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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.

>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction

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But the ones doing it already have comfy homes and stock portfolios?


>pretending he's a wizard
Ok boyos. Let's mass report this fag


File: 1716660391746.jpg (348.32 KB, 1024x1608, 128:201, nosebreathing is hidden.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I have been called alot of things these past 2 years.
A workaholic was never one of them.
and it's too late now, my niggas! :D


I hate how the post rate slows down to 3 every 24 hours whenever I post here, then I leave and wizchan gets 100 new posts in a day.

Am I being targetted? Shadowbanned? Why? Just what did I do?

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We really can't stop winning wiz bros while dumb cattle who follow blindly the media fell victim to one of the biggest pharma corpo scams of the century and to this day, they keep losing.
They bought into the psyop, wore double masks, took the jab and got triple quadruple boosted, and even got into fights with people who did not want to take the deadly jab. These npc cattle shilled for it as well on social media, it wasn't enough for them to take it themselves, they wanted everyone to be vaxxed.

On the other hand, every intelligent wizard was able to tell from a mile away that it was fishy, you can just do a quick research and see that Pfizer CEO is a kike and kikes have a bad reputation, as liars and fraudsters. The kikes behind the media were pushing for this state of emergency and lockdowns due to a harmless virus that supposedly came from china, yet wizards did not fall for it because we knew it was bullshit.
Everyone that took the vaxx might as well be dead, because in their compliance for the powers that be their human freedom was gone as well. Their spirit to be free from mental slavery was not there, maybe it was never there in the first place.

I did not fall for it and wasn't afraid because I've been gifted with foresight. Now, almost 5 years later, the sheep have to admit they were wrong and got manipulated, that the vaccines were not safe and effective. That the science was more concerned with money than with saving lives.

>AstraZeneca withdrawing Covid vaccine, months after admitting rare side effect. The Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid vaccine is being withdrawn worldwide, months after the pharmaceutical giant admitted for the first time in court documents that it can cause a rare and dangerous side effect

>AstraZeneca has insisted the decision to withdraw the vaccine is not linked to the court case or its admission that it can cause TTS. It said the timing was pure coincidence.

Stay strong, wiz bros, and remember: the biggest hoax is reproduction.
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>I hope humanity resorts to hunter gathering and berry picking again in a few thousand years.

took me a while to discover how important the hunter gatherer days were. what really decalcified my pineal gland about it was the (audio)book civilized to death by Chris Ryan.

it finally showed me that there were good old i was somehow referring to despite never living through them personally. i never knew what culture i was from and what i was missing somehow missing without understanding, maybe there was some sort of genetic memory. the culture of the hunter gatherer days born from the necessity of constant travel that has been with humanity for 200.000 years left it's imprint and it's values are far more stable then the hierarchical, agricultural, industrial, war monger delusion thought up by those insatiable greedy group-egotists who the caravan would have left behind at the next move to fend for themselves.

made me think i wasn't just an edgy teenager who was rebelling against everything, this is just a form of propaganda that did not hold up to my scrutiny. the reason i have been considering the industrial world trash is because it objectively was, the time when humans climbed down the trees, roamed around in small groups in harmony with nature was much better. never really staying anywhere long enough to be much of a negative influence on nature.

the book is one of the reasons i work on my truck so hard so i can live in travel in it better. the author is a cool dude, anthropologist who travels around in a sprinter van and does podcasts from time to time.


File: 1716657534049.jpg (133.91 KB, 985x1500, 197:300, civilized to death.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

this is the cover


File: 1716659852113.jpg (68.84 KB, 626x767, 626:767, About_taxes.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So the hunter gatherer theory was more accurate than it seems huh?
>merely reminding link



File: 1716667516415.jpg (111.79 KB, 500x564, 125:141, science.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>So the hunter gatherer theory was more accurate than it seems huh?

i don't know the dramatic backstory you are referring to.

the perspective in the link is a prime example why i get tired of academic science and don't pay it much attention anymore. even just the academic frame repulses me these days. they describe the situation like they are looking into humanity from outside of a window. if they were actually part of their own body of work with their own life experience about the species they were part of, i don't think they would lag so far behind.

at this point i regret not having made a list of obvious knowledge science were the last to know about. this meme of the obnoxious asshole who stands on a podium celebrating third place comes to mind.

