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File: 1716728902583.gif (1.01 MB, 356x374, 178:187, 1716667077910322.gif) ImgOps iqdb


The Internet isn't even fun anymore. It feels like a chore, a pain in the ass to use.
Online discussion on the Internet is dead. It's subpar. It's pointless!
Useful information on the Internet is kept behind paywalls and, free information of low quality and often plain wrong. Going to a library is more useful.
Content on the Internet is now strictly made for money. It has no passion or care behind it.
All major platforms are ridden with censorship, bots, and, scammers.
So what's even the point of using the Internet as a whole anymore? Just to throw money and time away?
Maybe someday I'll build up the courage to cancel my Internet subscription and dump my P.C. into the trash.
Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But someday.

The Internet fucking sucks, and the only reason I still use it is because, for some elusive reason, I keep expecting worthwhile discussions on IBs and other watering holes of the former Umman Manda. I must be retarded or insane, probably both, to expect that in CY+9.
But yeah, at this point the only real solution is to drop the Internet and go full Ted or something IDK.


File: 1716729782063.jpg (1.22 MB, 3500x2334, 1750:1167, amI9TQ_o2Mk55kWBIMtaAg59lo….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>So what's even the point of using the Internet as a whole anymore?
It's rare for something that is bad to manage to beentirely 100% bad. Every bad thing can still contribute positively to a man's psyche.

The internet is fun in the same way walking through a garbage dump is fun. It may all be garbage, but you'll see some interesting oddities, some insight in to random peoples' lives, things that will inspire you to think, and things that will spark up memories of times come and gone. The internet is a museum of things past and a great place to find warnings of the upcoming future. Being (well, up until recently) entirely built up by real people from all wakes of life, it's a great place to observe the rawness of the human condition. Nobody else you see in the garbage dump is going to judge you poorly for being there too. Go to the compostable waste section and you can even sees bears getting it on.

Enjoy it for what it is: A congested pile of human's worthless trash that occasionally has some interesting diamonds in the rough to offer. Don't go digging for the diamonds though or you'll end up even deeper in to the trash.


Well if you dont like it dont see it


>The internet is fun in the same way walking through a garbage dump is fun.
lmao that's so correct, except this garbage dump is full of shit and piss and the only real oddities you'll see and hippy troon balls of rags lying around begging to be mercy killed.
>some insight in to random peoples' lives
literally who cares almost nobody can tell you any useful lessons based on insight in their lives.
>things that will inspire you to think
ironically reading fantasy kindles my imagination x100, while wasting away on imageboards makes me feel like finding that damn rope. literally inspire me to think, NOW. right, you can't.
>great place to find warnings of the upcoming future
lol nope, it's full of paranoid schizos, the only reliable prediction you can make is that if you use internet more than 6 hours a day you'll become retarded.

btw wanna thank that anon posting quotes from philosophy


> if you use internet more than 6 hours a day you'll become retarded.
You type like someone who's been using the internet for 6+ hours each day for 30 years.


>It feels like a chore
Because it is. The internet was originally the library to rule them all, however since then it has become copium on demand for the masses.
Nowadays the inherent is either used for monetary gain (selling you shit that you don't need) or to make you complacent with societies bullshit. The whole Tik Tok brainrot thing is meant to ease your suffering in this sick mess of humanity and ensure your participation.

Honestly it'd be more than fair to go live in the woods, like uncle Ted. I know that that's what I'm doing once I escape the spell of modernity.

File: 1716470399756.png (128.07 KB, 397x238, 397:238, thinking1.png) ImgOps iqdb


tell me anon was there ever a thread that changed your life? and if yes what was it about
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Don't ever browse imageboards with this intent in mind. Imageboards are just for unwind. Whoever take it serious os crazy in the head


>Imageboards are just for unwind
sorry we don't have social life in here


No threads, just posts
I will not elaborate




Good one


>deformed eyes since childhood
>dark brown acne ridden skin
>only redeeming quality is being 192 cm in height(at least that made me safe from being seen as a punchable pathetic maggot by normies, I would haveprobably roped sooner if I was short.). (Not hating based shortcels, I cannot experience it but understand that there is suffering)

It's been 23 years in this earth without touching succubi bros. When do I get my wizard powers.
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I thought the bad cert was supposed to keep these retarded zoomer phoneposters out?


There are no wizard powers for those who get butthurt this easily :D



casyinng, "kill thyselfo, whitemannum"


I still don't see any reasons about why you would not be an apprentice wizard. Ignore the snowflakes whining against buzzwords, mods just won't headshot them once for all


The decade-old written rules are not 'buzzwords'


Thread dedicated for those who are practicing abstinence. Share the changes you experience in your journey of self-control and celibacy as you reject porn and masturbation. What you’ve learnt so far about yourself. Your struggles with self-control, and what you expect to accomplish. The numbers of days you plan to go without it and why.

