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4dad5 No.56443[Reply]

can you just disable webm posting in /b/

all that is posted is gore and violence and it takes you guys too long to remove it

maybe restrict posting images and webms to users that have been posting longer than a week

maybe hash it to check if its the exact same fucking webm thats been posted dozens of times already

do we have no developer
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4dad5 No.56477

i was an btard in the 00s and consumed enough gore and violence. i feel like this is how retired people feel thinking about work. im just sick of it now

ba9b8 No.56549

Yes, please remove gore

650d8 No.56578

Then ignore it, it's not hard

a065d No.56582

>ban gore
>but do nothing about bullies

f9fd6 No.56662

why disable anything in /b/? If anything the fap thread belongs there. They don't even enforce spoiler tags

f96a6 No.56459[Reply]

The gayposter just posted a picture of his butthole on /b/.
When are you mods going to start permabanning people for the gay erp and sexual harassment that goes on over there? Either that or delete /b/ altogether. This is the sort of culture you're promoting, a culture where people post nude pictures of themselves on wizchan. These people have proven time and time again that they're not 'just joking' as you like to say. It's irresponsible to allow them to post on this site.
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8b606 No.56471

Surely this thread will be the silver bullet we need for the mods to finally stop defending faggots.

744f4 No.56472

it should be obvious that some of the mods are fagposters

8996a No.56473

Then be terrified and hope the mods aren't trolling your history to build a psychological profile of you so they can blackmail you into joining their harem of fem/b/oys.
Petitioning mods to nuke meta, it's /b/ at this point

09c3b No.56476

>of himself
he probably just found it on the internet
he's also back and mocking his ban, he's not even a gayposter just that one troll who posts 3D porn all the time on a vpn, usually straight porn

10299 No.56478

>he's not even a gayposter just that one troll who posts 3D porn
this, all the aggressive gay posting like that is by trolls not actual gays, they do it because it's a 100% guaranteed reaction from metaburgers

ca68f No.56452[Reply]

Does rule 3 mean I can't try to make friends with someone from here? I don't know if that's considered a violation of rule 3.

dbb5b No.56453

no you should make friends from here

2ab59 No.56455

yes you shouldn't make friends from here

1db7a No.56346[Reply]

can you do something about this freak? he's obsessed with seeing "the alaskan" everywhere and dragging every exchange down to personal shitflinging
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b2e2f No.56367

the alaskan is real though

16af7 No.56396

File: 1606959290083.png (36.14 KB, 697x343, 697:343, 265262626.png) ImgOps iqdb

Good news, encouraging rule 8 is a rule violation so just report him. I'm sure ours mods aren't selective faggots and will get right on it.

1db7a No.56445

will a mod please clean him out of the weapons thread? he's doing it again

8c71d No.56446

> he's doing it again
Yes you are doing it again Alaskan

If you want to act like an obnoxious troll, don't come running to the mods when nobody takes your bait.

1db7a No.56447

I'm not that person, you are out of control. There are about 12 different users you regularly accuse of being an alaskan and try turning the threads into a jerry springer show fight. Why aren't you permabanned?

File: 1606955966384.png (868.79 KB, 800x691, 800:691, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

436db No.56392[Reply]

Hi I tend to enjoy shitposting but am trying not to use listed threads for this purpose.
Are there rules aside from obviously posting cheese pizza that I should follow in the abyss?
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1833f No.56398

don't spam
don't post 3d

23c5f No.56399

File: 1606962198776.png (134.76 KB, 2000x1737, 2000:1737, 1606960720063.png) ImgOps iqdb

ban me.

7f32f No.56404

Or "no normo"

cea93 No.56419

ANNE me (in /b/)

23c5f No.56442

File: 1607134287995.gif (2.43 MB, 408x316, 102:79, 1599445346322.gif) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1607032268370.jpg (269.86 KB, 968x666, 484:333, 1607031548520.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

fe5c5 No.56420[Reply]

hello user here
i would like to make a suggestion
please WE NEED some new rules to stop Hollywood actors like recently transitioned Ellen Page(now known as Elliot Page) to stop being able to be posting on wizchan because at this rate Hollywood will be taking over and we will only have actors posting here
thank u

881ad No.56424

good luck with that, ellen page is the admin

58348 No.56425

I'm seconding this. Elliot Page shouldn't be able to just show his artificial cock to the mods like he did during Gendergate a few days ago and continue posting here. He literally admitted to browsing CC too so it's not like he's even tried to blend in while transitioning.

eccd2 No.56426

Elliot Page has had lesbian sex on the tellymavision. He is not a virgin. Thank you. I have confirmed with his agent he is not to visit.