5 years have passed since the book is out, i thought this would kind of rekindle an interest in pre-agricultural humanity. doesn't seem to be the case sadly, however recently in conspiracy circles the desire for self suficiency, homesteading, diy, etc has been getting louder. that's at least something. globalists wanting to make farming illegal, buying up all the farm land and making the food poisonous will make more people excited about managing their own food supply.


File: 1716750335560.jpeg (240.6 KB, 1079x781, 1079:781, b3y9l42gnr2d1.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>at this point i regret not having made a list of obvious knowledge science were the last to know about

this is a nice example of what i mean. establishment science cuck emerges from his lab in a sweaty labcoat, out of breath, ready to have his mikedrop heureca moment and it is nothing but trivialities everyone with half a brain automatically understands.

File: 1711472261650.gif (1.61 MB, 500x280, 25:14, enragen.gif) ImgOps iqdb



Previous thread: https://archive.fo/msC0D
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jewish niggers have no souls and are behind everything corrupt and wicked in this world

>billionaire businessman, internet entrepreneur and computer programmer.
>He is the majority owner of content subscription service OnlyFans and the founder of the cam site MyFreeCams (through his holding company, Mfcxy, Inc.
>Radvinsky was born in Odesa and his family later emigrated to Chicago when he was a child. In 2002, he graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in economics. He is Jewish.

>In a roughly two-year period from 2021 to 2022, Radvinsky received around $500 million in dividends from the website.[19] As of March 2024, he had an estimated net worth of 3.0 billion dollars, per Forbes' Real-Time Billionaire rankings

>Radvinsky and his spouse contributed $11 million to AIPAC, a pro-Israel lobbying group. When asked for comment, Radvinsky disputed the contribution

Stay strong virgin bros. Don't lose your soul over the material world. Reject this society.


>Don't lose your soul over the material world.
you did tho since you're mindbroken by a random rich kike


File: 1716626254771.jpeg (33.93 KB, 495x619, 495:619, images-1.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Welp, back in the late 90s I remember seeing an animated commerical about gun violence. Can't really find it anywhere anymore, so I figure I may as well describe as much as I can recall now:

Starts out with a kid in his room looking outside a window at night. The shadows of two dudes arguing can be seen from afar. He looks away from the window for a few seconds.
A gun shot is heard.
He looks outside again. One of those shadows is lying on the ground while the other is essentially leaving.
He then goes to bed with his teddy.
That night he has a nightmare: all his toys come to life. They're all calm.
Except for one.
An evil transformers-like robot quickly starts charging up his hand canon and shooting all the corners of his room, causing all the sentient toys to fly all over the place and scurry around.
Dont remember if the robot was about to aim at the kid when he wakes up, but when he does he is happy to see it was all a dream.
He holds his teddy bear as he leaves his room and opens the door to the outside of his house. Before leaving he drops his teddy bear in the house.

The commercial ends with that teddy bear slowly falling to the ground, accompanied by the sound of the gun shot from the beginning.

(I'm posting it here because I got a warning from the anticrawl thread, idk)


I don't really understand the point of posting your recollections of a 20+ year old propaganda commercial at all.


>I don't know why X
>[says nothing more]

Most useless type of post

File: 1713959642686.jpg (266.83 KB, 1014x1012, 507:506, wizchan.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


It's not about how hard you work. Or how much you study.

To win promotions and get better opportunities, you need to be promoted by others who already have opportunities and money.

Those are not awarded on merit - they are awarded by social relations.
As a neurodivergent, you will never forge alliances with those in power or those who can promote you beyond anything other than shift manager at Starbucks or McDonald's.

It's a prison made by normies - for normies. You cannot escape it as a non-NT unless you make massive amounts of money through investments, which is completely unrealistic for 99,99% of the population.

Being neurodivergent is almost the same as a death sentence, it's a poverty trap. In fact, 86% of autists can't even get hired at all let alone get promoted to better positions.
Only 14% have jobs at all!

