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File: 1719260738054.jpg (186.51 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, fucinami.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


During my middle school to the end of my highschool I used to belive that i was better than the people that surrounded me, that I was more intelligent and that they were too emotive and dumb. But now, with 18 years old and on my last year of highschool, i just notice how this thought isn't necessarily true. I'm in this school since the last year and I had finally found people who are interested in things i like such as anime, arts and media in general. People that are intelligent, you can notice this by the way they express themselves, but on the other hand they also had developed the abilities of being social (thus not being weird), being healty and any kind of normalfag hobbies while also being intelligent.

This broke my illusion that i was the only smart guy in the world, or that i was somehow superior to my surroundings. So I was thinking about this and concluded that normalfags are naturally better than me, in some aspects (but not just socially) because the way they interact with the world and people is different than mine, but not in a normal subjective way: they get to talk with people more often, go outside with more frequency, satisfty their own sexual desires by partying and all sorts of things that they do, while i don't.

It's not like my way of living didn't provided me good things, it actually did: i was able to be a more empathetic person (this is also due to me watching Evangelion), observative person and also stimulated my sensitivity and thinking, qualities that i already had since i was younger. I'm not racist like they are, i try to respect people more than them and i don't drink, but… at what cost? Losing things like what its called "youth" by the slice of life animes that i watch, being ashamed of myself, feeling that i don't have a place to belong but my bedroom and my computer.

This maybe is confusing but to sum it up, normalfags have a better life than mine, they act dumb but they actually lived really good experiences which makes me inferior to a portion of them, as oposite to my previous beliefs. They naturally learn rich experiences by being sharing knowledge and
well-being with their peers, while I, as an outcast, doesn't. They will live happy lives, with not so much despair to feel, good jobs, fulfilling lives and all, even if they have to pay the price of being slightly dumber than they would if escaping from the rat race. Normalfags can feel disgusting sometimes, but i think that living Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Odds are you are just a crab


You're still young and there's a lot of room for you to improve and grow up as a person. Lot of good and memorable experiences waiting for you and plenty of mistakes and lessons to learn from them. Whatever you do, do your best not to end up a sore and miserable loser like this other poster >>218113


Thread dedicated for those who are practicing abstinence. Share the changes you experience in your journey of self-control and celibacy as you reject porn and masturbation. What you’ve learnt so far about yourself. Your struggles with self-control, and what you expect to accomplish. The numbers of days you plan to go without it and why.

I plan to accomplish at least 5 months without wasting my seed this year and that time I’d squander watching porn I want to use it to improve at digital painting and become better at japanese which have always been goals of mine.

Disregard porn and destructive habits, acquire magic
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File: 1719245682883.png (151.79 KB, 1533x503, 1533:503, wizchanpowers1.png) ImgOps iqdb

Just fap to anime succubi


About 40 days but to be truthful I did a lot of edging and I think some sperm did actually leave the end of my penis at times during the edging. Not much, maybe a pea-sized drop.

I actually find nofap to be invigorating and agree that it is easier when you aren't distracted by succubi. Nofap in summer time is a tough task.


File: 1719255689301.png (8.76 KB, 652x112, 163:28, 013.png) ImgOps iqdb


I don't understand, can domeone explain to me please?


ghosts watching him fap

File: 1711918455532.png (2.73 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Captura de Tela (211).png) ImgOps iqdb

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I'm a 18 year old KHV. Not having any social interaction and not being able to enjoy youth is weighing on me a lot. I'm past the stage of dreaming with finding a girlfriend and more into a state of apathy. I can't interact with other people, I'm socially anxious and etc etc.

I'm working on myself and (sucessfully) trying to lose weight. But still, it's pretty dark inside my room. The light coming from my window, showing people my age, dudes and gals having fun hurts my eyes.
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sadly females are just subhuman nigger tier especially the old ones, there is no fixing that. This is why it's better to lower the age of consent and have men marry younger.


Why is this crab thread allowed?


This is everything but a crab thread. Some people, whether they are wizards or apprentices, just want to put their life together and have the prospect of good life, a family, a wife. And no regrets. Go back to /b/ if you want to rot away as bitter loser for the eternity.


Everybody deserves to be happy. A repressed loneliness is pretty bad. We must always try not to cause any pain to people surrounding us on propous. Even knowing that causing pain to others can also be involuntary, we should care about people who care about us and create a sense of harmony.


>have the prospect of good life, a family, a wife.
<Do not state or suggest that you had, will have or want to have sexual or romantic experiences.
>Go back to /b/ if you want to rot away as bitter loser for the eternity.
<Do not disparage or show contempt for the celibate, NEET, or reclusive lifestyles.

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File: 1695225407749.png (255.5 KB, 480x344, 60:43, h.png) ImgOps iqdb

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Is anyone else bothered by how much importance people place on sex?

I can't think of any other desire that you can satisfy entirely by yourself at no cost. And once you satisfy it you don't crave it anymore and might even feel disgust (aka post nut clarity/shame).