I plan to accomplish at least 5 months without wasting my seed this year and that time I’d squander watching porn I want to use it to improve at digital painting and become better at japanese which have always been goals of mine.

Disregard porn and destructive habits, acquire magic
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Depravation is not a real thing. Its a abstract concept created by gatekeepers to mantain a softpower over people with different worldviews


What a strange way to say that you masturbate with lolis being raped by horses


File: 1716621963584.jpg (121.84 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, 20240522225633_1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've discovered easy mode, turns out that when you're around people it becomes a piece of cake. Who knew?
No wonder normalfags get things done.


uh oh wizard, that is very specific


how could you know that is specific? sharing fetish?

File: 1711227319023.jpg (69.22 KB, 540x360, 3:2, 360_F_562553694_4rNoRAQbYv….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Mine is a spell of archane fire. Sometimes I like teleportation spells, but I find those diffcult to cast.
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I think that in terms of the feeling when casting the spell, there's nothing that beats fireball. But busting out the bread & butter fabricate does the soul good. There's also other misc. conjuration rituals and illusion spells that are nice but those are my top two atm.


Dream travel. Definitely my favorite. I've also cast fly, psychic surgery, charm person, a couple of low level cantrips…


File: 1716519492324.webm (925.63 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 1716519383465585.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Fireball and firebolt.


It's really hard to tell honestly. I think it would be pretty broken to have a summon spell than casts twins, one serves as a shield and the other ravages normies. Or even just one summon to rule them all. But if it's just one spell, I struggle to find something that would make you self sufficient. Maybe something ultra cliche like understanding the minds of others so you can simply manipulate your way out of most situations. Or maybe it'd be some meteor spell to just end this Earth for good, sorry wizards I don't like this place.


*spotting redditors and dissipating them


during my true wiz night walk like I saw a lot of normalfags outside partying and doing drugs to loud music. They did look happier and some even extremely healthy which got me thinking this people probably have some serious diet and go to the gym or exercise. The guys looked bigger than me and I've been going to the gym for 10 years by now and take protein supplements and creatine. You know, they looked like athletes and some succubi like models or sportswomen or runners. It got me thinking how can this people smoke, drink, and party all night and look like they were celebrities.
I've never experienced anything close to the type of fun they were having and it was a strange feeling because I've never seriously paid attention to that kind of social activity until this night. Drinking in a group and celebrating with music and beers, cigarettes, screaming, and talking loudly, etc. It's so odd to me how this is part of culture but I've never done it or being involved in it. I've never done something that's so big in my culture and so I started to feel a bit strange. My conclusion from this is that true wizards are anti cultural intentionally or without awareness.
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before the e-market, the only way to get drugs was to be a trusted friend


>My conclusion from this is that true wizards are anti cultural
Of course…?

He's right though


File: 1713453096289.jpg (101.98 KB, 638x960, 319:480, wizpost - orb ponder.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Sorry to hear that. Gym is for losers who want to pay what they can do at home and you do not need to take supplements. Higher reps, higher volume, that is all. Even if it be 50 or 60 reps, exxaggerate.

>I've never experienced anything close to the type of fun they were having and it was a strange feeling because I've never seriously paid attention to that kind of social activity until this night.

So you start noticing the falsehood of cattle pleasures, do you? That's not much but anyways, better than many others around here who still cry like babies for wanting to be a normie.

We wizards are not cattle, but it is not the huge discovery.


Some people don't have the space to build their own home gym. Some live in apartments.


not so fast, high reps will harm your joints years later. its better to go with low reps and stay at low reps, no more than 20, ideally 10

File: 1716223635161.png (848.14 KB, 2192x1856, 137:116, 1696767956942.png) ImgOps iqdb


Because being a wizard is related closely to NEETdom and other alternative lifestyle, usually a lazy one, I wonder if there's any wizzies here that are hard working and strong self disciplined?
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Anti-work makes no sense for me. Yeah, i hate work, but my love for money is bigger than my hate for work. Maybe one day ill become a thief.


I was never actually "lazy", every shitty job I had I was trying to do as good as I can and I always put some effort in it.
Problem is if you are a virgin male with no support network and no friends and the outsider at work it doesnt matter how good you do your job, you will never get praise for it or a raise. you always remain a joke to the normalfags and other normalfags will get promoted because they are friends with the guy who makes the decisions.
and this is assuming you actually get the job to begin with, getting a job as a low status virgin male is almost impossible as HR roasties gatekeep every job worth a shit for some years now.

so eventually I had lost my job back in 2016, all I had were a couple thousand dollar in savings and no plan for the future.
then I began working for myself and stumbled into Crypto, I read whitepapers, studied trading and how all that shit works and eventually made the right decisions (or lucked into them) so nowadays I have enough passive income that I dont have to wagecuck anymore and can pretty much do whatever I want all day and now I'm really lazy.


>I wonder if there's any wizzies here that are hard working and strong self disciplined?
For the most part, yeah.