The cards were always so massively stacked against you, it cannot be said it's your fault at all. You can only curse or blame your parents for giving you these genes.
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>Pessimism has some legit usages

yeah but not for the pessimist, if you are a pessimist it is a helpful warning not to associate with you. that's legit useful (to me).


You are otherwise correct, but a net 3% yield isn't enough because current inflation is around 8-10%.

Putting the million into index funds or blue chip US stocks is the correct pathway to get away from the hellscape of life.



>Putting the million into index funds or blue chip US stocks is the correct pathway to get away from the hellscape of life.

i guess you look at the pictures of rich idiots in Instagram and you really do believe this is the good life?

i have not one of you leeches justify your way of life once. you advocade for it, you pretend it is good, but that doesn't make it good. i have encountered nobody who was able to make a good case for you way of life. how do you deal with the guilt? just cut yourself off from feeling emotions alltogether, the way all actors and psychopaths do? well that's a form of poverty then and i would argue it adds to the hellscape. how is that an escape? it isn't.


File: 1716659689431.jpg (78.69 KB, 500x555, 100:111, ancap ball - nature appoin….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If not into bitcoin, into this.
Do you people even know how to assure your stocks will be worth having thru time?


If there is any sort of autismbux where you live, fight tooth and nail to get it.
Get any help you can, damn the costs. Lawyers, whatever. The processes are usually obtuse as fuck, maybe even on purpose. It's not something you can do by yourself.
They will find any excuse they can to deny you autismbux. Lots of trick questions.
They do not have your interests in mind. Treat every interview as a police interview; demand to have whoever is helping you present during interviews, and shut the fuck up if possible.

File: 1686544324128.jpg (14.81 KB, 474x316, 3:2, th-57649278.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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I would like to read your stories. How has your experiences shaped your worldview?
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can you tell me more about bpd succubi???? where can i find concrete, valid info on how to deal with them without bringing suffering to myself?


File: 1716660036498.png (530.57 KB, 1500x500, 3:1, com hypo.png) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1716709719639.mp4 (368.37 KB, 460x574, 230:287, forgot to turn the filter ….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

computers really did turn into deception machines for ugly females.


Yeah man and then they complain they can't find a chad to settle with when so many retarded simps give her attention over a false image. succubi are their own worst enemy


they're a can of worms that are never worth opening imo, unless she's gone through therapy and can handle her own emotions independently of you. not worth it

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File: 1692464935361.jpg (345.69 KB, 3264x1658, 1632:829, ukim.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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How is it that white people have become so pathetic and self destructive in modern times? They can't express pride or love for their own people and skin color without being called racist, every predominately white country is expected to be flooded with other ethnic groups, and when those groups begin to take over by way of gaining political power its celebrated as progress. Whites no longer being the majority in their own countries is seen as a good thing, when the inverse would be seen as colonialism. What the hell happened?
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Maybe you were speaking loosely but I'm "mentally ill" (schizophrenic) and vehemently hate normalniggers. I get that succubi have made mental illness cool but that's not the same as actually experiencing psychosis. And I'm a 29 year old virgin NEET



are you eating real food that is good for you or have you been tricked into believing it does not matter?

are you exercising in a way that makes you sweat around once or twice a week?

have you discovered that dancing is essential for a healthy human?

are you getting better at something?

do you refuse to do things that make you hate yourself?

do you refuse to comply with evil?

do you refuse to drink alcohol and other harmful idiocy?

do you refuse to be a whore in one way or another?

do you spend time in nature?

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


that isn't it


truth about the need for an eugenic culture must be kept in secret while also spread, this way the leftists wont detect the righteous


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File: 1702926107117.png (367.6 KB, 630x630, 1:1, R.png) ImgOps iqdb


Post ideas or guides to improve life as a wizard (ignore the modern bourgeois concept of personal development), calithenics at home, learn to draw, write, read books, quit porn, or whatever you think fits this topic.
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>I try to take it easy but still always end up injuring myself.
okay, wizard brother. I'm here to help you. You seem to be suffering from a case of bad form. When I began training and was a total noob, I also was scared of injury because everything was new and unknown to me, that was 12 years ago. One time when doing pull-ups trying to increase my max number of reps I injured my shoulders and had to wait for a good 1 or 2 weeks to recover.

