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File: 1561682689069.jpg (61.77 KB, 917x940, 917:940, 1bcd2e017a712f062fdaf7e6af….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

2757d No.49447[Reply]

When will we be able to embed bitchute links?


5ab60 No.49448

Isn't bitchute an IP leak risk?

If I understand correctly it's p2p using webtorrent, so you can just sit on your video, link it, and watch the new IPs joining? Especially on a niche website like wizzy?

I think if we do embed which seems quite easy looking at github it should have a reminder it might be leaking your IP. Unless I misunderstand the tech it uses.

18cdf No.49426[Reply]

The filter currently applies to text in links causing links to 404. Could this be fixed please? It's not a big issue because you can just edit the link manually but if it could be coded to leave the links intact automatically it would be nice.

f8997 No.49431

we want to forget that crabs and succubi even exist

d5bc9 No.49432

this is such a rare problem, the humor of it makes it worth the trouble usually

like seeing people linking to crab websites, i have no idea if they really mean crustaceans. and news acrticles mentioning a succubus, i get a medieval feeling seeing the urls. maybe this is a dumb reason

fe8e6 No.49443

Speaking of adjustments to the filter, it would be great if it responded to the correct case/capitalization unlike now where it always changes the word to all lowercase no matter what.

797c9 No.49338[Reply]

[​o​] is how you can orangepost
[​p​] is how you can gaypost

i dont know if this is intentional but can you not change this, or at least keep it on /b/ because this is fun
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797c9 No.49352


i think this is what added the [ ] formatting for all this, even though the formatting toolbar itself seems disabled on wizchan. it has all the entries like for orange:
			orange: {
				text: _('Orange'),
				key: 'o',

and even
which i just used to display all the tab spacing and symbols correctly for the code above

c73bc No.49353

Slam this in custom JS. I was expecting something different somehow.
localStorage.formatText_toolbar = 'true';

d4b63 No.49358


cab9e No.49378

hello mods. i love you. bye wizzies

01c40 No.49414

Oh, that is the thing I was missing.

File: 1560711655691.jpg (57.89 KB, 725x426, 725:426, spoiler.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

0138f No.49385[Reply]

https://wizchan.org/rules.html does not mention check to check the "Spoiler Image" box. To save mods the work of spoiling images I post, I would like there to be some guidelines of when we should do it so I can proactively do so to save them the work. It's unclear to me when I should do it though.
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09eef No.49408

But is the book/character any good or is it just the far right version of the same shit radical lefties are putting out that is killing the industry?

13809 No.49409

Some people find her empowering because she is a heroine, who doesn't have a costume showing her tits

a2c2b No.49411

So same shit different identity politics then.
Think I will stick with batman. After this long it is pretty hard to screw up a batman story up with woke nonsense.

13809 No.49412

She is a part of the Bat Family

13809 No.49413

File: 1560920190881.jpg (488.08 KB, 741x1000, 741:1000, 6180052.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

80c62 No.49405[Reply]

How do you unhide a thread if you accidentally hidden it? This is the first time i've ever had this problem.

26d0a No.49406

i don't know but cool picture

2e19e No.49407

File: 1560922135469.jpg (35.34 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 0da19e8dad192c29ceef3cbdcf….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Go into options, uncheck the box that says remove hidden threads, reload page, expand the now visible stub.

File: 1558620341181.png (11.69 KB, 438x112, 219:56, 2019-05-23-055819_1280x800….png) ImgOps iqdb

99820 No.49164[Reply]

the mods keep mentioning my location when replying to me, they've done this like 30 times now, it's quite gratuitous

any one else with this problem? makes me wonder what else they do with the stuff they see in our post histories
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99820 No.49349

File: 1559992999533.png (82.95 KB, 799x382, 799:382, 2019-06-08-032114_1280x800….png) ImgOps iqdb

367d5 No.49381

he's doing it again >>>/lounge/219808

a32e3 No.49383

i think you're just not being anonymous and too personal with posting

b13e6 No.49384

File: 1560603098338.jpg (17.86 KB, 300x427, 300:427, Giko Original Karate Unifo….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

535bc No.49387

>my wand
stop posting your dick then

4a949 No.48730[Reply]

Why this community doesn't recognise virgin females capable of having magical powers?

It used to have a lore wiki entry as well now the only place I can find a mention of this is in the wizard handbook.

>Finally, a witch is a female virgin who is at least 30 years old. She is the female counterpart of a wizard. In contrast to wizards, witches are extremely rare, but can be as formidable in magical power as wizards. Similarly, witchhood is the status held by witches who can control magic. In modern times, wizards view witchhood as long extinct.
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00a36 No.48842

Amen to that,sister

05d70 No.48844

>It is hard to browse if whenever you bring up an aspect of whom you are or what you do everyone gangs up to insult you.
are you the wizard who was complaining about having to sit around people when you went to get coffee lol

9fa38 No.48878

It's here to deter them.

Stinkubus detected.

7c026 No.48891

No, I'm that one who responded to him that people get scared when I keep looking in their eyes.

24890 No.49386

File: 1560712141894.jpg (42.57 KB, 342x422, 171:211, Wizard-in-Training.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

female Apprentices are rare enough as it is. Presumably we don't consider someone an apprentice wizard until they're a virgin nearing 30 (25+? 20+? 18+? not sure where we begin) and most females start fucking guys as preteens

File: 1558923735380.png (459.16 KB, 1125x595, 225:119, mods brains.png) ImgOps iqdb

d0c08 No.49261[Reply]

Come to your senses.

Avatarfagging is banned site-wide.
Posting cartoon pictures counts as avatarfagging
therefore, cartoon pictures should be bannable.
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06de9 No.49334

Anime has shit to do with avatarfagging with cartoon pics.

ed8b2 No.49337

the simpsons is the most popular show in the history of the world with billions of fans. So it is much less avatar fagging than an obscure anime watched by 30 people.

If a show is popular than many people will post JPGs and its not 1 guy

2eeda No.49341

You know very well I am not talking about Simpsons memes but the calarts soytoons.

ed8b2 No.49342

Simpsons posting was once just as hated

ed8b2 No.49343

Gumball is a good calart

File: 1559839767824.jpg (71.61 KB, 408x270, 68:45, aw3er4t56y.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

c302d No.49335[Reply]

Can moderation please explain to me why I was banned yesterday? All I did was make a post criticizing the website and when it got deleted in the crawl thread I made one on the appropriate board which resulted in my post and an entire thread getting nuked as well. When I checked the reasons for both of my bans it was because of "ban evasion" and I've been banned permanently. I find it strange how two posts about criticizing moderation results in a permanent ban; I want an explanation for this decision. Are we no longer allowed to say anything bad about who's running this website? Given the allegations others have made against the moderation, outright censoring anyone who doesn't pretend all is well is pretty suspicious. Especially after you all vehemently swear that nothing's going on behind the scenes.


You were banned because you are just samefagging from different IPs to make it look like a lot of posters are concerned about your ridiculous theories. Yes, I'm censoring you because it's clear that you're only here to cause drama and entertain yourself with said drama.

File: 1559712230587.png (531.93 KB, 624x467, 624:467, Dsage.png) ImgOps iqdb

8895f No.49328[Reply]

Sorry if this is a stupid question… I know what 'sage' in Email does (comment does not bump thread) but I'm not sure what "noko" does. Can someone explain?

3143f No.49330

It keeps you in the thread after the post is submitted. Without it, once your post goes through, you're redirected to the main board list, but with Noko selected you remain in the thread.

It was a necessary function on larger imageboards where the post rate was fast enough that relocating the thread you had just posted in could be a challenge.

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