And yet because of sex people choose to ruin lives of others and their own, to ruin their health, to spend tons of money, to ruin relationships, to feel depressed and what affects me the most as wizard: also taint media with their horniness. Video games will have clearly cumbrained character design that looks stupid if you are not horny and if you criticize it you get called gay or a succubus. Movies have pointless sex scenes. They can't even comprehend people not being obsessed with sex 24/7. Imageboards are full with coomers shitposting and bitching and not getting laid.

Does no one else see how pointless it all is?
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>muh antinatalism activism
>overcome our natalist programming

you really make a big deal out of it when any virgin bro in here will probably never reproduce or let alone have sex, definitely the wrong site to preach. Meanwhile people will keep having sex and kids, that's just something you have to accept about life.


Trying to push antinatalism as a philosophical position will never work because normalfags cannot conceive of having children as being a bad thing, at least in that way. They have to be tricked into it, like through abortion advocacy.


This. Neurotypical and normie communities will always and forever consider babies the greatest blessing life can endow on someone.

Ironically the only people pushing antinatalism are guys who were never going to be accepted for procreation by any succubus in the world.
And maybe 1% are old academic spinster succubi who were highly undesirable to men all their lives.

I'm an antinatalist, but at least I admit I was always going to stay a virgin anyway because nobody wants me.
I also think the world is vastly overpopulated at 3 billion humans let alone 8+.


>Neurotypical and normie communities…
…have children who are embraced by the village and don't need to burn it down to feel its warmth.


File: 1719172769708.png (644.61 KB, 720x825, 48:55, F_lDvyBWgAAdE4p.png) ImgOps iqdb

Yes. I'm very bothered by it.
My generation may not be entirely responsible for it. But they're certainly complacent to normalizing sex to the same level of stigmatism provided to an ordinary hand-shake.

You can tell others that you're a virgin in even your early twenties and they'll draw their faces as a grain-fed fluoride stare. You'll then be spoken to as if there's something wrong with you. Then assumed it's either because of religious implications, or that you're impotent, or that you have no 'game'.

No, because you don't want to surrounded rubbed against, shoulder-to-shoulder by complete strangers in a claustrophobic room with blaring noises, epilepsy-inducing lights and take mystery pills YOU'RE the freak.

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File: 1715579881421.jpg (112.69 KB, 800x800, 1:1, whiwiz.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


it seems that im finally going through the mid 30s crisis, exposing some thoughts might bear some fruit

i remember being worried about having the groid hability of speaking and connecting to people with ease more for the sake of survival, to have a good life than anything, my hands sweats around succubi to this day so i don't see myself fit for such creatures. i also expected some happiness to come from a few friends irl because i have really strong avoidant tendencies (we often equate it to autism), if it was possible for me to stay within a bubble for the rest of my life, i wouldn't be happy, just like i am not happy now. as part of all this process i was exposed to this avoidant tendency being talked about in imageboards and how there is a bunch of lonely men fapping to loli, yuri, ponies and what have you to cope with the loneliness that accompanies it and how religious communities are the ultimate medicine against all of this. i later found out that people can be assholes to you, which i brushed off as some paranoia, until i was also exposed and learned about the quality of people who actually works in such congregations, it is an universal phenomena, their hypocrisy (which is a given) does not affect me, but i am thoroughly disappointed about the fact that a community of anything will never bring the potential to gather likeminded, sane individuals not to flaunt their superiority, but simply to enjoy and cherish the company of each other, to retreat from the insanity of this modern hellscape. or at least a community of people who improves themselves as people and im not talking about improvebrahs although it is a close concept. if there is anything good that came out of this illusion is my control of the urges towards the succubic body, i always felt shame about getting hard and i would fap like a maniac to make sure it never gets up at inconvenient times, nofap has zero benefits other than that. i cannot befriend anyone because eventually i will find that friend a nuisance or some other kind of craze will strike my mind. i had momentaneous joy when i was stuck in my bedroom with no job, wailing only about my excessive computer usage because i thought this brings me a lot of sadness. computer usage doesn't bring sadness, it is the existence of shitty people that does. i should have never left the bubble i found myself in, back to the bubble it is, despite the world shouting at me how evil such individualism that harms nobody is (except me, aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I wanted to answer your post, but you're probably not going to listen or do anything to help yourself with the advice I could give you. Plus Im too lazy to write all that down
So, I just want to let you know that most of your problems can be solved despite your autism, like 45% of them.


>I avoid people because they suck
No problem.