Thing is, you have to work on your form, there's plenty of videos that you can use and you can record yourself with your phone camera to see if you're doing the exercises right or if you have a mirror use it.
Also, try to warm up a little before exercises, things like scapula retractions while hanging on the bar before commencing your sets of pull-ups should help.

Doing body-weight exercises shouldn't cause you injury so if that happens you're definitely doing something wrong.


These recommendations are as follows: (1) Stay active mentally; (2) Be physically active; (3) Adopt a healthy diet; (4) Be an active member of the community, and (5) Take care of heart and other organs. We develop the topic “Stay active mentally” and recommend the following: (a) Be curious and engaged. Continue involvement in the workplace. Learn throughout life; (b) Read, write, solve crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles; (c) Attend lectures, readings, celebrations, and ceremonies; (d) Sign up for lectures (studies) in the nearby educational center (“university of the third age”) and colleges; (e) Sign up for 1 or 2 local groups targeted at self-help and self-development; (f) Play a variety of games such as chess, Go, and other board games or computer games; (g) Work in your backyard or community garden; (j) Try special methods of memory training; (h) Travel during weekends and holidays.


No need to train until failure then. Neither to do so two days in a row.


we should increase our magicka not sabotage each other with crab poison


this. >>312350

File: 1715539403727.jpg (146.78 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, osu.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


wizards itt i try to channel a spell. since i am a legit health wizard, my focused attention can manifest physically. there is surprisingly few magical activity happening in here but i am not willing to take example of that.

the spell i am humbly attempting is healing. these are the magic words:

>may every wizard who wants to be more healthy find a way to become more healthy.

the idea is i keep posting in the thread, having the thread serve as a reminder for you; of your power to create positive change in your life and not succumb to the general direction of decay. i intend to hold high the proclamation that you can be both the architect and the builder of a better life if you so choose, it is up to you. you can just decide to be more healthy, demand it from yourself and watch the gears start to turn as your intelligence comes up with ideas to improve your situation and then your muscles turning the ideas into actions.

i've said this before, don't mind me repeating it: the number one most important aspect of healing is the belief that it is possible to improve. everything starts from this positive expectation, this confidence and if you boil it down and look into why some people have it and others don't, it is that those who have it decided to have it. choose health.
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File: 1715795503532.mp4 (1.92 MB, 460x252, 115:63, aeQXWMB_460sv.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

marginal benefit

i'm pretty active these days. i used to be pretty hikki and hermiti but now i am out and about every day (and pretty hermiti) thanks to my truck, which gives me a place i can retreat to wherever i am at and pee and poo in peace without having to go to public bathrooms and smell other people's poo. oh god i hated the bus and the train sooo much. the mean people there always into some social experiment type of shit. had i known how nice it is, i would have gotten one the second i was allowed to drive.

i'm on the move the entire day, which is very easy when the weather is nice and warm and the sun is out. i do something exhausting for about 30 to 90 minutes, once or twice a day most days, sometimes even all day because my energy does not run out. at most i take a break of an hour and then i can keep going.

let's say i exercise for 10 hours every week and it makes me healthy and i feel good from it. would i still feel good if i only did 9 hours? yes. what if i only did 8? yeah still. 7 hours would still be nice.

when looked at not as a enjoyable way to spend a life but purely for the health benefit, which of the hours i am spending exhausting myself is the one that makes the most difference? the first one. while the increase from 9 hours per week to 10 hours per week barely even registers. the increase from 0 hours per week to 1 hour per week is ASTRONOMICALLY HIGH! there is no better hour then the first hour! it is the absolute best.

that means people who don't exercise by doing just the minimum of one hour per week have the most to gain from it with the least time investment.

if you understand this, you also understand that not taking advantage of this is the biggest arrogance. there is something those who go 0 hours per week can do to have a gigantic effect on their life with a minimum cost of time and they say "ooh no no no that's not for me, i just throw away this incredible opportunity".

a better way would be to do the one hour every week and whenever someone comes along and says that the person should do more argue "what do you even want, i go for one hour every week and this has the highest marginal benefit, no move out of the way so i can see the screen and shove industrial colored sugar down my throat".

