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to those who like to daydream, what do you daydream of?
I like thinking about a 12 yo succubus being my neighbour and coming too my home time to time to talk with me and treat her like my daughter and her thinking I'm cool and asking me a lot of question about my hobbies and have fun, and trying to teach her things. haha
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Can't LDAR if you've got no money. I largely agree with your sentiment however.


I've been daydreaming a lot about owning a 2nd story gated apartment in town away from people. Only times I'd go out would be at night and when it rains, when there aren't people out. I would board up my windows and live in the night on my PC and have fun on the internet. Sometimes I'd go out to the balcony for a smoke, but I wouldn't smoke indoors because I don't want to harm my PC parts. Having a 60 inch TV and a really comfy sofa that feels like jello in my living room / kitchen would be really nice. I watched a lot of succubi Last Tour on that sofa! I wonder what I'll do tomorrow in my apartment. Maybe I'll rip some Blu-rays I bought second hand off of the internet? Sure, I'll do that tomorrow, why not.


File: 1718935533688.png (174.33 KB, 1070x1080, 107:108, 1654989249922.png) ImgOps iqdb

max comfy, thank you for sharing


File: 1719157485060.jpg (77.15 KB, 735x920, 147:184, 447250096_324215910730019_….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

At the moment my go to is Galactic Overlord
You know the kind of guy you need the whole Justice League or Avengers to deal with


I m currently drunk and I think I read on another thread "God I love feds", and then I read this one. And I thought he meant the OP was a fucking fed (which he is), and said that out of spite, but now that I got into this thread I cant finf the post

File: 1700093020985.png (732.42 KB, 982x564, 491:282, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

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i present to you charming, morbidly obese eaters of factory food: latest deep vegan lore. this is a 40+ minute review of a new device vegans can buy for ~4000$.


it is a home appliance (slightly smaller then a dishwasher) that freeze dries your food inside a vacuum. you put fruits or vegetables on stainless steel trays, put them in the thing, the thing gets super cold plus creates a vacuum and then it gets heated gently. this then runs for 30 hours or longer and that way the water gently leaves the stuff without being liquid because in cold vacuums the frozen water changes into a gas.

they say it can make stuff last for 25 years in a sealed jar and apparently the astronauts eat like that.

very hard working vegans would bother to dehydrate their food to conserve it but apparently that way lots of nutrients get lost because it oxidizes the whole time.

oh also vacuum blending is a thing. makes me wonder about vacuum juicers…
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>I don't get the point of veganism.

it is a different way of life. there are many reasons for it.
>relation of friendship with the animals
>no disgusting putrefaction body odour
>no sinus problems -> better sense perception in hearing and smelling
>lower body weight -> easier movement
>easier time enduring the heat of warmer climate
>most electrical food so more electricity for the nervous system, which includes the brain but also ability to remain cool under pressure and not lose composure
>fewer disgusting emotions

>Plants also suffer

that's vegan bingo type dialog…

you mean to tell me the apple, which the apple tree explicitly grew for me to eat and poop it out with the seeds onto the earth so that another tree can potentially grow from my poop is in painful agony while this happens? gtfo.

>A lot of chronic diseases are caused by the toxins on plants

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It is not. Plants aren't able to provide many vital nutrients found in meat, and milk provides pre- and probiotics necessary for complete digestive function.
It is not. Eating enough vegetables and fruits to obtain what milk, eggs, and meat provide would cost dollars to the penny.
>relation of friendship with the animals
Taking a hen's daily egg waste and relieving an unweening cow of her excess milk is beneficial for both animals.
>no disgusting putrefaction body odour
Hippies like you are renown across the galaxy for stinking bad all the time.
>no sinus problems -> better sense perception in hearing and smelling
Meat and animal products do not cause sinus problems. You are ridiculous
>lower body weight -> easier movement
Yeah, lower body weight be diminishing your muscle and bone mass.
>easier time enduring the heat of warmer climate
The body is hot by design. If you're not sweating in the hot sun, you're not healthy.
>most electrical food so more electricity for the nervous system, which includes the brain but also ability to remain cool under pressure and not lose composure
Muscle meat and eggs are literal batteries.
>fewer disgusting emotions
Sounds like a *you* problem, faggot.


