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>All the forums/chans I go to have incredibly small userbases and have maybe 20 unique posters, but they still end up getting shut down (50/50 it's because of legal issues or the site owner took it down) or taken over every few months, forcing me to move to a new one.
>The search engines I use are either for incredibly obscure content (wiby/curlie), forcing me to spend an hour more searching than usual, or I end up using a variety of filters (millionshort), so I can get out of all the standard bullshit MSM sites.
>My news comes from one-off blogs that end up dying off after a month, forcing me to shuffle through the same dying webrings to see if I can find a new one that's still running (mostly Neocities sites).
>Over the past year, I've noticed more and more of my traffic is ending up on onion-only sites.
>Half the sites I visit are completely delisted from modern search engines. Some you just have to know the fucking IP address because they can't even get a DNS registrar for their website anymore.
I want to read 'edgy' blogs. I want to play vidyagames that I can physically own. I want to watch anime that doesn't have an SJW agenda to it or isn't the same cliche bullshit. I want to go on chans where people are politically incorrect assholes. I want to hear music I've never heard anywhere else before. I know there are other threads talking about "the death of culture," but to me…this isn't just a cultural thing. This is way, way more heavy handed. This feels like it's a large government psyop. I feel like I'm smuggling narcotics to find my goddam memes.
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What teenager do you know who uses Neocities, which makes references to Geocities (which was in its heydays nearly 20 years ago, which already outdates being a teenager), and uses Tor on a regular basis? I could see you complaining about someone trying to be too "non-mainstream," but I get the impression that you didn't want to say that because it would be YOU who would be outed to be the social media obsessed tard.
>Anyone saying anything I don't like is a teenager.
You sound like an out-of-touch baby boomer.


>What teenager do you know who uses Neocities, which makes references to Geocities (which was in its heydays nearly 20 years ago, which already outdates being a teenager), and uses Tor on a regular basis?
Teenagers love to pretend that they are some cool old-time internet dweller. I've interacted with, multiple, 18-21 year olds that claim they wish the internet would go back to cool epic neocities web 1.0 style, when they were not even cognizant before their mom bought them an iphone. I've overheard actual children, like 15 years old at the most on voice chat in video games that claim they browsed 4chan when they were 5 years old in 2010, and no it wasn't one time, I've overheard various versions of this larp more times than I can remember. Never underestimate the bullshit kids with fling out their ass to look cool, even when there are zero stakes or incentive for them to do so.


plenty of 'em. take any underaged/college-aged user of 4chan's /g/, for instance. i don't know much about neocities but i hear tons of kids make websites with aesthetics that intentionally ape that of y2k-era geocities. also, everybody's heard of "the dark web" by now.


>association to these schizos
Wizchan 2021.
Did you know that wizchan is "schizo" website?
Go to be normalfag somewhere else.


>wizchan is "schizo" website
uh, no, sorry, maybe you were thinking of /pol/ and mistyped

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As the days pass, I'm sure all of us find some conclusions.
To evaluate the things that matter.
Sobering up occasionally to remember this all ends helps frame perspective, centers your focus.

So, what do you think matters in the end, over a lifetime?

I would say health and knowledge.
Most other things seem frivolous and empty.

If you're trying to accomplish an easier tomorrow, nothing matters more than health and knowledge.
I specifically avoided money because it's hard to say whether or not it matters as much as we make it out to matter.
Curious to see if there is anything else missing.


money and health is basically all that matters.

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Have any /wiz/ards spent time and effort and gotten fit? Has it changed your mental outlook at all?
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not everyone on wizchan is the same person


they are better off than someone in whom all else is equal except doesnt command the respect and affection of their peers, simply because we are social animals.


The difference is that those things are the exception to the norm. There isn't a single normalfag who's gone more than six months without companionship, because at that point, you aren't a normalfag. If you're even able to fall through the cracks of society to that much of a degree, you're one of the outsiders.


