.png (6.45 KB, 501x54, 167:18, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

75f75 No.54183

Don't post gay porn in the political thread just because you can't get your way.
Stop shitposting in general whenever a video is posting in the political thread.

783b9 No.54022[Reply]

can you make it so modlocked threads auto-delete after like a week

they are polluting the catalogs
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4d536 No.54027

You could try reporting them.

37eaa No.54028

What would be the point of reporting something that the mod did?
Unless you mean reporting to admin, which would be a waste of both your time and his.

I do agree with OP though that some of the older locked threads are clogging the catalog of a few boards (mainly wiz) and could stand to be pruned.

e6159 No.54030

I don't see any locked threads

4d536 No.54033

That's never stopped people from trying to communicate what they want done with threads through the report reason field before.
Maybe he means stubs of threads that have been moved?

37eaa No.54140

Oh, just noticed that all the locked threads on /wiz/ have been cleaned up.

Thank you very much mister mod and have a wonderful day.

cd24d No.54097[Reply]

What purpose does meta serve if mod clique is kiwi farm city and the admin never shows up?

File: 1585804703549.jpeg (117.4 KB, 986x553, 986:553, F9684E49-A7D9-424E-910F-6….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

68e8e No.53659[Reply]

Why should /hob/ be allowed? I mean this whole site was made to incubate its denizens from their own inequity in the human race, but here we have a whole board for people to brag about, not just the fact they have interest, but also talents. I could give a shit if some guy brags to me about his sexual conquests or his social life, like all true wizards I reject society as the jerkoff it is, but when sone guy shows me his graphic novel or his musical composition, I just want to kill myself. Meanwhile everyone thinks the top priority is deleting fucking frog memes. Seriously, Fuck /hob/ and FUCK ARTISTS!
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595f6 No.54005

What is that picture supposed to prove? Are you saying only pessimists can kill themselves? Are you some kind of moron? Most people who commit suicide don't hate life generally, they hate their own lives. Big difference. I would say more optimists kill themselves than pessimists actually, pessimists are too busy whining on anonymous imageboards to do anything.
> Can you count a suicide as an honorary antinatalist?
What?? Those two things don't have anything to do with each other. 3rd worlders who kill themselves do so after spawning at least 2 kids, anyway.
>Caring about the suffering of others and wanting to reduce it is only possible in a world of suffering. Often caring about how others are feeling makes life less pleasureable. It's not just black and white like how you paint everything.
You're grasping at straws here. Just say that you are attached to life already because of X reason. You don't have to play the tsundere.
If existence was so much of a torment as you claim it is then you would have killed yourself long ago, that is a fact. And the fact that you are posting here instead of being dead proves that you don't really hate existence.
>I already did! Can you read?
And I said they were crap comparisons. Can you read?
>Most people know that it's wrong to do things that may result in human suffering.
Not if said results will most likely end up causing pleasures and happiness. Work exists and most people don't want to work, yet they do it because they know all their suffering is for their happiness in the long term. Suffering isn't always a negative thing, it can lead to joys and pleasures you otherwise wouldn't get.
People don't make babies to cause them suffering purely, they want children because they want them to experience the pleasures of being alive. Pleasure and pain are necessary counterparts that must exist.
>Setting aside the most likely case of simple non-perception and non-cognition before birth, what if the state of being before being born is pure bliss? Better drag that consciousness straight to Detroit, I guess.
What if it is pure - I mean literally 100% pure - suffering and torment, you just don't remember it? And after we die we goPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

68e8e No.54006

I’m just hoping that you kill yourself soon tbh

c24cd No.54017

Aw, fuck off. I like to draw and write stuff and I want to share it with people who will actually get it, not just some dumb normalfags who will find it boring. Success in hobbies is actually anti-thetical to being a normalfag, because they don't have the time to be drawing, writing, and thinking about esoteric things. Most wizards in history were writers and poets. Man, I come here again for one hour and am reminded why I stopped coming here.

161f7 No.54021

iktf. ive had to stop going to certain websites because i noticed it was making me so unhappy. maybe this is such a site for you? angry, crazy, political stuff is generally what you want to avoid and thats basically what meta is for.


0a717 No.54441

God I fucking despise envious people

7f536 No.53523[Reply]

the nighttime mod is a stupid piece of shit, you know who you are

I was banned over rule 8 for 12 hours for replying to someone that didn't have any sort of "name, avatar, signature, or any variation thereof"

in the post I wrote "I've been gone all day, you're arguing with a completely different person," and he thinks that's a rule 8

you're such a stupid fat piece of shit
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07267 No.53973

it's more than that

the nighttime mod is always singling me out and I wish he'd grow the fuck up, I'm not going to erase myself and never talk about things from my personal life again while other people get to

501d6 No.53975

all mods are retards,they banned a NEET for saying that he was going to enter college in a few months to escape from his hellish life while they happily allow proto-normies and gays and bullies.

That's probably because the retarded admin chose the mods among his RL friends and maybe even his GF.

75c67 No.53976

Theres a succubus getting mad for being called out as one in /b/ right now.idgaf because the wizchan team already knows but hey, I dont know, maybe drop the bullshit.

9fb64 No.53977

It's probably Diana.