File: 1713644823639.png (211.93 KB, 581x691, 581:691, Screenshot_20240413-072757….png) ImgOps iqdb


I've had this bottle for 5 years since I became 18 and realized my life is in a slow decline of low motivation and self hatred. Got into the part where I started playing a game I couldn't stand up to go to the bathroom because bad bladder and needed something close by. I've grown attached to my companion after a while. After it was full I'd not throw it out but empty it, wash it, and reuse. I don't know why but there was a connection. There was a time I fought with my dad because he said it was disgusting and tried to throw it out but he gave up and decided it was not worth it going back to the bottle from the outside garbage everytime he tried to throw it out. I don't know what is wrong with me or why I'm so attached to it. But there is this sense of guilt when I throw it out or the thought of doing it. I tried decorating it a bit too so it doesn't look so bland. I need help ffs.
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You have a beautiful relationship with your bottle, and i like the fact that your piss bottle is always by your side.
Besides that, do you have any other relationships?


My piss jug broke. I tried to explain about culture of piss jugs and piss bottles, even mentioned Dwayne Johnson using it on the movie set (it gets discarded later by the assistant or whoever). Father once said "What are you hiding it so for? I know it's piss in there". Though he might've forget and mother thinks he doesn't know.

Now I should leave my place without bigger pain my balls, near my eyes, ears from fibromyalgia, blood pressure to 160, with military center personnel looking for people to mobilize (though I prolly still be ineligible), to the convenience store where more and more people use NFC instead of cash while trying to find a replacement for my cup. All when medical commission and the nightmare with wageslavery possibility are looming.


The last part struck me. You have to live in Ukraine / Russia?


Ukraine. Parents are about to buy a plastic bowl for a female cat, but I won't ask to buy me a jug as my mother already said no about looking into the place at home where the previous jug was from.


File: 1718625646203.gif (334.04 KB, 498x378, 83:63, 1717532365989.gif) ImgOps iqdb


How many wizard here are above 30 years old? I was wondering how many users here has passed the age of 30 and or even are entering their 40s.
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File: 1718762411828.gif (852.29 KB, 324x260, 81:65, 816825.gif) ImgOps iqdb




File: 1718918976155.jpg (623.68 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 218056.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Am 31 in just a few days. I remember when I was turning 30 wanting to post about it in crawlthread or something but then I went "actually who the fuck cares". Been NEETing since a couple months before then and trying to make the most of my time in various ways, you know how it is.

have some mushrooms


I'm 35


File: 1719141620859.png (66.4 KB, 600x818, 300:409, PBF-Todays-My-Birthday.png) ImgOps iqdb

31 get, hooray-a for me

File: 1713799175689.gif (2.93 MB, 640x358, 320:179, 1712881109725941.gif) ImgOps iqdb


What should I do to maxx my happiness as a wiz? Yes, I'm a NEET, yes I'm 30 years old know, I wonder if there's any content happy older NEET wiz there could share some wisdom.
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My suggestions are the following:
1) do not take psych drugs
2) get neetbux
3) rent a cheap room for yourself
4) take night walks
5) sleep at least 8 hours daily


neets get lost sometimes I think it's a population at risk of drug use and other addictions. Also renting a room for yourself while only receiving neetbux is hard.
I don't know how come nobody has recommended exercise, the most important thing for happiness.


Do not chase happiness. Chase WIZdom.


WIZdom implies happiness. but you're right happiness itself cannot be pursued, but things which lead to happiness. all hail magic!


File: 1718838230412.png (634.4 KB, 600x763, 600:763, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Happiness as normalfags have portrayed it is a meme. You just need to be content with your lot in life and understand your place in the universe. Also let go of any regrets and self-doubts. Most importantly, stop comparing yourself to others. Only then can you truly live happily as a wizard.

File: 1711227319023.jpg (69.22 KB, 540x360, 3:2, 360_F_562553694_4rNoRAQbYv….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Mine is a spell of archane fire. Sometimes I like teleportation spells, but I find those diffcult to cast.
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Dream travel. Definitely my favorite. I've also cast fly, psychic surgery, charm person, a couple of low level cantrips…


File: 1716519492324.webm (925.63 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 1716519383465585.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Fireball and firebolt.


It's really hard to tell honestly. I think it would be pretty broken to have a summon spell than casts twins, one serves as a shield and the other ravages normies. Or even just one summon to rule them all. But if it's just one spell, I struggle to find something that would make you self sufficient. Maybe something ultra cliche like understanding the minds of others so you can simply manipulate your way out of most situations. Or maybe it'd be some meteor spell to just end this Earth for good, sorry wizards I don't like this place.


*spotting redditors and dissipating them


All I've got for now is the basic soul arrow


Anyone here who just wants to talk about life?
Every evening I feel sad and sad for no reason, I started doing a little sports and finally learning English
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also you shouldn't delude yourself that spending hours in ticktok or other modern shit social media is by any means different from imageboards. discord and other kinds of chats are same story. it's all a manifestation of some underlying mechanism, which we need to understand better to make it work most efficiently. i doubt anyone understands it here though. but if somebody did learn the thing from a book or whatever, share please


> spending too much time on imageboards is much like playing games.
this is complete non sense.
how do you sit for many hours in a painfully slow imageboard ?


no idea it just happens


haha like >>218027 said. it just happens. I toi browse wizchan all day


What's your native tongue, friend?

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