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I've been using english speaking internet sites since 11 years already, im 29. My main language is spanish, and to navigate english based internet was certainly an advantage. The problem is that i've became disappointed and tired with the english speaking crowd, its really difficult to find communities that are not conditioned by anglo culture, and all the things that encompasses (consumerism, ruthless competitiveness, hollywood-style pretentions, politics, virgin hate, etc).

I want to explore new horizonts. I want to learn a language that lets me find more wizard communities or navigating sites that are more aligned with the wizard philosophy. From what i know at the moment, finland can be sort of there.

If you are a non-american wizard, do you think your country has internet communities that have better discourse than english ones, or even more wizardlike sites? And if not, which countries do you think are the closest?
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>It's usually the pretty boy who was born into a rich family and got worshipped all his life that ends up with zero empathy and thinking he can get away with everything.
oh god I actually regret reading it. boy actually books and simple documentary shows draw a different picture. mad murderers and other bullshit are people who were inherently so and then got into some condition that made their cruelty to bloom. but you somehow take your experience from watching anime and say it's real life. no it's not.
>weren't run by bitter failed normals but by completely functional and "healthy" normalfags
they were run by soldiers who don't give a shit and just carry out orders and by the traitors. as a rule cold-hearted and cruel ones were chosen so that they killed unnecessary bodies without mercy. that guys were basically criminals and they were either forced to become or were inherently so. the first are victims, the second were not normal, they had problems with head from the very beginning.


There's two "2chan"'s right now, futaba and 5chan, the latter is popular as fuck and has a trillion boards, on average it's extremely normalfag but there are a few boards that are relatively close to wizchan. The former has a normal amount of boards, half of them are dead as fuck and get maybe 1 post every half year, the other half have a few dozen posts a year. Not very wizchan-like but moderately less normalfag than 5chan on average. I think only bald old men post there.
If anybody is searching for a Japanese channel that's similar/close to wizchan then they are better off looking for random obscure ones I think.


5chan redirects to youtube why?


to keep out the gaijin. Try a VPN.


How come? Try this link, and what the other guy said. A decent chunk of Jap proxies are banned but not all, so you can post if you fiddle around a bit, shitposting in broken Japanese will just get you called a Korean and b&, but I think there was a board or two where people only speak English, and gaijin were allowed in too.

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I used to browse here years ago and being a wizard seemed so far away. I thought that as I would get closer to 30 for sure a drive to achieve SOMETHING will awaken in me but nope. Now I'm 30 and it seems so surreal. I have not changed at all in like the last 7 years except I feel even more low energy and anxious now. I remember reading how as a wizard you stop caring but I feel like I care more than ever now. I keep noticing the ages of accomplished scientists/engineers/ceos/artists and it scares me how many are 30 or younger. Or just people who have a good job and live by themselves and not with parents which is like most people my age and younger. I still feel like I'm 20 when it comes to life experience. I have no idea how day after day I managed to get 0 progress. Now if I want to learn something I am at a point where the teachers are likely to be younger than me. But I got no wisdom to show for all these years. I don't even know how to talk to people when there is this big hole in my life resume that I can't logically explain. Confronting this reality just makes me want to withdraw more into distracting activities which is not sustainable and makes things worse. I just want to stop feeling this anxiety every time I think about how old I am. Any advice?
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I hope that you don’t also deal with health problems that cause you pain as I do. It seems when I get a break from my mental anguish it turns to physical and visa versa


I asked my doctor and got prescribed meds lol.


what exactly did you say to him? is it good stuff?


Just got a prescription. Haven't bothered to try them yet and who knows, maybe i won't. I originally went in to talk about how depressed i am and maybe going into therapy, which i never did. Went back and meds were recommended to see if it can get me out of my funk enough to start actually doing something. I've always been pretty anti meds but i don't know at this point? I don't really have any other options or anything to lose. Sorry, i don't really have any advice for you either but i know where your at since i turned 31 this year. The whole year has been some of the most intense despair i've ever felt. New years resolutions are stupid but i think I'm going to try and make a real effort to stop hating myself so much at the very least this coming year. I mean theres enough people around who'll happily do it for you anyway.


SSRI's turned me into a zombie. You seem to know there are problems associated with these things but I'd suggest using supplements and the gym.

did about half a year swimming every day and reading books in the sun and was tremendously. I know this is all normie advice but the only thing meds did for me was make it impossible to hold an erection

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Sometimes I feel like there's no adult virgins out there. No matter where I go, be it discord, various chans, forums and social media, I have yet to find someone around my age(28) that's a virgin.
I could go to a small discord server of some obscure weeb game only a degenerate would like and everyone in there would have had friends and a girlfriend or three growing up.
Not to sound like an insufferable snowflake faggot but it sometimes makes me think that there's no people out there that grew up with no friends or a girlfriend like me. At least not online.
What do you think wizards? Would you say virgins are that rare?
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File: 1670099932553.webm (2.96 MB, 800x387, 800:387, isaac don't care.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Not him but I for one would like to at least know if I'm missing out on something, or if it's not worth my time.

