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Do wizards cry often?

Post the last real event that made you cry and the last work of art that did, if there are any.


today just 30 min ago I almost cried watching toy story 3, that last scene made me really emotional, seeing Andy giving her precious toys to that kid before going to college and playing one more time with them like he used to when he was a kid. Seeing Woody, buzz, mr potato, rex, the whole gang… I did not cry but I really felt a lump in my throat like I haven't in years.

File: 1611574394172.jpg (1.79 MB, 3601x2469, 3601:2469, republicofriogrande.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


This may be a bit of a controversial post but I'm posting this to see what other people think. This is a reflection of me trying to understand my own identity and place in society. I'm finally realizing "normies/normalfags" are not inferior but rather superior to non-normies, at least according to human society's objective standards. Normies are normies because in order to have obscure and esoteric tastes or preferences you need to spend a lot of time on the internet exploring the rabbit holes online. Normies rather than spend a day on the internet are engaging in real life activities with one another. They don't have a lot of time to sample all the different genres of a subject matter to have a more refined taste. For example the average normie doesn't know what wizardchan is because to find wizardchan you need to lurk 4chan or 8chan long enough for someone to mention it. One thing leads to another but only if you put enough time into it. Someone else I know who spends excessive time online uses that time to watch anime and so prefers much more obscure anime than normie/mainstream anime like Dragon Ball or One Piece. Essentially then "normies" are people who have chosen to prioritize real life over virtual activity. They are thus more successful and functioning members of society. Instead of some under-socialized social outcast in his parent's basement. The views of someone without any stake in society and with little interaction with others are bound to be views that aren't mainstream. And just because you're different doesn't make you special or smart. A major blackpill.

What does anyone else think of normalfags? What separates them from non-normalfags? What makes them tick?
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you must be 18 to post on this website


Claims made in absolutes
>every dep poster is a normie
>every dep poster self diagnoses

Your post is worded in a way that an idiot may fall for your sophistry but in total it does not actually say anything.


Then discontinue posting and return to Twitter/Facebook/Instagram or whatever decrepit hive you originated from.
/dep/ is a normie board by definition. In addition, the claim that normies self-diagnosed was an entirely separate unrelated sentence unrelated to /dep/. It's also apparent you're incapable of distinguishing the meaning of "most" from "every", which doesn't particularly surprise me considering you'd prefer to manufacture strawman quotes rather than arguing the point, which you can't do. The reality is that you got caught up making baseless sweeping assertions and now you have to back them up.


ah at last, i finally see…all these years it was the wizards who were always happy, smiling, skipping around in the sun while giggling with each other while posting on wizchan…and well…turns out actually the normies are invading us with their depression! those normies who spend all day glued to their pc, never bathing, always alone, friendless, considering suicide daily!

thank u for this revelation prophet…you should truly be the administrator of this site from this day on!


It's illuminating to see you think being outside+light=happy, and being inside+dark=unhappy. Turns out normies can sometimes end up in reclusive environments and be unable to handle them, that doesn't make them wizards, that makes them asocially inept.


At the beginning of this year, I started to make a concerted effort to avoid all news I possibly can. The moment I see a thread or post that has an inkling of currents events, I fly to the 'hide' button before I can finish it. The moment I see a word or two of an article, I actively throw my eyes away and close the article. I started it just as an experiment out of whimsy, but I feel genuinely better and more positive about the world now, and I'm starting to do some projects that I guess I was feeling too nihilistic and black-pilled to even get started with before. It makes me think that if there's a whole month to people being dedicated to people trying to avoid porn and fapping because they're convinced about the large personal benefits, then why isn't there a whole month dedicated to actively trying to be ignorant about world events? I mean, you aren't going to be able to change things that big, news nowadays is almost surely hyperbolic and negative, and the personal impact seems to be incredibly psychologically uplifting.

Am I wrong here? Why haven't I tried something like this before? Going full hermit seems like a pretty logically wizard thing to do.


If that makes you happy then do it, it’s all personal preference I guess. I hardly ever read current events because it’s so uninteresting to me. Same for fapping, I fap a couple times a month and don’t really care much about it/doesn’t affect my life one way or another. Just gotta identify a personal bad habit and cut it out, what that habit is is probably different for everyone.


I am working on a similar thing myself. In my point of views news are nothing more than entertainment and advertising. On one hand you have the constant drama that is aimed at have people hooked at rooting their own group (Which is approved by the System anyway.) while feeling smugly superior to the other one. Whatever your biases are there is somebody who sells fluff for you. On the other hand it is basically just selling narratives. If they want to demoralize people or push trough some innovation they just start bombarding you and by extension the masses with the same messaging over and over again.

