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it seems like a lot of people don't question authority, and when they do demand change it is to support our government and cultural values rather than oppose them. like all the black lives matter rioters, they weren't rebels or revolutionaries. the US stands for diversity and multiculturalism and equality for all, which is why they had the support of pretty much every major company. they did all that just to push us in a direction we were already headed. or they just did it to loot.

i feel like commies and nazis are the same way. like i used to be a NEETsoc when i was a teenager, but what really turned me off from it was it seemed like all the people that preached these kook ideologies all tried to promise their own version of the american dream. like under their ideology you would be successful with your work, be able to get a wife and have a family, and that under our ideology these prospects are obstructed. and i thought that was retarded because i dont want that shit. like it doesnt address the fatal flaw of government at all. mills makes a distinction between absolute government and absolute rulership. it seems like because we have a democracy, everybody thinks that we are "free" for some reason. but after the lockdowns last year, i never want to hear anybody say that shit again. like seriously fuck off. fascism and communism would just be the same thing except they stop pretending like we have a say in government.

i hate soceity like fundamentally. i dont think it can be reformed, i want it gone. rousseau says that government is slavery, and the common interest of society is carried out by making everyone a slave to everyone else. i think about this every time i am working a shit job for shit pay that i am actually just being a slave for my supervisor and for the stuck up consumers who buy our dogshit stuff. and you dont escape if you start your own business. you are just a slave to your creditors and your customers. i mean the whole point is to meet a demand. their demand.

i think it is a lot easier for people to never think about that because of how much more involved we are. most people are being bombarded with system affirming messages anywhere they are with phones, the internet, television. i read this book called manufacturing consent, and basically the whole point is that the media self censors itself to promote preserving the status quo to defend social hierarchies. it basically serves as a propoganda tool for the Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


More like why do people care about politics when they have absolutely zero say in what will or won't happen? OP, you will never change anyone's opinions, you will never influence governmental decisions, you will never make an impact in any facet of your life, all of these things especially true if you are a wizard. Just forget about whatever bullshit you read on /pol/ and go play video games, because you are powerless, and so is everyone else.


i agree with you that people should be attached to abstract ideologies and ethical systems. i am only concerned with my own material well being. which is why i think it is important that i am cognizant of this so that i am not taken advantage of like all the normalcattle in the rat race.


tldr LOL


File: 1639008079073.pdf (4.41 MB, Tracy R. Twyman - Money Gr….pdf)

Here's a good book on the esoteric reasoning behind the slave systems of society.


I was diagnosed at 9, and was a severe case until ~26.

All it really took was about 6 years of being constantly exposed to social situations, discussions, reading social cues, microexpressions etc.

It was torturous as hell. But on the other hand, at least I managed to prove myself the human brain is extremely malleable and prone to change.

Autism is not a disease like schizophrenia or cancer, it's a way your neurological pathways are arranged since birth.

I couldn't phone a pizza place let alone speak on the phone due to awkwardness just 6 years ago but now I can hold a public speech with coherence and not much care about what the audience thinks.

This is not a brag thread, but just some food for thought if anyone else here is non-NT. I've painstakingly reduced my autism level to ~0% despite being a diagnosed case at age 9.

I still don't really want succubi or a family (nor am I gay, thanks for asking) so that was never the point of this project.

But I was able to become ~99% NT with repeat intense social exposure.

I also failed a lot in the project and made hundreds of mistakes, and learned from them when people pointed out "that's not what normal people do" or "you shouldn't say that aloud" or "you shouldn't be doing that with your fingers" etc. the only reason it succeeded is because normies gave me tons of feedback.
It's surprisingly hard to become NT if you weren't born that way, though possible.
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The autism being diagnosed in the US yes it's a meme illness.

You greentext quoting me won't make it a false statement.


it's a spectrum so there are some with HFA. I've met a severe autistic guy like the one in this video, it's not a meme disorder.


>Wizchan has two groups of people who are differentiated by intelligence, nerd virgin yuppie types and neets

This is basically the only sensible description of this site's demographics that I'm willing to accept. Also, guess which of the two are the TruWiz (TM) posters?


>to make you buy pills from big pharma
There are no pills for autism retard.


I thought wizards were supposed to be a bit more intelligent and discerning than the average joe

File: 1638692930332.jpeg (61.58 KB, 739x415, 739:415, 81F37F62-7C33-4F95-9EA8-2….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


I think a lot about what the future will be like.

Feel like the future could be awesome with nuclear fusion giving everyone incredibly cheap energy for millions of years with no damage to the environment; automation increasing productivity, leading to universal basic income or everyone working fewer hours; life saving medicine extending life spans and fixing stuff like dementia and ageing.