I have no one else I can rely on other than myself, so for something to get done I have to do it regardless of how hard it is or how little I want to do it.


Would you mind sharing the whitepapers you read and studying materials you used to achieve that? It's my dream but there is so much info that I never really know where to start.


Correct. I did think I was lazy but I realized I simply don't really care about my job, besides that it keeps me alive.

File: 1711918455532.png (2.73 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Captura de Tela (211).png) ImgOps iqdb

 No.216283[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

I'm a 18 year old KHV. Not having any social interaction and not being able to enjoy youth is weighing on me a lot. I'm past the stage of dreaming with finding a girlfriend and more into a state of apathy. I can't interact with other people, I'm socially anxious and etc etc.

I'm working on myself and (sucessfully) trying to lose weight. But still, it's pretty dark inside my room. The light coming from my window, showing people my age, dudes and gals having fun hurts my eyes.
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Sounds like you have no good memories and as a result want young kids to fail at life and be miserable, must be sad being you.


18 is nothing, come back in 10 years


explain what you mean by "failing at life" you sound like a normalfag


he means that being happy by leading normalfag lifestyle is not equal to being normalfag.

well, technically, if op remains virgin, we can't legitimately denounce him, but if he really seamlessly enjoys company of normalfags, his loss of virginity is only a matter of time, so he'd be better establishing his normalfag life elsewhere.


trying to attack an 18 year old kid on wizchan is part of you being miserable and having failed at life.

Your language is that of a sick person who seeks only to demoralize.

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File: 1713301776780.jpeg (19.09 KB, 333x250, 333:250, e09cdaad-0b89.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Lost in life? Come in I'll revive you
Become a locksmith, or if not a plumber or electrician, that way you can solve the economic problem and lift it with a shovel. Then you take a language or dance course, there you will be able to learn a new skill. From there, with what you earn from work, you allocate money to investment, which can be in things related to your field but can be anything that makes your capital grow. Hence, it is essential to never stop training and acquiring new experiences, so not only will you find more and better jobs, but you will also find happiness in knowing that you are useful members of society, generating value for it and above all for ourselves. .
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Someone generally can only get into such trades connections.
Without them you will end up like collage grads without connections. Waiting tables or working retail totally unrelated to your training.

So for people who aren't social such advice is wasted.
Same with language or dance. Those are things for interacting with other people. We don't do that here, lol.

My suggestion is to take up things where you can make headway solo.
Such as programing, web dev, furniture making, or some other artisan craft that can be done in solitude.
Becoming the 21 century equivalent of a craftsman rather than a tradesman is a better route for a wizard.


File: 1713337619554.jpg (29.57 KB, 806x604, 403:302, persona-instalando-tomacor….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Learning useful things is quite rewarding, it will also help you earn money, and they are activities that can be learned at home. Now with all this stuff about programmers, artists, and shit, the essence of male jobs has been lost, that's why this shit pays so well, since the world is full of fags who want to be programmers, web developers, or some shit like that, rather than get your hands dirty. Although there is still more to the work, it is quite rewarding to carry out electrical installation in your house, make new furniture, or simply paint it.


It's not really difficult, the issue is learning, and knowing how to do the job well. Then you can advertise your services on social networks, and post your rates, from there all you have to do is go to the client's house, ask him about his problem, and fix it, social contact for better or worse is null in transactions, and that I I dedicated myself to cold selling for a while, people don't care how socially autistic they are, they care that you solve their problem efficiently.


>>get a job
I see you didn't understand my thread. A person who has a skill as a plumber, electrician, roofer, etc., does not have bosses, nor a salary, is an autonomous and free person who works for himself, when and how he wants.

>scammed by normalfag society

Normal people do not learn trades or essential skills. They do not know how to sell or make money, they have no desire to save, and their only recreational activity is social networks, YouTube, or Netflix, leaving aside even things as basic as sports, or courses, since everything is now done through a computer.


>useful members of society, generating value for it

File: 1713453620857.jpg (21.37 KB, 560x204, 140:51, 鳥黐幽霊.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


as I am a virgin, and have never had relationships with succubi, when I see one, I can't help but look at the succubus in front of me in a sexual way. and when they speak and there are words or sentences that are a little tense, it reminds me of sexual innuendo. and I think you can see it on my face. suddenly I feel that the succubus I'm talking to knows (succubi aren't stupid, they know) what I'm thinking about and that bothers me and therefore the conversation becomes awkward for me too. how do I get out of it?
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Stop jerking off so much and visiting places filled with porn triggers. Fucking hard to avoid since sex is everywhere in the media, but I found that if I avoid any triggers I dont think about sex as much when I see succubi irl


I'm a pervert…it would. be difficult to me to stop


What if you aren’t a pervert and you just think you are because you had a porn addled brain for a long time.


maybe you're right


most succubi irl are ugly tbh unless you are high t

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