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39ff8 No.48828[Reply]

Mods, stop deleting a banning me for what you think is shit posting. It's only shitposting because you call it shitposting. Are long post's with zero credibility and wrong facts on it shitposting? Is using curse words shitposting? Is being rude shitposting? Is posting a post that might insight a rude response a shit post? Is asking for proofs shitposting because the phrase is from /b/?

There's so much more you could do than being huge faggots. At the very least you should be accountable to the bans you give.

Also I should be able to predetermined post and the usual determinist post that comes time to time. I don't see why saying "predetermined to reply" on a whiny post about "I'm not accountable to anything from my decision" a shitpost. Asking for proofs for claims isn't also shitposting.
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1a0d8 No.48834

File: 1553961804306.jpg (108.26 KB, 426x640, 213:320, lobster-crying.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This thread gets made weekly at this point. I miss when /meta/ was full of longposting burgers because at least they were actually funnny. Now it's just wizkids like this having a tantrum because they can't follow basic rules or schizos claiming that other users are gangstalking them.

67389 No.48835

/b/ is cancer, the worst rule breaking shitposters should be shadow banned from the regular boards

791b6 No.48838

Stop shitposting.

a2434 No.48840

File: 1553996675168.png (16.52 KB, 259x224, 37:32, zizi-png-4.png) ImgOps iqdb

rule 5 does NOT applies to /b/ yet nobody uses it to its full capacity.

39ff8 No.48843

and of course another brow beating without arguing or answering the questions. Retards.

File: 1552560880912.jpg (17.4 KB, 660x409, 660:409, spheres.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

42f6a No.48625[Reply]

There's clearly one specific guy that keeps posting in the same passive-aggresive way of shitposting and generally displays toxicity toward other posts and users.

Since this is a website with a low usercount it seems clear that it is the same guy most of the time, it's the same writing style and he's saging most of the time, sometimes he even samefags and replied to his own posts as if he were another person.

Noticed this on /dep/ firdt but he seems to be on the other boards as well. Make an IP check to compare, it's probably the same guy who accused someone about datamining in that other threads yesterday.
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17aa5 No.48708

It's your avatar at this point.

6071d No.48709

What do you mean by passive aggressive remarks? Quote it

f2e79 No.48726

>The wizards who call new when they get challenged about anything

Are you sure YOU'RE not the faggot?

7da77 No.48727

Yes. I'm also sure you are though.

6071d No.48729

02ce9 No.47194[Reply]

Integrating the homepage and mod recent posts queue with Premium Textboard can be tricky, since Kareha has no db. But possible. The board would benefit from that, as well as of a report script, having a noticeable delay for any reaction now. Please see if you can implement that.
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f133d No.48302

File: 1549222238889.gif (998.48 KB, 400x165, 80:33, walking on sunshine.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Hey chadmin, love you babe.

9ec73 No.48504

Needs some cleanup again.

c7972 No.48509

Admin, where do /b/abies come from?

3cabb No.48721

Textboard has garbage again, and nobody comes to play shiritori with me.

e9a15 No.48839

>wizchan is now under control of scriptkid

5d90f No.48657[Reply]

I don't have auto update checked in the options but nonetheless threads continue to auto update. Is this happening for anyone else?

90c37 No.48658

been like that for a while

e48a5 No.48661

open storage inspector
go to local storage for wizchan
set auto_thread_update to false

9067e No.48703

I just checked my settings and you are right. My auto update is unchecked in the options yet it still defaults to auto update anyway.
Weird, never noticed it before.

ad827 No.48669[Reply]

>Please wait a few minutes before making more posts
Stop doing this when you're butthurt on /b/ you pig

f5a5d No.48670

File: 1553119333751.jpg (117.57 KB, 502x640, 251:320, schizo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

ad827 No.48671

You don't even have the balls to post your mod tag lol. Please use it when you livestream your suicide you scumbag.

f5a5d No.48684

ad827 No.48710

sounds gay like you

ad1b5 No.48158[Reply]

hello mods. i hope you are all doing well today. please keep up the good work with the site
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b8e8d No.48191

Same, they need to ban the succubi invaders.

1f959 No.48592

File: 1552056711475.gif (183.4 KB, 370x300, 37:30, as.gif) ImgOps iqdb

1f959 No.48593

File: 1552063251838.mp4 (794.68 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, thqanyou.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

f3a65 No.48594

File: 1552086282314.jpg (70.32 KB, 476x700, 17:25, Türmer.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Born to watch,
appointed to observe,
sworn to this tower,
I enjoy the world.

face5 No.48668

File: 1553045040101.jpg (29.56 KB, 600x373, 600:373, Patternless_Crotalus_atrox.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

this webm is pretty cute, but it has shaved 10 years of my lifespan because it is so fucking loud and the onset is so sudden.

please at least put another second or something on it so that i am not killed.

thank you.

File: 1552189802542.jpg (66.57 KB, 654x255, 218:85, IMG_20190310_124511.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

193b3 No.48596[Reply]

You're crossing the line here copper. You should be banning data Ming threads, instead you support it
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c8ec7 No.48626

I am the op of that retardbux thread and I didn't intend to insult people on neetbux and you probably didn't get the point otherwise you wouldn't feel that way.

9d7b3 No.48627

Taxpayers can go choke on a dick. There’s worse on other threads, honestly. *cough* pol

4894f No.48653

That's not true at all. The deletion of my predetermined reply post on that thread about determinism seems unfair and some on the data mining threads too. You're always deceitful and being a weasel as usual.

bfaa6 No.48654

keep your /b/ shitposting off the main boards

4894f No.48659

it's only shitpost because you think it's shitpost

File: 1552712556118.gif (5.57 MB, 680x680, 1:1, W_2072.gif) ImgOps iqdb

c394b No.48642[Reply]

Change the rules about assailing neets in the case that they are capitalists so that we can have threads about socialists vs capitalists.

73a88 No.48643

We don't need multiple threads for people to spout base-level politics when we already have one thread covering all areas of political debate.

6aac2 No.48644

Why even debate it? It's just people spouting their own echo chamber monologues. Debates very rarely change anyone's mind. People don't go to a sport game, see the other team win then become fans of them. People usually just get upset and if they're brazilian they riot.

556eb No.48645

no. Fuck off

6596e No.48651

Reminder: communism is an antineet ideology and should be banned

ba4ea No.48635[Reply]

How do I reappear voided posts? I accidentally clicked the little minus button.

bd404 No.48636

There should be a [+] where the post was before.
Additionally you can select Storage: Erase from the [Options] menu in the top-left of the page.

dd4b0 No.48639

File: 1552647081596.png (21.48 KB, 662x461, 662:461, 123.png) ImgOps iqdb

uncheck box so you can see stubs

ba4ea No.48640

Thanks wizdad

09728 No.48567[Reply]

What etiquette again? Why should there be an etiquette when you don't even have one? Stop deleting sarcasm and such because if this is considered a rule break then everything is.
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1e7c0 No.48570

Why am I being told that I have to wait "a few" minutes to make another post?
Since when is this a thing?

32c3d No.48586

File: 1551843347218.webm (3.9 MB, 640x360, 16:9, the invitation.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Manners, maketh man.

09728 No.48587

Eat ****,modurge

0f0eb No.48589

Elegant posters raise their pinkies when typing their posts.

09728 No.48590

I dip my hands in communism just to spite the moddessurge when I post

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