>It is not. Plants aren't able to provide many vital nutrients found in meat,

then how am i so vital. i don't believe this to be true.

>and milk provides pre- and probiotics necessary for complete digestive function.

you not having the right bacteria in your gi tract has never been the problem. complete illusion. go have some healthy people poo implanted in your ass so the more bacteria can spread. that's just you being a homosexual disguising it as therapy.

>Taking a hen's daily egg waste

so you wouldn't consider it strange if someone came and stool all your cum-tissues and eat them? i would. it's still enslavement/colonizer relationship because harmony still eludes you.

>relieving an unweening cow of her excess milk is beneficial for both animals.

yeah relieving an unweeing cow that you keep artificially pregnant and separated from the calves in a big factory/prison that you call a barn.

>Hippies like you are renown across the galaxy for stinking bad all the time.

you just say that out of spite, not because it is true. i could wash once a week and i would not stink as bad as a carnivore after one day of not washing. no it is the biological process of putrefaction. rotting corpses stink as the microorganisms decompose them.

>Meat and animal products do not cause sinus problems. You are ridiculous

you just don't want it to be true. you are denying cause and effect.
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Doesn't matter how good your genetics are. If you eat the wrong foods, you'll damage yourself over time.


Kill yourself

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File: 1712507973083.gif (225.28 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 19e8e10d98b44c80531ad96b55….gif) ImgOps iqdb

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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.

>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction

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No, it isn't.


Having sex does not make you a normie


it changes your brain structure by creating strong patterns in it and molding your synapses. Sexhavers' synapse connections that help them abstain from sex or restrain from sexual behavior are greatly weakened while the synapses connections that encourage sex are strengthened. Your brain as a result is completely different, hence once you have sex it's over, you cannot come back and be a wizcel anymore. Because as a result, your consciousness resembles more of a normalfag but not just in any unimportant trivial aspect but in the worst of them all, in a sexual nature. This should be common sense if you are introverted and think deeply, this inevitable consequence and its negative implications on the human soul is why I am a virgin, that and because I refuse to change.


File: 1719285864089.jpg (9.18 KB, 160x160, 1:1, unnamed.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



dude what the heck

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File: 1712239321763.jpg (72.31 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1681905128474115.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Let's have a "official" NEET/Hikikomori thread on /lounge/.
If you're a NEET or a Hikikomori, feel free to post something you think is worth sharing.
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explain how this is crazy shitposting


do you think it's also schizoposting to say that the police work for the government? lmao


File: 1719147415050.jpeg (38.14 KB, 538x538, 1:1, Government hiding behind ….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

is that also crazy shitposting?


It's weird to see how neets are becoming more common. Then again, the labor force participation rate has been steadily dropping for decades. I've noticed the number of posts on the internet that mention getting neetbux has increased a lot since COVID. I can definitely see a sharp drop in jobs in the near future as AI takes over white-collar work and companies lay off most of their human workforce.

Just some observations, I guess…


I love the feds

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General Question: does just reading 4chan for longer than 10-15 minutes make anyone feel awful and almost as if placed into a trance state? I can browse other sites for long periods of time without any ill effects, but if I stay too long on 4chan I begin to feel decidedly sick. Why does this happen?
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It's trannies and attention whores. They tend to have that effect


I can feel 4chan's influence on my everyday life and it's been years at this point.
Don't get me wrong, there are some pretty obvious things in this world that I just never noticed or even knew about, due to lack of socialization in my formative years and 4chan showed me the dirt part of this life, but drawbacks of that were not worth it.
I feel 0 connection culturally with 95% of people around me and my chain of thoughts over the years has become a lot more vice and poisonous, which ruined a lot of my family and friends relationships.
Like the anons above mentioned, the right way to use imageboards is as a forum for narrow hobbies or maybe learning. For memes or a regular chitchat it is a sewage.