58348 No.56427

Well the mods are clearly taking the route of

>Ellen Page no longer exists, so he's a virgin again

This is clearly bullshit. A body once defiled is always defiled.

b11f8 No.56428

I have an idea which may meet with some resistance I think it is for the best to stop this gossiping as it is very succubi like and the exact type of thing we would see on CC.
We are wizards not witches.

File: 1605689260591.png (313.78 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

7e601 No.56249[Reply]

I've noticed something about /b/, the number of total threads and total posts at a given time is rising significantly compared to previous years. It's now its own little /r9k/ enclave here on "wiz"chan. I just want to thank the mod faggots and their gay clique shenanigans for keeping this place a shithole and reminding me why I stopped visiting here.
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8d80d No.56371

Why do mods allow these shitposters? If I wanted to read degenerate crab fantasies I'd go to r9k. At least keep these faggots on b.

7e601 No.56372

/meta/ and /b/ are interchangeable at this point, half the people that make "complaints" here will go and act like faggots on /b/ 5 minutes later.

7c1c9 No.56381


>"just report our rule breaking posts bro ;^)"

meanwhile the posts are up for days and new ones keep popping up so it's obvious the mods are making and allowing them
is there any alternative to this place?

2ac44 No.56405

File: 1607000083915.mp4 (137.9 KB, 640x360, 16:9, HeJJj-PmXcqAcsSb.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Wiz manbaby can't keep /b/ down

7e601 No.56406

Every time I see this, it feels like the first time seeing it. What a creepy fucking jew jesus

File: 1606778820251.png (231.48 KB, 1286x585, 1286:585, do.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

eb614 No.56349[Reply]

Are we gonna pretend these people aren't willingly breaking rule 2 and 3 for much longer? /b/ is full of trolls who delight themselves in making fun of wizards and rattle them with gay ERP threads, these people are most likely tourists from discord and shitchan who don't mind breaking the rules because they know they don't belong to this place at all. Can we deal with them once and for all, mods, for god's sake?

c65aa No.56351

Im putting together a Free! amv you loser, leave me alone…

c65aa No.56352

06a8a No.56368

It's mods selectively banning people on /b/ that are on their shitlist.

If YOU posted that, especially a straight non-faggot version, you will be permabanned in 5 seconds flat. It's all about gaslighting. These mod fucks are experts at it.

ddb2c No.56369

moderators are closet homos who crave cock in their asshole

06428 No.56370

That's what makes these mods great. They have spunk, they have style. Who wouldn't wanna get gaslit for a while? Even when they don't post with their mod tags you can still sense presence…
But why take a random website seriously? I've been banned from many websites and it hasn't ever bothered me, except when I was 12 and got banned from roblox for saying something proto-/pol/. Just move on to the next thing.

File: 1605287794115.jpg (257.68 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, 1ux93aw8p8251.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

afe9b No.56214[Reply]

I did not mean to look like avatarfag but I see others post animoo gurls.
I just want to avoid bans because I was warned.
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be7af No.56361

How the hell was this not a permaban? He's clearly here to disrupt threads. Oh well this site is dead anyway.


Barring some low quality posting when he arrived his posts are, for the most part, fine, and he seems to belong here. Shitposting doesn't warrant a permanent ban unless you are maliciously unheeding, which I don't believe is the case here.

546c4 No.56364

So a mod somehow "confirms" this user's gender and now he's white knighting for them? Makes you wonder what really happened in private.

0c7f2 No.56365

he inspected her vagina and confirmed that """""he"""" belongs here

a303d No.56366

I think you mean she inspected his vagina and confirmed that she belonged here.

File: 1606429274898.jpg (98.21 KB, 1200x821, 1200:821, 1606408666093.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

40c81 No.56327[Reply]

Can I ask Wizchan webmaster why he uses NPFchan? I am looking at imageboard software and I am between vichan or NPFchan but I don't know whats the difference, what features does NPFchan have over Vichan? Why did you choose it?

ae642 No.56328

"Vichan is still accepting patches, but there is at the moment no active development besides fixing security problems and other serious bugs as they emerge."

Quoted from the Github. At the time, Mlpol's NPFchan was still being actively developed. I surmise that's why. The only sites still using their own forks of Vichan are Lainchan and Kissu. That doesn't include 8kun's infinity with its make your own board.

40c81 No.56330

Yes I read that but what features does it have over Vichan?

01406 No.56333

Not sure for sure but I think NPFchan comes packed with added mod functionality, specifically in the areas of spam prevention and flood recovery. Database lookup stuff that required rewrites to the core of the software which warranted a whole new version as no longer could code contributions to Vichan be guaranteed to work with these changes

ae642 No.56344

It seems 27chan is maintaining a fork of NPFchan here: https://github.com/27chan/bazukachan.

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