>they are better off than someone in whom all else is equal except doesnt command the respect and affection of their peers
Who are, the miserable npc vaxxed normalfag wagies who can't make ends meet? Is that what you want for your life, to be a brain dead normalfag who makes his job, friends, sex, sports, a religion and sees with contempt anyone who doesn't have a life like them? You do realize that's what being a normalfag is, right?
>There isn't a single normalfag who's gone more than six months without companionship, because at that point, you aren't a normalfag
More false and unreasonable metrics to judge who is normalfag and play oppression olympics.
You're confirming that you're a failed normalfag with every one of your posts. You desire a social life, a gf, sex, peer approval, etc. Your only reason to hate normalfags is because you failed to be one.


What the fuck is a normalfag to you, if not someone who has successfully managed to maintain social connections?

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Do any if you guys know of any other more obscure channels to visit? I feel my well has run dry.
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Yeah, but there's no way you can fix that. If wizards as a community don't like to report things then that's just what you have to accept, and if you have a problem with it you can be mindful and report things that you see and realize that it might take a little time for any mods to see it. Any crowd that thinks moderators of any website should have foresight or be constantly checking new posts every 30 seconds is just extremely ignorant, why would you want to cater to people like that?


cause reporting is a fool's errand. Either they get banned and just dodge and come back, or the mod decides the post did not break a rule and it stays. There is no winning.


proxies have ruined the internet


Why? Most of them are dead as fuck.


The only way IB's can become more popular is with an influx of users from other platforms and this spells disaster. The losers of today are in some ways more isolated than they were even 5+ years ago when we at least had some spaces not totally ruined by normalfaggots.

As others have stated in the end of the wizard thread; the zoomer wiz are likely to just drop out of internet communities the same way we did from the real life community as the internet now emulates real life in all of the woest ways.

File: 1638417586045.jpg (133.9 KB, 466x1306, 233:653, 1582577647828.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


after recently discovering that this disorder existed and just so happened to exactly describe the hell I've been living in. I began to wonder if any other wizards are suffering from this as well.

furthermore, if any of you do suffer from this I want to know how you deal with it?

>inb4 hurr schizo tread hahaha.

just for the record (and anyone who does not know), schizoid personality disorder is nothing like schizophrenia, no voices, no hallucinations, nothing like that.
the disorder causes a person to withdraw from life via the usage of maladaptive daydreaming, normally leaving them as a husk of a person.
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Autismbux is a generic term, it does not mean everyone who gets it is necessarily autistic. Officially what matters is not so much the diagnosis or infirmity itself but the consequences on your life, or so they say. I guess it depends on your psychiatrist's ability to make a case for your inability to function normally.


whats sucks too is people from different countries talking about their country's respective bux and the requiresments are all different


Which is why you have to look shit up yourself if you want the most applicable answers. Especially since doxing yourself here is against the rules and probably wouldn't help much since the odds aren't in your favor of someone knowing your place's polices off the top of their head anyway.

Hell, might even be better off physically going to a gibs office and asking a social worker in person.


I recently found out about Pathological Demand Avoidance, which makes a lot of sense to me. Of course, I will self diagnose with anything, given half a chance.


Good post. Your description of what interaction is like as a schizoid is perfect.
>Does any wiz know of a jurisdiction where it is possible to get "schizoidbux",
I seriously doubt that just a schizoid PD would qualify anyone for bux as it is just an aversion to doing things others put up with better and not an inability to function. Like others said it is pretty much worthless asking people online what will qualify you without stating your country but generally you need to have complex mental health issues that do reduce your ability to function at all.

File: 1637899374267.png (1.63 MB, 3300x874, 1650:437, 089.png) ImgOps iqdb


any tips on how to stop browsing 4chan? the pain is actually affecting me physically at this point, not just mentally
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Totally different vibe, too. Probably doesn't come off right if you just look at the archives or whatever, kind of like reading a chat log lacks the timing and interplay of having been there. It moved more like being a kid at an endless sleepover party.