4chan is mostly a microcosm of American thoughts shaped by American modern culture.

Most of the users are very, very mentally ill as evidenced by their posts. Their brains ruined since they were toddlers.
You would be unhealthy if you didn't feel physically ill in that asylum after half an hour of reading.


I just wish I could have a normal page on Facebook and talk with my relatives and classmates without feeling like a soyjack memelord normie.


4chan has become a psyop site full of bots and glowies from different intelligence agencies from all over the world. Most of the post you find there aren't even made by humans and the bots are trained to be annoying and hostile to drain your metal health as much as possible.

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File: 1713959642686.jpg (266.83 KB, 1014x1012, 507:506, wizchan.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


It's not about how hard you work. Or how much you study.

To win promotions and get better opportunities, you need to be promoted by others who already have opportunities and money.

Those are not awarded on merit - they are awarded by social relations.
As a neurodivergent, you will never forge alliances with those in power or those who can promote you beyond anything other than shift manager at Starbucks or McDonald's.

It's a prison made by normies - for normies. You cannot escape it as a non-NT unless you make massive amounts of money through investments, which is completely unrealistic for 99,99% of the population.

Being neurodivergent is almost the same as a death sentence, it's a poverty trap. In fact, 86% of autists can't even get hired at all let alone get promoted to better positions.
Only 14% have jobs at all!

The cards were always so massively stacked against you, it cannot be said it's your fault at all. You can only curse or blame your parents for giving you these genes.
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I managed to get promoted into a supervisory position at my job despite never socializing with anyone. I just knew more about the job than anyone else so there wasn't another realistic choice for the promotion; if they picked someone else my department wouldn't be able to function. So now I'm still an asocial weirdo but I'm in charge of other people and can order them around. It feels weird and it's annoying but my job is easier and I make more money so I can't complain too much. That being said I do think OP is correct in the majority of situations.


Not bad


Most normies are too low IQ to do this and would rather go bankrupt than promote a "loner" who happens to be the most productive and skilled employee of the company.

That's how tribal and sad they are for the most part. They would rather take a huge financial loss themselves than reward a "weird guy".


See? wizards can win too!


Most of my ex-schoolmates and generally peers were low IQ barely functioning normies, most of them unemployed too, or working shitty jobs like bar tenders. Plus, they are also vaxxed NPC morons. Despite I'm not successful, I'm still in a OK position despite being asocial (& don't care for it). All this compensated being bullied and treated with huge cruelty.

File: 1710589011012.jpg (218.47 KB, 647x360, 647:360, idiotjuice.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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do beverages even make sense? do they deserve to exist? i don't think so. beverages are shit. i question the general concept behind them. when i see someone drink lemonade i instantly consider that person an idiot; that someone who is drinking sugary industry juice because they made it taste nice. that's someone who was tricked into selfharm to me.

myself i like to drink fruit juices. i very much believe in the juices i make myself from real fruit. a fresh juice from an apple? that's so nice that everything else compared feels like a waste. occasional get distracted and resort to buying in boxes from the supermarket. currently i drink nothing but water. drinking only water is fine too though. that's plenty especially when the food is as dense as modern food. that's plenty for the body.


people drinking alcohol is so funny to me. i use 99% isopropyl alcohol to dissolve spraypaint off when some asshole spraypaints my car. and the same stuff people drink for fun. that's just more self-harm. why they keep harming themselves.
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You can't resist responding to anything.