Or it could be absolute shite. Environmental shit storm. Food shortages. Cold War with the USA and China. Increasingly authoritarian attitudes brought on by social media mutually policing everyone; more authoritarian politics.
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Why would I go to prison, I'm not a criminal. What would these authoritarian powers do to effect my life? As long as I can play video games and watch anime then there is no real difference


that's a common view, enough that there is a wikipedia article on it. no point talking arguing something that has been argued to death already you either like it, dont mind, or think it is bad news… like most things in life i guess



ok mr cia nigger, lets not make your occupation too obvious, shall we


>if you don't agree with me you're cia
back to /pol/ with your schizo larp


So the UK but world wide.

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What is the rise in trans-sexualism/transgenderism all about?
The push for it has been phenomenal. The whole thing seems to be completely fucking absurd; trans people have a huge variety of descriptions about what being trans means ranging from some kind of physical dysphoria (my penis should not be there; I should not have breasts) to having a personality/set of interests that are unusual for a man/succubus to some vague and nebulous feeling of being female.

Where the hell did this come from? Why do people take it seriously? Even if you accept the axioms that the advocates express then there are still so many contradictions.

I see myself as a bit of outsider observing society. So it's horrifying but also fascinating that so many people believe this stuff.
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madcuck comes out


There was tooooons of gay emo porn in the 2000s, nothing has changed, there will always be gay twinks being gay in whatever way is currently popular. I think the issue now is the current trend these twinks look feminine enough to attract heterosexuals so now they are being exposed to a scene that they never would have been a part of in previous generations


twinks arent traps, they usually dont even wear succubus clothing. twink porn was always easy to find but trap porn wasnt. he is right about trap porn exploding


Everybody is fucked in the head by the Internet


Traps and emos are both subsets of twink. Gay emo porn usually featured a really feminine guy with long hair, no body hair, and girly accessories like jewelry or nail polish and sometimes even gothic-style lingerie, you would even find trap porn alongside emo porn in the early 2010s. I can't really speak for the very recent years since I havent watched porn since maybe 2015 or so but as far as I can tell they are pretty similar.

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File: 1638941297265.png (119.28 KB, 1941x1885, 1941:1885, R.png) ImgOps iqdb


I'm curious what you think of these tenets? I am not a Satanist and I believe God is the one true creator and ruler, but i'll admit that some of these are very interesting and got me thinking.
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Satanism only exists to mock religion.


cheesy platitudes


This. Even point 1 is moronic.
>compassion and empathy in accordance with reason
Neither of these things are "reasonable" but that's the point.


>begged God to forgive him and save his soul
geez, what a loser


Same with aleister crowley, he panicked when he was about to die too.

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>I don't understand why nothing seems to move past the 00s.

(Aimed at people who were actually alive before 1992)

Anyone else notice that we seem to be stuck in a cultural malaise? Like the present doesn't give way to the future anymore? A permanent nostalgia trip for nostalgia? Gen Z being the most unoriginal generation yet?

I got some theories about this but it's all stuff from the "End of the Wizards" threads, I'll post them later but I want to know what other wizards think or their experience of this are.
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>But the game concludes by banning the Internet in my little village.
Seems like overkill.


black people gave us amazing music.


You had better be talking about musics in the form of jazz, neoclassical, and other analogue forms and not that hiphop or reggae garbage


>reggae garbage
Shoodilley-waddliley-diddley-diddley woh-oh-oh
Reggae is great.


Let's talk about how cumskins stole two entire continents and countless other territories from their rightful owners. Sounds NIGGERLICIOUS if you ask me

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File: 1622050285308.jpg (126.41 KB, 709x196, 709:196, ujju4.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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A thread to discuss anything related to cryptocurrency.

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I really feel it is 2013 all over again. Everyone was talking about crypto, online discussions were happening then it crashed. I rarely saw people talking about coins in between 2016-2019. Only around early 2020 the talk started to rise again.
In my 3rd worldshithole the local webpages are full of crypto discussions, I even seen billboards advertising crypto exchanges. I really reminded me of the late 2013 rally so I'm very very reluctant to invest one bit. But as other wizards pointed out, it is really difficult to know where the bottom is. >>269578

Even if I somehow mark the bottom with luck, it might take years to have another bear run, if such a run will happen at all. Suppose bitcoin goes down to 5k and will be 100k in about 5 years. I would need to put at least 15k and hope that there will be an extreme rally.
I don't know, I don't have the stomach to do it, my congratulations to anyone who constantly bought bitcoins around 2016-2018 when it was around 3-5k and then cashed out at 30-50k. I don't think such a rally will happen ever again, after this bulls crash.