Oldfags should be rounded up and put into prison cells with internet access and a computer
I looked at the archives https://old.sage.moe and oldfags really was dumb conformist (to their internet shithole culture) underage kids. 4chan used to be a club penguin ring


4chan has almost reached peak normality where i cannot get through a single page without there being a normie post about sex or a screenshot from another site or some other thing only a normie would say like how they are lonely or wish they were some sort of normalfag


4chan is filled with children and normies. I suppose it was always fille with children, but now that I am no longer one I no longer belong. I have no desire to go back to that place and when I do I get disgusted enough by the pointless bullying and I leave pretty quickly.


i looked through the archives, it really was always bad. maybe early-early 4chan was good circa 2003-2006. but man… i think im gonna be done with image boards.

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I used to care a lot about politics. I specially enjoyed studying political ideologies and geopolitics. It all changed some years ago when I was going through a hard but enlightening time. I realized emotions are the only true guiders of morality (and ethics as well. Ethics being the tentative of rationalization of morality). When you think this way politics become quite ridiculous. Discussing it, in particular, is the most pathetic thing I can imagine someone losing their time with. There's nothing to discuss but the way people feel about something in particular, but they try rationalizing it to the core. I would only begin to care about politics, ideologies and geopolitics again if I ended up as the dictator of my country. Because then my emotions would truly matter. But otherwise, what's the point?
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File: 1638769611475.jpg (507.52 KB, 1131x1600, 1131:1600, fried-barry-poster.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Politics and ideologies don't matter, different flavors of the same thing. The entirety of human history was defined by geography and logistics.


That is simply clownish in how wrong it is.


Yet you live in a world, where crime and logistics are everything, and deny it, preferring the masquerade of false appearances and opinions forcefed to cattle. Ignorance is bliss, I would certainly agree.


The US is already a 89IQ country, even with all the whites and shit.

Chinks are the world champions at IQ olympics.


I think unless you're legitimately willing to put your life and freedom on the line, you are powerless. The modern world has made everyone so comfortable, no one wants to risk losing that comfort, so we're all defacto slaves now.

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Do you regret the time when you enjoyed being left alone and just consuming media all day or are you in one right now?
How do you deal with out of honeymoon phase?
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As soon as I got a job I wanted to be a NEET again. Being around normies all day is hell.


I've been wage slaving for years and it never gets easier. Every week is a slog through hell. I was NEET for a few months and it was both incredible and terrible. Parents were on my ass screaming at me every other day. Wage slaving was the only way to get them to back off. But I still want to die either way. Life is truly a no win situation for a wiz.


I don't necessarily regret being a NEET but I do regret how I spent my time as a recluse. I played video games all day for over a decade. I have nothing to show for it. Had I spent my time reading books, learning a new language, an instrument, learning whatever really, I'd at least have knowledge. Instead I have nothing. My brain also seems to have deteriorated due to not using it. I misspell, I read words wrong, I omit words, I've just become really dumb.


this place is 100% normie now
you have no magic in your veins.


The only thing I hated about being a NEET was being forced to rely on my parents for everything. I am saving up as much as I can so I can retire by the time I hit 40 and neet it up till I die.


For the last 10 years, I have been researching the nature of our reality, who or what controls our society from the shadows, and more importantly what actually happens when the physical body dies and the soul leaves the body. Do we go to heaven? Do we go to hell? Do we just cease to exist? Is there a God that takes care of us? Once you begin to realize what's actually going on and how deep the rabbit hole really goes, you will never see the world in the same way so buckle up and get ready, this is not going to be easy to swallow for most people. The whole point of this post is not to frighten you, but to present you the conclusions that I've come to in regards to what actually happens when our physical bodies die after having done what feels like endless research from every angle possible.