there are more of these things a person can do once in a while and greatly benefit from it. not only exercise. i'm talking about netipot, enema, healing tea, oiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1715896549369.jpg (212.23 KB, 1920x1024, 15:8, bmi.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

every lost kg makes a difference

i've done quite a few unusual experiments on myself in all my days. a few years ago i was at bmi ~21. the weight was constant for a few years i think.

and then i was on the way of becoming bmi 20. 21 doesn't sound so different from 20, does it? but the difference felt gigantic. i was standing on my scale often at that time and as i felt better and better i would check the scale and realize "last time i weighed myself i was 1kg heavier and i do feel the difference. i feel better and noticably lighter."

NOTICABLY LIGHTER from just one single kilogram. i wouldn't have thought that 1 kilogram could make that much of a difference. movement became so effortless. everything felt so easy.

since this time i keep thinking this thought when i see a fatty: when the difference for me to lose a single kg is so big, at a point where i am already thin and i can expect the least marginal difference from that kg… how insane must the difference feel to a fatty? shouldn't the difference of 1kg be felt even stronger for someone with a big belt?

i believe yes and no. fatties don't have a sensory apparatus as sophisticated as thin people, they are duller, they don't have the same precise perception of nervous system activity. they can't hear as good, can't see as good, can't smell as far, they are sicker often, they cough and sneeze more often and their body is generally more busy surviving to have capacity for sensory perception. also the food that provides the nervous system with enough electricity to have very high perception does not make a person fat so a fattie with exceptionally high sensory acuity is outside the realm of possibility i would expect.

what i am trying to say is if they could feel or even just detect what difference each single lost kg makes, they would be quite surprised of how much better they feel and how much easier everything is. they'd discover that 24 hours are quite a lot of hours! they'd feel better but they would barely be able to notice.


mind the traps

traps have been placed around you. i see people stepping in them and because they don't just detonate instantly like someone stepping on a mine, they assume things are safer then they are.

one of these traps is called ice cream. don't eat it ever. i could never respect an ice cream eater. ice cream has been placed on this earth to make people sick and give idle npc consumers some place to flock to on a hot day. i live near a handmade icecream shop where people stand in lines as long as 30 meters on a hot day. i could just go there and get an ice cream but i don't hate myself so i don't. i don't want to be sick, i don't want to be unhealthy, so i just don't participate in ice cream. the degree with which you can resist these traps will be the glass ceiling to your health. giving up ice cream would be healthy.

alcohol is another thing i don't participate in.

coffee is another thing i don't participate in.

lemonade is another thing i don't participate in.

so is candy, so is pasta, so is pizza, so is burger, so is cake, i have not gotten rid of bread yet but i am in the process of. i'm still eating exotic bread as well as wraps every so often but the wrap is small and more like a tool to hold a salad in my hand.

the more of the nasty stuff you kick out of your life, the healthier you will get, because that's what worked for me and why shouldn't it work on you.

i found something similar to ice cream that i eat very often but it is not filled with industrial isolate sugar, dairy and whatever else they put in, how would i know, i don't read the back of ice cream containers, that is idiot food to me. anyways i just blend frozen banana, grape and raspberry into a paste, fill it in thick glasses and then i put it in the freezer so they are always ready. banana + any other fruit = ice cream that doesn't make me sick. and then i have a bunch of these glasses (500ml and 1000ml) and i just pick one from the freezer in the morning and 2 hours later i start eating it with a spoon and that's my breakfast on a busy day.


> so is burger
A burger is a rounded meal of lean red meat, vegetables, and carbohydrates. Just because it's stacked vertically instead of being spread throughout the plate doesn't mean it's unhealthy.