Yeah go ahead ban me.


Beyond pathetic.


I'm now I ok with my life as of now but younger when I was naive and thought I had chance I did the usual gym, job, etc. with zero resutls.


I'm now. I'm ok with my life as of now but when I was younger and naive*

sorry I'm a little drunk


If you have standards this really isn't true. But this kind of conversation isn't suited for the nature of the site and I suggest we drop it.

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Well, I'm a NEET, again… I'm 28 years old with little employment history, what's stored for me, wizbros?
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>parents obsessively tracking their kids

Unless they're Asian and are willing to do this their entire lives it isn't going to work. People will naturally gravitate to environments suited to their genes in the long term. Caplan did a whole book on this, "selfish reasons to have more kids"


the capability is only for middle class people to become comfortable with intense surveillance. its functionally useless for anything besides generating anxiety.


it is pretty surreal. Go anywhere significant and there's cameras or people who will pull out cell phones and film you. Post anything and it's archived somewhere. Say something unpopular in the digital public square and you get shadowbanned, shilled, downvoted, algo hidden, or even doxxed. It's a totally different operating environment than even 10 years ago. The cyberpunk future wasn't even a cool dystopia, it's just a big gerbil cage


remember the filming people in public guy
its been like 10+ years now


Interesting that this post mirrors my experience quite a bit.
I'm really uncomfortable about the fear of unknown and get really anxious about new experiences. I don't like to test myself and don't like to start something new or see the results of my work in fear that they will be uncomfortable in some way. I ghost people, I've become a shut in neet. I'm ashamed of going outside and someone recognizing me. I'm almost 25 and I have some moments of clarity where I fear I'm on a road to annihilation; but they go away when I'm zombie like state as I waste away my life in the internet fapping or some other useless shit. I never had a job, sometimes I apply to jobs but then I'm too scared to open my email because I think it would be discomforting. I wonder if my brain is always in self preservation mode or something like the part of brain responsible for fear is on overdrive. I don't think I'm autistic and I can feel other's emotions really well - too well in fact I have to consider myself as oversensitive. I will try this "plan ahead" thing you talk about but I'm really scared. I've tried to fix myself for over 4 years and it always falls apart either I get really depressed or I shut-down emotionally and waste another year. Wish me luck.

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In which country did you study and how was your studies at school? I've watched a few videos about American schools and I think it's normie hell. In the schools of the CIS, for example, there are practically no activities besides studying, and this is good.
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I don't think he was the first, but it seemed like a novel analysis to my novice ears, first time I read Discipline and Punishment or whatever its called


Now a days Deleuze is a more true excursion on control in society


Why do people always defend lainchan on here?


it's trash (as is wizchan) but regardless of that it still proves that spam isnt a legitimate reason to push users to endanger themselves by turning off their VPN/proxy. It is very likely that admins are maliciously selling user data here.

Any flesh-out criticism at all, probably including this post, just gets deleted or moved to the black hole of /meta/ where VPN/proxy users cant even comment


still using vpn and if it gets banned just gonna abandon this board and find something else

they're not overtaking anonymity. not yet


Our tale begins in the /b/owels of WizChan with a figure so odd and incomprehensible many WizChan users think him to be a myth or persona.
Boyposter is Andrew the Megaman obsessed mod of WizChan and one of the most active posters on the sites /b/ board.
Yet, this isnt all there is to Andrew, he was so entranced by the idea of being a boy he chose to have his balls removed in order to remain youthful.

(Disclaimer BP isnt the /r9k/ fag from 2019 he just castrated himself around the same time.)

This is where Andrew deservedly gained the title of boy poster due to his habit of, well posting boys on wizchan /b/ and in the /jp/ fap threads.

His first name was revealed when Andrew gave it to a WizChan user to post on Kiwi Farms, since Andrew is an aspiring lolcow which may prompt you to ask "doesnt that make them not a lolcow?" well, my view is this makes them even more cow worthy since any sane person wouldnt not want to be a lolcow yet andrew continues his quest as a cowcel.
Andrew even joined the kiwi farms in order to spread his good word only to be banned and called a retard by the mod gods.