If we disregard those things, we still have the issue of "The News" are things on so huge scale we can't really do anything about them. At least you have somebody to talk to when it comes to local issues, but national and global ones? It will only just make one feel small and helpless. Ironically, people who have nothing under their control are so adamant about macro economic, social and political issues, because there is no actual stake in discussing the impossibly big topics. It is just the new religion for the powerless. You are a slave? Sure, you can have this god expy, then start harassing people for not living up to an arbitrary level of purity demanded by the social proof, which are manufactured in a top down fashion. Also, they are really boring people with nothing going on in their lives beside having opinions shaped by gamified social media points.

It is liberating for your mind when you start to focus on the issues around and in you. Because that is real, and it is there. Not to mention people who are doing their own things may suffer a bit on the talk about meaningless topics with normalfags department but will gain considerably in the being an interesting person one. If you are actually doing business or something that may depend on policy changes etc. it is a far better practice to look up the webpages of said agency instead of either waiting for a peer to peer rumor machine to talk about it or waiting for an industrialized gossip machine to actually be relevant for once.


I did that last year. Ignorance is bliss.

File: 1611618722655.jpg (176.14 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1527152815352.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


They were never absent in my life, at least not physically but I feel like I never developed a true emotional bond with them. I don't feel more intimate with them than I do with acquaintances from school. The only time when my dad and I talked (not that much) was when he took me to school and it was hardly about my development as a kid. His routine was basically workplace > bar > home. My mom is an old fashioned stay at home type who only married my dad because of what he can provide for her financially. I don't think she genuinely loves him. My father never showered me or changed my diapers when I was a baby, only my mom did even though he was the one who wanted a kid the most. He never asked how was my day at school, he never helped me with my homework, he never taught me how this confusing world works, never game me advice for anything, nothing. I don't think we ever traveled, outside visiting some relatives here and there. I used to envy my school mates and how close they were to their fathers, like how they would share things together and encourage their children to do their best and such.

I wouldn't use the word 'hate' to describe how I feel about them but goddamn I can't bring myself to love them. I'm a stranger in my own home, among people I share the same blood with. If I wasn't such a worthless NEET with no practical skills I would be living far away from here and I doubt they would me miss.


I think many people relate. Family is not chosen, and so we are often situated with people we would otherwise never interact with. My family is rather fucked in its composition, but essentially I feel much love towards one of my parents, while the other is a complete stranger. And I relate to being a stranger in your own home. I feel the need to hide all aspects of my life from them.
>I can't bring myself to love them.
We are on wizchan, love is something few of us can feel in any capacity, let alone towards many people.


Yes I've never been close to any person and that includes my own family


It's "weird" in that it contradicts normalcattle sentiment but it makes perfect sense, which is why I share that feeling. No one is mentally indebted to others by circumstances of their birth outside of their control. Most "attachment" to parents people claim to have is just animalistic dependence on what is (or was) a provider, or social conditioning and medial engineering playing on emotions. I'd happily cut all contact with my family if I had the means of sustaining myself, but since I'm a shut-in with no income I'm financially dependent on them. I may not be attached to them but I don't dislike them enough to become voluntarily homeless.

File: 1590191921041.jpg (901.07 KB, 1559x815, 1559:815, gettyimages-451952126_2_ho….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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(previous thread) https://wizchan.org/wiz/res/162985.html
Post tips and information for homeless or about to be homeless wizards
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He said that he wasn't paying attention to his backpack and someone snatched it while his back was turned.


I am. I try to give him encouraging comments every once in a while.


File: 1611669357176.jpg (2.23 MB, 2444x2492, 611:623, 20210126_085156.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Moving day. Just finishing some music downloads and looking for the gremlin who stole my other thermal glove and then I'm gonzo. Got a garage to sleep in for a few nights before my "I found another place to live" lie comes in to effect and then it's camping in wooded areas for the forseeable future.


is there a way to get in touch with this guy besides social media? twitter and instagram require phone numbers no i think, i live in the same city and would like to help him.


Twitter doesn't require a phone number anymore, at least not in North America. When prompted for a number enter some gibberish, it will send a code and after asking for a resend it will let you just use an email instead. I signed up this way last week

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File: 1611452382253.png (1.4 MB, 907x582, 907:582, outside.png) ImgOps iqdb


Any wizzard living the hermit life? I know of the thread about a cabin in the woods but I'm considering buying a small house and I wonder if any wizzards that live like that have any tips. The house has electricity, is in one piece. It's a bit dusty but that can be cleaned. Because it's on the outskirts of a small town it's both completely secluded but close enough to get to town to buy the food and stuff you cant grow/make. Because it's old, in the middle of nowhere and secluded from others normal people wouldnt want to live there because of the lonlelyness but I think that would be perfect for me so the top bid is only 25 thousand dollars and it's remained like that for a while so it doesnt look like anyone is willing to bid more. I have around 5k saved up and a passive income of around 500 dollars a month. If I take a loan I can pay back 230 dollars a month and then have money over for wifi and food. Any thoughts?
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File: 1611613411705.jpg (221.37 KB, 1123x749, 1123:749, livingroom.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I think I like this place the most




Yeah, I even used to live in the north part of sweden, piteå. There shouldn't be any problem finding a cabin/house in the north parts at all, both of these looks exactly as i'm looking for. Yet, as much as its a dream to vanish from society it's a hard step to take, since i've a few loans on my name..