5d62b No.53978

Notice the several
>You're cringe!
>Your life is cringe!
And the like, special metion to the female pepe.

bf1e4 No.53687[Reply]

can we post as goblins on /b/

instead of anonymage it will say Goblin and text gets converted to goblinese gibberish
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bf1e4 No.53709

javascript is the gay

e80f4 No.53735

Then pay a fag to do it then.
Have them be gay for pay.

4545b No.53783


1ef27 No.53936

/b/ is the punk & shock board.

bf1e4 No.53937

we could be the goblin board too

File: 1585859583203-0.png (201.45 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2020-04-02-050024_1920x108….png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1585859583203-1.png (266.07 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2020-04-02-050008_1920x108….png) ImgOps iqdb

ec791 No.53702[Reply]

Yesterday I reported a couple of posts that were openly breaking rule 4 by condemning neets and ways to be a neet. One of the posters seems to have been banned, but the other posts that were breaking rule 4 are still up. The mod willingly ignored the other posts that are attacking neets, only selectively applying the rules to certain people and not to others. He deleted the post that called neets parasites, but there are two more, with one saying that society owes neets nothing and that we should stop being entitled to being neets. These were not his exact words, but we were talking in the context of a neet society, so anyone honest knows that he is directly referring to neets. He said that we should grovel and beg for work rather than be neet. Despite this, he did not get banned for rule 4. The other poster calls neets leeches for wanting government money to be neets, yet he was not banned.

Here are the posts: >>>/b/466445
>Be grateful society considers you at all. It owes you nothing. You want something? Either beg or go work for it jesus christ you communists are so entitled


>you're a leech looking for free handouts :^)

The mods not doing their job is nothing unusual. They've always been shit and they are the reason why wizchan is in the shitty state that it is now. One of the biggest ways in which they are continually allowed to run this site into the grow is the lack of transparency between what they do and what the user base sees. Specifically, who the mod bans, the reasoning for their ban, and the duration of the ban time is all left in the dark to us.

This lack of transparency is a problem because mods, as we all know, harass and target certain posters because due to their personal differences, but whenever someone accuses them of harassment is it believed to be a conspiracy and not taken seriously. Begging the chadmin to fix the moderator abuse is the only option we have to stop them, but if you send him in email he never replies; and I wouldn't be surprised if he is the same person that targets and harasses people.

To end the corruption, we need transparency. There should be a new board named /transparency/ that showcases all the actions of the mods against users with mod ID tags to distinguish between the mods like we have on meta. The board will be full of posts with reasPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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6c757 No.53740

I agree with OP. Fuck the mods for letting capitalist scum on this board.

e2281 No.53741

me too comrade (totally not op)

ec791 No.53766

File: 1586227455958.jpg (110.66 KB, 960x556, 240:139, 73bb2b34edbbd8b8b8e059285b….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It is not authoritarian for a slave to free himself and to argue in favor of a world that he will maintain his freedom in while revolting against those that argue for his enslavement. Revolution is the most libertarian act ever.

I am only authoritarian in respect to structures and social relations which promote wageslavery, injustice, hierarchy and inequality. But do you seriously believe that it is "authoritarian" and "tyrannical" to emancipate yourself from slavery and to become a neet? To overthrow and dethrone tyrants is authoritarian to you? seriously?

Above all else, as a libertarian socialist, in order to be logically consistent with my beliefs I must be libertarian only in respect to the oppressed, not the oppressors. It is not authoritarian to develop structures and a system that involve the great majority of the population, who have previously been excluded from decision-making about social and economic issues. It is not authoritarian for wageslaves to abolish work and to become neets or reduce their work hours because they hate work.

The only authoritarians are those like you who defend the slave owners right to enslave people and exploit the earth.

I'm not surprised you're so offended by people arguing for their own emancipation though. Authoritarians like yourself fear freedom and free people.

>“Statists fear free people. They claim that without authority people will lose the anchor of sociability, will dissipate themselves, and will return to savagery. This is obviously rubbish. It is taken seriously by idlers, lovers of authority and of the labour of others, or by blind thinkers of bourgeois society. The liberation of the people in reality leads to the degeneration and return to savagery, not of the people, but of those who, thanks to power and privilege, live from the labour of the people’s arms and from the blood of the people’s veins … The liberation of the people leads to the savagery of those who live from its enslavement.” [The History of the Makhnovist Movement]

080c7 No.53767


5ebf9 No.53843

NEETs and shut-ins should be treated like cows in India on this board for the rules to be truly honored. Leeching is a virtue.

Also https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/bob-black-the-libertarian-as-conservative

good perspective here on shitting on libertarianism

19833 No.53755[Reply]

Always bitching about fags shitposting but at least they never spammed 3dpd videos and now porn

da556 No.53756

And how are you so sure it's not the same group of shitposters fagposting and posting porn?

It should be obvious by now these shitposters will never, ever be banned. This board will just sink further into pure shit. Why? Either they're mods doing the shitposting, mod buddies, or the userbase of this site shrunk so much that they just don't ban anyone because the shitposters are like 1/3 of this website.

At this point I encourage everyone to break the rules. There's literally no repercussions anymore.

338e8 No.53757

it's the same dumb heteros that come here whenever their ip gets refreshed just to spam porn

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