Here's how Andrew met the guy he gave his dox to, since as mentioned Andrew wants to be a lolcow, what a lad. and next to it is a picture of his desktop to confirm they are one in the same.
Andrew uses WizChan as a grounds to recruit friends and tries to add people on steam (https://archive.ph/VgD8t).
In the same vein as wanting to be a lolcow, Andrew views his position as mod of wizchan /b/ the perfect place to scout for likeminded folk.
Many have speculated on Andrew reason for preying on outsiders if any is to be found, and the point which is often brought up is his drug use and overt obsession with cute boys, to the point where he even castrated himself in order to remain more "boy like" and his Norman Bates Esque dynamic with his mother.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFZ5WjFobDFzZRdAa1Fglxw (https://archive.ph/gefoi)
Andrew also makes incomprehensible videos where he mutters to himself, and plays with his stuffed animals and plushies.

Boyposter recently tried to break his streak of cowcelism by heading over to lPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I guarantee almost all the nothing burger comments are not just partisans, but actual dedicated pac activity through proxy organizations,, actively responding to basically steer the narrative


This site is essentially dead so far as I can see



It's a nonvirgin gay hapa who was making posts about wizchan in kiwifarms. He is friends with a mod here and calls himself a wizard along with the rest of faggots and nonvirgins. Goes by the name of namae/naught



absolutely disgusting


File: 1669839362096.jpg (890.74 KB, 1242x913, 1242:913, 1665829757482003.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Let's settle this once and for all

What's the wizchan consensus on the idea of functional wizards? Are they failed normalfags? Or is just a cope from malfunctioning schizos that can't accept the ideas that maybe exist volcel wizchads out there.
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Soon you will.


so far so good. It'd been at least three months since I told the pill pusher to leave and the mental symptoms of antipsychotic withdrawal are mostly gone? I'm not the standard profile for onset, it probably was a one off


>so far


>his mental health is in recovery
>snide implications of impermanence


>stop taking antipsychotic
Yeah, bro, enjoy your psychosis.


Happy Birthday to me. I can't believe i'm a wizard now. Now i will look forward years of continued deterioration. Anyone here hit 30 yet?
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Stop projecting.


You really think someone who makes a post like that here has a job or wife?


Job yes


I mean he projects his delusions on others. He's not entirely wrong, but he's not right either.


Still far better than the non-virgin who sees himself as really special.

File: 1667161018747.jpg (210.89 KB, 1280x1089, 1280:1089, Ff_9cPNVIAEIMQH.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I know there are a lot of wizards that identify as asexual, and that got me curious. Do asexual wizards indulge in their own unique fetishes? Not to be confused with sexual kinks, fetishes are an uncontrollable turn-on that you didn't ask for. Of course, it's incredibly taboo, so much so that I don't think I've ever seen a thread on the topic. So, now that the ice is broken, what are your fetishes, /wiz/?
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same. jerking off at ~8 was amazing, like there was no refractory period and no mess



What do you mean that's not a succubus?


Wiz is a faggot.

File: 1660663728242.jpg (22.06 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Im at college because of family pressure. Tried software development, failed misserable cause im a brainlet. Now Im on graphic design and animation, but I dont give a shit about it, cause most of the classes are dumb fillers of pure theory (which I hate cause im a brainlet), I just want to work with my hands, not listen to an idiot all day. I didnt went to class today because its so boring, I hoped ritalin would help but it didnt. Now what? Is it okay to be a min wage slave? should I go for it? or should I sacrifice my mental health so I can draw as a job?
And how can I deal with pressure? Help me Wizs
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I've decided I'm going to be a wiz entrepreneur and start my own oil company. I think I'll be perfectly capable of everything on my own after hitting the books, don't need to make fortunes for anyone else (except investors I'll need) and only make 100k's a year.


It's pretty obvious from a lot of the answers on here that most you guys don't have any real life experience and giving advice to OP out of ur ass or what you've read on the internet. Like this guy >>197979 suggesting you to work for a startup. Startups are extremely competitive… this normalfag guy I know who's not even mentally ill or anything, has been fired out of 3 startups he was working for.

Also stop shilling the trades meme as well, 98% of the trades won't get you a job, It's only the really complicated trades like electricians, HVAC that get hired, others have a difficulty finding a job without moving to bumfuck nowhere.

I suggest to you OP to do whatever you feel like is least stressful, that pays OK amount of money.


>real life experience
Got me laughing somehow.


I agree i started my post with a little anomosity cuz i was pissed at the time but what exactly did i say wrong lol


>98% of the trades won't get you a job
maybe it depends on the country you live on? here in east europe HVAC isn't really the best job choice, but there is a lot of professions who are well paid considering low effort you need to get the school done
not only electricians but also everything connected to building houses like hydraulics, builder etc., car mechanic, window cleaner in high buildings, workers operating heavy machines like crane and truck drivers

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