i'm still amazed how little i stink. i do cardio to the point of gently sweating every day, lots of working on the truck which is often hot so that i also sweat a bit and i am active all day. yet no stink. lololol some people stink 4 hours after they have showered because the pores of their skcrabls basically are tiny anusses secreting shit (the smelly, possibly fermenting, potentially parasite infected metabolic waste from trying to "burn" dirty energy from wrong food) all day.

their life is like this: they shower and then they watch a movie and another movie and as soon as the second movie is over they again smell like a trashcan of organic waste. maybe they have been sweating from being fat which constantly keeps the body in overheat mode (in effect gently trying to balance in the direction of healthy weight) and as the sweat passes though the skin, it drags along the oily stink residue and they stink.

meanwhile in healthytown where i live, washing myself is next to meaningless because i didn't stink before i take the shower and i don't stink after the shower and when i exercise i still don't.

partly this is from what i currently drink (coconut water, 1 liter every day, the stuff is expensive but when i can buy it, i buy it.). to me it feels like the coconut water is more liquid then water. it flows through the body more.

mostly this absence of stink is what i eat. currently all i eat is
>grapes or apples in the first half of the day (I'd say ranging from 400g to 1000g total swallowed food mass)
>fresh raw cabbage meal the second half of the day (I'd say ranging from 1000g to 2000g, the stuff is heavy.

this cabbage meal has so much fiber, feels like swallowing a broom that cleans out my entire insides. it is shreddings of cabbage, bell pepper and cucumber with a sauce from the blender on top. and the sauce is also raw: cherry tomatoes, fresh cilantro, half a grapefruit without the peel, cilantro, fresh garlic, fresh ginger, sesame paste *moan.wav* and spices that i like. i learned this so late in life, sesame paste + tomato + whatever in the blender makes a easy, delicious and healthy sauce i can put over everythang. treat yourself piggies.




one more thing i forgot to include in the textwall: my pee is bright highliter_pen orange.

if you are a whore and drink pee on camera, you better not be inviting any raw vegans to the gangbang because their pee is actually dangerous when swallowed, it contains toxins filtered from the body. if you drink the pee, you better invite industrially eating omnis because their pee is the least chance of being toxic, their lymph system most likely doesn't filter out the toxins, they choose to keep the toxins in their ridiculously ill-managed body and never get them out and then get sick often, die sooner, have less energy, get dumb from it, have their senses dulled, grow tumors and stink.


one more curious thing i can think of about my current eating habits: i eat and drink until my stommach is full and then i wait a while till i have more room and eat and drink more and i stay thin. if i did this with dense food i'd instantly turn fat.

in other words it is impossible to get fat from what i eat. lol these poor fatties restraining themselves without success meanwhile i can stuff myself with the good stuff. i probably mentioned this before but i still think many of them lost the ability to digest. their gi tract is nothing but an ornamental cave where food passes through slowly without much absorption, while the energy they sustain themselves with comes soley from the sugary soft drinks.

unfortunately it did not happen in this thrad, no fattie tried to make a genuine case for the addiction to stupid beverages. hearing idiots justify their bad choices is very entertaining. they don't want to be laughed at and considered losers so the most i ever heard one describe was this:

>oink oink well you know when you are between meals and you get kinda slow

no sorry i don't know that but keep going
>oink oink well what i like to do is treat myself to a mountain dew and then you know it kind of picks me up, gives a boost of energy to help me carry through the day
so you don't get energy from the food you eat
>phew that was exhausting, i think i have another family-sized bag of individually wrapped candy bars around here, i better eat a few after all this commotion WITH THESE PSEUDO SCIENTISTS! omnomnom nom nom nom you know these guys are such idiots mnooomnomnom they would rather be healthy, thin, light and full of energy mnomnomnom then to eat as good as i eat mnomnomnom that's how you can tell they are retarded mnomnomnom i mean cmon why would i want to be a pretty corpse and live one year longer nom nom if i could have this delicios sugar PFFFRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTT my bad!