>A burger is a rounded meal of lean red meat, vegetables, and carbohydrates. Just because it's stacked vertically instead of being spread throughout the plate doesn't mean it's unhealthy.

in most cases you can't even tell what the burger was made from because whatever is in there is unrecognizably ground into a paste and then industrially extruded and frozen into shape. if you believe in meat (which i don't) why wouldn't you eat meat that you can at least recognize like a chicken breast? so you can tell that it is ok and not been tampered with. have you not seen what they do? they glue meat together or put other stuff in there or they take the worst parts of the meat and you just trust them with your life. sounds foolish to me.

also the meal you describe is problematic from a digestional perspective. as far as i pieced it together bread (which already is unhealthy in itself) and meat run on two different digestive programs that are said to cancel each other out, which i believe to entirely possible. i ate mate for decades and i was always tired. i was weak like you, barely able to write two sentences. you don't even know you are like a washing machine and have to choose a program each time you eat. a better way would be not to eat meat and bread at the same time. i guess the bread first and then a few hours later the meat but even if you go so far, meat has such strange digestive patterns, when you eat it, it wants to take over the entire stommach because the protein is so cumbersome to crack.

i dunno man, i dunno how to make the best out of your dire predicement, i'm just glad i am not trapped like you and i have restricted myself to stuff i am excellent at digesting.

File: 1707306481514.jpg (1.82 MB, 4022x2854, 2011:1427, 117c082afdb2eba31b0b0f5c7a….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Why are many here are certified /pol/tards ?
I do not Care About politics, I could never effect or change anything in my own country's politics, but I am wonderibg what makes many social outcasts, perma virgins, and Hikis attracted to that board's ideaolgy
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File: 1714417205941.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1100, 54:55, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


Yeah moishe-nathniel I totally agree.

*rubs hands*

>The white race has committed more atrocities than any other group in history



That's because of numbers. In terms of crime percentage it has no use to put white race as the worst to live with

they ignore data on purpose, as lefties do for an habit


what is a poltard?

is not wanting to be jewed, niggerfied, chinked, etc. a retarded? Whe Ending up as a beta passive liberal cuck blind follower of rules is peak retardation.
Lots of people don't know why they do the things they do or where certain trends come from, they just care about social validation and feeling good all the time. Mystic virgins are a different breed.

>In 2023, China will continue to maintain its advantage as the world's largest vape manufacturer and exporter, with total exports of vape products reaching US$11.084 billion, compared with US$9.854 billion in 2022, a year-on-year increase of 12.50%.

>'NO FUTURE' FOR VAPING IN CHINA The government brought vaping companies under control of its state-run tobacco administration, beginning with a prohibition on online sales in 2019 and culminating in a sweeping ban on all flavors except tobacco.

>China has banned all flavoured e- cigarettes to reduce e- cigarette use among young people

If you can be one step ahead everyone by simply learning, then you should. Don't be a sheep.


it become a must be after 2016 4chan

 No.302960[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

General Question: does just reading 4chan for longer than 10-15 minutes make anyone feel awful and almost as if placed into a trance state? I can browse other sites for long periods of time without any ill effects, but if I stay too long on 4chan I begin to feel decidedly sick. Why does this happen?
170 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1714411157387.jpg (52.85 KB, 750x710, 75:71, what offend.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

When you non stop swallow woke goyslop from reddit safe spaces, it can be like staying for too long in the dark. Sunlight screws you up quickly


No more funny greentexts there. r/4chan is much better for having a laughter, given the case


I forgot about this thread. 4chan is a dark place; in moderation I think the effects are less poisonous. Also I agree with >>303302 as the users there really do enforce their own obsession with the website when they tell others inquiring how to leave that such a thing is impossible.


I think Project Bluebeam (fake alien invasion) may be coming up. I've been reading threads on 4chan detailing "alien disclosure" yet strangely there is little discussion in those threads anent Bluebeam. Do not believe anything you see on the TV networks, wizards. This will be like "covid" – a total psychological operation that furthers the judeo-masonic control system. The vaccine may have something to do with neurologically enabling the illusion of an alien invasion. I hope none of you took that poison. Remember they can use the "threat" of an alien invasion as a way to hold the population in a perpetual state of martial law, even bombing whole cities and blaming it on the "aliens" as a way to keep the population continually terrorized. Nothing should be ruled out here as (((they))) just tyrannized the entire world for four years under the enforced illusion of a fake plague…and the striking majority of humanity went along with it all without the least resistance or dissenting thought.


they did move on. variants used by the mainstream are considered bad taste by the real soy community, which, in turn, uses the cutting edge slopjaks that cannot be appropriated by normalGODS because of their grotesquely offensive form.

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