I've about 250 000 kr saved up atm, but its not nearly enough to be self sufficient. Are you thinking of doing a total act of disappearing or are you planning to keep a job?


With 250 000 saved up you're not far away from being able to afford a smaller cabin. After you have the cabin you probably wont have a lot of expenses. How much do you need/want to live? And no, I wont do a full disappear. I were a NEET for a while before getting a job and made enough from doing surveys and stuff for an hour to feed myself (its like 50-60kr an hour)


Just make sure you make tree planting a part of your lifestyle man, that's all I'm gonna say.
Burning wood is the easiest way out of all problems, especially when you're surrounded by forest. But one day those trees will be gone, because it takes many of them to get one person through a single winter. And they take a long, long time to grow. And when the trees die off the wildlife dies off too.
Make sure you plant or you'll end up in a barren wasteland like Eastern Europe.

Easier said than done when you spend all day every day worrying about your survival, but do not disregard.


Seconding this.

File: 1564031881623.png (3.56 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wiz.png) ImgOps iqdb

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Any wizzies here exercise? Whether calisthenics, weightlifting, cardiovascular, or other. Share the reasons why you do/don't exercise, what you do, etc..

I tend to agree with Socrates: “No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”.
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I just do some bodyweight exercises every second day (three sets of one push, pull, leg and core exercise each) and cardio on some of the off days. There's a roster of exercises I cycle through and I try to learn some calisthenics skills every once in a while. I don't enjoy working out so I keep the workouts relatively short, usually around 30-45 minutes. That's the only way that'll keep me from skipping constantly. Stretching still is a fucking pain in the ass though.


I just do some bodyweight exercises every second day (three sets of one push, pull, leg and core exercise each) and cardio on some of the off days. There's a roster of exercises I cycle through and I try to learn some calisthenics skills every once in a while. I don't enjoy working out so I keep the workouts relatively short, usually around 30-45 minutes. That's the only way that'll keep me from skipping constantly. Stretching still is a fucking pain in the ass though.


File: 1611182106662.png (56.32 KB, 900x720, 5:4, jpg.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Finally, your point about estrogen increasing with testosterone is wrong, the production of estrogen works different to testosterone (as in, they both need different things to produce), having high test wont mean your estrogen will be high as they arent related.
Not that wiz but testosterone is converted into estrogen by aromatase, hence why using steroids can result in gyno. If you have excess of any hormone your body will attempt to regulate it, either metabolically or through production of inhibiting hormones.


regulate deez nuts actually cool and intardesting stem post thx wizzie


Stay fit.

'Cause you never know.

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File: 1589595075422.jpg (111.73 KB, 820x720, 41:36, chinawillgrowlarger.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Anybody else feel like their tastes in life have stagnated? I keep looking back at shit that used to make me happy at earlier points in my life. Rereading the same old books, playing Ratchet and Clank and some old C&C games from when I was younger. I keep looking back at Albino black sheep and reliving those crappy flash animations trying to feel something again. Anybody else reliving the past?
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Comfort leads to stagnation.


The tragedy of modernity.


File: 1600808325165.gif (412.25 KB, 540x301, 540:301, y8ixaMGd1upufo1_540.gif) ImgOps iqdb

fits this thread really, ironic how people here especially seem not motivated to do anything anymore, yet some are enough to go out of their way to shit on anything popular

thankfully i never really had that big of a problem with stagnation, i can watch shows or play games i really like again and again and find something new every time, sometimes i rewatch a show after years and understand it completely different, after i finish something and found it really good i try to consume everything there is about that before moving on to the next thing, also my taste evolves, like i am starting to get interested in genres i have not cared about for many years before.
maybe it has something to do with me feeling pretty hopeless for all my childhood and youth, so whenever i had the chance to get my hands on some anime or games i really could appreciate them, but that's just how it was and still is for me personally.

agree with others opinions on youtube etc., i try to limit my exposure to scrolling through imageboards, reddit, memes, even reading through youtube-comments to a minimum. Just take playing mobilegames, where they want you to come back to work for them daily and click through all the shit to get your instant presents like gacchas. I think that could really fuck with your short-term-attention-span, but younger people will feel that way more in the future maybe, wonder how that will turn out.


That's the hard balance of social media. If you wanna find new things, sometimes you have to engage in it a little. But its very easy to get caught up in whatever petty and pointless culture wars people are constantly waging.
Some call that "discourse brain" and I've definitely struggled to move out of it. I deleted all my accounts and have installed certain apps to hide comment sections.
Makes it easier to actually do what I set out to look for.