saw a wreck of a female the other day at the supermarket. overweight, frail, pimply, obviously uncomfortable, hair colored as to hide gray hairs, thick layer of makeup to hide pimples, wrinkles and deadness. i don't wish harm on her but i think she wishes harm on herself. this is what she bought:


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We really can't stop winning wiz bros while dumb cattle who follow blindly the media fell victim to one of the biggest pharma corpo scams of the century and to this day, they keep losing.
They bought into the psyop, wore double masks, took the jab and got triple quadruple boosted, and even got into fights with people who did not want to take the deadly jab. These npc cattle shilled for it as well on social media, it wasn't enough for them to take it themselves, they wanted everyone to be vaxxed.

On the other hand, every intelligent wizard was able to tell from a mile away that it was fishy, you can just do a quick research and see that Pfizer CEO is a kike and kikes have a bad reputation, as liars and fraudsters. The kikes behind the media were pushing for this state of emergency and lockdowns due to a harmless virus that supposedly came from china, yet wizards did not fall for it because we knew it was bullshit.
Everyone that took the vaxx might as well be dead, because in their compliance for the powers that be their human freedom was gone as well. Their spirit to be free from mental slavery was not there, maybe it was never there in the first place.

I did not fall for it and wasn't afraid because I've been gifted with foresight. Now, almost 5 years later, the sheep have to admit they were wrong and got manipulated, that the vaccines were not safe and effective. That the science was more concerned with money than with saving lives.

>AstraZeneca withdrawing Covid vaccine, months after admitting rare side effect. The Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid vaccine is being withdrawn worldwide, months after the pharmaceutical giant admitted for the first time in court documents that it can cause a rare and dangerous side effect

>AstraZeneca has insisted the decision to withdraw the vaccine is not linked to the court case or its admission that it can cause TTS. It said the timing was pure coincidence.

Stay strong, wiz bros, and remember: the biggest hoax is reproduction.
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Fauci cried like a bitch in COVID hearing.



the arrogance on these jews to deceive so many people into sickness and death and then to assume the character of the victim and feign moral concern. fucking psychotic.


Why don't you apply the same level of skepticism that you apply to vaccines to everything else in life? I bet today you ate some snack from some megacorp like Cheetos, if the elites were trying to poison people why not just put the poison in there?


>…if the elites were trying to poison people why not just put the poison in there?

Yeah, they do that too.

File: 1718230478939-0.jpg (213.71 KB, 2362x1575, 2362:1575, theater.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1718230478939-1.jpg (20.29 KB, 299x388, 299:388, giving up entertainment.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


i notice a tangible disdain for fiction growing inside of me. there are stories told that are revolutionary, no matter the shape they ended up in:


>theater with live actors
>movies with actors
>drawn and animated
>computer generated
>video games

or whatever else. the shape is not so important. there are a few of those who are unbelievably incredible; so powerful they help to transcend the confines of the currently established illusion. they are worth watching.

but then 99,9% are just people who wanted to be artist as a way to make money and live boring lives and have children and be normal. they don't have the spark. they are trash, most of their ideas are trash and the few good ones are too edgy so they don't make it in the final product and instead they get notes on how to make their shit. propaganda. they are not worth watching.

unless someone is so fortunate to see some of those rare gems, what excuse is there to waste the brief human experience on being a passive consumer of 'low quality unreality'? is it the attempt to escape the shit life the human is trapped in for a made up fantasy-life? maybe. like a fat boy pretending to be thin and good looking in a video game. like a rejected succubus playing with plastic dolls.

it doesn't add up to me. there is no time to watch fiction. fiction isn't real. enjoy real life while it lasts, it easily perishes.

reality is better then fiction. fiction sucks. only nice thing beside the few legendary masterpieces i can think of is that you can press pause on it. reality has no pause button and being used to having a pause button is the begin of the journey away from reality. you know the amish believe buttons corrupts people and i am beginning to see they may have a point. i think they mean buttons on a shirt though…

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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OP is an antifun mentally ill retard and talks out of his ass.