>selling your bags
this is why I can't get into crypto. No matter how much of an act these people put on pretending that their meme dog coins are "revolutionary technology" in the end they see these coins as nothing more than worthless beanie babies that they can maybe pawn off to suckers at a profit if they're lucky.


that's what it always was about


This was my biggest mistake. I knew about bitcoin since 2011 but everyone back then saw it as a payment system. I never met someone who thought it as an asset. It was not. It was just a mean of transaction and for 2012 to buy weed on silkroad.
That changed in 2013 imho and for the first time people started to treat it like an asset and I thought the exact same thing as you did. They have no value as asset, they are very prone to market manipulation, they have no inherit value and so on.
I underestimated peoples desire and how this might have blown off. I felt quite smug when I saw the 2013 crash and though no such bitcoin memery will happen again.


File: 1638987673798.png (101.03 KB, 617x565, 617:565, 1638987271950.png) ImgOps iqdb

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File: 1638832514211.jpg (70.91 KB, 800x867, 800:867, 800px-Entenmuscheln.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Shuckle the pokémon is based on barnacles. Goose barnacles.

Name origin
Shuckle may be a combination of shuck (a husk or pod) or shackle and barnacle or turtle.

Tsubotsubo may derive from 壷 tsubo (jar) and 富士壺 fujitsubo (barnacle).
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File: 1638833401335.jpeg (31.09 KB, 647x520, 647:520, 648x520.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Soft Scale

Given its Bug typing, Shuckle may also draw inspiration from scale insects—small, shelled parasites that produce a sweet fluid called honeydew that attracts other insects.


What you mean? Chansey is good?


she (or her evo) has been top tier in multiple generations


Is…this a thread about Shuckle?


Are they similar to the mealybugs which plague my cactus collection?

File: 1635422545601.png (25.15 KB, 300x250, 6:5, D04CC796-0D2C-4CD7-B372-91….png) ImgOps iqdb


What is your sleep schedule like? I am NEET but I get up at 7am every day just on principle. Mostly I’ve heard lots of people that have nothing to do sleep into the noon. But for me I’m a 7 to midnight wiz. Also share sleeping tips or sleep gear that make you sleep better
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File: 1637736714931-0.jpg (126.46 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 20211212.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1637736714931-1.jpg (295.58 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20211219.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

7am riser here.


It runs longer than 24 hours, so I’m always waking up and going to bed a little later at random hours of the day. I’ve lost arguably most of my jobs over this, and the only time I’ve had a normal schedule long-term was for a few years where I got a lot of exercise and took sleeping pills almost every night so that I could be at work on time.
I’m going back to sleeping pills now just because for whatever reason waking up later than 8 or 9 is heavily judged by normgroids. Also it kind of feels like shit and I’d rather be awake at normal times to try to start getting myself to go outside.


It's similar to Aphantasia in that regard. People don't like how things are and assume they must have some kind of illness because of it.


Mine moves forward by about 1-2 hours every time I'm awake.

Yes its real, I've got it and it sucks. You can't plan anything that far ahead.


I tried sleeping pills and they wear off after a while and I'd always wake up still feeling tired like 12 hours later.

File: 1637907123320.jpeg (286.25 KB, 663x897, 17:23, 4DBD2DFE-4122-408F-9B2A-3….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Do wizards have a conscious “balance” that they try to achieve from day to day? Or maybe a schedule? For me, I like to spread various activities throughout every day. I like to spend time using the internet, time playing games, time watching documentaries, and time studying my various things I’m interested in. I also have a schedule that I follow loosely that contains lower level things such as laundry, chores, and showering.

I am wondering does this kind of structured life style leads to more happiness in the long run for you, because for me it makes me feel very good to have my tasks lined out for me every day.
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"Can you breath? Here, assemble cars for a wage that you can comfortably be middle class with."
"Before we just let you be a janitor, do you have 10 years prior work experience?"


that is how its been for me, places want experienced people and I dont know how to get experience, the only time I got replies back were when I lied and said I had experience


I've come to learn that people DON'T want experienced people for jobs like that. What they MEAN is, "We already have someone we want to hire, but we have to post a job ad for it to be compliant with labor laws, so we're using 'job experience' as a way to get around that law." 90% of the time when you see an entry level position with 10 years job experience, that's what's going on.


Those laws are stupid anyway. It's none of the government's damn business. Just like trying to tell me I have to rent to a section 8 nigger instead of somebody who's probably not going to destroy my property.


File: 1638956841629.jpg (61.81 KB, 680x383, 680:383, 20211212.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I do. I keeps me regular…

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