I have thoroughly investigated near death experiences, out-of-body experiences, astral projection experiences, past life regression hypnosis sessions, remote viewing data, gnosticism, ancient texts and more. All these different ways/methodologies of researching lead to the same conclusions and because of that, I am now convinced that Earth is a prison planet and a massive farm used by various parasitic entities who are using us and have been using us as energetic food for what appears to be a very long time. I will share plenty of evidence from different sources and perspectives to make you understand how I connected all these dots and why I came to these conclusions. I promise you that the deeper you research this stuff the more you will begin to realize that this is extremely real, important, and it's affecting every single one of us. All I'm asking you is to keep an open mind and to analyze the evidence yourself. This is the result of years and years of painstakingly researching, connecting dots, and thinking outside the box. What you're about to read is just a summarization of my research.
reincarnation and the white tunnel of light

You know how anyone who's had a near death experience talks about having seen a tunnel of light appear in front of them? Or having met members of their family who had passed away? In some rare cases, even having met and spoken to who they thought was God? What you need to know is that the tunnel of light that appears when we die is a trap designed to wipe the whole memory of our last incarnation and to recycle our souls into another body thus keeping us in an infinite loop here on Earth. Because of this, the overwhelPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Session 1: Entity masquerades as Jesus to entrap souls upon death - This is an investigative session on the reincarnation cycle to find out what happens to a soul inbetween lives and it shows how a soul is being deceived by astral entities to reincarnate back on Earth.
Session 2: This session shows how Reptilian entities interfere with us during and after our lives on Earth.

Session 3: This session reveals stuff about alien technology and how the entities use religions in their favor and against us.
Session 4: Another session which reveals that Earth acts as a soul reincarnation trap for anyone who decides to incarnate here which confirms the information coming from the other sources with other clients.
What I like about Calogero's work in particular is that the information that's coming out of his sessions doesn't actually come from himself directly, as he is the person who investigates and asks the questions, the information is coming from people that are able to enter the hypnotic state of mind which are either his clients or people who enter the hypnotic state for his clients. He has posted thousands of sessions with different people from all over the world that talk about encountering the same type of entities who play 'God', 'Jesus',"angels" that trick people into reincarnating back on Earth and having their memories completely erased. Calogero has also built a team of other hypnotic operPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


legit schizo thread


So what, learn your natal astrology chart and meditate?


ok, so if they can only trick you, what happens if you just say no or literally spit on their face while they speak?
And dont say that you cant since they'll play to your emotions, I literally feel no empathy to anyone, I am as evil as one can be


Not a schizo thread just someone using faulty reasoning and leaping without qualifying their ideas whilst applying a different standard to others because of bias. You can't have it both ways.

I have been psychotic this is not psychotic.

File: 1638818660688.png (518.33 KB, 720x636, 60:53, 1599695739703.png) ImgOps iqdb


im in college right now and i hate it. i have no interest in our culture and i dont believe in the justice of it anyway. and since im a wizard i dont have a family to support so there's really no point in me staying in society. i never want to see another person again and i want to completely cut myself off from all media too.

what do i need to do to prepare myself for living long term like that? like how was ted able to support himself without an income? i know he had a gun so he had to purchase ammunition and shit.

also, is it even feasible to live like that anymore? ted wrote about a highway being built through his forest and a bunch of other shit that obstructed his peaceful way of life.
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It could be propaganda, but some documentaries make him sound like a real crab after he got rejected by some succubus iirc


True. The young idiots who idolize him do so for his murders more than for his ideas and writings, which are watered down versions of what you can find better laid out elsewhere (Ellul mainly), though they'll never admit it. The ones who write to him as I have seen here and on other imageboards are irredeemably dumb as it automatically gets them on a dozen different watch lists.


File: 1638871643904.png (1.19 MB, 1164x1613, 1164:1613, evHZnn4.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Collect NEETbux or have a bullshit part time job
>rent a shitty shack out in some smalltown

It's literally that fucking easy

Ted Kaczynski worked part time stacking timber and doing other things. There's an autistic man in the city I live in, that looks exactly like Ted Kaczynski, same beard and everything, and he just works part time as a janitor and goes around on his bicycle, visiting the public library and reading books. Exactly like Kaczynski.

Ted Kaczynski wasn't some epic innawoods hermit. He diddled around in the public library most days like the autistic men in every place in the world do.


I don't think it really matters if he was a crab or not but from my understanding he took it fairly hard when his relationship or desire ofr one didnt work out.

you can criticie his ideas without needing to ooment on whateber else


>Ted Kaczynski worked part time stacking timber and doing other things.
>Had a fucking PhD in math.
Meanwhile normies would be saying:

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