>OP is an antifun mentally ill retard and talks out of his ass.

because the screen is the sole source of all fun. fun is consumed by watching and listening what others do and say, meanwhile you can't even form sentences anymore that make sense. if your body functions as bad as your brain you are wearing diapers.


I have been hikikomori for the past decade. It sucks for reasons I cannot get over. I hated school so this was the way to go. 11th grade education and I used to self harm I hated it so much. Got a GED. The years brought tranquility and relaxation. I did what I liked like MMO Old School RuneScape and smoke weed with alcoholic beverages. Now I'm behind my peers. Everyone grew up. I got off the benzodiazepines that made me crazy and follow a path of ludicrous denial and lack of gratification that nobody is envious of. I desire more than a simple pittance from suffering. The pittance is not even sufficient. I may cut again if I find it hard to accept my euthanasia that may be coming…


Just read a book. Literature is the only 'real' artificial media. And not light novels. Read Dostoevsky and Pynchon and Faulkner and Proust and Beckett and Pessoa. You'll thank me if you do.


>It sucks for reasons I cannot get over

i still think it is better then a social life. people are exhausting, desperate and cruel, being removed from them just seems like the better deal.

>Now I'm behind my peers

just catch up. it's far more attainable in the age of youtube tutorial then ever. watch the experienced dudes do something, try an easy version yourself, learn, repeat.

i just learned to be better at tool-relates stuff. home improvement, using drill, using sander, using angle grinder. i'm constantly going to tool store and look at stuff and wonder what it does or fix little problems for me or my father.

before i did that i was stuck on video games and they just always left me feeling empty and disappointed.

>Just read a book. Literature is the only 'real' artificial media. And not light novels. Read Dostoevsky and Pynchon and Faulkner and Proust and Beckett and Pessoa. You'll thank me if you do.

i have not read a book in +2 years and mostly i prefer audiobooks read by the author. at least give me the voice and the intonation of the actual author, just the text feels so dead. communication is a skill and i hate when authors that don't have it preach in their books when they don't have it in them to be interesting people. with an audiobook i can exercise or skate or cruise around, i have spend so much time studying and what i lack is action in the real world and just staring at pages feels like a waste, i want to use my healthy body. books not read by the author are just annoying theater mostly so i audiobooks only work when the author reads them and not some paid asshole.


I don't know whether this has to do with me being a virgin bro, but I've always loved the trope in shows where a serious, angry female fighter, attacker, villain, or any upset and belligerent succubus blushes after being randomly kissed by the guy she is trying to physically hurt, or after receiving some form of affectionate treatment, whether by accident or on purpose.
I like that it shows more depth to the character, revealing that she is a vulnerable human, and has a softer feminine romantic side. It's also hilarious as well, seeing that a kiss can break her concentration and make her feel infatuated for a moment. I've enjoyed this trope ever since I was a kid. It’s a masculine idea that you can quell a succubus’s ire with a kiss, even if it's just for a mere second, and I think it works really well in fiction. It is a male fantasy I suppose but it is a funny and interesting one.

This thread is to share all those tropes that you like, virgin bros
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File: 1718604659777.png (428.43 KB, 600x582, 100:97, 469.png) ImgOps iqdb

>you are literally mentally ill lmfao

that's not a lot you have to say for yourself. just some canned, generic, uncreative response that could have applied to just any thread.

you know the penguin holding the tray? here you probably love that meme and you can use it in any situation because that's all you ever have to say. you're just a machine.


File: 1718608788809.jpg (9.84 KB, 320x240, 4:3, Pinocchio.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i like the trope of Pinocchio. just some liar who finally understands being a liar sucks and then once he stops lying, he becomes real.


lol you keep showing that you are mentally ill you might be a meme yourself


then why don't you point out what is mentally ill? probably because you can't.


He didn't even fuck his gothic lolita gf so he is peak virgin

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