My tastes have absolutely stagnated. I haven't listened to any new music in the past 3 or 4 years. I don't watch new anime only old ones that I have seen a million times, same with manga, and I don't play games at all. I have moved one to some more IRL hobbies but even those seem to not have truly taken hold yet. I'm like a crab whose in the middle of switching his shell.

I think what bothers me about it all is that I cannot tell if it's because I'm growing old or if because everything is so shit these days. I guess it doesn't matter, the effect is the same, I'm a jaded person it seems.

File: 1591536589494.jpg (61.66 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, OLD.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Do you guys already prepared for retirement?

I start working blue collar job from 21 until 31 Y.O.
Actually I hate my jobs but I also have no skill for other jobs. Always feeling down and depressed when I work. Also I'm social retard and have no friend in my working place.

Frequently I think to quit my job but I need money to support myself but it seems I can't working more than 3 or 5 years again since its make me always think to end my life.
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thinking about putting all my wizbucks into VT or VTWAX wdyt about this wizzies


well there are various debates on the best way to passively invest. but they all amount to the same in the big picture. yeah if you're going to invest your $$$ anywhere, its the simplest and easiest thing to do. If you go down, you take the whole world with you, and probably comfy retirement was out anyway.

It is a get rich slow scheme. So if you're not in a comfortable situation, for your $$$ to just sit 40 years, and then live off that in retirement, its kinda a waste of time.


thanks wiz. i will think about your words carefully. cheers.


i think by the time any of use are retirement age the world will be unrecognizably changed


This. Boomers are the only generation who were guaranteed any kind of stable social safety net.

File: 1596505246748.png (62.15 KB, 833x612, 49:36, happiest.png) ImgOps iqdb


I was reading The Giver and there’s this chapter where the elder, the giver, decides to finally transmit his favorite memory to the young boy who was preparing himself to be his replacement. This memory turns out to be a memory of an idyllic Christmas family celebration, and when I read that it got me thinking about what were my happiest memories, and immediately after about what were the happiest memories that humans can have in the course of their lives. So I searched for “happiest life moments” to see if there existed already a consensus on this, and I found that among what is regarded for many to be the happiest moments of life and consequently their happiest memories there is nothing I’ve had.

>The research revealed that men are happiest at 40 whilst succubi hit their positive peak at 38– citing being fit and healthy, having a great group of friends and feeling confident in their appearance as the main reasons for their bliss.

>The findings show that loving relationships outweigh money and material gains with life’s top ten happiest moments dominated by friends and family.

My happiest memories are of me playing in a cybercafe with some childhood friends, and times when I laughed so hard I could cry, but it's been so long that now it's all blurry and almost forgotten. Happiness in life and the remembrance of said happiness from what I read seem to be so dependent on relationships that is almost a cruel joke.
These past years, for example, even though I'm sure I've experienced some joy, those moments of joy… I cannot remember them and I think that is because I've been alone in every single one of them. It also reminded me of that time when I met my math teacher by chance one evening, I was 15 driving my bike near my old school, and the first thing he asked me was if I still kept in touch with my buddies from that school, I lied to him not to disappoint him, and he replied "That's good. I'm happy to hear that. Never lose touch with your friends. Never because those memories of you and your friends will stay with you forever." he said this agitated and I could see an expression of regret in his face but I remember this clearly because he truly meant and felt that and I even wrote it down in my diary.

Now it's too late for friendship and trying to get those happiest moments that we see in this top ten, and many could argue that most people live unforgettPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I wanted to post this too, this song pretty much encapsulates my entire childhood, every time I hear it I become 9 again for 4 minutes, and then I end up crying.



most of these never happened to me, but id think they would have made me happy. i tried placing them in the order they would likely occur

- christmas as a child
- getting a new videogame/console as a child
- getting your first personal computer
- received autism diagnosis
- discovered online gaming
- discovered manga/anime/light novels
- first MMORPG
- built your first pc
- dropped out or otherwise finished education
- quit, got fired, or otherwise stopped working
- experienced NEETdom
- experienced a lucid dream
- found online remote work
- discovered wizardchan
- received your first NEETbux
- received your first stimulus check
- received your first UBI (in the future probably)
- started receiving passive income
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


you are missing the point. online school is stressful as hell and way harder to work up the will to do than in person school. i hate school, but if i am forced to do it i would rather do it in person


they are both stressful in different ways. the physical presence and logistics involved with going to school, having to interact with other people, etc are more stressful than doing a class online. at least when i did an online course years ago. nowadays im not sure online classes would be tolerable if they force you into using a webcam and shit


NO you are just a fresh wizkid that is normal you probably listened to lil peep or something and decided you are depressed and found wizchan straight after.

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